My haul from Taipei Taiwan!

Woo the taiwan posts have finally come to an end..are you bored yet?
Today its going to about the things i actually bought in Taiwan. Yup this has been requested by most of you so i hope i didnt disappoint XD

Hello Kitty Limited Thermos from Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

Face wash…
It claims to have superb oil control and it was really cheap so i picked it up. Btw i since found out this is sold in Hong Kong too..doh XD its a little cheaper in taiwan though since its made there.

And you all know i looooove bbcream so i could i NOT stock up…
The one in the orange box [Vitamin C bbcream] is my absolute HG bbcream and i recently ran out so this purchase came just in time. I am excited to try all the rest!! Reviews to follow!

I dont apply my bbcream with a brush or fingers. I use sponges XD
I loooove those big diamond shaped sponges! Cant get enough of them!

When i first started this blog…one of my very first beauty reviews was of these Nini Monica eyeshadows. And i finally got more XD

Though the boxes are different, the packaging inside is the same.
Yes i know..they are very much like Anna Sui packaging. I thought so too.

A pic with the one i originally had…

Picked up 2 boxes of falsies

Its only USD$3 a box and there are sooo many pairs in each both.
I like the transparent spine. Very soft and comfy to wear [Yes in case you are wondering, lately i am beginning to love non criss cross lashes.]

And from SOGO Taipei, i got some NARS! Actually my sister paid for this. So Ne-San..THANKS!

I bought copacabana [i finished the one i had] and Luxor. Pictured here with the only other one i have.

Also got an Esprique Precious Liquid Eye Color in GD002

And my favourite purchase of them all is actually from the airport….
Yup i bought both the new items in the new SKII Cellumination Range. I’ve already started using the Cellumination Deep Surge and DAMMM its good. Cant wait to finish my SKII Whitening Source Dermdefinition so i can use the Cellumination Essence as well.

Oh and kinda makeup related..i also bought a bunch of containers [looks at Yasumi]

They house my falsies perfectly XD
Great for travelling!

And totally random..i bought a heat sealer for chip packets and plastic bags as well..
I know i am so random …not only in my blog posts but in real life too hahaha

And hey since i am being random..let me tell you what i have been up to lately

I’ve been rearranging things in my house and packing/unpacking some boxes since i got some new furniture [shoe cabinet and new sofa] I still want a new table for sewing and maybe a new bed. but thats not urgent i guess.

Speaking of sewing, i “made” a table cloth recently. Made sounds so good. Its more like i bought some cloth and hemmed the sides with hemming tape. Yup no sewing hahahahahaha Its in the pic below.
The stuff on top are wall stickers i chanced upon in 7-11 [hahah see..random]

There are 5 designs in all
Which is your favourite?

I’ve so many things going on lately but none of which i can tell you guys yet. But once i am able to share the news, i will !!
Hope everyone is doing well
XOXO yumeko

Thanks to a headsup from a reader [Thank you Miss SL!] Apparently there is a youtube video who shows the How to make the Rice Cooker cake and the recipe is exactly the same as mine! I guess we all read the same book hahhaha

I think its a taiwanese cooking show. I dont understand what she is saying but she is soo bubbly! Love it!

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64 Responses to My haul from Taipei Taiwan!

  1. Sheila says:

    Oooh nice haul! Jealous of your SKII stuff. Let us know how the whitening essence turns out. I’ve been using Dior and I find that it works… but it takes some time. So if the SKII stuff works better maybe I’ll switch over =)

    • Bittenbefore says:

      if u are looking for whitening i think kose sekkisei works best for me still. apparently paul and joe whitening serum is good too!
      i use the entire skii range for my skincare now and whilst i dont think it whitens as well as kose, i think it keeps me skin in good condition ^^

  2. VanityMakeup says:

    😀 So many BB Creams – I wish they were sold here in Australia more conveniently. I currently use the Etude House BB cream. x

    • Bittenbefore says:

      u can buy these on ebay too! i used to buy most of my makeup from ebay when i lived in australia XD

  3. Shu Zhen says:

    Love your haul, especially the Hello Kitty thermos 🙂

  4. Penny says:

    Thanks for a great post, what an exciting haul! The BB creams look good, am looking forward to the reviews. Btw, LOVE your previous EOTD!

