HanaBatakeBokuJo Caramel + Rilakkuma love

2 more days and i’ll be on my way to Hong Kong!!
I’ve moved out of my apartment and currently staying in a hotel ^^
Been reading everyone’s blogs on my phone but almost impossible to comment T-T Will try to catch up on that when i get some regular internet access in Hong Kong.

Have you heard of the nama caramel [raw caramel] from HanaBatakeBokuJo?
Its from Hokkaido and quite famous!
A few months ago, they opened several stores in Tokyo

The store i visited was in Roppongi [i usually go to the one in Ginza which is near my home but since i have moved out of my apartment, the roppongi one is now closer to me XD]

This is what we had
Thats the limited edition parfait..there’s a piece of cake in the middle XD

And the most popular nama caramel icecream [icecream is made with milk from hokkaido too!]

And the crazy good nama caramel [raw caramel] pizza

Love the pink packaging XD
If you get a chance, go visit this store! its really goood!!

In other news, how was everyone’s christmas?
Naturally i had my christmas cake XD [i dont know other countries that really do this but in Japan, we tend to have strawberry cream cakes for christmas and they are known as christmas cake]

The husband’s family has a tradition of buying presents which have to be BELOW a certain $ limit. We still do the big gifts to our respectives SO but we must do this $ limit present too [they call it kris kringle]

What i got from the husband [yes he left the price tag on XD]

Rilakkuma lucky bag from Lawson

The contents
The box contains a mug but i forgot to take a photo hahah sorry!

Speaking of Rilakkuma, i visited the store in Tokyo Station recently as i love the SWEETS range they put out recently.
Picked up a keitai [mobile phone] strap

Completely unrelated to the stuff above but if you find this in your japanese grocery store..GET IT!
Mochi wrapped around white chocolate..sooooo good XD

I bought it in Sunkus conbini [convenience store] and whilst there, also spotted this
Hair accessories from Tsubasa-chan!! i didnt buy anything though XD

In other news, i’m getting ready for my epic move! Bought a new luggage strap from Swimmer

And some comfy shoes to do apartment hunting when i get there
Adidas/Def Jam
Uber thanks to Lena for helping me pick em out! She’s the shoe expert!!!

I went Yokohama to see her and Dannii last Monday. Will write a blog post on it later cos we exchanged pressies!! But in the meantime, leave you guys with a photo of us! [ok i admit i stole this photo from LadyL]
From left: The Gorgeous Lena, Me, The Sexy Danni
Yes i dyed my hair a darker brown..what do you think?

I probably wont a chance to blog/reply/comment till i get to Hong Kong so in the meantime..
Take care everyone!!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s i changed the layout of my blog! hope its ok! any problems, lemme know !!! <3

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46 Responses to HanaBatakeBokuJo Caramel + Rilakkuma love

  1. heartbreaker says:

    awesome blog layout!seriously :):) and i like your hair colour,should this be the first time i spot yume-chan’s hair straight?i tried the mochi before!!!its heavenly i gotta agree with you ^^ and rilakkuma ! T.T

  2. Sofie says:

    I love love the new layout! Gaaah, the nama caramel looks SOO good! I want to taste it too hehe <3

    And the Rilakkuma goods looks so cute T-T I also want some haha, the plush is adorable <3

  3. Dina (XYYan) says:

    the nama caramel looks delicious! so much rilakkuma goodies! they are all so cute 🙂
    love your eyes makeup here. looking forward to your post 😀

  4. sooji says:

    yumeko i love your darker hair!!! you look so cute in the photoooooooo!!!!! <3 i'm glad that the moving process is going well, sounds like life just keeps moving forward neh? 🙂 i'm excited for you!! ;D 😀 i can't imagine your husband going to a store and picking up al that rilakkuma merchandise! it must be an endearing sight ! hahaha or perhaps what the store people thought xD

    the caramel though… looks delicious!! these are probably completely unrelated but how does the nama caramel ice cream compare to hagen daaz's dulce de leche? (thats the only caramel ice cream i could think of that i like!)

