Chantal Thomass X Nivea

The only good thing about moving home is that sometimes you end up finding something you forgot you bought XD I tend to do that a lot with things i buy on holiday. For some reason, i think of them as partly souvenirs and cant bear to use them.

Anyway this is what i found
Chantal Thomass collaboration with Nivea
I bought this in Paris last year ^^

Chantal Thomass is a french lingere brand so the colors and designs are all bold and very sexy ^^

The one i got is called Bedtime Plum.
I really like this as most of my darker colored lippies are very drying.
This is very moisturising [as one expects from Nivea i guess] The color isnt overpowering and is slightly sheer.
Layer on for a darker look.

Here’s the swatch

Sadly i have never seen this collection again since i left Paris so i have no idea if its limited edition, Paris only edition or anything like that. My knowledge of french is NIL as well so i wasnt able to really find out online.
Anyway here’s a photo [i ganked from google image search] of the collection

Speaking of nivea, i had to purchase some new lipbalm as i am going on a few trips soon. Lipbalm is such an essential when one is flying!
Heard a lotta blogger ladies say good things about labello and the local drugstore was having Buy 2 , get 2nd one 50% thing going on so i bought 2 XD [one for me and one for the husband]

I’m undergoing a new makeup routine where i am trying to wear lower lashes more often as well [but skipping the heavy lower eyeliner] so stocking up on lower lashes
Bought these 2 at a mall called Festival Walk in Hong Kong

Speaking of stashes, i recently went through my makeup brush stash for some new travelling brushes..
Decided to start using these.

These are from Essence of Beauty which is a brand i think u can find easily in USA in drugstores like CVS.

Oddly enough, i actually bought these in Hong Kong last year. I bought them when i was here on a business trip.Bought them in Sino Centre in Mongkok. No idea if they are still there.

It zips up really conveniently!
Will let you guys know how i go with these. ^^
Question: anyone here use Sigma brushes? Crown brushes? i am considering to do an order and would like to hear what your reccomendations are. [gimmie code numbers and wat not cos i am very confused on what to buy] <– i would really like more eyeshadow brushes. Flat wide ones ^^

And got some new containers….
I have got a project for these in mind but i’ll have to wait till i get back from my trips to get into it.

Since i was shopping within my stash, i opened a new bottle of bbcream [its always a joyous event around here XD]
Used it today, not bad not bad. Will do a review once i used it for a week or so.

I’ve also been going to all the Mannings [drugstore] stores around me hunting for these…
These ones are limited edition and were for valentine’s day i guess. [like last year, around this time, they had the chocolate only masks]. I’ve only found one box so far!!! i hope i find more cos i know a lot of you are interested in trying these.

And lastly…nothing to do with my post but then again, my posts are really all about nothing arent they?
Me and Justine were talking about collections recently and i told her i would show her a photo of the Kate palettes i have
There’s a few missing as i gave quite a few to my sister recently.
Is there a brand/line you collect? Show me!

In more personal news, i am feeling a lot better thankfully
It must be all the wellwishes and vibes you guys sent! Thank you so very very much!!
I cant say i am 100% but i can definetely feel that i am on the mend [which is something i couldnt really say a few days ago]

Going to try to post once this week [determined to do the 3 posts this week XD] so in the meantime
take care of yourself!
XOXO Yumeko

Dedicated to those waiting for the leadja

lets hope the outcome of the conference is good.

late update: T-T uber thanks to everyone who sent me emails and tweet messages. yes i have heard the sad news about jaebum. T-T

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63 Responses to Chantal Thomass X Nivea

  1. Sheila says:

    Have fun on your travels! I look forward to seeing your pictures =)

    You travel so much that you must have packing tips! I’m so bad with packing for any type of trip that I always forget to bring something or bring stuff that I don’t use… please share when you get a chance to =)

    P.S. I also need a BB Cream recommendation, let me know if you like that one or if you have one that you really want to recommend =D Thanksssss~

  2. Yasumi says:

    Yes I need some lashes too!! My addiction is all down to you you know? LOL
    I tried that BB cream, I actually bought it in Okinawa but you know, it broke me out. I love the texture and the finish just not the volcanos that came with it.