  5. sherry says:

    nice haul hehe.. I like Anna Sui too..

  6. Silkybow says:

    aww I love what you bought especially the false eyelashes! ^^
    Your hauls are always so fun to read

  7. Anastacia says:

    wooow! more goodies! you got a lot of BB creams! and lasheZZZ! nice haul!

  8. nlngstar says:

    wow… can u do a post on BB cream? among o all the bb cream that u’ve tried so far, ORIKS is your favourite?

  9. Yasumi says:

    I wonder if mini monica has that awful anna sui stench?? Do let me know.

    Green Tea face wash?? Sounds delicious!! One day I will try SK-II too! For now I want to try the Kiehls powerful stuff that has the ravest reviews…..I need to get rid of me wrinkles!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      WHAT wrinkles!? i have seen u 4 times in real life now. my eyesight must be worse than i thought cos i didnt see any wrinkles nonsense.

  10. giang says:

    loveeeeee ur haul! I’m getting a high just looking at your stuff

  11. Jean says:

    Lovely Haul!especially the hello kitty Thermos?
    may i know your best kuan yuan lian products?for combination skin okay?
    I seen a lot ppl using this brand but not sure about it…

    • Bittenbefore says:

      hi dear so sorry but i only tried 2 things from them..the green bean powder mask and the coix seed powder mask.
      i havent tried this face wash either sadly. so sorry!

      • Jean says:

        Hi yumeko,
        I’m happy to hear your kind reply,no worries at all~if you try the face wash in future,maybe you will share your reviews then=)

  12. Dina (XYYan) says:

    Awesome haul! I wish I could shop more in Taiwan on my last trip…
    Can’t wait for your bb cream post 🙂

  13. Salina says:

    I love reading your blog 🙂

  14. ? Cookiie says:

    You bought so many good stuff, makes me all jealous haha~ Love the containers and the Nini Monica eyeshadows!

  15. kalai says:

    wa~ such a great haul! im jealous:p

    i’ve never tried oriks bb cream.. but since you bought so many it must be good! i think i’ll have a look.
    + i’ve still not got anything from NARS! i can’t believe i go have a look all the time. but i need to save T__T.
    i really want to try SK-II. i hear so many people loving it but i can’t get it here. it’s going to be crazy when i go to HK/taiwan this summer. ha~ shop shop crazy!

    love your HK tumbler. you can only get plain ones here. so i might just get one then customise it myself^^

    hope your doing well~ take care~

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think its really good bbcream so hope u try it!
      SKII works well for me far so good anyway XD
      they sell SKII in Australia so i am surprised its not sold where u are?

  16. Linda says:

    Great haul! I am liking that Vitamin C BB Cream. I like anything with Vitamin C in it whether it is food or skin products. lol They smell great!

  17. Krib says:

    My favourite design is the one with the red tree :p and thanks for the vid, it’s always nice to hear languages you can’t hear in everyday life ^-^

  18. blue says:

    i actually picked up the SK-II whitening serum! I did think about trying Sekkisei but was afraid it may contain alcohol…does it? Wonder how the SK-II cellumination serum will work…hope to see a review 😀

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i am pretty sure it does contain alcohol [the toner anyway] You could try the essence i think

  19. Jennifer H says:

    wow where did you see the green tea oil-controling thing by that brand in HK? i’d love to try if i can find it in HK ^_^

    The heat sealer looks very useful for decanting samples and stuff XD

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think i saw it in SaSa or ColorMix! i cant remember which one.
      i been using the heat sealer for mostly chip packets haha

  20. Irene says:

    Oh my look at all that SK-II, total baller! hahaha…I wish I could afford SK-II but for now I use Shiseido but I don’t know quite yet if it does much. How long does it take for you to see results?

