Give me Liberty..of London! MAC haul and more!

Like a lot of ladies who like to sew..i am a huge fan of the art fabrics/prints from Liberty. However its not easy to get and the cost is fairly high. Nonetheless i remain a huge fan XD
So when i was in London last year..i begged Miss Yasumi [fellow sew-er!!] to attend a beauty event at Liberty Hall with me. Sadly tickets were sold out but we visited the department store on Regent Street anyway…

This store was amazingly beautiful. Thank you to Miss Yasumi for taking me there!!!
FYI..Liberty is very popular in Japan too and there are stores all over japan which would carry Liberty fabrics albeit at an extremely high price XD

So when MAC announced they were doing a collaboration with Liberty of London [the goods brand associated with Liberty department store] I was estatic!!! And when it finally arrived in Hong Kong..i definetely went hauling…..
I LOVE the packaging.

Ok this isnt from the Liberty range but i picked it up on the same day so i’ll just post it now
MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick
All money raised from the sales of MAC Viva Glam items go to a good cause so do check it out!

Ok back to the MAC X liberty of london range
This was the only lipstick i bought from the range

I really like the lipglosses from this range…and not just for the packaging XD
Lipgloss in “Frankly Fresh”
This matches the lipstick perfectly [in my mind]

Lipgloss in “English Accents”
Really like this slightly purplish tone..been looking for a color like this for quite a while

Lipgloss in “Perennial High Style”
This is my favourite of all the 3 glosses i bought in this collection. Its a really pretty color [swatches below]

And we all know i adore purple blushes so how could i miss out on this?

The color is amazing! i love it. its contains more red compared to Illamasqua’s SIN [which is similar but more blue-ish purple]]

From left: Frankly Fresh, English Accents and Perennial High Style

And MAC wasnt the only ones who did a collaboration with Liberty. Target in USA did as well!
Sadly Target in USA does not ship to countries overseas so i wasnt able to get any. T-T
Luckily Miss sleepybanana came to my rescue by offering to get them for me [And in exchange i would help her get some things over here]
Here’s what she got me
I had originally wanted the yellow bag but it was sold out [i am so sad!!!] so she got me this instead.
Words cannot explain how much i ADORE this bag. Its just perfect. From the color, to the print, the strap length, the size.. etc etc etc.

She also helped me get 2 of the scarves [which were not even sold on the target site! Store only merchandise]
I adore the prints and how they are put together. Just gorgeous!

I simply adore the Liberty for Target range!! I wish the store would ship overseas!!
But for now…i think i got plenty of things already! Thank you Miss sleepybanana!

In makeup related news..since i last posted some green shadows in my post..Miss RougeDeluxe and i were having a convo whereby she said she used to adore green shadows but has now moved onto purple.
This got me thinking..i wonder how an EOTD with green AND purple would look like….
What do you think? Actually i am quite in love with it XD

These are the shadows i used
From Ninimonica [purchased in taiwan]

And those of you on twitter would have seen these store pics sorry if u see them again XD
I spotted some new BBcream in the store and they are made by Mentholatum

Most of you are probably familiar with Mentholatum for their lipbalms [very famous in Japan] but their sunblocks/sunscreens are popular as well!

With sun protection in mind…i caved and purchased it today XD
Will try it out and tell you guys how i go. ^^V

In other news..i am a little sick at the moment..nothing major probably due to the air pollution in Hong Kong or something [someone told me on twitter the pollution is extra bad this week] Hoping i snap out of it soon XD
Hope you are doing well
XOXO Yumeko

p.s i notice the blog has a few new followers! welcome welcome! if you have a blog , let me know so i can follow you back! ^^ or say hi anyway!

Arashi is putting out their 30th single on May the 19th.

“Monster” by Arashi
This is just the preview of the PV, i am looking forward to seeing the full PV ^^

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55 Responses to Give me Liberty..of London! MAC haul and more!

  1. Justine says:

    Hope you feel better!!