  3. Nikki says:

    I haven’t use lower lashes yet..i hve to give it a try if I have the time 🙂

    Girl, its fun to shop in your own stashes righ? I love doing that too 😀

  4. Ji says:

    I really want Jay to come back…I miss him!>///<?2PM
    Ahh the Chantal Thomas x Nivea collection was launched here in Germany as well!
    Didn't grab anything though, I really don't buy make up often!;)

  5. Kitty says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!!

    You could say I like to collect Rimmel Nail Varnishes, I have a few! I don’t really have the money for make up at the moment though T_T

    I need some brushes, I don’t really have any! Those Essence of Beauty brushes look like a good set, I wonder if I can get them in the UK?

    Have fun on your travels!! Lipbalm never leaves me no matter where I go, I always have one in my pocket!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thanks sweets!
      ooh rimmel! u must paint ur nails often?
      what lipbalm do u reccomend???

      • Kitty says:

        yeah, I try to only change the colour once a week, but sometimes I get bored and experiment with colours and patterns!

        And funnily enough, my favourite is Nivea!! The Essential Care lipbalm! I also love Soft Lips and Burt Bees as well (Balms are my second addiction to nail polish!)

  6. Krib says:

    The nivea x chantal thomass is still available in France, I’ve seen it in local shops here. I’d like to try the lipstick ! I’m always in search of a moisturizing lipstick since my lips are very dry 🙁

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think they are nicely moisturizing! i hope u try them! i hope they sell them outside france! i wish i got lighter colors so i can wear it more often!

  7. ? Cookiie says:

    The Chantal Thomas X Nivea lipstick is soo pretty! I use Labello Classic lipbalm too, for some reasons I keep going back to it. 😛 I haven’t tried the Sigma brushes yet but I soo want their Premium and Complete sets lol.

  8. heartbreaker says:

    take care on your trip to singapore! 🙂 put on lots of sunscreen ok,its really hot in malaysia(same applies to singapore) so yeah! <3

  9. nlngstar says:

    wow… your collection is huge. Do u think the reflect mirror from Kate is worth for money? they offer less shades @>@ and they cost more expensive than the deep trap. Deep trap GN is really nice. I like the color, but I don;t have it. haha

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think reflect mirror is my favourite range from KATE ^^ the colors make my eyes look very big. and everything i wear them, people have complimented them more than the expensive brands like lunasol and jill stuart.

  10. Blair says:

    Black Cherry Chocolate Mask? OMG, I wanna get my hands on this flavour! I love love love love cherries!!!!

  11. Maggie says:

    Have fun in your travels! OMG so many Kate palettes! O_O *wants*
    I’d say I like to collect lip balm/lip butter/lip MOISTURIZER-type things.
    AND Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows. LOVE THEM! I can’t get enough, haha. XD

    Glad your feeling better! Take care. xxx

  12. VanityMakeup says:

    *drools at the KATE palettes* Lovely collection you got dear <3

  13. Pearl says:

    Makes me feel like going to hong kong again!! Love the KATE palettes collection!

  14. superwoolu says:

    i love your kate collection! I would like to eventually grow my collection to that size…. even if I will end up not using them! (i’m clearly a hoarder!) and labello is really popular in north america! even guys I know will not be ashamed to use it!

  15. BeautyBitch says:

    I’m drooling at your Kate e/s palette collecton! I got one of the Deep Trap Eyes palette on my trip to Japan last month and love it so next time I visit I’ll definitely stock up on more.
    I love Sigma brushes. I collect MAC brushes, and Sigma really do match MAC brushes in quality and some of them I even prefer. Their versions of the eyeshadow brushes 239 and 219 are even better. I’m going to get the new Advanced brush kit which was just released this week and am really looking forward to trying it out.
    Missha just released a new BB cream this year, if you want to add another one to your stash!

