Australia: Finding beauty finds, friends and that special someone

I’m back in Hong Kong!
Yes sadly i am back one week early than i thought i would be due to work constraints but one must make the best of it and i truly enjoyed my trip this time round. Hoping to go back later in the year if time permits ^^
Lipstick from Chichi! love the diamante packaging!!

Everyone liked the beauty finds pictures from the previous post so i thought i would post more of those!

Love this packaging!

I like the smell of this lychee body butter!

Havent tried this but saw it in Myer

Another local [i think] brand – Innoxa

Sugar Baby! love this packaging too! reminds me of this bodybutter Miss Yinnie gifted me with when i saw her in London!

The keycharms [to the top left corner of pic] were too heavy so i didnt buy them T-T

Some little packs! 2 of them were eyeliner trios

The inside of the pack

Discovered this gorgeous brand called MILK. i adore the packaging and the light scent [picked up the facewash]

The packaging at MOR  always looks so luscious!

I bought some for friends here in Hong Kong.

This smells really good!

Thanks to a tip from you guys , i went and checked out the brushes sold at Priceline.

They are stacked like the ones at Sephora!
I didnt find anything that interested me in terms of shape/quality. Also thought it was a bit overpriced [For these prices, i think i rather pay a few dollars more and buy MAC or Shu uemura] XD

You might be confused by my photos that all i did in Australia was shop but to be honest, my number one priority was visiting friends and family.

This is the back of my grandparents-in-law’s house in Shepparton Victoria

Also caught up with some friends in Melbourne!!
Miss BrvBrd aka Kim and i had lunch at PLUME in Doncaster. We went Shoppingtown for a shop later XD That place has changed! i actually lived 1/2 a year in that area before!

Miss Kim and i also caught up with Miss PetiteValse aka Celeste, Mishh and Skunkerine aka Lisa over at Han Guuk Guan
This restaurant is Mish’s reccomendation and i thought it was FABULOUS!!
Btw all the ladies above gave me some gorgeous pressies so i’ll have to write about it all again once i unpacked my luggage XD

The food is on par if not better than some places i ate in Seoul!

Also caught up with MB [Husband’s childhood buddy] and his Missus NR in their new home!
They are currently dog-sitting for NR’s brother and this doggie is soo cute.
His name is Benji.

And since we are speaking of friends, please allow me to digress a little.

I’m a little overdue on posting this but i actually met up with Miss Yasumi before i left for Australia!
I’ll have to write a proper entry on this but in the meantime here’s sneaky preview [or u can go to her blog for a look!!]
We had lunch at Elements

And tons of cocktails at W hotel XD

We were there 2 nights in a row

We did some shopping…
Fancl limited edition packaging for the Mild Cleansing oil

And somehow we both fell in love with this mild soap. We love soymilk
I looove Miss Yasumi to death!! This is the 2nd country we have met in! [i first met her last year when i went London for a month for work] If fates should be so kind, i think we will find ourselves in one more country soon.

She is also my Alice in Wonderland buddy [amongst many things..she is also my tea buddy] so i thought of her when i saw this in Australia [oh yes this post is back to being in australia again XD]

At the pancake palour with the husband

Husband and i also went back to Han Guuk Guan again and this time, i had chanpo instead of jiajiangmyun
Its insanely good too!

And if you wondered abt the title of this post..the special someone i found in Australia…was my husband! [We met in Melbourne.] We actually celebrated our Anniversary on the 10th of April as well.
To the Husband..Happy Anniversary!! Here’s to another 10 years [Yes its TEN YEARS XD hahahah]

And to everyone else, i wish you all happiness and nothing but the best
XOXO Yumeko

p.s as i am back in hong kong ahead of schedule due to work..i am quite swamped at the moment, so emails, commenting and other blog reading etc will be a little delayed. Sorry!!!!

p.p.s wow! i just noticed that i have over 600 followers now! Thank you guys so much for reading my crappy blog [with bad grammer] and wonky pics XD Thank you thank you! will work harder at posting!! I’m totally going to go a giveaway soon!

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64 Responses to Australia: Finding beauty finds, friends and that special someone

  1. Sheila says:

    WOW! Congrats on 10 years!!! You always talk about him, its so sweet =D

  2. Celeste says:

    Aw it was lovely to see you again, and I definitely hope you’ll be back in Aussieland sometime soon!
    I always love catching up with you, so much fun!

  3. Sheila says:

    I accidentally pressed submit when I wasn’t done yet, LOL.

    I’m glad you had fun in Australia! Its definitely one of the places that I really want to go but never had to chance to, I’ve only stayed in the Northern Hemisphere, lol.

  4. Yasumi says:

    YIKES MILK stuff sounds mega brill! We can get part of the MOR range here but you know those mini body butters?? Well they are £15 each here!! Sick no? THEFT is what I call it.

    I just realised that you got the Soymil and ROSE wash…..what’s it like? The normal one cleans nice and squeaky clean.

