Korean Magazine Ceci Scans – Dec issue

It never fails to amaze me when i meet new people through this blog.
Last year in 2009, i met so many wonderful people and on the very last day [31st Dec] , i met 3 more lovely people –> Mishh and two of her friends [Lisa and Alice *waves*]

I first got to know Mishh from the Super Junior fan forum that she runs [down at the moment but once its back up, will link it here] and when i told her i was going to be in Hong Kong whilst she is here on holiday, we made plans to meet up.

And as with every meet, there is always a present exchange….
Yes a mini pig-rabbit!! She knows me sooo well!!!
Note: i have a large pig rabbit too [which i bought from gmarket] here it is

I’ve been dying to get my hands on this issue of Ceci so when Mishh saw the last copy, she picked it up for me!!
There’s a whole section on 24hours lives of boybands. But uh you probably arent here to see those scans.

Ok here are some beauty related scans

Year end issues always have review awards! love it!!!



I was hoping for a bbcream award but there isnt any. just one for foundation

I actually need new sunblock so i’ll be checking these out



And my fave article in the entire issue. Ways to line your eyes. [Good for those with smaller eyes]

Dara [Sandara Park from 2NE1]’s way of lining her eyes

And Ga-In [from the group Brown Eyed Girls]
I think quite a few bloggers attempted to redo her eyelining technique since she has very small eyes. But i dont think anyone did it this way. So now there is an article on how she does it! If you try it out, do let me know!

But the magazine isnt all she gave me!
Mishh also gifted me with some super junior goodness!!

Oh yes she gave it all to me in that gorgeous Semir bag!! [Brand endorsed by SJM in China. Correct me if i am wrong!]

Hyukie! He’s my 2nd fave member! Fav member being Teukie.

And the calender from Kyochon chicken

Mishh visited the kyochon chicken store in Shanghai to get the calendar! i want to eat kyochon chicken toooo!
Thank you soo much for everything Mish!!! <3 <3
Cant wait to see you again before you go back!!

In other news, i am trying to see a bit more of Hong Kong when i have the time

Trying to eat more of the local food as well
Steamed Egg Custard/Pudding <– this wasnt what i imagined.
I thought this would taste like the inside of an eggtart XD But it didnt taste any good at all. T-T No eggtaste, not sweet. XD

Tomato seems to be heavily featured in dishes in Hong Kong
Noodle and sliced beef in tomato soup
Once again, not what i envisioned XD Somehow i was thinking a more asian style tomato soup [no idea what this means but hopefully u know wat i am trying to say] but it tastes exactly like watered down minestrone soup XD I am not saying it tastes bad! i’m just saying its not what i envisioned.

Any other foods which are super local to Hong Kong which you feel i should try?
Please suggest non-desserts XD

p.s yes i have some eggtarts i really like! they arent from any famous store..not that i know of. Its from the bakery near my apartment. Its tiny but i notice the egg tarts sell out like mad daily. XD

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64 Responses to Korean Magazine Ceci Scans – Dec issue

  1. Justine says:

    I am happy I met you through your blog (and the power of Kame, through twitter)! I hope we can meet again soon… I am totally off that whole week during my birthday so it’s a matter of the plane ticket prices I hope… 😉

    The eyelining techniques are interesting but I think my eyes are already gigantic so I don’t need to make them appear bigger I don’t think… at least not any more than I already do. Ha.

    The calendar is really cute and useful in that the pages aren’t all pictures… I really like the KAT-TUN calendars I have but I don’t want to write in them because the pages are so pretty… that is totally a calendar I’d use! Right now I am using a monthly Hello Kitty day planner as I can’t find another one I really like :S

    I Hope you find better food and better egg tarts/custards! Haven’t been to HK but all I think of is dim sum, haha.

  2. innerchild says:

    Hi! 😀 You totally got my into listening to Super Junior! haha And I want to try the eyelining method for Ga In, it looks cool, thanks for sharing! I always love reading your posts! :3

  3. misshazel says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE eggtarts!!

  4. rachel says:

    welcome to hk!!

    hope you’re settling in and enjoying your new home.

    PS i actually totally wouldn’t mind seeing scans of the 24hr lives of boybands. in fact, i would love to see those pages! hahaha

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thankyou for the welcome! do you live in hk too?
      haha which boyband do you like? 2pm, mblaq , shinee and bigbang are featured.

  5. nlngstar says:

    I love the year end award
    yume-chan, would u mind to tell me any japan drugstore cleansing oil, whitening essence which works good?