  16. Anastacia says:

    That is so hot color of the Nivea lipstick! Gonna be so unique!
    Essence of Beauty brushes looks so nice!

  17. Lisa J. says:

    Nivea = sexy? That’s something I never thought to associate with but the packaging is certainly nice. Can’t wait to read more reviews from you. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Which Kate palette is the best in your opinion?

  18. Rozylipop says:

    Ohhh There’s really a buzz around Sigma brushes lately! I would have like to tell you if they’re good, but I will only receive mine in a couple of weeks! ( I won and online contest which the prize is sigma brushes yeah!)

    And i checked if The Nivea & Chantal Thomas line was available somewhere else then Europe and it doesn’t look like ughhh Even online it’s barely impossible to find it, even for French readers!! Maybe on Ebay or Amazon you can find something?

    And i want to buy lower lashes too! It makes an eye looks so good! 😀 I’m glad you’ve recovered a bit too! ^^

  19. miemiemie says:

    good to hear you’re feeling better 🙂 you must have a lot of stuff in your beauty stash! unused! hahaha

  20. Mika says:

    That Nivea lipstick is a very pretty and seductive color. I’m glad you are feeling better! Everyone has been under the weather these days.
    Also I like your KATE collection! For some reason I don’t really buy KATE.. I don’t know why! I should pick up some KATE palettes next time I’m in Japan. I just came back a week ago from Tokyo but didn’t find any KATE that I like.
    I also use Labello, I recommend the rose one with the pearl pink plastic casing.
    For collection.. I like to collect lipbalms! Right now my favorite one is Burt’s Bees Replenishing Pomegranate.

  21. tomomi says:

    love to see your updates!

    glad you’re feeling better

    and your KATE collection! i always wanted to try their palettes but i’m not much of an eye shadow person…but lovely!

  22. Trina says:

    I had no idea Nivea had lipsticks! Apparently, I don’t think they are available in the US.

  23. Vivi says:

    The Chantal Thomass x Nivea collection looks beautiful!

    I wonder what kind of things I’ll find when I move- hopefully my watch?? Haha.
    Impressive Kate palettes by the way! I look forward to hearing more about your future project. ^^

  24. lovekitzy says:

    ur posts arent about nothing! i love reading em! i look forward to updates 🙂 anyway, im glad u found all that stuff! it’s like a free shopping trip hehe

  25. Olive says:

    Whoa Nivea has a make up line?? I’m use to just seeing their lotions at the drug store lol…Anyway I’m happy to know your feeling better! Take care 🙂

  26. Catherine says:

    Aww, glad you’re feeling better. =) Hope you are 100% soon!

    The Nivea lippie looks amazing!! So pretty! It reminds me of a sexier version of the Laura Mercier Black Orchid stickgloss I have. And duuuuude why did you have to show us the LE MBD masks?! I so want a box now LOL. Gorgeous Kate palette collection too! I don’t really “collect” any makeup items yet… but I kind of want to replace all my blushes with Shu Glow Ons (except for my P&J Disney one).

  27. nicole says:

    wow. haven’t seen the nivea products, the lipstick is way cool because i thought they only made liipbalms. And the chocolate diary masks, haven’t seen that around here either! so cool. Ah and speaking of CVS, makes me want to drive over to Seattle to do some state shopping myself. Have a great (and safe) trip to SG! 🙂

  28. rene says:

    u have so many makeups!!! I cant live without lip balms too! My favorites are Rosebud Lip Salve (the Strawberry one)& I’m currently using Burt Bee. I put Vaseline before I sleep too. I used to buy both of these brands from eBay as Singapore doesn’t sell it. Then came Sephora! :))

    have you mentioned before what job are you holding? So envious! U get to fly around so often!

  29. cynthia says:

    ooo those my beauty diary masks are the best!!!! though ofcourse are cheaper in taiwan than hk, but nonetheless, worth every cent.

