Hinamatsuri 2012 + Easy Macarons Recipe

A while ago, it was 雛祭り Hina-matsuri or Girls’ Day. [See more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hinamatsuri]
To celebrate i decided to try making macarons for the first time :D

Easy Macarons Recipe [Recipe adapted from ラデュレのお菓子レシピ aka Laduree Sweets Recipe Book*]
*I only own the japanese version of this book so i did the translation into English , pls dont repost!
**Oh and i skipped a lot of steps which is what i am posting so this is an adapted recipe not the one directly from the book. So technically this is also known as “The lazy way of making macarons as shown by Yumeko”

140g ground almonds [u can use half almonds half hazelnuts but i was too lazy to go buy hazelnuts]
125g icing sugar
3 1/2 egg whites
105g caster sugar

Filling: i cheated and just used strawberry jam cos i was lazy.

1 Put the ground almonds and icing sugar in a food processor.

2.Whisk the egg whites to a foam. Add granulated aka caster sugar gradually and whip until you reach soft peaks. [Add food coloring if u want]

3.Fold the mixture of ground almonds and icing sugar into the egg white foam mixture.

4.Transfer mixture to a piping bag and pipe onto oven paper or silpat

5.Let the shells sit for 30 to 60mins till dry to touch. If you dont let them dry, there are higher chances they will crack in the oven.

6.Preheat the oven to 180C.

7.Put tray in oven. Turn heat down to 140C and bake for 15 -18 mins. Set shells aside to cool.

8.Spoon strawberry jam on one macaron shell then top with another macaron shell.
Makes about 20 – 25 filled macarons [if u dont snack on any in the meantime]
Not bad for a first attempt right? XD

Next time, i am definetely going to draw guides on wax paper XD I ended up with tons of oddly shaped macaron shells and it was totally difficult to find “partners” for each of them.

Thought i end this post with a collage of pics i took for the hinamatsuri

Have an awesome new week ahead!
XOXO Yumeko

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    Yumeko Reply:

    Thank you! i still thinking it was beginner’s luck XD i am hoping to make more next week, hope it turns out ok haha


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    Yumeko Reply:

    i think i was lucky or something hahaha i am now too scared to try to do it again XD but everyone expects me to haaha

    i miss u too!! i see u got instagram!


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    Yumeko Reply:

    heehee no problems, thanks for supporting me!


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