G’day from Australia!!

How has everyone been?
I’m in Australia! Been here for over a week now and i’ll be here for one more week ^^
A few of you asked which part of Australia i am in..well..i am in Bendigo!
If you dont know where Bendigo is..well here’d the excerpt from Wikipedia
“Bendigo is a regional city in central Victoria, Australia, located in the City of Greater Bendigo municipality. It is approximately 131 kilometres (82 mi) from the state capital of Melbourne.”

For those of you in Australia..you might be familiar with the Myer chain stores. Bendigo is where the first Myer store came from!

So if you havent been to Bendigo..come take a look!
In case you were wondering..i am actually here to visit my husband’s family XD My husband is Australian.
I’m going into Melbourne tomorrow and will be there for the rest of this trip.

So what is there to do in Bendigo?
Ok not a whole lot sometimes..esp when its Easter holidays over here [a lot of stores are shut in Bendigo over this easter weekend]

but there are somethings to do/look at
Priceline is one of the drugstore chains here in Australia

Red Earth makeup [used to be from Esprit i believe]

Random brush set

Random makeup sets

Makeup palette from Australis [some australian makeup brand]

i really like things from neutrogena but havent seen this range before. Has anyone tried it?

Do let me know if you have cos i am thinking of picking up some stuff!

I find the items different from the ones i see in UK.[i bought a ton in uk last year when i was there for a month in sept so i will do some comparison posts soon!]

Let me know if you reccomend anything!

BYS is a makeup brand made in Melbourne.

I like the sound of these. Might pick some up depending on my luggage space.

LOVEEEE the packaging

Makeup sets from CK [Calvin Klein] <– i have seen some of these in Hong Kong.

Not sure if Chi Chi is local to Australia [sorry forgot to check]

The bright colors appeal to me

Might pick one up soon

Lashes and stuff

I think this is a subbrand from Manicare [has anyone tried this]

Shiny liners from Modelista..reminds me of the ones from urban decay

Drugstore brands on sale in the supermarket

Ok enough makeup! here’s some food piccies!

Had lunchies with the husband’s childhood friends.

The fish and chips here are divine!

I love these nudie smoothies..the cow is so cute

Random fruit drink i picked up in the supermarket..i like the triangular packaging.

Ok i better get going cos i have to actually cook dinner for the husband and his family tonight XD
Wish me luck hahahha

I’m going into Melbourne tomorrow so i think i will have far better internet connection at the hotel HEEHEE so i’ll try to update again soon. In the meantime..i do apologise for my late replies/comments etc cos my internet connection is a bit flaky. Anything important, just leave a comment/email me. i might reply things slowly but i do read everything on time.
Till then, take care!
XOXO Yumeko

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84 Responses to G’day from Australia!!

  1. sarah says:

    love the cow on the nudie smoothie xD

    i’ve thought about picking up the sugar scrub but haven’t yet 😐

    LOVE the packaging on BYS (?) stuff!

    glad you’re having a good time there ^__^

    oh and i LOVE your blogpost title… g’day indeed! LOL! <3

  2. Anastacia says:

    yay! seems like you have a lot of fun in your in-laws place!
    Such nice and WARM pictures! wow! there is a lot of make-up stuff 😛

  3. Julie H. says:

    Rainbath has been around here for a long time, I think it’s suppose to be not greasy feeling. I remember the scent rather refreshing. It’s been a while since I had some, so the scents might have changed. I know the regular and deep moisturizing Neutrogena lotions are pretty good.

    I finally went over to the Sephora store here today and it was closed too for Easter! Need to get a few of the Tokidoki things. Hoping to try again tomorrow.

    That food looks good. Wish we had better fish and chips here. Most is too greasy and heavy batter. Oh well.

  4. May says:

    Looks like you are having a good time:) Thanks for the Bendigo and as always I’m drooling at your food porn pic haha I love the neutrogena sugar body scrub in citrus and rainbath shower gel.

