NARS, Uniqlo Collaborations, Hello Kitty and lots of food XD

Do you like my title? Its odd and very long but full of things i love XD
Bear with me, i am actually quite in love with everything in this post so i hope u check out the whole post!

Those of you on twitter would have seen me tweet this when it happened..but i partook in a nars haul over a week ago…XD
Yup..i love NARS

Now before u say anything..i didnt pay full price for most of the items XD
Yup most of it was on sale!!

And the best part? i didnt know there was a sale on. The NARS store did not have ads or visual promotions up so i only found out cos the SA told me.
I was in NARS to buy a multiple and she told me there was a one day only sale going on! XD

This was the multiple i went to the store to buy
Going to use it for mostly contouring and shading

The SA told me the lip products were on sale and since i never tried their lip crayons, i got two of them [SA’s recs!]


And regular readers know i loooove NARS lipglosses so since they are on sale..i had to pick up two of them in Ophelia [new shade] and Greek Holiday <– has been on my wish list for a while


And how can one shop from NARS during a sale and not pick up any blushes..
The SA reccomended this [Gilda]

And this is something that has been on my wishlist for a while
Blush in SIN

And as if this isnt enough, i actually got a GWP [gift with purchase]!
A gorgeous trio of mini lipglosses

Amazing colours! I am in love with Femme Trouble and SuperVixen. I would absolutely love to pick up the full size someday.
I’m sorry i havent got any swatches ready..i have had so much going on lately at home/work that i havent been able to really sit and play with any of these items yet.

In other news..SPCA in Hong Kong did a collaboration with Hello Kitty
Here is their booth at Festival Walk [Mall in Hong Kong]
I took this photo with my iphone..sorry for my finger being in the way.

They had these amazingly cute plushies
Sadly i didnt pick one up as i am trying to whittle down the number of plushies in the house [There is a lot XD]

But i did pick some stuff up!
A folder and two pins. <– one for my ne-san

In other mall news..i was in uniqlo as well checking out some clothing sizes for Miss JL.

Spotted the Cosmetic Brands X uniqlo collab tshirts [please dont steal my pics just becos i didnt watermark them!!]
Lavshuca on the left, Canmake on the right

More Canmake

Bourjois [sorry for the terrible pic haha]

Also picked up some of the Alice in Wonderland X uniqlo collab stuff [like i said in my previous post]
Long tunic the teapots print!

I love the teapots print so much, i picked up the identical print for the scarf
This was the last one in the store too! Yup one can never have enough alice in wonderland scarves XD

I’ve been randomly tweeting photos of snacks for quite a long time’s a collection of pics…
From Marks And Spencer
My husband really likes Salt and Vinegar Chips

And more exotic looking chips
From left..Fragrant Oil Salt Ramen flavoured, Buttercorn Ramen Flavoured

Snacks from MUJI too
I have such mad love for the Vitamin Water.

Heck we even buy snacks from 7-11

This came from 7-11 too.
Microwave yakitori. it actually tasted quite good!

Ok before anyone says anything..we dont eat snacks all the time. These are photos taken over a fairly long period of time XD And we do eat proper food…here’s a bento i made the husband
Fajita bento!

i am excited over this bento cos it makes use of my lock&lock container perfectly XD
The tier is actually for putting a cooler bag but its perfect for the tortillas heeehee
I know i havent posted a bento pic in quite a while but i do make them everyday. I just dont think about taking pics early in the morning. XD

Lastly since we are talking about cooking, i just want to thank everyone for being so encouraging and supportive on my crazy antics cooking/baking using a rice cooker. I’m still going to keep experimenting but i also recieved quite a few emails from you guys asking if i could try recipes for the microwave instead since they dont have a rice cooker.

So i got this book
Recipes for cooking with the microwave. Will start reading/experimenting on the recipes once i find a bit of time ^^

But for those who cant is something a reader Miss S sent me!!

Ingredients [Translation from Miss S]
Pancake flour 150g
1 egg
120cc of milk
1 large tablespoon of oil
Optional..raisins or walnuts etc

Ok i have finally finished this blog post. And if u actually read through the whole thing…give yourself a pat on your back!! Thank you so much to each one of you. It means a lot to me that people out there are actually reading what i am writing!

Thank you thank you!
XOXO Yumeko

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    great discount and quite the haul 🙂

  2. A shopgasm! What can I say!

    Love the food porn!

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