Tokyo Eats: Jun’s Burger Cafe

To be honest, this review is actually rephrased from what the husband told me as he was the only who eats here often. Its one of his favorite stores XD
The burgers here are HUGE. No seriously, I’m not talking about big for Japan. I’m saying they are huge..fullstop. They are like the same size as a plate!!!
The husband says the burger is good, patty is tasty but they tend to overdo the salad part of the burger.
Warning: Burger is VERY VERY HOT and it takes several mins of cooling before you can eat it.
If you are looking for a decent burger at a decent price in Japan, check this place out!
Name: ジュンズバーガーカフェ(Jun’s Burger Cafe)
Address: 東京都江東区新砂3-4-31 南砂町ショッピングセンターSUNAMO 4F

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    Yumeko Reply:

    yah its a bit out of the way to be honest


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