    Liberty of London stuff is SO cute – I picked up two lipsticks and the neutral blush, and I like all of them – though I still can’t figure out how to wear Blooming Lovely >__<

    The Liberty for Target stuff is so cute!! I may try to get a family member to order some of the dresses for me. Thankfully I don't think I see the scarf I got you in your haul (WHEW).

    The green and purple EOTD is so pretty. Will need to try that, it reminds me of violets (the flower).

    Haha I rarely pay attention to Arashi, right now my attention is on KAT-TUN, their new con reports, and GOING! of course πŸ™‚

  2. Jess says:

    Awesome Liberty of London haul, Yumeko!
    The EOTD with green and purple and that reddish orange shade looks stunning!

    I haven’t used any BB cream yet. Looking forward to your review! πŸ˜‰

  3. wuzzyangel says:

    LOL Liberty stuff really is pretty! WHooo for haulage!! LOL! And I love your EOTDS!! It’s been a while woman! I miss your exotic eye staring at me! πŸ˜‰

    Haha is it weird that I’m not that into Arashi, but I’m all about NEWS & TegoMass?! LOL! But isn’t that Arashi guy in the “monster prince” drama right now? Is that why it’s “Monster”?! LOL! But they do have that one cute guy, shoot I can’t remember his name though. It’s not the monster boy or the HYD boy..

  4. Babybubblz says:

    those are lovely scarf patterns! i don’t have a single purple blush yet, i really must try them out

  5. Linda says:

    Nice Liberty haul! Liberty has the nicest prints. I like the green and purple eyes. Very cute. =] I’ve never tried purple blush before. Hmm..I wonder if it would look ok on me? hahah

  6. Iris says:

    a reader alerted me to a Philippines fashion brand’s collaboration with Liberty. You can read about Kamiseta’s Liberty collection here – appears to have restocked their Liberty collection as last week, many items were in stock on their website. I was dithering over whether to haul some more but decided to restrain myself. I really wanted the bedding stuff! And the silly bicycle ;-p

    Love your EOTD! Very fresh and spring-like! I’m not liking the MAC Liberty lipsticks that I got as they go on a bit patchy rather than smooth and creamy but I love A Different Groove lipglass.

  7. L says:

    That is a great haul Yume! I think I got one lippy and two glosses. I love the packaging! Unfortunately I didnt get anything from Target. Boo. I really wanted a scarf and I think one of their wallets/bags.

    That NINIMONICA looks really vibrant. I don’t even know why I didn’t even look for cosmetics when I was there in ’08. I think I was too bothered by the heat. LOL


  8. the purple blush is gorgeousss. you could probably also use that as a nice eyeshadow. speaking of which, I love your EOTD. it’s bright and fun and still totally wearable! hmm interesting, I never saw ninimonica when I went to taiwan, I’ll have to check when I go this summer. is it drugstore or department store? I can never tell with asian cosmetics because even the drugstore brands have such nice presentation. btw love your scarves + bag. they’ll be perfect for summer

    • Bittenbefore says:

      its drugstore! i think i see it in every drugstore. its about 150twd so its very cheap!

  9. Lulu says:

    ooo so much liberty of london stuff! i only picked up one lippie from them, and have yet to go to target to check out their collection. seeing all these florals for this spring is so refreshing because i definitely haven’t worn/used anything floral for a while now πŸ™‚ it’s great to see that they are coming back and are in fashion now πŸ™‚ i really like the EOTD too πŸ™‚

  10. Tracy says:

    Liberty prints are really so popular.. I see it everywhere in Japanese Magazines.
    Nice haul from MAC, do review on the bb cream.
    And that EOTD is so so pretty! Love the combination.