    • Bittenbefore says:

      heloooooo gorgeous! <3 glad u like the piccie heehee
      it was sold at lawson conbini [conveniece store, kinda like 7-11? rite-aid?] so it wasnt too embarassing for him i think hahahaha

      its actually vanilla icecream with hot caramel on top so i guess its totally different from dulce de leche? heehee

  5. Blair says:

    Yume-chan! Good luck moving!! And you look totally fabulous with darker hair =D

  6. diana says:

    What a cute picture! The darker hair color looks good on you! Wow, moving on the last day of 2009? How exciting!! Best wishes to you and your hubby for the move and new year!

  7. Linh says:

    Yumekoooooo! You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the darker hair XD Aww I’m gonna miss all the photos that you been taking of Japan, but looking forward to Hong Kong ones. Will give me an idea of how it is like 🙂 I loveeeee your new trainers/sneakers they’re so awesome! We don’t have really nice designs in London (sadly) and I really want to get a pair!!! I hope you been well Yumeko 🙂

    Love your new blog layout as well!


  8. Diane says:

    Omg i love everything in your post! The caramel ice-cream, strawberry cake, mochi with white chocolate (yum! hope i find this over here!)

    Awww the 3 of you look so cute!!!!! You look so cute with the darker hair. And good luck moving!!!!! 🙂

  9. Maggie says:

    I love your new layout~ ^_^
    The parfait looks delish and oooh, so much Rilakkuma!

    Good luck in Hong Kong!
    (Jw, do you know the language too?!)

  10. Justine says:

    I love the dark brown hair! I’m so excited for your move, and it’s nice that you get a few extra days to hang around Tokyo 🙂 The cakes and mochi look SO delicious *you are making me hungry*, LOL.

    Safe move and happy new year! Definitely going to keep stalking you once you are settled in HK. 😉

  11. Kylie says:

    mmm HanaBatakeBokuJo looks amazing!! goodluck with ur move! 🙂

  12. maryinwonder says:

    oh I like your haircolor! Pretty! ^.^
    And the Adi shoe! mmmmm rocks! Why don’t we have this style? T_T Would run and snatch one for myself LOL
    Can’t wait to see the house you find in HK and hear from how life is there!
    Take care and have a safe flight! <3

  13. Jenn says:

    Good luck with the rest of your move!

    Mmh the carmel and christmas cake, my sweet tooth hurts just looking at it.

    Gorgeous pic of you three, love the darker hair =)

  14. Julie H. says:

    Ahhh, blog looks nice!!
    As you know, sweets are always around at Christmas here in the states. Probably cookies are thought as traditional, but I had to get a chocolate Christmas cake from Italian Tomato…soooooo good!!

    Lucky pack is too cute! And Swimmer, love that store soooo much. And white chocolate with mochi, darn you. Have you tried the white chocolate Kit Kats?

    Good luck with the move, sounds like you have a lot already done!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thanks sweets <3
      yup loveee swimmer too! i tried white choco kit kat but its still a bit too sweet for me
      i do like the green tea ones!

  15. Tamara says:

    Ahh I love love love the stores you visited, they look so damn cute! Plus the phone charm ._. *jelaous*

    Oh you are moving to HK? For how long will you stay there?

  16. Diane says:

    Hi Yumeko! Love the new layout, very cute. I like your hair it looks great, that picture of you Danni, and Lena is just cute in general =)

    LOL great adidas! Good Luck apartment hunting!

  17. Nikki says:

    even if you covered your nose and mouth, I can see you are gorgeous 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Its 6:50am, is it bad that I’m craving for sweets after seeing your photos? 😀

  18. wuzzyangel says:

    Glad you had a merry christmas! 🙂 And how cute is all that Rilakuma stuff! LOL! Hubby has cute tastes! 🙂

    LOL your kicks you got with L! They’re hot! 🙂 And look at you, L, & Ms. Danni lookin all KAWAII!

    ANd mmmm… caramel, ice cream, and cake?! I need to have xmas in Japan! Choco mochi too! LOL! Hope your move is going well! And cute new layout! 🙂

  19. ldy says:

    the Rila bag! i love it! and all the items in it. The hokkaido store items look delicious. Have a safe journey!

  20. You look great!!! Ahhhh I didn’t get to meet you! Maybe sometime in HK?

    I need to check out that fukubukuro!