    I like all the BB creams, can’t wait for a review 🙂

    • Bittenbefore says:

      my entire skincare range is now from SKII, i made the switch about 8 months ago ^^
      This was what i bought when i first switched over

      i have to be very honest, i dont know what ppl mean by results which is why i have never reviewed any of the skii products i use
      my skin doesnt break out and seems to very soft and clear. but if u are asking me if my face is glowing or translucent or whatever it is they have u believe in those skii ads, i truly dont know XD

  21. Justine says:

    Okay, so I need to go further back on my twitter. Hahaha.

    I love the tumbler! I don’t actually drink a lot of hot drinks on the go but am increasing my frequency now that I have the Sakura starbucks tumbler… the HK one is super cute! Is it dishwasher safe?

    So much BB cream, haha! Will need to peek on Ebay at the Oriks… do they adjust well? Are they heavy? I still don’t have any sponges (I was using a foundation brush to apply the samples you sent me) but I am thinking of getting the Target beauty blender dupe to try out when I go to the US in July.

    The niniMonica stuff is cute!! And it’s nice that it isn’t as heavily frangranced as Anna Sui. Though I am still too lazy for eyeshadow singles XD;

    I can’t believe you finished an entire Copacabana! That’s awesome 😀 are you liking the multiples? I want to try Orgasm as blush is less intimidating to me than hilighters. I’ve been trying liquid blushes and really liking them lately.

    I love makeup containers. I really should have taken a pic from all the ones I got at Daiso in Vancouver… but now there’s stuff in them, haha.

    I wonder if I could get a similar heat-sealer on Ebay? Most bags of food here have Ziploc closures, but not all of them, which is annoying, because things go bad/stale faster.

    Wall decals! I like the bamboo one best. I looked at Etsy for Cherry Blossom ones (of course) but I don’t think I want the actual tree… just flowers. But then I’d probably scatter them unevenly, so I’m staying away for now.

  22. rene says:

    love hauls!! wow. SKII! Indulgence!
    I was just wondering, I haven’t see you post hauls for clothes?
    You only love to shop for beauty items?

    Yes! She is so bubbly!! I’m going to bake this for the bf this coming Sat! *fingers cross*
    Hope it turns out edible!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      omg if only that was true. i am such a clothes shopper XD but i cant really be bothered to post hauls for clothes. i dont find that very interesting hahah plus i change my type of dressing quite often. i like shoes and have a bad branded bag addiction too. but i also dont tend to post those hahha
      i prefer to just post beauty items. cos it seems tats wat most ppl read this blog for anyway hahah

      i’ll post an item of clothing next time

  23. Nikki says:

    I love all your hauls Yumeko! When I was in taipei several years ago, I am not into buying makeup I feel bad! i want to go back! hahaha

  24. Missmoomin says:

    Heya new follower here Love your blog, so much makeup eyecandy xD
    Looking forward to your reviews, since i’ve still not decided which BB cream to purchase, so many to choose from.
    Is that Jejung peeking out behind your purchases xD *random*
    Ahh I’ve seen that rice cooker cake on a Japanese tv program a while ago such a good idea for us lazy students , I wanted to try it since but mum wouldn’t let me haha

  25. Hannah says:

    yumeko! great haul. i think i need to stock up on some new lashes too. and im curious about the sk ii… what’s your thoughts on it? ( :

  26. roxy says:

    amazing haul! I’m looking to go to asia next year and can’t wait to try out some of the asian makeup!

  27. adin says:

    wow….that’s a lot of skincare & makeup products…and that video remind me of chinese cooking show my grandpa used to watch…

  28. mandy says:

    great haul :] can’t wait for the bb cream reviews!
    oo i just found out that i have a big rice cooker. going to try baking with it soon 😀

  29. Nancy says:

    OMG Yumeko!! That haul is huge!!! WHAAAAA… How will you have time to play with everything?!! HAHA. I bought a bag sealer too! They are surprisingly handy! YAY.

