My fave beauty buys of 2009

Happy New Year 2010!!
Its the year of the Tiger!
How was everyone’s new year?
I was supposed to do the giveaway in this post but since i havent figured out where my closest postoffice in Hong Kong is, i’ll do it in my next post instead XD

Instead i’m going to write about my fave beauty buys of 2009!

Fave BBcream of the Year
The FaceShop oilfree bbcream
Yup it has joined HG status amongst my collection of bbcream.
Other fave buys of this year include : Skin79 and Innisfree
Constant HG: Oriks Vitamin C bbcream

Fave lipgloss of the year
Canmake Nudy Glow range especially #05
This was a late buy of the year [released a few months ago in Japan] but it has gained HG status amongst my collection of lipgloss.
Other fave buys of the year include: NARS
Constant HG: Sally Hansen Lipflation

Fave blush of the year
MAC MSF in Blonde
Other fave buys include: MAC in WellDressed, NARS in Angelica, Illamasqua in SIN
Constant HG: JillStuart Mix Blush

Fave eyeshadow of the year
NARS in Mekong
I rarely buy single eyeshadows but fell deeply in love with this brown shade specked with gold glitter.
Other fave buys of the year include: Urban Decay shadows
Constant HG: i am still looking since i dont buy singles often

Fave palette of the year
Lunasol Germinate Eyes 01
You all know i love lunasol. Its no wonder it was my fave brand of 2008! And it continued into 2009.
For almost half this year, i had a mad obsession with gold shadows and this was the perfect palette.
Other fave buys of the year include: KATE deep trap eyes range, Guerlain
Constant HG : Lunasol XD

Fave Nail Polish of the year
Le Un
This is the perfect hot pink shade but alas Le Un underwent some weird repackaging later in the year and dropped this color from the range T-T
Other fave buys of the year include: SkinFood Milky Creamy Nail Range, Parado Sugar Syrup

Fave Masks of the year
VOV washoff masks [Volcanic Ash and Cereal being my faves]
Other fave buys of the year include: SKII masks, Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask [this came close to being my fave of the year]

Fave moisturisor of the year
This has become an HG of mine!
Other fave buys of the year include: Innisfree BodyButter, Lush Vanishing Cream [this came close to being the fave!!]

Fave Facewash of the year
LUSH Angels on Bare Skin
Other fave buys of the year include: SKII, Neutrogena

Fave new MUST-have Makeup product of the year
MUFE Aqua Eyes Pencils
I dont think i need to drone on how much i adore and love these.
Last year’s winner: UDPP <– still my HG!!

Fave new MUST-have Skincare
Lancome Bi-facil eye makeup remover
Didnt know how i lived without it XD
Last year’s winner: Moisture Liposome by Cosme Decorte <– still a HG!!!

And my FAVE beauty brand of the year
I have been using the entire skincare range for around 4 months now and i definetely think its doing something good. No breakouts and my skin has been smoother than ever. It doesnt seem to whiten my skin as much as say..Sekkisei range from KOSE but i really like it

The other skincare range i used prior to this for the earlier part of this year was PhytoBlack range from Shu Uemura and i think they are really good too! But somehow SKII seems to be working out better for me.
Last year’s winner: Lunasol

There you have it, my small little roundup of things i bought/tried for the year which i really adored.
What has been your fave buy of the year 2009?

XOXO Yumeko

Update: one of you asked why i didnt include the GHD in this list, well though i bought a new GHD this year, its not exactly a new buy. I have had a GHD for over 8 years now. The new GHD is exactly the same..just pink hahahah

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66 Responses to My fave beauty buys of 2009

  1. Celeste says:

    I love the new layout dear!
    I don’t have a fave buy for makeup, but I was given Lancome’s christmas juicy tube gift pack which I adore to bits.

    I wanted to ask: I’m looking to buy a set of brushes… was wondering what you had to recommend?

  2. Maggie says:

    Ahhh, I love NARS Mekong also, it’s so pretty! And that Lunasol palette too T_T.
    Hello Kitty Year of the Tiger Doll, so cute~

  3. Dina (XYYan) says:

    Great fave! does the face shop oilfree bb cream work? i mean on the oil-control. if it is, i’ll add it to my list 😀

  4. Justine says:

    Oh gosh that HK Tiger Plushie/calendar is ADORABLE. I used to have a white tiger HK plushie…. I think it got donated away though 🙁 Someday I will go makeup shopping with you in Seoul and you can explain BB Cream colour matching to me… I do not trust online swatches at all, haha. I remember you talking about the glosses when we were at that store in Harajuku/near Ometosando… haha I actually came home with no Canmake at all >_>; too many brands spinning my head!

