Taipei: Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

HELLOOOOOOO! i am back from my 5 days in Taipei!
i just got back less than a few hours ago but here i am blogging already.
I’m dedicated ..arent i? I totally miss you guys!!

I had a really good time in Taipei with my sister! So much to buy and so much to eat!
Dont worry, i’ll be showing all photos/telling all stories in due time.

In the meantime…i’ll share the photos from the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe i visited in Taipei on Saturday!

The decor is pink pink pink XD! i love it so! The store opens at 11.30am and that is when my sister and i turned up.

There was already people in there!!!

So much pink..

Even the chandeliers had cutie stuffed toys hanging off it….

The waiting bench…soooo cute………..

Cakes galore!!

Everything is sooo pretty!

oops the photo is a little bad!

Wouldnt u like this birthday cake?

So reasonably priced..about USD$3 per piece

And USD$21 for the cake

There is an upper floor as well [i sat on first floor]

Even the toilet is pink

Toilet photos XD

The posh chair in the bathroom

Ok time to be seated…i wanted to steal this placemat

The soup starter….

Chocolate drink my sister had

My main [i had a set lunch meal thingy..this is seafood gratin]

My strawberry good..soo many chunks of strawberry in it

The ice Hello Kitty shape of course!!!

The dessert from the set lunch..i should have opted to pay more for cake but i was too full by then

I had such a good time with my sister..i totally reccomend this place

Even the bill came in a super cute folder. The price wasnt too bad. It was about $1000Taiwan dollars [USD$30] ie about USD$15 per head..for A 3 COURSE MEAL which is FARRR cheaper than going to a theme cafe in Japan Tokyo. You would have to pay way more than $30usd per HEAD in Tokyo.

The cashier

And you can pick up a limited edition tumbler as well.
They are exclusive to this store. I bought one but its in my luggage. Will take a pic for u guys when i unpacked.

If you wish to are the store details
Reservations are strongly reccomended!

So much more about my taiwan trip to share with you guys but it will have to wait till i unpack so i can show u guys my loot. To be honest, i didnt buy that much but i think i bought enough XD

Ok..i am going to go SLEEP!! 6 days till i fly to Australia <–yes didnt i mention? i am doing ANOTHER trip in 6 days.
Yup that’s 3 trips this month [Singapore, Taipei and Australia]
Tell you guys more about it in my next post, Till then
XOXO Yumeko

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70 Responses to Taipei: Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

  1. Nikki says:

    who would dare eat the lovely food!!!! So pretty! I’d probably just stare at it the whole day and take loads of photos 🙂 better take a rest busy jetsetter 😛

  2. heartbreaker says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah yay for the hello kitty cafe,i’m actually pretty hungry now and gosh the pictures T.T glad you had fun with your sister! get some rest,and dedicated you are,i love your updates! till then,xoxo

  3. evie says:

    ooh everytime in there is soo cute!! i oso wanna goo!!

    argh now i feel like hopping into a plane to go taiwan~..the tumbler is so cute!and all the food looks super yummy!

  4. Sheila says:

    OMG the tumblers are so cute!! I’m so jealous you got to go to HK cafe, I LOVE Hello Kitty <3

  5. Tammy says:

    How freakin cute!! I’m not sure I would want to eat anything as to not ruin it…lol

  6. May says:

    Welcome back sweets! Miss you tons! Everything looks so cute and yummy in the HK cafe. You’re right, $30 per person is not bad. Regular dinner can cost more than $30 here. I can’t wait to see your limited edition tumbler:) Thanks for sharing with us. As always, look forward to your coming posts<3

  7. Yasumi says:

    Right here goes the big bad meanie in me! I want to order one of those cut HK cakes so I can squish it!! I have issues!!

  8. Justine says:

    I love love how the restaurant is decorated! More for the pink, though I do like Hello Kitty or course!

    Can’t wait to see what you bought!! I finally got your package and am trying to think of a post to do on it… so much love for you and your amazing packing skills!!

  9. Edna says:

    Wow, that place looks amazing. You must have gotten there at a good time when it wasn’t super crowded, huh? 🙂

  10. Diane says:

    Welcome back! Wow Hello Kitty overload! I love all the pictures, that place looks like a lot of fun. All the sweets look so yummy, nom nom nom.

  11. sparklesyuki? says:

    u mean 11.30am right…lol…PM is abit too late! XD
    its sooo cuteeeee, i doubt i can even cut a slice of it and eat it…(^^;;)
    even though, im not a fan of Hello Kitty? haha!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      oh wow u are observant! thank you for letting me know! u are truly reading my blog! i am so thankful!! thank you thank you!! i corrected it now! thanks for letting me know <3 <3

  12. Diane says:

    Omg how cute!!!!!!! I’m not a huge HK fan but this is just too cute!!!!