    I miss you too!! You and your crazy accent and your bubbles and your cuteness!! Its sooooooooooooo good to go shopping with someone who doesn’t call all the stuff I like JUNK!!maaaaaaaaaaan I hope we run into each other in Tokyo!!

  5. blue says:

    haha i bought the same Fancl cleansing oil over the weekend too 🙂 The Snow white illustration is so cute I couldn’t resist, even though this is like the 3rd bottle of cleansing oil I’ve bought in 1 week 😛 Love the food pictures!

  6. Anastacia says:

    AWEEEE! I love the pictures of beauty market! Those glitter liners looks just amazing! wow!

  7. Great post, great adventures! Happy 10th!

  8. hana says:

    oh im glad you enjoyed your short visit here 🙂 all of your pics look familiar…and han guuk guan is one of my fave resto too..the jjangmyon is good there ^^
    happy 10th anniv to you and hubby!

  9. misshazel says:

    TEN YEARS!!! WOW!!! <3

    love your blog!

  10. Krib says:

    10 years ! That’s amazing ! I even have trouble staying with the same bf a single year so I can’t imagine 10 years x) I guess that when you find the person perfect for you, it works..

  11. Justine says:

    I’m glad you had a good trip!! And Happy Anniversary to you and the husband again! Makes sense that you didn’t do a tonne of shopping especially since you were familiar with the place (and plus, Australia doesn’t seem to have a lot of exclusive brands!). I REALLY need to post my Vancouver trip, but I didn’t buy a lot of makeup there either (the tax is higher, the stuff is the same).

    I want to see your posts with Yasumi! It looks like you girls had a blast!

  12. miRa says:

    wow! happy anniversary! :))

  13. christine says:

    ahhh!! i wanna travel to all these places you go to!! teach me how i can do that!! im a poor student, tell me whats the secret to endless travel please!!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      there isnt any secret hahaha, just working hard to pay the bills/travel like everyone else? XD

  14. evie says:

    happy anniversary!! XD
    all the packagings are soo pretty!!all the food looks so yummy!

    the dog is super cute!!! heart dogs <3<3<3

  15. Yinnie says:

    happy anniversary to you and your husband.

    I love your travel pics. they are always so good. =) Thanks for the mention btw.

  16. Jian says:

    Happy anniversary~~ 10 years!! Wowww. I have only been with my boyfriend for 2 years…

    Thanks for posting more beauty finds! I always find them very intriguing! It’s so nice that you managed to get time to see friends, family and shop! I wonder, did you get tanned too? xD Australia is so sunny!!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      helloo gorgeous!! i am glad u liked the pics! i wanna see u post more of shangha trip someday cos i am so curious about it
      i havent been there in AGES and i know its ttoally different now. i hope to go again one day!

      heehee i wore tons of sunblock but u are right, i probably got a bit darker hahah

  17. lotus bleu says:

    Ahh I’ve been to that Han Guuk Guan in Melbourne!!
    My Korean bestie took me there and apparently its a mixture of chinese and korean food-it was delicious! Glad you had fun in Melbourne and got to see your family and friends, I’m actually heading over there in a week’s time with my bf 🙂


    • Bittenbefore says:

      yes they sell korean style chinese food. its nothing like normal chinese food i guess XD but its what u get when u go to a chinese restaurant in korea. i guess its kinda like how japanese chinese food is different too

  18. Nikki says:

    10years anniversary! Congratulations! and Happy Anniversary! Cheers to more wonderful years! You had such great food and beauty products shopping! One great think about going to different countries is seeing great looking brands that you can’t find somewhere else 🙂

  19. tiffany says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, what is your occupation? :]

  20. Mona says:

    you always manage to find the cutest things!

    I love MOR! smells fantastic and wrapped perfectly gorgeous

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i thought of u when i saw tat packaging. i remember the first swap we did, u wrote on some gorgeous paper!

  21. Linda says:

    Wow! Happy 10 year anniversary! I love reading your blog. There’s always stuff to look at and food pictures. Oh man…dim sum. =]

  22. Diane says:

    aw! happy 10th year anniversary to you and the hubby! 😀 and goshhhh such cute stuff found in australia! 🙂

  23. Lilly says:

    New follower here and I really like your blog. Love the pictures you post. Congrats on the 10 years and hope your next 10 years just keeps getting better. 🙂

  24. Nancy says:

    WOWOWOWOW the makeup is so beautiful. You know how sometimes we just buy products for their packaging? I would totally buy these for their super pretty designs lol!

    After I saw your post, I am determined to buy a tea set… and have tea parties.

    Congrats on your anniversary!!!

  25. Hannah says:

    oooooh the Mor<3 and the foooddd ( :
    im jealous of your trips! haha

  26. Lulu says:

    awww omg happy 10 years!!! and here’s to another great 10 years together 🙂 You always find the cutest things on your travels, and hmm dim sum!!

