Review: Canmake Cream Cheek

Buying stuff from Canmake is kinda like buying lottery tickets.
Sometimes you get a winner but mostly i tend to end up with..losers XD
But guess what? I think i found another winner!
Canmake Cream Cheek
Yup another cheek blush product! [Their cheek graduation blush is brillant too!]

The packaging is simple but very pretty too!
Price: 580yen [about USD$6]

I’ve been on a blush kick lately and since i dont own many creme blushes, this was one of the areas i was looking into. i got a wonderful creme blush from Illamasqua but its more of a highlight. What i wanted was something to give that perfect “flush” look in winter. And these are what i ended up getting ^^

03 Strawberry Pink

04 Vitamin Orange
I know orange sounds weird but i have been looking for a orange blush FOREVER [ok technically i was looking for an apricot color but this is the closest i have found so far]

Some swatches

I tried using a stipple brush with this but its probably best to use your fingers.

Colors available:
I really like this product! I might end up getting all the colors available!

In other news, i got a HUGE box [and i mean HUGE, the husband was shocked, it measured almost 1metre/yard in length!] in the mail.<– cant believe shipping via ems for that only cost USD$15 XD

It was my latest gmarket haul! Will tell you guys more about it in another post but amongst them, i got some new hairbands….
I am loving that studded ribbon one SOOOO much <3

And my very own Pig-Rabbit!!
Cant believe tomorrow night is the last episode of “You’re Beautiful”!! I’m going to miss this show!!

If you dont watch the show [and dont intend to] but want to know how this bunny came about..

I’ve got some really exciting news i might be able to share with you guys very very soon.
Still waiting for confirmation but i’ll tell you guys once i know
Till then
XOXO Yumeko

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