Singapore: Kko Kko Nara + DutyFree SKII

I am back in HongKong!
My 7 days in Singapore went very quickly! Hope i get to go back soon [and less hectic schedule please!!]

Longtime readers will know i am a huge fan of korean fried chicken XD
My sister spotted this article in the local newspaper in Singapore with a review on a korean fried chicken store so we decided to go check it out!
My sister drove whilst the husband read the map. I was only in charge of reading the road signs hahahah

We got there pretty late XD

There is outdoor seating and indoor as well [we sat indoors cos i NEED the Aircon hahaha]
There were a lot of koreans in this place [loadsa korean conversation in the air] which is usually a sign that the food would have been good to me XD

The fried chicken platter [we got a mixed platter]
A little disappointing as the spicy wasnt that spicy at all XD it was mostly gochujang instead of some secret combination of spices/sauce.  The garlic soy chicken was good though

Also got a Budae Chigae
I really enjoyed this. It wasnt too sour, wasnt too plain. Just right.

I really liked the sides [kimchi was really good]

You can have the option of having a plain bowl of rice or a bento box of rice [which includes a sunnyside up egg and fried hotdog]
If you would like to try this, here are the details [i believe they deliver too!!!]
Kko Kko Nara
#01-01, 57 Tras Street

Since we are on the topic of korean fried chicken, i found out there is Bonchon in Singapore too XD
Its in the newly opened mall Ion. I tried a piece of the spicy wings. Thought it was very well fried [nice crispy!] but the sauce was too much of a buffalo wing sauce rather than the korean spicy sauce i am used to.

I have tried Twotwos and Hotsun in korea [fried chicken chain stores] My fave is still twotwos so far.
Cant wait to try kyochon. XD

In other news, i took some pics in the dutyfree area of Singapore.
Sorry most of these pics are of SKII products [i use SKII skincare]
The GWP if you spend over $450sgd [must include a SK? Cellumination product]

SK? Cellumination range is new from SKII, i tried it at the counter and will probably buy some soon too once i finish.

I am using this at the moment [below] but once i finish , will switch over the cellnique range.

Eye cream duo pack

I did my nails prior to visiting Singapore and i got a lot of lovely compliments/mostly questions on it.
I used konad of course but i had a few ladies ask me what that was. So Miss J, A, M, L and S..i will do a tutorial for you guys soon!

Ok i gotta get going, there is always so much to do when i get back from a trip.
Also i have another trip coming up in 10 days time!! [going to Taiwan!] so got to get everything done prior.
Hope everyone is doing well
XOXO Yumeko

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58 Responses to Singapore: Kko Kko Nara + DutyFree SKII

  1. miRa says:

    i love bonchon!! 😀 just had it on friday! hahas.
    wish i can travel like you do!! seems like so much fun! 🙂
    love you nails! i wish konad is easier to master!! i always chop at the wrong angle :p
    looking forward for your tutorial! hehe. ^^

  2. sarah says:

    cuuuuuuute nails! ^___^
    fried chicken adventure! hahaha. sounds like fun.
    i had the chance to try ddakgalbi.. spicy.. but really good! maybe you should seek some out 😀

  3. vanilla says:

    i know how japanese and korean food’s definiton of SPICY always fail me!
    they are not spicy at all!
    tho the platter looks yummy!
    i wanna check it out!whats the name of the place?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      did u try bonchon at ION yet? i found the spicy version there quite decent. ^^

      • vanilla says:

        sure will do dear!

        thanks for u recommendation!:)

        • soyeon says:

          @vanilla haha i think you have been going to the wrong places if you don’t think korean food is spicy…

          there are many chicken places in korea and the states that make you wear plastic gloves while eating because the spicy sauce can irritate your eyes/skin! dangerous yet delicious 🙂

          @ bittenbefore you were right…budaejjigae literally translates to “army soup/stew”. it’s basically a stew that you make with whatever you have on hand since korean soldiers often improvise 😛 that’s why cheap ingredients like spam and ramyun are used

        • Bittenbefore says:

          XD i thought maybe my tolerance was low but i thought most food in korea was crazy spicy! esp if u eat food the locals eat. thanks for confirming! much appreciated!!!