  5. Silkybow says:

    Aww looks like you are having fun atm. It is a shame that most of the stores are closed due to the long weekend but I know you will have a blast in Melbourne!
    It is very interesting to see visitors come to Australia and blog about it keke ^^.
    The food looks yummy too 🙂

  6. Justine says:

    YAY happy to see a post! Bendigo looks beautiful but it sucks that your internet connection is spotty. I love the makeup pics! They sell Red Earth here at one of the drugstores but I’ve never been tempted to pick anything up… and the CK Calvin Klein palettes kind of look like Dior quints… I actually really like their lip stuff but haven’t tried their eye products.

    The packaging on that skincare (?) is GORGEOUS. Did you pick any up?

  7. Cookie says:

    ^^ BYS is good for newbies and tweens who are starting with make-up ^^ i get my experimental liners (eg. pink etc.) from BYS so I don’t feel bad if I chuck ’em out haha

    I love nudies!! I get the ones from Maccas when I eat there ^^

    Cosmetica by Manicare—-I personally find it a bit scratchy ~_~

    I’m glad you’re having fun, good luck with dinner ^^ and hope you come to Sydney next time ^^

    • Bittenbefore says:

      it reminds me of nyx from usa a lot actually XD so not sure if i will buy any but maybe will try one or two if the colors are different heehee

      thanks for all those tips!
      i used to live in melbourne and the husband is from victoria hence when we visit australia, we tend to come just here XD
      if i ever get a chance, will go visit sydney ^^

  8. nlngstar says:

    i never tried Neutrogena, but those products are really cool because I never see them either in my drugstore.
    have fun <3

  9. Georgina says:

    just pour a lot of love and im sure dinner will be great! 😉

    thanks for sharing loads of beauty stuff photos yumeko! i havent tried those yet but the bright colors are appealing indeed! 🙂

    and the food photos, as always, are making me hungry (grabbing a snack now) LOL 😛

    Have fun and take care in Melbourne love! xoxo

  10. Yasumi says:

    Ahahahahahahaha the COW!!! oooooooh you know I love the moo moos! I would have bought one and kept the packaging.

  11. Jae says:

    Ah, Melbourne. Haha, check out Chinatown while you’re there, yumeko!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      XD is there much there? when i used to live in melbourne, i actually lived in the city [southbank] but i dont think i went to chinatown much. oh wait, i did like the target though heeheee

      • Jae says:

        XD the food’s pretty alright, actually… just quite pricey… >_<
        And really?! I was down a'beckett actually! So I was a melbourne central kid, really…
        Haha, the target's hugeeeee but I did like the stuff at big W better! It was closer to me! XD

  12. Sefie says:

    Yep, agreed about BYS = cheapo newbie stuff. Their nail polishes come in a billion colours though, so it’s not bad if you just want to see how something looks. Chi Chi is also Australian, slightly better quality than BYS. The eyeshadows are kind of powdery (definitely need a base), and stay away from their bronzer :\ Lipglosses and lipsticks are nice, though!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think i have enough things in my collection to not worry too much abt BYS haha but i will check out the nail polishes then ^^
      i havent tried chi chi but there is so much bronzer or sun tan things..not sure if its the items for me.
      will check out lipglosses and lipsticks then

      p.s nice hearing from you! i am seeing celeste on thursday night for dinner i think if u are free. ^^

      • Sefie says:

        Hee, welcome back 😀
        I’m actually flying out to Singapore on Thursday night, so I’ll totally miss you :< I have been religiously reading your past entries so I know what to shop for once I get to Japan!

  13. Krib says:

    Seems awesome, so much makeup :p

  14. VanityMakeup says:

    Hope you have fun in Melbourne! Hope to see a blog post when you’re there, haven’t been there for SO long. I miss it. 🙁

    I have a mini powder brush from cosmetica – really good for touchups cause it’s so small and picks up a good amount of product.
    🙂 x.