  11. Dina (XYYan) says:

    I’ve just got Viva Glam Gaga too, love it so much πŸ˜€
    The Liberty of London packaging is just so pretty, I can see why you love it πŸ˜‰
    Love the combo of your eyeshadow, very pretty~

  12. Hannah says:

    gahhh i love the peachstock lipstick! i bought another as backup. thank god, they almost repromote it and they have it at pro stores!! ( : i really wanted the ever hip lipstick but it was sold out. ) : i also bought frankly fresh but it was too close my natural lipshade so i had to return it. but it’s a gorgeous shade nonetheless. & i love your haul!!

  13. May says:

    nice haul dear! i adore the liberty of london for target line. i was being goo, only bought a peachstock lippy from their line. I love your EOTD, very refreshing:) please do let me know how you like the mentholatum bb cream. wow i spot spf 130 sunscreen!hehe

  14. k* says:

    the liberty of london packaging/print is to die for!
    so colorful and bright~~

    hope you feel better!!

  15. Anastacia says:

    yay! more make-up haul! your eotd looks so pretty!! what kind of eyeliner do you use?

  16. adin says:

    still hadn’t got the chance to get anything from both MAC & Target liberty collaborations…really loving the prints of those scarves….

  17. uinisan says:

    I totally love the EOTD look… it’s very with the Spring season now… I’ve applied purple before but I’m not sure how to use greens on my eyes. My dilemma is that my double eye lids just folds in when my eyes are open…and I’m afraid to apply the shadows too high so eyeliner and mascara has been my best friend. But I will try to understand my eyes more in order to apply shadows better.

  18. Yasumi says:

    YOu bought Liberty Stuff!! You know Liberty seem to be doing a whole heap of collabos lately. My fave has to be the one with the Parisian company (forgotten the name). You must look at their cute mini suitcases…sooooooo darling.

    You know why else I like Liberty? When London was getting bombed like crazy Liberty survived.


  19. Georgina says:

    Liberty is on a roll releasing LE stuff for a lot of companies! in manila, Liberty has a LE collection with local fashion house Kamiseta, which i am dying to see! πŸ™‚ great haul as always Yumeko!

    oh no, you’re sick again? damn pollution. i hope you feel better soon πŸ™‚

  20. ? Cookiie says:

    Pfft the air pollution is so horrible in Hong Kong. ><;; I hope you'll get better soon~ I'm planning on getting the Cyndi Lauper lipstick as well when I'm in HK, because then I'd be "on vacation" and I'd feel less guilty about it. xD;

  21. VanityMakeup says:

    WOAH, everything london of liberty!
    I love their patterns.

    I wanted to get quite a few of their eyeshadows in the MAC collection, but I ended up realising that not of them are wearable enough for me.

  22. Nani says:

    HOLY FREAKING MOLY!! *_* That “Perennial High Style” lipgloss looks AMAZING! I totally see why it’s your favorite of the bunch. WOW.. and what’s with everyone getting the “Lady Gaga” lipstick? -__-” To begin with I thought that the color was too vibrant and too ‘pink!’, you know? But it looks really decent and wearable.. Ahh well..

    And honestly.. I just fell in love with the niniMONICA ‘lilac’-ish color. I LOOOOOVE that shade of purples/lilacs. OMG! Seeing this entry just made my day.. spite being sick and all, I’m kinda happy right now. Thanks for sharing ; D

  23. becs says:

    oh the macs are so pretty..i’m so jealous….can’t afford it ..:P

  24. Silkybow says:

    i adore the MAC packaging as well. It is so pretty~ and your London trip from last year looks really fun. You seem to be able to go everywhere that I wish to go to ):

  25. Yui says:

    love your eotd! very pretty!

    hope you feel better! πŸ™‚

  26. mystifize says:

    Wow awesome haulage!! I love love love the liberty of london prints…soo pretty!! even the mac ones!!

    I think I’m finally getting better from my cold/flu/whatever it is that’s bothering me since last week! So hope you get better soon too!

