Bentos & 2 types of Tamagoyaki

I was away most of October [Fukuoka and Singapore]
And part of November [Sapporo]
So i only have two bentos to share XD

November 15

November 29

Each bento features a different type of tamagoyaki XD
With crab stick

and with cheese
Both have to made in a tamagoyaki pan and method is exactly the same as making a normal one.
you just need to place it on the egg mixture prior to the first roll.
See recipe for a basic tamagoyaki here

New Year is slowly approaching!
Are you going to make osechi this year?
Learn more about Osechi here!

XOXO Yumeko

Microwave Cooking: Magical Plate 魔法のお皿 Gyoza

Magic plate microwave cooking isnt a new thing. According to many, its been around a long time during the microwave cooking boom.
Its made a comeback in Japan in the last year or so and the prices have dropped greatly this year [it used to be around 4500yen for a plate but now generic brands make it for 1980yen or so]
Here is the one i bought
The wooden plate is not included in the box but sold separately.

They sell plates without the glass lid too [makes it cheaper] but i was afraid of a mess in my microwave so i opted to get one with it.

To test it out, i purchased some store made gyoza [i wasnt going to make it from scratch and have the plate ruin it XD]

Arrange it as best as you can on the plate

After 6 minutes [500W]

Perfectly crispy and the cleanup was a breeze [did not stick]
I expect myself using this plate a lot more soon!

I’m sorry i have neglected this cooking blog!
Do you guys think i should just be posting it in my normal blog and maybe cross post it here for archival purposes?
Regardless! I’m going to get back on track in December so expect more cooking posts then :D

Happy Feasting!
XOXO Yumeko

Tokyo Eats: Osaka Ohsho

A few weekends ago, i was out with my besties late and we decided to grab a meal at Osaka Ohsho
PicMonkey Collage
The branch we went to shut at 3am [yay] so we enjoyed some awesome greasy food in the wee hours.
The gyoza is really big and juicy [very cheap, about 460yen for a plate of 12!]
The ebi chilli was quite good too. The prawns were huge.
Sadly the other dishes were pretty normal but if you are looking for a late night feed, this is a good place to go!

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