Korean Magazine Ceci Scans – Feb issue

Yes, i have been to the doctor’s
Yes, he did give me meds
But alas no..i am not well yet. Getting better though! Hoping it goes away soon T-T

I havent been spending as much time wearing makeup or playing with my stuff since i am unwell, but i have been buying tons of magazines to read at home [cos i am trying not to leave the house]
Since you guys liked the Ceci scans from January, here’s the Feb issue ^^

As usual, i purchased this at PageOne bookstore at HabourCity Hong Kong [the clinic i visited was located here as well]
There was a free gift as well! Castledew Chiffon Base. I havent tried this before so i’ll definetely do a review soon!!

And a small section on highlighting from MAC

And saw something amongst the editor’s picks that caught my eye
Has anyone tried this?

They also had a SPF section! [i did a post about sun protection a while back as well heehee]

There were some samples from the brand im. i havent heard/tried this brand before
Have you?

A section/feature on Coach poppy bags
I cant say i am the biggest coach bag fan but i love the happy Poppy range!

The pink one below is way cute!

Sheet of stickers included in the magazine

There was a feature on makeup looks that attract men and apparently green eyeshadow is amongst them!

I love the following section about what makeup items you can use if you have little time for maximum effect!

For those with just 30 seconds, wear some lipgloss!

If you have a minute, add on the mascara!

3 mins? Add blush, concealers and highlight!

Those with 5 mins to spare, fix your hair ^^
Would this be your list of things to do if you only had 5 mins?
i NEED to do my eyebrows. If i only had 30 seconds, i would do my eyebrows. Then definetely liquid liner. Then mascara. hahahahhaha

I havent had much time to do much shopping what not but whilst i was out to the doctor’s , i picked up 20 paper masks XD
I havent tried this brand but i thought i try it out.

Why so many? Cos i am meeting some fabulous ladies in Singapore and i cant go empty handed!

Yes!! its almost march! it totally snuck up on me! I will be in Singapore from 1st to 7th March. please send me good health wishes so that i can travel and enjoy my time there!!

Hope everyone is doing well!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s i recieved a few emails and twitter comments from some gorgeous lovelies in Singapore asking if i am able to do a meetup. At the moment, i am going on this trip to Singapore for work so i dont have much free time. However i might be able to do a late teatime thing on Thursday [must let me check schedule when i get there first to confirm]. I’m guessing around 3ish to 6ish. [Orchard area] If this works for you, email me or leave me a comment and i’ll get back to you!

p.p.s if there are any new must-sees or sales i should attend in Singapore, could you please let me know too? Super thanks to all those that helped me out that last time i was there [i think it was april 2009?]

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62 Responses to Korean Magazine Ceci Scans – Feb issue

  1. DSK Steph says:

    The green eyeshadow is so pretty on the model! I’m inspired to do a look tomorrow with green!

  2. Alida says:

    I wanna get this magazine for that special gift haha.
    The green look on the model looks gorgeous…do an FOTD 😉

  3. What a fun mag! Looking forward to your thoughts on Castledew Chiffon Base. 🙂

  4. Anastacia says:

    Nice magazine! Seems you always get a free stuff with it 🙂 So cool! Can’t wait for the Castledew review!
    Hope you feel better now!

  5. jing says:

    there’s this new attraction , IR at sentosa.Resort World and Universal Studio Singapore

  6. AnnaC says:

    oh, i hope youre well soon!
    and wow! that pink coach bag is so pretty! =3
    have fun in SG ^–^

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i dont understand how to comment on ur blog? am i blind somewhere? haha sorry if i dont comment there but i really wanted to! [tat tub is so cool!]

      • AnnaC says:

        oh lol! ^-^
        nah you’re not blind! i disabled comments now~ because of some annonymous people saying mean stuff~
        but yeah~
        maybe i’ll able comments again soon =3
        and glad you visited my blog lol ^-^

  7. sizbelle says:

    wish that you will recover in time for the trip!

    the mag is in korean… even the gift in HK is better than SG.. try that castledew, i’m curious of it!

  8. Jian says:

    Sorry to hear the meds aren’t working! D= What did the doctor say it was? I hope you do feel better soon, otherwise your trip to Singapore will be affected..Hope you can have fun!

    Thanks for the pics of the magazine! I really hate British magazines compared to their Japanese/Korean/Chinese counterparts. They’re actually so useless and full of crap in my opinion. That’s so nice that they give away castledew stufff!!