    I JUST got Illamasqua in SIN and I need to try it… am a bit nervous honestly. Haha. But you and Yasumi raved so much I had to try it so I bought it… we shall see… still trying to figure out what kind of eye to wear it with! I wore hot pink on my lids today so purple blush seemed like it might be a bit overkill haha.

    Every time you post Mekong you make me want it 🙁 I recently bought a bunch of NARS singles as they were 50% off at Sephora (only the 4 shades I bought) and they seem nice… Mekong is gorgeous when I swatch it but I can never think of how to wear it 🙁

    And that Lunasol palette! It’s part of the permanent range, right? I waaaant. It just keeps getting pushed to the back of my shopping list because it isn’t LE so I don’t feel like I need it right away, haha. The hot pink nail polish is gorgeous though it sucks that it was DC’d and I like the little white-cube glitter one. So unique!

    I definitely need to try the VOV masks you gave me… am going through the MBD ones right now haha. The clay mask IS super effective I just wish it smelled nicer… I recently bought the clay one from Korres which kind of smells like cinnamon so I will let you know how that one goes 🙂

    Can you get Steam Cream in HK? I finally finished my tin and I saw on Rouge Deluxe that they had new designs, LOL. The website that ships internationally doesn’t have any of the special LE tins though 🙁

    Tried the Dark Angels scrub finally and was going to try Angels on Bare Skin but then I switched to a L’Oreal cleanser while I couldn’t get to the mall and my skin is starting to clear up! So might have to leave trying it alone for a while… thank goodness my skin is calming down… now I’m starting the whitening treatments to fix the acne scars 😛

    I was going to collapse of shock if the MUFE set didn’t make your list! Still SO gorgeous… and so expensive… *sigh* You will probably never need to buy a coloured pencil again though, haha!

    I am trying to get through all the little samples I have so I alternate between the Bi-Facil and Clinique’s version… they seem about the same though Clinique’s is purple and only 15$ I think… cheaper works for me! I still love the Biore wipes you recommended from ages ago when I’m in a rush 🙂 Will probably go back to them once I am through all the GWP-sized samples 😉

    I am SO happy to hear that the SK-II range is working for you! And it’s cheaper in HK right? So you can keep using it. Can’t find it here though, but perhaps that is better for my wallet haha.

  5. wuzzyangel says:

    Yay great picks Yume! 🙂 And I can now say I have Nuddy Glow too thanks to L! LOL! Love the HK Year Of The Tiger Calendar! So cute!!

    My fave this yr?! Hrmmm… Too hard to choose!

  6. acutelife says:

    you have all the wonderful stuff up there 🙂 I have some fave products for the 2009 but it’s not as sophisticated as yours XD XD but I definetely fall in love with YOJIYA (kyoto cosmetics) such a great find and I will buy again, although it has to wait until my next visit to japan ^^

  7. Olive says:

    Wow that’s more beauty products than I buy in 2 years! You are definitely a beauty guru lol…I want everything you listed!

    Btw are you a Tiger?? I am and so is half my family haha…hopefully this will be a lucky year 🙂

    Happy New Year, akemashite omedeto!

  8. Julie H. says:

    I’m gonna see if they have the Canmake lipgloss here because I’m always needing new ones. Can’t keep them around too long. And the VOV although I’m thinking there is better chances for the Canmake.

    While LUSH has some fun products, I agree their skincare washes and such are really pretty decent. The Dreamwash is good for sensitive skin.

    Good luck in finding new housing! Glad you made it over safely!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      the canmake lipgloss is about $7usd in japan so hopefully the markup isnt too high in usa. as for the vov masks, i’ll try to send u one to try when my stuff arrives since i need to send u the brushroll <3

      i dont thnk i even seen dreamwash XD

      • Julie H. says:

        I don’t think they have Dream Wash on the Japanese site. But it’s on the US one,

        That would be cool about the VOV masks, seems what I find here so far is the Bihada ones mostly. Japanese markets around here are a little weird, tons of mascara and no lip stick or gloss except for ones little kids would wear. But I know there is more. It’s fun looking! And the mark-up isn’t too bad on most stuff. I was suprised Sanrio stuff is pretty much the same price in Japan as it is here. Same with snacks and such. Which is dangerous =)

  9. rene says:

    Happy new year Yumeko chan!
    I love your Lunasol palette! I have been lemming for one. Maybe it will be my target for 2010! To get ONE Lunasol palette! hehe!
    Do u own the whole set of MUFE aqua eyes pencils?! OMG. That is madness! I must have missed that post!
    I want to get the pencils too!
    I heart Bi-fancil too. But it is just too pricey! I am currently using Maybelline new skincare range, Total Clean eye and lip makeup remover. Works pretty good too!


