Recipe: Okonomiyaki [Japanese savoury pancake]

Okonomiyaki is a japanese savoury pancake famously popular in Osaka [in Hiroshima too. Both regions fight over who came up with it] People from these regions esp Osaka are known to eat it very often at home.
Though i am from Tokyo, i eat it from time to time as well. Its quick, easy and super cheap!
Okonomiyaki Flour* – 70g
Cabbage (1/2 a head of cabbage or 1/4 of a large one) shredded finely – 300g
Spring onion diced finely – 2 stalks
Thinly sliced pork or bacon – 100g
Tempura Bits** – 50g
water – 50ml
2 medium eggs

For garnish
Mayonnaise, Okonomiyaki sauce ,Aonori (Seaweed Flakes), Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes)

*japanese supermarkets carry okonomiyaki flour. If you cant find any, you can substitute it with adding some yam flour or starch powder or rice flour to all purpose flour.

**tempura bits are the little bits left over from frying tempura. They are sold in japanese supermarkets and are labelled as tenkasu. However if you can, get the ika [squid] flavored tenkasu. I love the added flavor. Else just add anything crunchy. Even rice krispies work!

1. Mix flour and water till a thick mixture
2. Add spring onion, cabbage, egg and tempura bits. Mix evenly.
3. Heat up non stick frying pan. Put 1/3 of the mix in the pan. Add 1/3 of the bacon or pork in one fine layer on top of the cabbage mix.
4. After 3mins when the bottom has cooked, flip the mixture
5. Cover the pan to let it steam and cook the pork/bacon for 5 mins.
6. Garnish as you like. ENJOY!

You can add whatever you like! Seafood, mochi, cheese are all good additions!
Let me know how you go
XOXO Yumeko

  1. Thank you for the recipe! I’ve always kind of winged it when making okonomiyaki but it’s nice to have a recipe to follow along with.

    Thank you for always sharing delicious recipes.


  2. I love okonomiyaki – tried to make it at home from scratch (no recipe, but memory) but was unsuccessful. Will try your recipe!


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