  30. Georgina says:

    i didnt know you loved BB creams THAT MUCH! 🙂 i’ve never tried orkis bb creams, i want to finish my legere first. 🙂

    i like those sponges too! i also apply bb cream with sponges becuase its easier to blend it that way. 🙂

    • Bittenbefore says:

      ahah i do. i have a lot of tubes of bbcream. u must have missed my previous bbcream semi collection post
      i will have to do it again one day for u!

  31. misshazel says:


    they are so expensive over here. 🙁
    cant believe they are available in 7-11 in taiwan! 🙁

    love the 1st design the most. the one with a bird cage and deer! <3

  32. Monica says:

    OMG! I love your haul!! I have to try your HG BB cream,is it available in Hong Kong? Must get it next time I’m there. Also, you got the SK-II Cellumination Essence(my review to come) but I will add that I much prefer the Essence(toner) I find that the Cellumination Essence is mattifying & I didn’t notice luminousity but good for evening skin-tone. The Surge sounds really good!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      its available on ebay. i havent found it in hk yet but i found it in japan before XD
      i use the essence [toner] as well as this essence. the girl told me this is supposed to replace the silver bottle with the dropper. not the toner XD
      btw the essence isnt the toner, i use a different toner from skii as well

  33. oooh nice haul. I go back to Taiwan every summer 🙂 Such good shopping there. I’m so curious about BB creams, I’ve never tried them but I’ve heard so many people raving about them. Do you have any reviews of them?

  34. May says:

    I’m drooling over your oriks bb creams haha Please do let me know how you like it. The Vitamin C is also my current HG. Thanks for introducing it to me:) Now, I’m afraid when it run out because it’s hard to find a backup on here. I need to search for it at the Korean stores here.

    I haven’t seen the SKII Cellumination Range in the u.s yet. I can’t wait to check it out.

    I need to bake that cake with my rice cooker during my leave.

  35. ani says:

    do post the name of that green tea face wash brand please? hopefully its available to ship internationally… someplace online…

    • Bittenbefore says:

      hi there, i checked and the name of the brand is kuan yuan lian
      i have also been told by another reader that they are sold internationally at hope this helps u!!

  36. Ting Ting says:

    Great haul! Can’t wait to read your reviews on the BB creams you’ve purchased. =)

  37. Nat says:

    Oh my.. so many bbcreams!!! I still have to get my grubby hands on the L’egere one haha, been on my list for so long.

    OOH! SK-II!! I want to try their essence SO BAD. But first I have to start working again before I can do that T__T

  38. sarah says:

    aahhh cute items!! hahaha i LOVE CONTAINERS!!!! best part of the post ;P besides your table cloth!

  39. mayaari says:

    the big makeup sponges look so fluuuuuuuffy 🙂

    oh, i haven’t forgotten about your caramel ice cream topping! it’s a hit-or-miss item at the grocery store, since none of the stores seem to carry all of them, but i’m there are a few more groceries i can go to 🙂 incidentally, if you want the reese’s topping they’ve got plenty everywhere, haha

    • Bittenbefore says:

      aww u are too kind sweetie! but i dont want u to go to any hassle for me ok? i do appreciate u looking!

  40. erin says:

    Woah, that is a lot of BB creams! And hey, I use the same big diamond-shaped sponges too! I love ’em/

  41. innerchild says:

    Hi Yumeko! I gave you an award cos I love your blog! If you received this award already then don’t mind me, I’m late for everything lol

  42. superwoolu says:

    i love you haulllll, so much bb creme lol! i havent seen nini monica before! it does resemble anna sui!

  43. fwy says:

    BTW, Skin79 from Korea has launched in Singapore. I heard their BB Creams are one of their bestsellers.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i do use skin79…i have 2 tubes but i find it like normal it is nice coverage but doesnt have the healing properties i demand in a bbcream XD i am so picky i know

  44. Janora says:

    If you are into nars, have you tried any of their lipsticks? I bought belle de jour and it is def one of new favorite lippies ever!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i only have one lipstick by them! its called tuttifruitti..i got it in a swap but have not used it yet sadly.

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