Sephora FF Haul

Did you get anything from the Sephora Friends and Family sale where almost everything was 20% off?

At first i thought i was just going to have to drool at everyone’s hauls since they dont ship to Japan but Miss SS offered to buy some items for me! I wont say who Miss SS is because i dont want anyone bugging her to do this for them. <– the sale is over anyway so dont bother her please! She went to a lot of trouble helping me purchase these items and mailing them to me!!

What i got…
Doesnt look like much right? To be honest i only got 2 items!!

My big ticket item XD
everyone knows i am a HUGE fan of MUFE pencils so when they put out the fullset i simply HAD to get them.
If you have not tried these pencils, you should! They are fabulous on the waterline! Doesnt run at all!~

Even with the discount, these pencils me cost over $200usd XD But if you bought each pencil separately, you would have had to pay over $400usd so i think it was a good deal esp with the 20% off! I use the ones i have now almost everyday so i consider it a long term investment HAHA

Edit: a lotta u asked if i tried UD24/7 eyeliners before, sadly no i havent. But Fuzkittie did a big showdown post between them and MUFE pencils a while ago and i believe MUFE came out tops XD

And after darling RougeDeluxe’s praises and gorgeous EOTDs, i couldnt resist the TARTE treasure chest either
I knew it was going to be big but wow it truly is bigger than expected!
Expect tons of EOTDs from the items above!!

And the samples i got from Sephora
I am loving the CLEAN SOAP scent! its very nice!

As if all this wasnt enough, Miss SS mailed me some goodies as well
2 gorgeous new lipsticks from Revlon and a pair of falsies!! <– always need those!
I dont wear a lot of lippie but i hear good things about Revlon so i am definetely going to try these out.

Thank you so much Miss SS!! i have your address now [from the box heehee] and i have put something in the mail for you! Hope you get it soon heehee Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!

I was going to post a EOTD photo using the eyeshadows from my latest MAC haul but its 3am now and i have to head to bed XD So I’ll leave you guys with a quick photo of me taken at dinner instead
photo me
Will post a proper EOTD photo in my next post
Till then , hope everyone is well!!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s i noticed i have a few new followers! woo thank you so much! please say hi and let me know where your blog is, so i can follow you back <3 if you dont blog, say hi anyway! i love getting to know you guys! Edit: Sorta random extra
At the moment, this song is sooo stuck in my head XD

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  1. Monica says:

    Nice haul! Must check out those MUFE pencils!
    P.S-I just awarded you a blog award on my blog.:)

  2. Miumiu says:

    The MUFE pencils look gorgeous together like that…reminds me of watercolors for some reason hehe. but what a deal!

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