  27. Mari says:

    Omg! major food porn! love <3 lol

    happy 10 years!

  28. Chung says:

    Congrats to 10 years! And I love reading about your travels <3… I wish I could find a job that lets me travel a lot too!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i havent had a work trip in ages though XD the last trip and this one was just time off from work and going on a trip. so i am sure u can do it too <3!!

  29. abby says:

    looks like an awesome time congratulations on 10 years thats awesome! you take such great pictures of everything!

  30. Yui says:

    Congrats to 10 years!! My anniversary is was also on April 10th! We are only 2 years though 🙂

    • Bittenbefore says:

      AWWW! wooo we share thre same anniversary! nice! i wish u and ur other half all the best too! 10 years will be here before u know it!

  31. eki says:

    Hi Yumeko-chan~

    happy happy anniversary with your hubby!!<3 wow 10 years congrats! hope you have many more happy decade with your other half! ^__^ your food porn always makes me so hungry,,, T__T lol….

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thanks sweetie! i really appreciate it <3 i wish u and your man tons of happiness as well!!

  32. Silkybow says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 10 years is really good!
    hehe Seems like you had heaps of fun in Australia!

  33. innerchild says:

    Your pics are always interesting to see! Glad to see you had a good time in Australia. Your grandparents’-in-law’s home looks like a peaceful place to hang out 🙂

  34. Mishi says:

    I am a sucker for makeup packaging.. and your finds are definitely getting my wallet itchy. LOL Happy Anniversary. 10 years is def a milestone!

  35. rene says:

    So many pics I don’t know what to comment first! Ok.
    I think the lychee body moisturizer will smell yummy!!
    Pancake Palour??!! I love pancakes!! But wheres the pancake in the photo? haha!

    10years?!! That is so sweet!! Have you ever mention how old you are?
    Happiiii Aniversaryyy!!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      haha i was too busy eating the pancakes XD
      i think i did..since my birthday just passed last october. anyway if i didnt, i am 29 ^^

  36. Catherine says:

    Heyyyyyyy! Congratulations on the anniversary!! 10 years is amazing!!! Really gives hope to the rest of us hahahaha.

    & boo for the trip getting cut short, but looks like it was quite a lovely trip anyway?

    The pics of Glow’s visit look awesome too!!

  37. sarah says:

    awwww ^_____^ happy ten years again! tehehee.

    lychee ANYTHING sounds amazing!!! gah, need to get my hands on some of that stuff 😛

  38. shaynaJo says:

    love ur whole post and the ending part… awww so sweet~~

    happy anniversary to u and ur hubby ^.^

  39. Lemon Sorbet says:

    Happy 10 years anniversary to you and your hubbi!! Wishing you many many years of happiness together!

  40. Lynne says:

    Happy anniversary, glad you had a great time while you were back here.
    I wonder how long we’ve known each other? Must be years and years now 🙂 You’ve always been so very sweet to me.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think its been a long long time..probably 6 years now i think? or maybe more!
      you have always been very sweet to me too~!

  41. Puranki says:

    aww Congrats on 10 Years.

    Loving your Blog <3

  42. molé says:

    it’s good to see you again 🙂 and congrats to ten years!
    the MOR products look seriously pretty..

  43. Monica says:

    Happy Anniversary!!
    Love all the pics. And the packaging on the Fancl Cleansing oil is so pretty, I’ve used that oil before its pretty good.

  44. wuzzyangel says:

    Your blog is not crappy! LOL! Crazy woman!

    But I swear it looks like a candy store for makeup! And the packaging on a lot of things are so cute! Dang..

    FOODPORN!! Mmmm.. DimSum… oh and those drinks look all refreshing! SO jelly that you and Yasumi got to hang! One day I hope I’ll be able to meet both you lovelies in person as well!

    Happy 10th Anni to you and the hubby again! Many more to come too! 🙂 Aww doggie!!

  45. Sofie says:

    Happy anniversary dear <3 <3 Wow ten years is such a long time! Now just aim for 50! Keke.

    I love your shopping photos and the FOOD… GAH…. Either this blog makes me hungry or it gets me into shopping mood (and nothing about this bloog is crappy, what are you talking about?!)

  46. Kittynail says:

    Great pictures! I really enjoyed all the interesting beauty products!

    Anyways, visit my blog too if you want 🙂

  47. fwy says:

    Loved the packagings of those bath and body products shown in your pics!!

  48. missmicchan says:

    Happy Anniversary to you!
    The packaging is always so nice in Asia..I wish we had some nicer stuff here in Canada >_<

  49. superwoolu says:

    i’m finally able to read this post!! all the food is making me hungry even though I just finished lunch XD. I love how sweet you and your hubbie sounds! I hope my future marriage will be like yours ^___^

  50. mayaari says:

    catching up on posts, so apologies for the late comment =T happy anniversary again to you and your husband!

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