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Conbini Find: Family Mart Fresh Frozen Range

FamilyMart [convenience store] have started selling a series of frozen food which you can heat up at home or at the store.
To be honest, I generally avoid eating such processed food but when one is sick and someone buys you something to eat [so you dont have to cook] you just try it anyway. XD
Family Mart Fresh Frozen Range – Rice Burger Yakiniku BiBimbapp Style

Cooking instructions are fairly easy, just tear the packet slightly, heat in microwave for 3min 10s [500W]
Taste-wise, its surprisingly good! The rice burger is very moist, just like a rice burger from Mos Burger!
Oh yes, its a bit spicy as well. Which is good for me cos i like spicy food but bad cos i have a sore throat >_<