    & whoa I didn’t know Arashi has been around for so long now…I still remember going nuts over their first single…but it looks like they haven’t aged at all! πŸ˜€

  27. Mariko says:

    Hope the BB cream works, because I saw it in Watsons and it wasn’t very expensive! Also, love the MAC lipgloss colours, some of the colours are quite similar to the lipgloss set Benefit Cosmetics had on sale during Christmas. I love watery lipgloss colours, beats sparkly glitter by far!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i bought it based on oil control and in that case, i think it works well! its been extremely hot and humid here and the bbcream held up very well for the 2 days i tried it so far ^^ u should try it!!!

  28. ore says:

    New follower just saying hi:p

  29. Catherine says:

    Ahh, awesome Liberty of London haul! I totally didn’t see those scarves when I was at Target! ?!?! Oh well LOL. The MAC glosses look realllly nice. I can’t wait to see you wear everything! Especially the purple blush! I have a lot of blush but I don’t think I have any purples!

    & teeeheeehee I really do love the jackets Arashi are wearing in that video!

  30. Violet says:

    Please feel better soon! <3 Oh your EOTD is wonderful! I love the Perennial High Style gloss too, it's a beautiful colour.

  31. Georgina says:

    hello hello πŸ™‚ im currently using Nature’s Gate “Rain” clarifying shampoo once a week πŸ™‚

  32. kickangel says:

    I’ve tried the purple and green combo before (I think P&J did it before and Bourjois had it last year) and I loved it so much, I kept using the same colors for a few weeks. xD But my choice of colors were brighter.

    I love the Monster PV too! I’ve always thought their PVs don’t do justice to their songs, or them, for that matter. -.-V

    • Bittenbefore says:

      XD it was all i had on hand but i do like this color combo
      its got a peacock feel!

  33. Caroline says:


    It’s mee! Caroline! You probably don’t remember me because I kind of went MIA from blogger after I “started” my blog in May of last year hehe. =/ Then, during the summer I was swamped with my full-time internship & commute, so I barely had time to read blogs and blog myself. Then school started in Fall, so I still wasn’t really able to read/blog. But I made a New Years resolution to blog more and to stay caught up on reading blogs as best as I can, and so, here I am now ^_^ I bet I have a TON of your posts to catch up on bc you’re in HK now and no longer in Japan!! gahh! In my Google Reader, it says that your blog has 8 new posts that I’m behind on…but I’m pretty sure it’s not accurate bc I need to read your stuff from since last year!!

    hehe anyway, that’s quite a haul you did there!! xD I didn’t get any lippies from that collection. Instead, I bought both of the beauty powders!! I LOVEE them! They’re so pretty, soft, light, and shimmery/pearly. My go-to blushes right now hehe. I love it that you got Liberty of London makeup stuffs AND accessories! ^_^ Have you seen pictures of the MAC to the Beach summer collection yet? Does anything appeal to you? I’m obsessed!! I want soo many things!! but I’m totally broke right now, so I MUST save up bc I MUST buy the High-Light powder, powder blushes, and the Beach Bound lipstick…SO PRETTY! I’m also thinking about bronzing powder and the lip glass…so bad! too many lemmings!

    I love your green & purple EOTD, Yumeko!! The colors compliment each other really well! You did such a great job making it look completely wearable! I totally dig the how soft the colors look and how they’re so seamlessly blended together! πŸ™‚

    Yay new BB Cream!! Let us know how it goes! I always love to hear about new BB Creams ^_^ WOW…sunblock with up to 130 SPF PA+++…that is intense!! I want myself a whole box!! I need to stay pale. I want to even out my skin tone too…my arms are tanner than my legs and face wth! πŸ™ Do you by any chance know of any safe, good, and effective body whitening products? I just want my arms to match my face and legs and the rest of my body! ^^;;

    ♥ caroline

  34. Chakura says:

    Wow the scarves are really pretty! I heard so much about the viva la Glam Lady gaga lipstick and looking at it makes me wanna get it. May you please swatch it..=D
    yeah i’m one who has no idea how to put on eyeshadow ie green and purple like you just did. I always thought they may be too loud and I never know what to pair them up with outfit wise! what do you wear with bright eyeshadows??