    And I agree about the Coach bag. I’m not usually a fan of coach bags either..but that one’s quite pretty.

    And if I only had 5 minutes, I would slap on concealer, foundation and pressed powder and some blush. My skin is so bad at the moment D=

  9. Tracy says:

    Get well soon & hope you will be all well when you come over to Singapore!

    The coach poppy series is pretty, especially the usage of those bright colors and prints.
    Thanks for the scans, heard that the colors for castledew products are pretty glittery.


  10. VanityMakeup says:

    Nice scans!

    If I had 30 seconds I would put some concealer on.
    Then powder, then mascara. hehe ^^,

  11. Georgina says:

    thank you for the scans yumeko! i love asian magazines 🙂 the FOTD’s look pretty as always 🙂

  12. Blair says:

    My Scheming Beauty masks! I much prefer them over My Beauty Diary 🙂

    Get well soon, Yume-chan!

  13. Olive says:

    Omg I love Asian mags, I can’t read a thing in them but the pics are alwasy so pretty!

    Any who I hope you get better kid, chicken noodle soup does the trick sometimes 🙂

  14. Diane says:

    Have fun in Singapore!! 🙂 Hmm, maybe check out the new shopping malls like Ion Orchard and 313@Somerset? There’s a 4-level F21 at 313! 🙂

  15. k* says:

    i hope you get better ASAP, especially before you go on your trip!

    ceci magazine looks really good–i haven’t look into korean mags very much, but im so intrigued…
    i want me some korean magazines now~

  16. evie says:

    the ceci mag looks good!! going to see if there is a translated version of it..hehe or else i wun understand it..but the GWP looks fab!!i love the makeup time section!
    the xin ji mei ren(my scheming beauty) is quite popular too!

    oh you are coming spore so soon!! argh would love to meetup!! but tat week is a hectic week! T_T sadded…

    okie when there is any sales that must go will inform you!XD

    visit the IR!~take care and get well soon!!

  17. I know how you feel!! I’ve been sick for the last 10 days and have only managed one FOTD! Do get well soon…got to be in shape for your trip!!

    Take care!

  18. Nikki says:

    MASKS! you are definitely loving masks and loves sharing them too !Enjoy your trip to Singapore 🙂

  19. Kitty says:

    Thank you so much for scanning these! I love the green look, I need to break out my green eyeshadow then! With just 5 minutes, if my hairs a mess, I just put it into two plaits! I am lazy hehe

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i wanna see ur green look ^^ and woo two plaits! how cute!!!!

      • Kitty says:

        hehehe I might do one tomorrow! just a quick one for college though >_< and plaits are just easy and look alright so its my lazy hair-do!

  20. Soapaholic says:

    Yay I enjoyed these, thanks for sharing!!:)

  21. Lisa J. says:

    The Benefit Don’t Stray looks interesting! But it surely will be expensive. Hope you get well soon.

  22. Krib says:

    aaw still sick 🙁 ? Hope you’ll get better very soon. Thanks for the scans, that must have taken quite a long time to scan and upload all that !

  23. Ooh magazine scans! I’m not sure if green eyeshadow really attracts guys – but I guess if green is the colour of the season, why not! I personally love olive greens myself. And I’m not sure if my 30 sec routine would include just lipgloss. LOL. I’d probably have to use some concealer as well since obviously my skin isn’t flawless like that model on the page..LOL. :X

  24. adin says:

    Thanks for the scans…& hope you’ll feel better soon…

  25. Jennifer H says:

    my god i wish i’m in HK right now so I can grab the CastleDew makeup freebie! I hardly see them sold in HK at all 😀 thanks for the Boots clay mask recommendation! i actually tried it before but i don’t remember they have something like that until you mentioned it :P! so that will be on my wishlist as well…

  26. Ji says:

    Awwww I hope you feel better really soon!
    Being sick sucks!!!>///<
    That Spray thing looks interesting…is it the same concept as Fix+?

  27. sarah says:

    aaahhh! so sad that you’re not well yet 🙁

    that is definitely NOT my routine if i didn’t have time.. hahaha. i HAVE to conceal + powder + blush! or contour, depends if my face looks deathly 😛

  28. sarah says:

    oh i forgot but i was going to say the chiffon base reminds me of the jill stuart gelly eye things :3

  29. Catherine says:

    OMG. That pink Coach bag is so freaking cute!!