  15. annie says:

    I wouldn’t recommend BYS or Chi Chi.. I don’t know about the manicure sub-brand brushes but the brushes that priceline carries is quite good! (They display it like Sephora)

    I love those juices!! It’s like the cold pressured juices!! They taste so good, but they’re expensive considering you could get other juices :S but still yummo!

    Pity you’re not visiting Sydney!!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i always like tips for new brushes so i’ll be going priceline to check the brushes out
      thanks dearie!!!!
      yes sadly i am not visiting sydney. i used to live in melb for university and since the husband is from victoria, we dont generally make it out there
      next time!! <3

      • annie says:

        No problems!
        From memory the priceline brushes that I’m talking about are called artiste professional or something along those lines!! But definitely displayed like Sephora with those little plastic balls in the holders! (That’s how it is in Sydney, not sure about Melbourne though!!)

        • Bittenbefore says:

          which brushes did u buy? i think the priceline here might be too small hence i didnt see them
          will check in melbourne!! thanks sweets!

        • annie says:

          i have the eyeshadow brush. i have other mac ones but i needed a small eyeshadow brush that was nice and soft yet firm enough to grab colour! i think its better than a stila one i have (same brush), the bristles are much softer!
          fingers crossed you come across it in melbourne! they carry it in sydney in most stores, i think the george st store has the biggest selection.. you should just come to sydney for the day teehee~

          p.s. i finally updated my bloG!

        • Bittenbefore says:

          i found the brushes but the eyeshadow one was not the size or shape i like sadly. T-T

  16. Jennifer H says:

    oh wow!!! I do recommend Neutrogena Rain Bath Shower Gel, it smells heavenly!!! (But I bought it in HK so you can try when you’re back to HK) :0) love the look of the Chi Chi eyeshadow palettes <3 so many colors to choose from.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      ah i must have been blind and not noticed it whilst in hk hahaha i will go back and hunt it down then
      thanks for letting me know sweets!!

  17. Dina (XYYan) says:

    Have fun in Australia 🙂
    the nudie smoothie is so cute!

  18. Vivien says:

    Welcome to Australia! =D Don’t forget to visit Chadstone while you’re in Melbourne, the shopping is great there! ==; But yes, most of the make-ups and stuff are overpriced IMO.

    Anyways! Hope you’ll have a lovely time while you’re here. 🙂

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thanks dearie!! i havent been to chadstone for ages and i heard tons of things have changed etc so am looking forward to going next week!

      • Vivien says:

        ^^ You’re welcome.
        Yeah! They did a huge revamp on one side of the shopping center. You should get some Salsa when you’re there as well, their chips and tacos are delicious! ^^

  19. Jian says:

    You look like you’re having a grand time! =D

    And the best fish and chips I ever had was in Australia, believe it or not (and I’m from the UK…but that’s not saying much since most chippies here do crap fish and chips).

    Have fun in Melbourne!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thanks sweetie! wish u were here having fun with me!! i didnt like the chippies in uk cos they used cod for the fish. i like the flake or whiting used in australia hEEHEEE

  20. Jian says:

    Aww you’re so sweet Yumeko~ =D

    Actually the fish & chips I had in Sydney used seabass!!! So really, it was no wonder it was so tasty (although seabass is one of my favourite fish)!

    How did dinner go? Well I hope!

    • Jian says:

      Oops. i thought I hit reply. Obviously not. >__<

    • Bittenbefore says:

      ooh seabass…that would be all kinds of yummmm
      dinner went ok! thankfully! i stuck to mostly basic things cos the in laws arent very adventurous when it comes to asian food esp japanese heehee

      i might be back in uk for work again this year but nothing confirmed thus far sadly.