  13. Calia Yang says:

    OMW!!! THIS PLACE IS JUST WAYYYYY CUTE!!!!!! TFS!! why isn’t the U.S. this cool with TONS of HK stuff like this?!

  14. nlngstar says:

    that is too cute. oh, the cakes omg!!! scream~~~~~~~

  15. miRa says:

    so CUTE!!! 😀
    glad you have a great time at taipei!!
    i’m so wanna go taipei now!! >.<

  16. Krib says:

    Hello Kitty-shaped cakes, amazing 😀 I’m happy to hear that you’ve had a good vacation in Taipei !

  17. Babybubblz says:

    i agree that a place like this anywhere else in the world would charge soo much more! thanks for sharing such cute photos! the decoration on the top of your drink is THE cutest

  18. Kitty says:

    Oh wow so lucky!! It looks amazing there I really want some of those cakes and the tumbler!! Lucky girl!! Good to have you back

  19. Dina (XYYan) says:

    the restaurant is so cute! I think i can stay there all day long 😀
    I’ve been to Taiwan twice, but I have never been there.
    And I’m going there again on next month, but I doubt I can visit this restaurant cause I’m going with my parents… hehe

  20. Catherine says:

    OMG SO CUTE!! Awww, I miss Taipei so much now LOL. I didn’t even know they had such things last time I went!

    Glad you had a great trip! I can’t wait to see the rest of your photos!

    And omg another flight in 6 days!! Well I hope you at least got the change to recuperate fully on your vacation and are feeling better now!! *hugs*

  21. tiffany says:

    that is so adorable. i want to go there, although i won’t eat there. to me(teenager) it’s a bit pricey. I’m so jealous. I would love to have a job that involves traveling. Hope u have a good time in australia.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      are u from uk? i thought food in the uk was sooo expensive XD
      its interesting cos loads of ppl say they would like to have a job with loadsa of travelling but at my workplace and husband’ one wants to do it
      thats why i always end up doing it hahahaha

      • tiffany says:

        yeah i am from the UK, UK food can be expensive but it depends where you go. For example London, one time when i visited london i had bowl of noodle that cost me around £10. I regret that so much i wasn’t even hungry and i barely had any.

        your right, it applys to things that you don’t have and do. Before I have it, I am so happy and excitied but when i do, i m like what is so special. (i m not very good at explaning things, but i hope you understand what im trying to say)


        • Bittenbefore says:

          yes i found food in london so expensive T-T but maybe i am not going the right places.
          i lived there briefly but i was in central london so maybe the higher cost

  22. molé says:

    omg this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen… the chair! the toilet! THE CAKE!! why didn’t anyone tell me about this when i went to taipei ;_;

  23. Fia says:

    How cute! Thanks for taking those pictures, I’ve been to Taiwan before but since my relatives weren’t around my age they didn’t know where to bring me, this was very helpful and exciting. Have fun in Australia too, I wish I can go there again too, you’re so lucky. Can’t wait to see all the pictures!

  24. adin says:

    awww…kawaii overload…..everythings so adorable..

  25. cam says:

    I didnt know Taipei had a Hello Kitty themed cafe!
    Should have done my homework when I went there in 2007 =_=
    Will def. note it down and hopefully I get to visit it the next time!
    Btw I was eating a strawberry cream bread while reading your post; the cream was pink LOL totally appropriate 😀
    Thanks for sharing your photos!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yes i been to taiwan many times but i didnt know abt this cafe either hahah
      i actually bought a guidebook this time and it featured the cafe heehee

      yah i like ur pink themeness!

  26. Jean says:

    Awww…I love Hello Kitty!=)
    Everything in the cafe looks sooo kawaii & pink,hope to go there in future.
    Thanks for sharing~

  27. eri says:

    omg. SO KAWAII!!!!

  28. PINK says:


    PUSSY GALOREEEEEEEEE….we missed you but cleary you were out and about and having so much fun!!!…ugh i cant wait for more foodie posties!!!!!….

  29. Ciara says:

    OMG!! That has to be THE coolest place ever! Everything is so pink and pretty! I love it! And the food looked wonderful! Australia?! Awesome! My friend and I would love to go there! Hope you are doing well!!

  30. mandy says:

    It is so cute! Everything is Hello Kitty! Even ice!? Mark this address down for when I go traveling :]

  31. Lemon Sorbet says:

    Hi, I am your new follower. Love this hellokitty post.
    Btw, I’m looking forward to your sewing items.

  32. Trina says:

    Wow, everything was so cute and adorable. I would love to visit the place.

    I remember being on a two way flight and my first flight landed in the Taiwan airport. In one big section, they had a Hello Kitty themed inside playground and tea tables with chairs. It was really cute. It depends on the terminal, though, and the Sweets cafe totally reminded me of it. Can’t forget it. ^_^

  33. Sara Mari says:

    Wow these photos are so lovely! It really makes me want to go visit that cafe, I think someday in the future I will be in Taiwan haha. Thanks for sharing and I hope all your recent flights go well!