  21. Catherine says:

    Yay for a merry Christmas! The gift from your DH is soooo cute hehehehe. And wooooow – the parfait and raw caramel pizza look incredible!!!

    Good luck with the apartment hunting and the move!!! 😀

  22. May says:

    Kris kringle is fun. I have this tradition with my friends every year. You look fabulous:)

  23. k* says:

    love the new layout!
    i really really hope they have the white chocolate mochi over here…
    i <3 white chocolate~ my fave (along with milk chocolate hahah)
    & your new hair color looks great!

  24. ilyana says:

    Merry Christmas! I love your new blog layout!!
    The Nama Caramel looks soooooo yummy! I love caramel, it’s one of my fave flavours!
    Good luck with your move to Hong Kong!

  25. Sara Mari says:

    I love the food photos, I think I have eaten that raw caramel, but maybe it’s not the same brand?

    I soooo want that rilakkuma lucky bag, it’s totally cute. I often forget to remove the price tags on gifts, but then I also think they can find the price at the store anyway.

    You look so pretty in that photo. You are moving so soon! I hope everything goes well, take care!

  26. May says:

    The luggage strap is very cute & unique and the shoes rock!

  27. sparklesyuki says:

    ALL the hyperness after consuming those Caramel!!!!!
    i heard abt it..the sweets from Hokkaido! (^^)

    LOVE LOVE the rilakkuma goods!!!! soo purple-ish!!! my fave color! 0(^^)p
    nice layout too!
    nice photo of you girls too!!! purikura? or just normal photoshoot?
    cause it looks alot like purikura… XD

  28. Thanh says:

    Damn them adidas trainers look mighty fine I must say.
    Enjoy yourself in HK & have a great great new year! 🙂

  29. nlngstar says:

    Yume-chan, u look great with your new hair color!
    aw, Rilakkuma is just too darn cute!

  30. rene says:

    Heye! U are pretty!
    The nama caramel ice cream looks yummy! But the raw caramel pizza looks overwhelming. haha! I can imagine how sweet it is! YOur hubby know you so well. I’m so envious! I love Rilakkuma!If only my bf know what to buy for me! =P

    2010 will be fab for you in HK!

  31. conny says:


    i’m so envy of the rilakkuma lucky bags 🙂 the food looks also so delicious, especially the caramell pizza. and your haircolor is nice. i think it’s a good color. at the moment my hair is to dark – i want them lighter.


  32. Lissy says:

    You blog about the most cutest things!

    The rilakkuma stuff is adorable~ <3

    Your hair looks lovely too!

  33. evie says:

    yummy food!! love the parfait!!..is the pizza very sweet?

    ooh i love ochi!!but i nvr tried the ones with white chocolate before..shall search for it next time!

    rilakuma! i was not really into it but with your blog updates i’m starting to like it!!! XD

    good luck with the move! and take care!

  34. Ribbonlicous says:

    Aaaww, Rilakuma!!! <3<3<3
    Have a wonderful trip ^____^ Hope to see pictures too ;P

  35. KC says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope your move to HK is smooth sailing from this point! I’ll miss reading your Japan related entries. =)

  36. Love the new layout and good luck on the move! I’ll miss your Japan pics but now I can look forward to your HK ones. 🙂

  37. *~kAy~* says:

    Such awesome shoes! <3

    Hope you have a fun and safe trip! 🙂
    Take care!

  38. I am so excited about your move to Hong Kong!! I am sure you will visit Japan, but I am really looking forward to this new chapter in your life!!

    I love your new hair colour. Mine’s slightly darker this winter too.

  39. mystifize says:

    Love the new layout! Very girly! U girls are so pretty!

    Aww I want a lucky bag too!! HK needs some of these stuff too! Bring some here! ;D

    Excited about your move! Good luckkkk!

  40. miRa says:

    rilakkuma lucky bag is uber cute!! XD
    the phone strap is too adorable too! <3

  41. sarah says:

    cuuuute pic! your eyes are super gorgeous xD

    nama caramel!! mmmm, so good looking 🙂 and the LE parfait looks delish too! i’m quite jealous 😛

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