  6. ilyana says:

    I loveee egg tarts and I actually tried this milky egg steamed pudding from this chain eatery in HK last year when I was there, it was really nice and sweet but I can’t remember the name of the restaurant >_< All I remember is that it's along Nathan Rd?

    Ga-In is gorgeous, she's one of my faves from BEG haha, thank you for scanning that!

  7. k* says:

    yowza–that magazine looks like its chockful of beneficial information & eye candy…couldn’t be any better!

  8. Dina (XYYan) says:

    i would love to see what are on the award 😀
    the mini pig-rabbit is just too cute!

  9. Sheila says:

    Thanks for those scans! I’ll be checking those stuff out at duty free sometime, I need some new products =D

    That food looks SOOO good, I’m getting hungry =S

  10. wuzzyangel says:

    MMM yummy looking food!! LOL I wanna see more of the boybands! LOL! Any of mine in there?! haha… Those 3 SuJu guys that are on all the variety shows are hilarious! LOL! I love their sketches & dancing! Haha!!

    Awww she gifted you a DejiToki!!! BFs mum is a huge TaeKyung fan! LOL! but SHINWOO BABY!!! lol!

  11. Jean says:

    Omg…Omg….pig rabbit!!!!I want<3!!
    I heard that you moved to hong kong recently,hope you are coping fine & happy over there.
    Thanks for sharing the pics for ceci magazine..well…me a fan for big bangXD

  12. Lissy says:

    I love the eyeliner tutorial I’ve often wondered how to do that style!

    That piggy rabbit is just so cute <3

    I've never been a fan of certain foods from HK the traditional desserts are not that nice blah.. :I

  13. Pink Ink says:

    Hi, I’m a longtime lurker here. But since you mentioned you wanted to try Hong Kong delights, I can’t resist surfacing. (note: I’m a Singaporean, not a local of Hong Kong, but I have a colleague from Hong Kong who is a foodie)

    Mongkok area:
    Lok Yuen (?????? – in kanji)on Sai Yeung Choi St serves beefball noodles and fish dumpling noodles. – Yummy soup noodles, especially when you eat it with the red vinegar that is provided.
    Hooi Keng (????????on Argyle Street serves yummy congee and ‘za leong’ (fried dough sticks aka youtiao wrapped in steamed rice rolls aka chee cheong fun).

    Have you tried any of the local fast food outlets, like Maxim and Cafe de Coral? The menu changes according to the times of the day and seasons of the year. Very interesting places.

    These are the foods I’m missing right now… Of course there is the recommended roast goose from Yung Kee in Central.

  14. Yasumi says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaah wow!!!!!! I love love love your posts, I ALWAYS learn something new or start lemming for something new or just want to hug you…like a massive bear hug!! You and your pig rabbit!

  15. Rachel H says:

    Hi I’m a long time reader. Love your blog and travels – Seoul is a city I hold dearly and I’m a local in HK so welcome! Food choices here are pretty diverse and hybrid, it seems like people are always inventing and mixing things (with mixed results some are just wierd). As for eggtarts – a lot of small eateries make and sell several batches daily so try your luck again. There’s a Michelin 2010 book for HK, but I think it’s a little overrated.

    Since it’s a little cooler these days you might consider trying “hot pot” like Japanese “nabi”. There is a little Korea town in TST, Indian curry in ChungKing mansions TST (but its a little seedy), erm… pho is generally good everywhere, and Thai food is good. There are a lot of good eateries in Kowloon City (authentic Thai, Chinese eateries, Tony Wong Patisserie) and the hawker stalls above the North Point market are pretty famous too. Hope that helps. You might also try “Open Rice Forum” online – which is a local guide (in Chinese but with pics) that locals check out for eateries.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      woo a local! nice to meet you! i’m still trying to adapt to your little country!!

      i heard abt that forum! i’ll check it out for sure! i am just not sure what to eat that is truly local to hk sometimes XD

      • Rachel H says:

        that’s a hard one “what’s local/ indigenous” – i guess dim sum, wonton noodles, cantonese restaurants, (even HK cafe’s (both the chain stores and small places serve erm pan-asian/western food). but seeming from your last post ure pretty good in finding great places to eat!

