Handmade with Seria Contest Entry

Do you know Seria?
Seria is a 100yen shop in Japan. Its kinda like Daiso except its a different company.

i joined their “Handmade with Seria” contest
What i used [as per the rules, all items used were from Seria]
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31. March 2011 by Yumeko
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Triangular Pouch

What do you think of handmade gifts?
Personally i like them a lot cos it feels like a lot of effort went into them. Actually a lot of ppl say the same but i always wonder if people like what i give [which is why when i give something handmade, i try to give a normal gift as well XD]

Anyway, friend of mine was in Tokyo recently for work and i really wanted to give her something i made. I gave her something i made previously and she liked it so hopefully she likes this too XD
Triangular Coin Pouch

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17. February 2011 by Yumeko
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