  4. vanilla says:

    oopsie kko kko nara!lol

  5. Linda says:

    omg i’m hungry right now and that chicken platter looks so good! lol

  6. nlngstar says:

    aww, I wanna eat the Korean food!

    yes, finally I found someone giving me opinion on SKII

    my mom is 49yr, which prodcut(s) would u recommend me to buy for her?
    p.s my mom use Shiseido for over 20years…. do u think she will like it?


    • Bittenbefore says:

      the range is quite big at skII so i cant give any suggestions.
      also i am a lot younger than your mom =P hahahahahaha
      she should visit the counter and ask them what they think. everyone’s need is different heehee

  7. Jenn says:

    Yum! I want korean fried chicken too now. A kyochon is opening soon. I will have to try and see how it compares to bonchon. Gah, 8 can’t believe you have another trip coming up so soon!

  8. May says:

    I love fried chicken too. SKII Cellnique range series sound interesting. It hasn’t come out in the U.S yet. I’m currently using their Signs Eye Cream (always on a hunt on a good eye cream). What is your favorite SKII products? Have a great week love:D

  9. Georgina says:

    I’ve never tried korean chicken before, but its on my bucket list now! are there any in hongkong? 🙂

    i love your nails too! so pretty! you’re very artistic Yumeko. 🙂

    The trip to Taiwan sounds great! Take care and be healthy xx ^_^

  10. Babybubblz says:

    OMG the Chicken looks delicious. I wonder what’s special to Korean fried chicken? I’m seeing Konad everywhere, I have to try it soon! =)

  11. wuzzyangel says:

    That did seem like a quick trip! 🙂 Oohh Korean fried chkn is too spicy for me… Hell everything is too spicy for me.. I have like zero hot spice tolerance! But the pics look soo YUMMO!!! LOL Is that uncooked ramen in there?! LOL!

    Those nails are pretty sweet! I love the butterflies! 🙂

  12. rene says:

    Whuuu…. I am gonna try that store in ION!!
    Oh yeah…konad. I think S’pore does not carry it yet. Though I read about it from frmheadtotoe.blogspot. Maybe I’m wrong! Cause I’m not a nail art girl. YET!!

    Come back soon!! =(

  13. molé says:

    the budae chigae looks interesting XD i’ve never had budae chigae with ramyun or beans in it.. ramyun sounds like a great idea but beans..? not so sure about that lol
    if you like crispy chicken you should definitely try BBQ or (if you can find it) The Frypan when youre in korea 🙂

  14. Yasumi says:

    I miss you! Taiwan?? Will you ever sit still my dear?? I know! I know!! Not likely Yasumi!

  15. Korean Fried Chicken and SKII – can’t beat that combo!!

    Thanks for the sexy pics!

  16. Justine says:

    I have the Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Mask and the Skin Action Sebum gel and I am liking both so far! The mask is a clay mask but it smells like pineapple, and the sebum gel seems to be helping my blackheads… glad you are hope safely! Hope you are feeling better sinus-wise 🙂

  17. Anastacia says:

    Awwww! Your nails look amazing! Such beautiful design! Love this notd a lot!

  18. Tracy says:

    Hope you enjoyed Singapore!
    Do review on the SKII products you have tried so far… =D

  19. Rachel H says:

    Korean fried chicken is the best! I always amazed how it keeps crisp when dunked in all that sauce and not oily at all. Enjoy Taiwan!

  20. heartbreaker says:

    yes please for a konad tutorial or sth T.T i failed so badly with it,i just can’t seem to stamp anything up from the plate T.T and yours is so nice! i think i have the exact same plate,hehe. maybe because i bought the plate from etude house,thats why its not working,lol.and btw,ah the korean chicken looks super yuums ^^

  21. Can’t wait for your nail tutorial!

  22. Sofie says:

    I am so happy you had a nice trip! (Still cannot believe how I totally forgot…..)

    And your nails looks so fab! Miss talking to you ?

  23. Dina (XYYan) says:

    so much foods! i’m drooling over them now, will try them if i go to Sg 😀

  24. Krib says:

    God, asian food always look so yummy, it’s unbelievable :p

  25. reggi says:

    omg your nails are so cute! =) i need to get me some konad…stat!

    ps can you take me to TW with you? xD

    also, i’m not a stalker (i have you on my google reader) but i just had to comment on your nails and your blog in general… i love it! please never stop blogging! =)

    • Bittenbefore says:

      aww thanks for reading my blog!!! i dont do good reviews nor is my english very good so its always nice to hear someone likes to read my blog!!!
      where are you located? come to TW with me!

