Tokyo Eats: たいよう食堂 [Sun Restaurant]

The store’s exterior

What we had [sorry the food is so red. the lighting inside the store was not very good. XD]
From top clockwise: Shio Kaarage Lunch Set [Salt Fried Chicken] , Beni imo [red sweet potato] croquette and Okinawan Soki Soba [Ribs Soba]

The soki soba is their main dish but i actually didnt think it was that good as the ribs was not as seasoned as i thought they should be. The husband ordered the shio kaarage and it was REALLY good. Definetely try that out!!

The interior is very pretty. They have decorated it with many pictures and knick knacks.
Here is a photo the husband took
Check it out if you get the chance :D

Shop name: たいよう食堂 [Sun Restaurant]
Address: 東京都中野区中野5-59-6

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