  10. May says:

    The HK in tiger suit is too cute:D

    I have Mekong eyeshadow too, it’s such a pretty color. You make me want to try the Canmake lipgloss now. The VOV wash off masks are love.

    Good luck with apartment hunting and exploring the areas hun.

  11. rene says:

    The one big difference I feel is that Bi-fancil tend to leave this oily feeling after removal whereas Total Clean doesn’t. Effectiveness wise, Total Clean removes my bobbi brown eyeliner gel pretty well too. I hope this comparison helps!

  12. mandy says:

    Makes me want to try so many things! All so pretty & captivating 🙂
    The HK doll is so cute. Who would love a calendar like that? 😛

  13. Happy New Year to you too, Yumeko! 😀 I love SK-II as well but I’ve only tried the essence, masks, and cleanser. What other products from the line do you love?

  14. Zoe says:

    Happy New Year 2010 Yumeko,I wish u best luck in this coming year^^.

    Wow,I love this post so much coz now I can go and buy some of those stuff u recommended,love ur blog^^

  15. jen says:

    happy new year yumeko =)
    i <3 lancome eye makeup remover too
    i have the MUFE aqua eyes but it smudge abit on me =( is UDPP better for oily lids?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think udpp is good for oily lids. i have super oily lids XD
      MUFE doesnt smudge on me thankfully
      but i have heard some ppl say it smudges for them T-T

  16. GREAT Picks! I loved drooling over the pics!

    Happy 2010, sweetie!

  17. Dory says:

    Sk two is best haha I think the canmake cream blush is cheap and gd

  18. Sheila says:

    Ooooh thanks for all of these, must try the brands you have in the list =D

  19. Carol L says:

    That is a great list!

  20. k* says:

    happy new year to you too!

    the parado sugar syrup looks really interesting (i think you did a NOTD or something like that not tooo long ago)…
    wish i could see it in person!

    love the way the MUFE pencils look…like a very nice, pretty, new set of colored pencils

    no ghd in the post??
    ever since your posts on ghds..i really want to go check them out!
    do they curl hair well too?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      though i bought a new GHD this year, its not exactly a new buy. I have had a GHD for over 8 years now. The new GHD is exactly the same..just pink hahahah
      i use it primary to curl my hair so i would say yup it curls hair well.

  21. miRa says:

    i love this post! it’s like a summary of the year :p

  22. ilyana says:

    What a good compilation of beauty + skincare products Yumeko!

    The VOV washoff masks are my fave masks of the year as well and I cannot tell you how much I love Angels on Bare Skin, it rescued my skin when it got ravaged by the weather in Melbourne =x

  23. conny says:

    happy new year!!!! your post is good as always 🙂
    the lunasol eye make up look great!!! so much glitter. perfect!

  24. Tracy says:

    Happy New Year!

    Lovely compilation of all the lovely products!

    Now i regret not getting stuff from Lush when I was in states for Christmas…

  25. maryinwonder says:

    Happy New Year!
    How is life so far in HK?

  26. sophie wears says:

    hello i hope u had a great start of the year, mine was FUN FUN FUN!
    Aaaaaw that kitty-chan is so kawaii!!! love it!

  27. ldy says:

    what a great list! I cant believe you have all the MUFE eye pencils. They are amazing quality! how did you get the MAC MSF in blonde? hasnt this been discontinued for like 2 years?
    Love ur list!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      really? i thought the blonde, brunette collection just came out last year or end 2008? XD
      miss mona helped me buy it <3

  28. Ivy says:

    Happy new year! Enjoyed this post immensely ^^

  29. ali says:

    i’m bookmarking this for future reference when i wanna try new stuff lol actually i might go out & buy the faceshop bbcream tomorrow keke~

    & though this is quite late, i’m really loving the new layout. it’s cute colorful & cute!

  30. Nikki says:

    eeeekk, all your favorites, either I bought them too or they are on my “to buy” list 🙂 🙂 🙂

  31. tomomi says:

    lovely list! gotta try some of the stuff…!

    Happy 2010~~~ wish you all the best!

  32. Yasumi says:

    Miss you my dear!!! Sorry I have been so silent recently 🙁

    Loving the new layout and this post is just brilliant. I have so many fave things lately too this may well be the inspiration I need to do my own all stars post. I heard that Lunasol are discontinuing the geminate palette is that true?