      • Jian says:

        Glad to hear dinner went well! I find it a bit sad though when people are too afraid to try lots of Asian foods, especially when its so yummy although I can understand people refusing to eat ducktongues and other innards (I can’t get myself to eat them either, especially intestines although I like chicken feet!) ..but Japanese food? I can’t say I saw any of those kind of things on menus when I was in Tokyo…

        • Bittenbefore says:

          XD my in laws are the kind that find tofu too exotic to start with so can be a bit hard to cook for.
          but i think it went ok heehee

        • Jian says:

          Tofu??? Ok, I understand now.

          Well I’m sure your husband must be very accepting, so that’s fine. At least you don’t have to cook for them everyday! =D

          When you come to the UK, do you usually stay in London?

        • Bittenbefore says:

          heehee they are meat and potatoes people.
          my husband loooves food XD we have a common love to eat i think.

          yup usually in london cos my workplace has their uk branch in canary wharf!

        • Jian says:

          Canary wharf! That part of london is so nice and shiny! You must be a high-flyer! =D

  21. Thanks for sharing! Bendingo looks like a real, down home Australian town!

    I love looking in the shops when I’m travelling…I always seem to find new stuff!

    Thanks for the food pics too–love the local flavours!

  22. Charlotte says:

    That fruit drink looks sooooo niiiiice!! Seriously, I feel refreshed just from looking at it. Hehe.

    I hope you continue to have a lovely time in Australia. Looks like you’re already enjoying it loads. Is it still hot there at this time of year?

  23. blue says:

    good luck and have fun with making dinner! How are the prices like there? I hear that cosmetics are more expensive there but wonder if local brands are also priced higher.

  24. Ting Ting says:

    Fun trip! Love all your food photos. Look so yummy! =)

  25. zuuchini says:

    god, i was looking at those prices…no wonder australian always complain about how expensive the make up aare!!

  26. cynthia says:

    woo melbourne!!
    though i have never been to bendigo =/
    the shampoo above is very good so ive heard.
    o yes, fruit drinks, boost! altho it is overpriced, but they still taste good.

  27. rene says:

    how did the cooking went?
    It is soooo nerve racking to cook a meal for the in-laws!! Not that I am married. But I feel it sometimes when I have dinner at home with the bf’s mum. She will tell the maid “the XXX taste ok but the color is not dark/black enough. Should have put more dark sauce.” @.@

    I always hear friends telling me Australia’s Fish&Chips are heavenly! Would love to try themmm!!

  28. omg! how funn!!! <3 we miss ya!

  29. Nikki says:

    I’ve tried Neutrogena’s Rain bath, smells a bit masculine but its very moisturizing and it works! 🙂 Aaww, those food looks yummy and I’m glad you find some good looking pharmacy for more shopping 🙂 Enjoy!

  30. BV says:

    Hi Yumeko

    Stay away from Chi Chi – it sucks. I love Nudie drinks though… I’m just reading this going.. “Bendigo?” I believe I went there once on a school trip when I was like 13/14. It was some goldrush thing.. oh hang on no – that was Ballarat! Same difference..? Guffaw. I did not know that Myer originated in Bendigo though so you have definitely taught me something.

    CK at Priceline? Oh, CK must be in trouble to show up there! HA.

    I like the Neutrogena Body Oil – esp in winter but not HG – just okay for the price.

    Sounds like you are having a great trip. Please don’t forget to check out Mimco – I love the accessories there!


  31. I love beauty product shopping in Oz too, esp the organic/natural shower gels/body lotions/hair care that always smell divine…

  32. Rachel H says:

    wow complete makeup overload! – i think australia was the only place i didn’t buy any make up from, but clearly I just didn’t look hard enough!

  33. Fiona says:

    love the australis palettes, the colours look gorgeous!

    when i think of australia, i think of napoleon perdis! when i read australian magazines they always advertise his makeup line. have you seen it around?

  34. Babybubblz says:

    I really like the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control line (green), esp the treatment with has 2% salicylic for blemishes and the cream power wash – it has menthanol, so if you are sensitive to those toners with alcohols, skip the cream wash.