  30. hana says:

    Your kate collection is impressive lolz I like kate palette a lot too,they turn out really nice 🙂
    Do tell us about the bb cream 🙂 esp if its on the darker side as my skin needs darker shade :p

    • Bittenbefore says:

      oh i dont think this bbcream is dark at all. it seems way lighter than most of the ones i own even T-T

  31. Glad to hear you’re getting better!! Sometimes it good to move so that you can re-discover your own stuff!

  32. Tam says:

    Hey Yumiko
    Long time no see, I’ve been sick too, boo hoo
    Anyway I haven’t tried Sigma brushes but it’s your lucky day coz I own tons of Crown brushes xD
    I quite like them… I don’t reccomend the blush brushes because my ones shed like crazy! I love my XL fan brush for powder, it gives a lovely sheer layer, otherwise I would not use up my shu uemura powder, it cakes so damn easily >.<
    Anyways XD I love the shader and pencil brushes, they rock, but not the blending brush, it's nothing special haha
    Sorry hun, I don't have the codes, they rubbed off :/ I've had for 2yrs or so now… But I hope this help =D

    • Tam says:

      I mean ‘had them’ and ‘helps’ xD well, it’s late, my brain ain’t working anymore xD

      Do you remember the anderson whipped soaps you got from Etsy waaaaay back? I like their coconut lipbalms for night time, my lips have never chapped again since I started using them… Plus I’m a sucker for handmade natural things, as long as they work haha
      well I guess this makes up for a million years of no comments ;p

    • Bittenbefore says:

      welcome back!!! wheee for the crown brush tips!! so they are good quality? i’ll have to get some afterall!!

  33. adin says:

    I wish I could do around my collection…but I don’t have that much…so nothing to…& I didn’t know there’s a black cherry chocolate MBD Mask…I really like reading your post a lot of things to discover..and wow!at all those Kate Palettes…

  34. miwitch says:

    I bumped into your site (was searching for some cosmetics reviews) and found many interesting things in your site! ^_^
    I was looking through your EOTD posts, so i was thinking maybe I could suggest something to u to enhance ur eye MU. 🙂
    Probably you can get a light brown eyebrow mascara to lighten the colour of your eyebrows, it surely will blend in with your hair colour and make your eye MU prettier! ^.^
    Like you, I am into gothic/sweet lolita and also into gyaru, like jrock (jpop minimum) and now jumps to kpop.. Such a coincidence that most of the things you mentioned, I understand. =D
    However my MU knowledge aren’t as great as u. ^_^
    Alrighty… Long comment here! Shall come in here every now and then to read ur blog~
    Ja ne!

  35. kickangel says:

    Ooh, Chantal Thomass. The brand was popular in Singapore when I was young and my sister used to own a nice red bag from CT which I would always use. They’ve pulled out from Singapore ever since. In fact, a lot of brands which were popular among the “ah lians” like MCM and Roccobarocco have pulled out from Singapore so it’s a bit nostalgic when I see these brands. (No, I wasn’t an ah lian but my sister was on her way to be one lol so I just bought whatever she did. xD)

    That color actually reminds me of Chanel Rouge Allure in Hysteria from their Fall Winter 09/10 collection. But Hysteria is a much deeper shade.

    And Leadja is not coming back. 🙁 Actually I am more worried about Hankyung not coming back than Leadja not coming back. *dodges rotten eggs from 2PM fans*

    • Bittenbefore says:

      what does “ah lian” mean? its sad to hear a lot of brands have pulled out. i hear makeup is a bit like that. for example urban decay was around, then disappeared and is now back in singapore?

      i am very upset abt jay’s news and i would also be very upset about hankyung if he did come back too!

      • kickangel says:

        I don’t really know how to explain so I shall just give you the wikipedia link: xD When you come to Singapore and see Chinese girls with rebonded orange hair, thick lashes/falsies and skanky clothes, they’re probably ah lian’s.

        I think the saddest thing ever is that YSL pulled out of Singapore. heartbreak.

        Kpop fans should never brave fandoms alone. There are way too many bad news and heartbreaks. Sigh.

