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Happy Children’s Day [Kodomo no hi]

Today is Children’s Day (こどもの日 Kodomo no Hi) in Japan and its a Japanese national holiday which takes place annually on May 5, the fifth day of the fifth month.

This day used to be known as Boys Day but the japanese government decided it would be changed to celebrate all children [btw there is actually a girl's day in japan but its not a public holiday]

Many families still raise carp-shaped koinobori flags [its used to denote sons so families with just daughters do not tend to raise such flags] which is a tradition of old when it was just Boys Day.
However it has become very associated with children’s day so i present you a cute idea for a children’s day lunch/bento/snack
 photo IMG_8427_zpsb0891a74.jpg

Happy Children’s Day!
XOXO Yumeko

Bentos for the month of February & March

Another roundup of the bentos i made recently
[FYI i only make a bento for the husband once a week which is usually a Thursday. Didnt do it as often these two months sadly as we were both quite busy. He had a few lunch appointments too so didnt need a bento.]

21st February 2013

28th February 2013

7th March 2013

Thanks for looking!

Bentos & 2 types of Tamagoyaki

I was away most of October [Fukuoka and Singapore]
And part of November [Sapporo]
So i only have two bentos to share XD

November 15

November 29

Each bento features a different type of tamagoyaki XD
With crab stick

and with cheese
Both have to made in a tamagoyaki pan and method is exactly the same as making a normal one.
you just need to place it on the egg mixture prior to the first roll.
See recipe for a basic tamagoyaki here

New Year is slowly approaching!
Are you going to make osechi this year?
Learn more about Osechi here!

XOXO Yumeko

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