    I’m craving fish and chips now!

  35. Nancy says:

    Whoa, are those USD prices for drugstore makeup? Everything looks like it’s 2x as much…

    The cow smoothie is so silly!

    Have fun the rest of your trip 🙂

  36. They sell some of the Neutrogena stuff in the US. The rainbath body wash is really good. It’s super refreshing. Also, I’m TOTALLY in LOVE with the coconut milk shampoo and conditioner. I haven’t tried the other scents.

    You totally need to buy the shampoo and conditioner if anything!

  37. Angela says:

    OMG I just have to say this: I LOVE your blog and your posts always make me so hungry!!! :DDDDDD

  38. wuzzyangel says:

    Good luck with dinner! I’m sure you’ll make something delicious!!

    Wowo look at all the makeup selection they have! I’ve seen the Neutrogena Rainbath shampoos & conditioners, and shower gel, but not the body scrubs before. And I used the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Oil Eliminating foaming cleanser before. It’s pretty good, keeps the oilies at bay for a few hours! 🙂

    Thank for sharing the Bendingo pics with us! It seems so clear and sunny there! 🙂 Oohh look at the yummy food! And that shake looks so yum!

  39. superwoolu says:

    that fruit drink looks like a vodka flask LOL. did you end up buying any local cosmetics???

  40. fwy says:

    There seems to be alot of drugstore brands available over there. Also, the Red Earth packaging looks so much nicer than the ones sold in Singapore SaSa.

  41. Catherine says:

    Ooh! Glad you’re having a fun time in Australia – the weather looks so pretty!

    That triangular shaped drink is so cool teehee. =)

  42. tini says:

    I live in Melbourne!

    Are you going to the city?

    Checkout Pink Fashion, i love the store set up. http://www.thatsmelbourne.com.au/Shopping/Fashion/Womens/Pages/4140.aspx

    For shopping, visit: Melbourne Central, Chapel St

    http://www.harajukucrepes.com.au/japanesecrepes.php Yum Yum!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i went chapel st! and ended up that night at jam factory XD

      my hotel was in the city hee

  43. kkkkkkk says:

    You can try the neutrogena Rain bath. very divine smell.

  44. maex says:

    OMG XD I live in/near bendigo! Btw those ChiChi hand creams are worth it, they smell divine – i got them for christmas haha. (:

  45. Stephanie says:

    Hi Yumeko :>

    Just wanted to let you know the Flamingo package arrived safely and thank you so much!!!


  46. Janora says:

    Don’t bother with the organixx! I bought some shampoo because it didn’t contain sulfates and is one of the few drugstore brands that don’t and it totally stripped all the essential oils and moisture from my hair! It doesn’t even smell that great out of the bottle!

  47. abby says:

    wow look at all the pics you took! sounds like youre def having a blast. have a safe stay and a safe trip back! cant wait to see much more of your trip.

  48. fwy says:

    This is an interesting HK skincare & bodycare brand with more than 100 yrs of history.


  49. evie says:

    wahh so many stuffs to hual on! are you going to hual there too? haha haul in tw for asian stuffs and in aus for western stuffs!! plus they will be cheaper! XD

    the triangular bottle looks cute!! love those bottles with sleek and unique shapes!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i haul mostly clothes in australia haha i like their work clothes! amongst the different places in the world, i like australia and uk’s work clothes best

  50. Irene says:

    Glad you’re having fun in Australia! 🙂 I have cousins there, but I think they all moved back to HK after graduating from Uni. Thanks for sharing all the drugstore finds – always fun to look at what they have to offer from different countries! The grass is always greener hehe… I wouldn’t try the Organix line unless you absolutely MUST – the shampoos and conditioners are subpar – at least in my experience. They sell it here in the states!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i had to come back to hk a week early haha so i just got back today and didnt get round to buying anything from the organix line XD

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