  16. maryinwonder says:

    was the tomato soup sweet? If it was then I know how it tastes and I like it. However, in the pic it looks rather thin/watery.
    you got a pig-rabbit?!?!?!?!?!?! So cool! *___*
    And noo, I want more hotness overload! Don’t tease me with one shot of the guy hotness and say no more XDDD

  17. ali says:

    thanks for the scans/pictures of the different ways to line eyes! my eyes are horribly horribly small, & add to that that i have hidden eyelids & almost non-existent eyelashes.. my eyes are just dots on my face, really 🙁 but i’m gonna try those two methods out as best as i can, & hopefully it’ll work keke

    also, you prolly don’t remember, but in your previous post i commented that i might get the faceshop bbcreamm you “recommended”, & i did! i just got it so i haven’t formed a proper opinion on it yet, but so far it’s been good! good coverage & smells nice too keke hopefully i’ll like it as much as you do ^^

    • Bittenbefore says:

      you are so harsh on yourself! i bet it isnt that bad! HUGSSSSS

      let me know if the methods work out for u dear!!
      hope the faceshop bbcream also works out for u!

  18. kylie says:

    i actually tried egg tarts for the first time last year and i fell in love!! 🙂 happy new year!!

  19. So many blogger love items…yay! Thank you for the mag scans, sweets. 🙂

  20. Eva says:

    i would love to see the 24hr boyband scans hehe 😉

    omg ive been trying to figure out how to line my eyes like dara and gain thanks!

  21. adin says:

    Thanks for the scans……and that mini pig rabbit is so cute…..I want one…hehe

  22. Tam says:

    wow I haven’t commented in a long time :/
    I’ve been a bit sick, but getting better now!
    HK seems like a great place to eat and shop… Not better than Tokyo though ;p

  23. Catherine says:

    Awww, yay for meet-ups! And ooooooh, thanks so much for the scans! Sadly I don’t have the same eye-shape as Ga-in but I looooove her look!!!

    Aww, sorry the egg soup thingy didn’t turn out to taste good. The beef noodle soup looks AMAZING though!

  24. molé says:

    wow this issue of ceci looks really good! love the eye-lining tips as well.. gotta try out sandara’s way 😀

  25. Pink Ink says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sorry, it’s in Chinese… I’ve to practice my Chinese somehow otherwise I’ll go rusty.

    Re your question, I’ll finish up my current stash first I guess, The Body Shop one is still unused afterall. But I’m eyeing the ettusais lip essence stick that was recently released in Singapore.

  26. Miumiu says:

    mmm…that egg pudding looks mighty tasty. have you been to Fairwood? it’s more like western chinese fusion though. i love them western style breakfast, their milk tea is supposed to be one of the best too, and cheap! hope you give those a try =D and if you’re missing japanese food, you should try itamae sushi, i know there’s one at causeway bay somewhere. err.. it’s near the station, if you end up walking to this shopping area that looks like there’s a closed roof ontop and elevators dotted around, it’s near that. usually during dinner time there’s always a line outside. and the other one is at the airport.
    there’s also a local snack stand at mong kok, 2 actually on the same street. i’m not too sure what it’s called but they sell small packets of noodles and various cooked meats that they mix in a baggy for you. if you’re on the main street that everyone walks on, the one where cars are not allowed on during weekends, you should be able to find it at the CTMA center. the stand faces the road so you won’t miss it. plus there’s lots of random snack stands dotted around mong kok. one of my favourites are the satay lobster balls on a stick.
    i get all excited when thinking about things to eat in HK XD

  27. Yinnie says:

    ooh some lovely goodies there

    Great things to eat in HK: Definately mango and pomelo pudding soup (yeung zi gum lo] [you can get in in the chain stores-hui lau san]

    or black sesame pudding? [zi ma wu]

    crystal jade dan dan mian. =) and congee stalls. =) God i miss the congee.

  28. Nikki says:

    I am craving for a noodle soup now! i am sick with colds so your photo made me salivating! 🙂

    Great photos as usual! and I’m glad to have known you through blogging 🙂

  29. zuuchini says:

    thanks for your mag scans!

    awww you got the bunny piggy from that korean drama!! the noodle soup looks good though. oh i understand what you meant by “more asian” hahaha, tomatoe soup just doesn’t go with asian dishes in my opinion

  30. rene says:

    I heart HK!
    The bf’s aunt and family stay there so when I was in HK, they brought us around for yummy local food and places to visit. You will have to try Chen Kee roast goose! Although Yeung Kee is another famous restaurant but because they are so well known already, their service standard is really bad. They are both located in Mongkok. I love their milk tea too! You might want to check out my facebook for my HK photos? Haha!

  31. miRa says:

    weee… HK is great! went there for a short holiday last month :p
    awesome shopping and dessert! haHAHA i like their Hui Lao shan’s mango dessert :X
    hmm.. and i love to eat at Pokka Cafe too! hehes.
    but it was pretty short stay there.. couldnt try more local delights :((
    looking forward for your local delights food porn!! hehes
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! thanks for visiting my blog thou i’ve not been updating it. ^^
    MUACHH!!! <3

  32. Fiona says:

    omg i love the pig-rabbit!!! ^^

    and thanks for the scans! i must try out the sandara park one, her eyes look great!