  34. Oct says:

    hello kitty jello! yummers.

    i envy you…you get to travel so much! can’t wait to head to asia with my sister in the fall. =)

    • Bittenbefore says:

      ooooh i look forward to hearing a big fun travel report from you!!

      • Oct says:

        for sure – i’ll try to remember to take lots of pictures.

        quick question for ya. i’ve been to tokyo, kyoto and osaka in japan. are there any other cities you’d recommend? i still have yet to make the trek to mt. fuji.

        • Bittenbefore says:

          u mean like major cities or places to go? i like small towns like kinugawa , utsunomiya and even narita! heehee even saitama is fun to me sometimes
          bigger cities..fukouka? sapporo?

  35. lovekitzy says:

    omgosh!! i would LOVE to go there!! it’s sooooo hello kitty decked out! LOVE IT!

  36. wuzzyangel says:

    EEEK!! IT’S SOOOO CUTE!!!! ANd the food looks sooo GOOODD!!!! I wanna go there now!!! AWWWWW!!!! *kickslegsintantrum*

  37. Linda says:

    omg! I want to go there! Everything is pink and hello kitty is everywhere. Too cute. I would take pictures galore too. lol Awesome…I want a hello kitty cake now. hahaha

  38. rene says:

    I miss you too!
    *squeee* Everything is sooooo cute!!! and so pink!!!! I wanna go!!!
    Have fun in Australia!!

  39. cherysh says:

    *is a lurker*

    The Hello Kitty cafe is really adorable >w< Not only is the interior cute, but the food looks fantastic as well! I hope I get a chance to check it out some day! I'm looking forward to reading about your purchases. You seem to have a really exciting life xD

    But wow, Australia next? Have fun! I don't think there is as much to do and see here (well, in Sydney) compared to other cities like Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Its beautiful nonetheless, especially the harbour! But maybe I think that because I'm a local xD

    • Bittenbefore says:

      hello miss lurker! heehee very nice to hear from readers always! dont lurk! i always reply to everything <3

      yeah i am going melbourne next monday! my husband is from melbourne and i lived there for a few years before. i really like it though XD

  40. Cathy says:

    Ooo!! where are you going to be in australia? im from australia!

  41. Silkybow says:

    omggg that is so cute!!!! T_T
    I am very jealous lol. I’m not a big fan of Hello Kitty but I love pink.
    This is one shop that I would definately stop at when I am able to visit Taipei!!! ^&^
    Thanks for sharing

  42. VanityMakeup says:

    *heart melts* HK wonderland <3

  43. peachcharm says:

    omg i am soo jealous!! lol i love hello kitty and that place looks soo cute! and its not very expensive too! I will definitely go there if i go to taipei one day… hopefully sometime soon!

  44. kickangel says:

    I think my sister went there when she was in Taipei a couple of years back! Unless there’s another HK cafe. I remember she brought back tons of HK stuff from the trip, including a floor mat. -___-

    Btw, I just came back from Super Show 2 in Malaysia! 😀 It was awesome! I remember you like Teuk but I’m biased and focused on Heechul the whole concert. I spent the time during other members’ solos deleting pictures cos I forgot to empty my memory card before the concert. But my pictures are all blurred. Grrr.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      probably a different one, the HK cafe doesnt sell any merchandise except for the tumblers. XD

      ooh did u enjoy the show? i hope u did!!

  45. Kittygasmic!! Thanks for all the pics!!

  46. priincess says:

    WOW!!!! that’s the CUTEST little cafe EVER!! I LOVE it! i want to go there now!!!

  47. Irene says:

    Sooooooo cute!!!! Thanks for sharing this slice of sweetness with us! 🙂

  48. Betsy says:

    Thank you for sharing! What an adorable little cafe. I hope you enjoyed your trip!

  49. laurah says:

    waaa the bathroom was beautiful i wan mine to look like that or at least my bedroom 🙂
    how can you get to go to so many places D:

  50. superwoolu says:

    i miss taipei!! i miss the DESSERT even more!!!

  51. Fiona says:

    Awesome restaurant recommendation, the prices seem really reasonable and the food looks great! i am definitely checking it out in the future… have a good rest before you embark on your aussie trip! isn’t it hectic?!

  52. BV says:

    I seriously want to park my butt in that chaise for a couple of days eating kitty cake… fantastic post!!!!!!!!!!!
    I heart kitty!!

  53. snuffy says:

    what’s the full add of the kitty cafe??

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i posted a photo of the name card on this blog entry and the full address is on it.
      Sorry i dont know how to translate but i just told the taxi driver in taiwan..hello kitty cafe and got there with no problems ^^

  54. sarah says:

    WOW! the prices are great 😀 and even though i don’t like HK, the food looks delish!

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