    • Bittenbefore says:

      the colors arent very loud really..or maybe i wear a lot of makeup anyway hahaha
      i like to wear purples with a purple or black or blue outfit
      i find this green/purple shadow perfect for springy outfits ^^ like floral?

  35. Tammy says:

    I love the designs on the liberty of london things. I bought the shell pearl powder & it’s so pretty – it’s the perfect highlight for me, but I think it would be a great blush for someone you!! hehe!

  36. Miruku says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Liberty, I hadn’t heard of it before. The packaging is so pretty, but the swatches look good too. I love Arashi’s new song and the drama is good too. Well, I love anything Arashi-related!

  37. Dororo says:

    I would like to try some Mentholatum BB cream ><'
    Is it only within asian countries?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      oh actually i dont know! it was my first time seeing it as well so i havent checked out any other countries
      i think its new so hopefully it makes it out to other places soon ^^
      where are u from?
      the company that makes it is called Rohto so maybe u can look out for it! ^^

  38. Kendall says:

    I missed out on the Liberty collection >_< That purple blush looks fun!

  39. sarah says:

    i think the green/purple look works quite well πŸ˜€
    what does purple blush look like on the cheeks?! i must know! haha.

  40. Rene says:

    Hey Yumeko!! πŸ˜€ Great post as usual.. I love the Liberty of London for Target collection also! Too bad they don’t have Target in Canada! >< (Hope its not rainy in HK like it is in Canada!) Also feel better and get some rest! πŸ˜€

  41. Rene says:

    Hm for some reason blogpsot won’t let me post my whole comment? :S So I’ll put it into parts..

    You should try the Cyndi (Viva Glam) Lipstick also! I find Gaga a bit too bright for everyday and Cyndi is also a beautiful color! πŸ˜€

    Also I’m one of your new readers.. and was wondering if you could please follow my blog also maybe? πŸ˜€

    Thanks and have a great weekend! >< (Hope its not rainy in HK like it is in Canada!) Also feel better and get some rest!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      cyndi viva glam was too red on me sadly hence i didnt get it XD
      sure! oh u follow my blog? sure i’ll follow urs too ^^

  42. Marce says:

    That EOTD is very pretty! I actually did something similar the other day πŸ™‚
    Nice haul! I’m still waiting for the collection to arrive, I hope I don’t miss out since I love the packaging and the colours of the products!

  43. Kat says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and am enjoying it immensely.
    Thank you for always sharing such interesting things.

    I loved your EOTD. The colors were beautiful!

    I’m looking forward to your review of the BB Cream.

    Arashi! I am a big Arashi fan. Thanks for sharing the Monster PV preview.

  44. Jian says:

    I tried to comment last time and I dont think it went through?

    Anyway, I wish I could sew! I remember I did so badly in sewing class the teacher was really annoyed with me, because I always got the bobbin stuck – somehow all the thread got completely tangled? I also snapped a few needles..and I couldn’t sew in a straight line either *sigh*.

    The MAC stuff is pretty!! And I love the eye look~ I think it realy suits your eye!!

  45. Nat says:

    Great haulage (as always). I wasn’t even aware that the Liberty London thing was something bigger than MAC! Thanks for enlightening me!

  46. molι says:

    i looooove the packaging of the liberty lip stick! the birds and flowers and the black&white background <3 oh and purple lipgloss is marvelous..
    sunscreen with SPF 130???? XD thats crazy! dont know how it's in asia but in germany everything over spf 50 has to be labeled 50+ lol i'm always on the lookout for good sunscreen though, have you used that one and if yes what did you think of it?
    seems like everyone's buying the viva glam gaga lipstick! i wish i could wear it but the color looks very weird on me πŸ™

  47. Why on Earth does Liberty do a collection for TARGET in the US, and deprive us here in the UK?

    Lucky girl!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      Miss Eve tells me liberty in UK is also selling the stuff they did for Target
      she says its on the website ^^
      hope ity helps@!

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