    And awww. I adore greens but it’s actually my SO’s least favorite color on me. He likes basically everything else better LOL. (And he hates green nail polish.) I wonder what’s wrong with him LOL.

    Hope you’re feeling better already! And that you stay in good health! *hugs*

  30. ldy says:

    the pink coach bag is so cute!!! Love the mask haul =D

  31. Oct says:

    hope you feel better soon! lots of hot tea and chicken soup. ;D

    i wish i had more time to get ready in the early mornings. too bad there isn’t a robot that could do my make-up.

    if you’re heading to singapore, you should check out vivacity and sentosa island. safe travels.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thanks sweets! how long do you take to do your makeup normally?
      a lot of ppl said sentosa but i am worried it might be warm haha

      • Oct says:

        i try to keep it to 5 minutes or less. i usually put on eye cream, primer, mineral foundation, blush and some concealer. that seems complicated already! ;D

        don’t forget to get food from the street hawkers. suuuper yummy!

        you’ll have to come visit canada one day. =)

  32. Enon says:

    Go to Ion for the yummy takopachi but Q is terrible on weekends.
    313 Somerset has Marche and their roast session is lovely!!
    Erm… check out Taka Watson’s for the huge huge collection…

  33. Anh says:

    I hope you feel better sooon. The weather where in Canada right now is pretty bad, atleast where i’m living, so i’m crossing my fingers to not get sick!

    OOo I LOVE MAGAZINES! The coach bage in the magazine is super cute. Is that customized? or is that a collection…?? If i had only a few seconds,i think my first item would be concealer, then Mascara or Eyeliner! haha

  34. nlngstar says:

    ceci magazine is so cool, it has freebies! omg! magazines in Malaysia, the freebies are super stingy!bleh
    u are going to s’pore? I’m sort of beside s’pore, haha…. by the time u reach, i’m probably rushing with my test and thesis @.@ sad!
    I’ve tried those scheming mask, but I’m still prefer My Beauty Daries Mask

  35. Rozylipop says:

    I want mags like this in Canada too 🙁 So much free stuff inside!! XD

    I’d like to put some green on my eyes, since it looks really pretty on the model… but I have blue eyes! Doesn’t look that pretty on me! Sometimes I wish I had brown eyes XD

    And I just received my order of Beauty Diaries and Skinfood sheet masks! Can’t wait to try them on! I’ve been using Kose ones for a while now, I like them but the shape is strange haha!!

    Ahhh now I want to read some mags since I’m home alone and sick too 🙁

    Anyway, get well for your trip to Singapore 🙂

  36. maryinwonder says:

    Now…those coach bags are daaaaamn pretty! ^.^

    Get well soon, okay? Don’t let it beat you!
    I’m sending healing waves~~~~~~~

    • Bittenbefore says:

      everytime i try to comment on your blog, it doesnt work, not sure why
      anyway..welcome back!!! <3

  37. Katy says:

    I love the bag in the seventh scan!

    I’m going to HK in the beginning of June for 2 weeks. =D

  38. superwoolu says:

    I wish I had easy access to Ceci magazines! Thanks for the scans ^^ Hope you feel better soon!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thanks for the wellwishes! i’ll keep doing the scans as i intend to buy them monthly <3
      i'll do other magazine scans too! what else do u read?

  39. Fiona says:

    The freebie with the magazine looks great! If it was available in my country I’d buy one in all the different colours ahhahahaha

    Have fun in Singapore! Sadly I’ll be super busy but I’m sure you’ll have a great time with the other Singaporean lovelies! (:

  40. bleusnow says:

    The benefit’s Dont Stray looks interesting. Will be on a look out for it.
    Btw, hope you recover fast fast, cause I know it really sucks when you are under the weather 🙁

  41. I know what you mean! I just went to the Dr. yesterday but all I got when I was out was antibiotics and narcotic cough syrup!

    Great scans…get well soon!

  42. Nat says:

    Wahhh you get so many freebies with those LOVELY magazines! Wish they had em over here -.-
    Best of wishes on your trip!

  43. jac says:

    HI Gal…visit dempsey road 🙂 ….My friend just open a new cafe in city ,japanese cake concept place…..u want to try? anyway..email me…

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i have no idea where dempsey road is XD haha so are u free on thursday afternoon? i am meeting sizbelle, hope u can come along!!

      • jac says:

        this coming thursday afternoon? I’m free from 2 to 5 pm :). ( have 2 doctor apptments at 1pm & 530 pm respectively) .. u still have my number?

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