Handmade with Seria Contest Entry

Do you know Seria?
Seria is a 100yen shop in Japan. Its kinda like Daiso except its a different company.

i joined their “Handmade with Seria” contest
What i used [as per the rules, all items used were from Seria]

What i made

The inside

Initially i had a button on the inside but realised the button might damage any cards in the holder so i removed it
Anyway the button did not come from Seria so i probably couldnt use it anyway XD

Another pic of it
Note: these are the same pics i submitted for the contest so they were taken quite a while ago XD

You can see the other entries [and subsequent contests] here http://www.seria-group.com/campaign/

Thank you for reading!
XOXO Yumeko

31. March 2011 by Yumeko
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