  33. mly says:

    aw, good egg pudding needs some more searching but when you find it, its amazing! maybe the place that made the egg pudding was just unfortunately lacking.

    have you tried condensed milk toast with a cup of hot milk tea?

    absolutely delicious! pictures for your eyes to feast on. ?

  34. Great Pics!! Thank you!

  35. immorivine says:

    lol when I think of HK I think of dimsum! Haha especially their yummy char shao bao. Much much yummier than the ones we get in Singapore. 😀 and I guess HK toast is really not bad as well. Thick and fluffy 😀

  36. kickangel says:

    I see Taemin! Hurhur. My friends called me a pedophile for liking him. T_T The Suju stuff is <3. Am I the only freak that keeps – kept – wrappers with celebs' pictures on them? I once kept a Coke can with Shinhwa's picture for more than 2 years past its expiry date. I'm surprised it didn't explode in my fridge. LOL.

    I shall try lining my eyes like Dara. I've been trying to emulate it from looking at her pictures but it doesn't look as nice as hers. Ugh.

    I tried the steamed egg thingamajig before. In my memory, it tasted a bit… fishy, if that's the right word. And I was expecting it to taste like egg tart filling too. 🙁

    I used to pore over annual beauty awards in magazines and try out the winners/recommended products but I have sensitive skin so most of them broke me out. It took me 3 years to realize that crap, I shouldn't believe everything I read. -.= But I still love reading them anyway.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i dont keep wrappers but tons of ppl do XD
      i like to take photos of them though

      let me know how u go with dara style lining!!!

      haha i know wat u mean, my skin is quite sensitive too but i still read it XD

  37. Cherry says:

    Hi Yume-chan

    i love your blog..the new design is so cute and i love the pigrabbit you got..i will be buying one for sure ^__^ Well I am from Germany and there are not so many shops which sale cute asian stuff..like your cream blush or the pigrabbit..so I am really happy that you blog about such stuffs 😀

  38. Sofie says:

    Waaah, yummy food as alwaaaays <3
    And thanks so much for the mag scans! I love the eyeliner looks! I so wanna try out Ga-ins!

  39. Katy says:

    Ga-In’s eyes are soo small yet her liner is soo thick. She looks good though!

  40. evie says:

    thanks for the scans!! but i oso dun mind see those 24 hr scans! hehe. the miniature pig rabit is cuuttee!

    aiyo i actually wanted to recommend desserts before i saw the non dessert request haha..

    all the dim sum! har gao! xiao long bao!..

  41. ldy says:

    looooooooooooove the scans end of the year beuty awards from mags are always so helpful. As always great food pics!

  42. Stephanie says:

    Hi, relatively new blogger here 🙂
    Have you tried Hong Kong’s famous fishball noodle soup…from the looks of what you ordered, it doesn’t look like anything my family eats.

  43. Trina says:

    You should take pictures of the boy bands! please ;D

  44. Shiri says:

    Mini pig rabbit plushie! How adorable 🙂

  45. Wawawatermelon says:

    OMG I TOTALLY LOVE SUPER JUNIOR! And it’s good to know that you do too! I’m here, looking at your Super Junior goodies, and I sooooooooo want them too! DDD: Eunhyuk on the packaging. That bag of chips(?) must be fabulously delicious. And I am also searching for a pig rabbit of my own.. So I am so envious that you already have two!

  46. kalai says:

    aa.. pigrabbit so cute!! im watching you’re beautiful now! finally found sometime to watch the drama. loving it so far^^

    hyukie on crisp packet. genius~ i would so buy it just cz of that^^

    i love food in hk! but doesnt look like that noodle soup was tasty.
    i love congee and dim sum in the morning. maxim is a good one. bit pricier but its a safe option for now ;p they do nice desserts too. i like simple rice dishes– char siu (bbq-ed pork) or roast duck with rice. char siu is the best in hk^^ snacks in mongkok–( esp curry fish balls). thai food in kowloon city. hotpot too. you tried tofu pudding (‘to fu fa’)? its yummy^^

    aa i miss hk food~~ xx

  47. sarah says:

    i hear tomato is amazing for you though XD hahaha maybe that’s why it’s featured in so many foods?


  48. j0s1e267 says:

    I LOVE Hong Kong! I will email a list of my fave eateries, including an online guide which you can print & use.

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