Beauty : Tsubaki Cool Head Spa Summer Limited

Summer is my least favourite season and i am always looking for a new way to combat the heat.
Clearly i am not alone as Tsubaki has released a summer limited set that promises to help.
Tsubaki Cool Head Spa Summer Limited Set



Overall Thoughts
I find these very comparable to the usual Tsubaki shampoo (Extra Moist. The ones in red) but not as conditioning as the “Damage Care” (white bottles) range. However unlike the shampoos and conditioners in the usual Tsubaki lineup, these do not have silicones in them. So that could also be the reason. I’ve only been using this for a week so it might take some time for my hair to get used to it.
All that aside, the product does do what it promises. It leaves an amazingly lovely cooling sensation in my scalp and I must say I absolutely adore it. Especially after a round of hot yoga! I am really liking it XD So much so i have been looking forward to washing my hair each day LOL.
Its extremely cheap for a non silicone hair product and works as promised.
Do give this a go!


Happy Shopping!
XOXO Yumeko

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Beauty: Je l’aime X Disney Princess LE sets

Je l’aime Shampoo and Conditioner in LE Disney Princess Packaging!
5 princesses are available and each set comes with a free mirror as well.

The set includes : 400ml shampoo + 400ml conditioner + mirror

There is also a contest running at the moment.

In Disney Princess Related news, Savon De Bouquet Body Wash is also doing a collab with them XD~

In case you wonder, both Je l’aime and Savon De Bouquet are made by the same brand – KOSE COSMEPORT

Happy Shopping!
XOXO Yumeko

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