  33. Ribbonlicous says:

    I love the Hello Kitty, so cute ^___^
    So many great stuffs, I wish I could shipping in Hong Kong too, hihiii ^^

  34. akisa love says:

    Hi yumeko! I haven’t commented in a long time~ so wanted to wish you a Happy New Year~ I lovvvvvvve the MUFE pencil set!! Looking forward to more posts on “the life of a HK Tokyo Gal” now.. haha.

  35. molé says:

    this is an awesome post! i’ll definitely try out some of these products 😀

  36. Mel Genki-Kat says:

    OMG that Hello Kitty doll is gorgeous!!

  37. Catherine says:

    OMGGGG the Hello Kitty Year of the Tiger doll is soooooo cute! I love it!!

    Great picks too! I am definitely going to have to try out some of these items – particularly the blushes! And I just love that picture of your MUFE Aqua Eyes Collector’s set – so epic!!

  38. Sara Mari says:

    Happy New Year~! I hope everything is going well, and you are having a great time. This post is wonderful, so many great products to look at^^

  39. Kendall says:

    GIMME THAT HELLO KITTY CALENDAR!!!! XD Thanks for sharing your ’09 favs!!! Happy New Year!!

  40. Monica says:

    Great post! I still haven’t narrowed down my 2009 faves. You have a few choices that I want to try:)Happy New Year!

  41. adin says:

    Great List….I so want to try those canmake lipgloss….happy New Year to you!!

  42. DSK Steph says:

    MUFE Aqua Eyes Pencils SET! What a beautiful sight! Happy New Year :)!

  43. Lissy says:

    Happy New Year!! <3
    I love the new layout ^_^
    You have such an awesome cosmetic collection!

  44. sophie wears says:

    ARIGATO NEH for you comment, lol, apparently people in NYC can’t live without their false eyelashes too!

  45. Jenny says:

    I heard SKII was sooooooo good. I’ve been wanting to try their toner but my skin has been doing OK for now so I’m waiting.

    Urban Decay is my go to shadow brand! I bet the NARS one is nice though. I have a NARS blush & it’s superb!

    Fun post!! 😀

  46. Stephanie says:

    hiii yumeko.. happy new year!

    u r moving to hk? nice! well, at least it’s warmer there right? and cosmetics are cheaper compared to tokyo. i been ghosting for a while on the make up front.. don’t have time and energy to discuss makeup as much as before.. but these best of the year rankings are making me think about what my faves are of the year.. might do a post for that..

    anyways, just wanted to say hi! =) ttyl~

  47. Trina says:

    Your pictures are always amazing. Can you give some photography tips? ;]

  48. M.A.C.nunu says:

    Of course I’ll visit you when I’m in HK! What kind of question is that?! Your problem will be getting rid of me xD
    Things must be crazy on your side, how long will it take for your belongings to get to HK? Good luck on apartment hunting! Remember not to drink the tap water…

  49. missmicchan says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog..I’m loving every bit of it so far! I’m going to try your recommendation of BB cream b/c the one I am using now is making my skin so oily >_<

    Anyways, Thanks for your post, and Happy New Year!!!! \(^_^)/ <3

  50. zuuchini says:

    i actually really enjoyed this post. Now i know what to go try, hehehe.

    i love your new layout and happy new year to you too! <3

  51. Fiona says:

    Happy new year!!

    Great list, you make me wanna try out SKII!

    Anyway, have fun in Hongkong! And maybe you can learn some cantonese, I think it sounds really cute ^^

  52. Georgina says:

    Oh My! how adorable is that hello kitty tiger doll?! so cute! 🙂 i’m loving your 2009 roundup hun! especially the SKll products. 🙂

  53. sindy says:

    OMG i so want this MUFE palette!!! But my budget is very limited at this time!! I just bought the small palette for the anniversary collection!!!

    Can you swatch them?!


    much love and happy belated holidays!

  54. Katy says:

    What a great post.. I’m going to snatch up some of those things as well. I also need to jump on the Lush bandwagon!

  55. mayaari says:

    wonderful picks for 2009! I still have Lunasol on my list of brands to try, even though I’m trying my best to spend less this year 🙂 hope you’re settling in over there!

  56. evie says:

    i see you bought the black raspberry vov mask!! i have not tried the ceral one before though..but the ash one is great!

    lush! argh i need to find ways to buy this product!! too many raves are tempting me! ooh i bought the neutrogena wave duo too! but i have not tried it yet..

    mac and jill stuart nvr seems to fail! SkII..its great that you are living in hk now and they are sold cheaper compare to japan huh!

    gosh thank you very much for this post!! i love this list!!

  57. sarah says:

    wow.. so many pretty looking things, haha xD i love the hello kitty in a tiger suit! aahh cute xD

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