        • Bittenbefore says:

          your explanation kinda reminds me of me..when i was younger haha i dont have rebonded hair now nor skanky clothes but i think i did when i was young hahaha

          yes kpop is so turmoil ridden compared to jpop. my beloved smap is still going strong after so many years [i supported them since i was a child before they even debuted XD]

  36. May says:

    I tend to find thing when I move or reorganize my stuff. I’m looking forward to your M Watery bb cream. I feel like water bb cream is suitable for my skin during summer time/humid weather. I’m drooling over your limited edition MBD masks:) Thanks for sharing you Kate palettes collection:)

    I’m glad you are feeling better dear<3

    • Bittenbefore says:

      sweetie we are thinking the same thing@ thats why i am currently only buying water bbcream!! hanskin water bbcream is really good. have u tried that???

      • May says:

        I have never tried hanskin water bbcream. Thanks for the recommendation hun:) I need to seach it through ebay. Is that your favorite? I’d like to you ‘cuz you are the queen of bb cream:)

        The only water bb cream is the legere one. My friend gave me a dr. jart+ silver label bb cream xmas. Have you tried it? It’s sorta feels like water base too. I need to use it more to see if I like it or now.

  37. May says:

    P.s love you Chantal Thomass lippie:)

  38. choh says:

    did you read the latest news abt Jaebum?

  39. Sofie says:

    You really are the bbcream queen xD Whenever I see a bbcream tube I think of you haha ?
    I miss talking to you!
    And about Jay, it’s so sad. There is really no 2PM without the leadja. I miss him so much <3

  40. Nat says:

    It’s great that you can ‘shop’ your collection! I can’t bear not top open something, so I tend to just.. open everything hahaha!

  41. ilyana says:

    I had no idea Nivea made cosmetics as well wow! I guess it’s only available in Paris? The lippie you got is a very pretty berry though ;D Reading about what you bought from different places in Hong Kong makes me want to go back for a holiday again! It’s great that you’re settling in and you’re feeling better health-wise! Have fun in Singapore, I miss home :/

  42. rei-chan says:

    let us know how the labello works. my lippy is in it’s final stages ^^
    bedtime plum looks GORGEOUS. I love the makeup on your blog~ it really makes me wish I was make-up savvy ?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i have used labello for about a week now and i really like it
      i like the fact it has no smell more than anything else XD

      makeup savvy heehee i dont think i am but i do like wearing it!

  43. fiona says:

    i love the nivea makeup! such pretty boudoir packaging…

    i have the missha watery as well! i like it but the powdery scent is a bit overwhelming, haha. do you mind doing an experiment? try splashing your face with water when you’re wearing the missha watery bb cream… once i tried that (i had jam on my cheek or something) and somehow the bb cream emulsified off my face. i don’t know if it’s true for everyone though, but it makes me more careful when it rains, haha!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      emulsified..what does this mean? it melted off? how else do u wash off makeup? confused XD

      • fiona says:

        haha yes it melted off really fast… but i only splashed my face with a bit of water and wasn’t intending to remove my makeup, and didn’t expect it to come off so easily cos my other bb creams are like, waterproof! 😡

  44. Oct says:

    have a good trip, Yumeko!

    i’m too lazy to do eye makeup but the lashes look super fun.

    i see you’re a fellow kpop fan. it’s too bad about jaebum. i heard he will be featured on a friend’s solo album (cha cha) and may appear on america’s best dance crew. ABDC is a super fun show to watch.

  45. sarah says:

    glad you’re feeling better! and WOW that’s a lot of kate palettes xD sugoiiiiii.

  46. kalai says:

    wow so many kate palettes^^ i only have one.. next time im in hk.. ha~ mega haul!
    black cherry choc?? ooo i wonder what its like^^

    aww i know how you feel T__T i miss 2PM so much.. it’s just never going to be the same now.

    hope you’re all good anyways.. i’m catching up on reading everyones blogs. then afterwards hopefully i will post something up soon!^^

    take care!xx

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