      • reggi says:

        too bad i’m all the way in california! =( hahaha i would love to go to TW with you though! i think i’m making a trip out there after i head to shanghai this oct to see the future mother-in-law and family. hopefully i can find time to make a tiny shopping trip to TW to get all my makeup needs… and see my family of course! hehehe! =D

        • Bittenbefore says:

          waaaa future mother in law and family! are u nervous? i remember first time i went to see my mother in law, i was freaking out on the train ride haha even dyed my hair black the night prior!!
          stop by hong kong to see me heeheee

  26. Natasja says:

    This is great post! I am loving your blog! xoxo

  27. The food looks totally yummers! 😉 I heart Kyochon.

  28. mayaari says:

    what pretty butterflies on your nails 🙂 that chicken looks so tasty right now, i wish i could have some delivered for dinner!

  29. Hannah says:

    mmmm korean food! kyochon!!

  30. Monica says:

    all that food looks so good!
    I’ve been using the SK-II essence & am almost finished, really good products, pricey but good:)

  31. superwoolu says:

    drools…. all that food makes me want to boil some shin ramen right now!! and I love the nails, it’s so sophisticated and pretty!!

  32. blue says:

    Do you think the SK-II skincare range really works? Can you share which ones? I’m heading to Malaysia next month and am considering trying a few things…but they are so pricey so I need to pick carefully…

    • Bittenbefore says:

      the problem with me, i started by using the entire range so i cant tell which is the one working. but its definetely working for me. even when i was sick for 2 months, everyone still said my skin looked radiant. i did try using just the essence once when on holiday and it didnt seem to work for me. i’ll do a post for u.

      p.s i say skip the eyecream to save costs since u dont seem like u need it. [unlike me with the lines under my eyes!!]

      • blue says:

        Thanks for replying so quick! I’ll look forward to your review 🙂 Lol I do have lines under my eyes too, I just try to hide it in my posts with the watermark ;P

  33. Charlotte says:

    Yummers! I’ve been getting into Korean cuisine a whole lot lately, so this was a very enlightening post. I don’t see many Korean restaurants around (even in London they seem strangely rare) but I adore this buffet/shared dish style of serving food.

    Your nails looked sooooo amazing! I was convinced they were professionally finished, you did an amazing job. I’m seriously excited about the tutorial (^______^*)

  34. acutelife says:

    love your nails! and I am also a big fan of korean fried chicken. we have some nice places here in melbourne you should ask the person you’re meeting up with to take you there 😀

    • Bittenbefore says:

      haha i actually lived in melb for many years and my husband is from melb so i dont think we need ppl to take us to places XD

  35. fiona says:

    oooh the korean chicken looks good. have you tried the gyukaku kimchi in japan before? i love it to pieces!!! does the kimchi at kko kko nara taste as good? i’m trying to find a substitute for it 😛

    ah! you’re going to taiwan! it’s beauty heaven i think… you can find loads of japanese stuff at way cheaper prices, i think it’s a really affordable asian city compared to hong kong, tokyo and even singapore. i need to go back there!! looking forward to pictures of your trip!! (:

  36. Oct says:

    i’ve only tried kyochon for korean friend chicken. the main reason i went was that there was a shinhwa kyochon in apujeong! i have yet to try the other places.

    preeety nails. i wish i was a 1/4 talented as you.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      its now a SuperJunior Kyochon in apujeong! are u a shinhwa fan?
      seriously, the konad plate makes it foolproof heehee

      • Oct says:

        really?! i didn’t know.

        yeap, shinhwa was and still is my first love when i was introduced to k-pop/dramas. eric mun jung hyuk is my favorite! ;D

        i’m all thumbs! i’d still fail even if i had the konad.

  37. evie says:

    the food looks good!! ok now i have to find where is this tras street..hehe there is another v nice korean food in bukit timah! like very much!..alot of koreans patronise that shop so i think it should be authentic cooking plus the boss is a korean~ haha

    the SK II looks good!! will you be doing a review on them? ^^

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