Nightlife in Taipei

Usually when one talks about nightlife in Taipei..i think most of us think of night markets?
With good reason cos they have really good night markets! However since i just wrote about Shilin Night Market less than a month ago [see here], i wont tell you about my trip there this time.

So where did i go instead? No i didnt go clubbing or drinking..Instead i went to the bookstore! Haha no seriously…
Eslite Bookstore
I LOVE books!
This bookstore stocks books in mandarin, english and japanese!!

I spent AGES browsing through the books.
Oddly the bookstore doesnt have separate sections like english books, japanese books and chinese books.
Instead they have the usual sections like “travel” and all the travel books in all different languages are placed in it. It makes it a little complicated but least i can compare the books easily.
Popped into the attached cafe for a break…

Good thing i was there on a weekend night
Cos it was around 1am when i took this pic

I had an ice coffee [HUGE MISTAKE! cos i was awake for AGES. I dont normally drink coffee. I have drunk less than 5 cups in the last 10 years. Not sure what i was thinking]
Husband also got some scones to share with me <– but i didnt have any in the end cos they gave whipped cream from a can instead of real cream…haha i am so picky XD
There was a crazy amount of moths which were attracted to the ceiling lamps XD

We left Eslite bookstore around 2am…and headed for..the 24hr supermarket [Carrefour] I was awake anyway [Note ice coffee drunk earlier]
Regular readers will know i HEART supermarkets.

Aisles were quite empty [like i said..its 2am XD]

Craploads of shampoo and bodywash in huge bottle sizes aka sizes i cannot lug home in my luggage

Aisle of facewash…..

Was excited to find the ORIKS display

You might think all i buy is cosmetics..but its not true. I’ll let u in on a secret..
This was what i was most excited to find…
Yes they are indeed FILES. I got this odd obsession with filing. Seriously i file EVERYTHING in transparent pocket files. And i loooove new ones XD Before you say..oh pish..cant u buy these files in Hong Kong? Well yes and no! i found one with 80 pockets and it didnt look completely ugly [usually the ones with tons of pockets are black and boring]

Oops did i ramble? Files is a weird obsession of mine. So i better stop now before i scare any of you XD

Anyway we popped back to the hotel around 4am where i spent the next 4 hours wide awake watching weird infomercials on TV which i didnt really understand anyway….Never drinking coffee again. Not at 2am anyway.
Side note..ever notice how the ugliest bags/shoes are sold on infomercials?

Last post on Taiwan next and then the Taiwan haul post <3

In other news, Elle Magazine [Hong Kong issue] is giving away a card case OR pouch featuring the new Paul and Joe summer print. I snuck a quick pic at the store
Edit: This print is called “SAHARA” thanks to Miss RougeDeluxe for the info!
Havent decided if i want the card case or pouch yet.
What do you think i should get?

I havent done a beauty post in a while..will try to do one next <3

Till then….hope everyone is well!
XOXO Yumeko

I may love my kpop but i can never stop loving my jpop XD [its a inbuilt biasedness]

“Going” By Kat-tun

Edit: what’s this? i just noticed i have over 750 followers! i just did the mini giveaway for 700 followers last week! Thank you guys soooo much!! I know i am the worst commentor [i blame my schedule and travels] but i do read ur blog posts on my phone. But yes! new followers/lurkers! leave a comment! send me an email if you are shy! i’d love to get to know you <3 I'll have to do another giveaway soon too *wink* ありがと!

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44 Responses to Nightlife in Taipei

  1. mandy says:

    Lol drinking the coffee in the very early morning doesn’t sounds torturous!
    those places sound interesting even at that hour. i’ve never heard of 24 super markets :O
    the face wash aisle looks heavenly ^__^
    can’t wait to see what you hauled from taiwan!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      haha i think i am defenceless against caffeine XD though i drink a lot of tea XD
      in australia, i think almost all the supermarkets are 24 hrs

      • ~eng~ says:

        there are a few 24 hours supermarts in Singapore too. I heard from my friend that even at the wee hours, there are still queues at the cashiers. :S

  2. Justine says:

    I LOOOVE this post. I love going to bookstores and can spend hours in one (esp. university bookstores as they have both fiction books and medicals texts, which I love)! I wish they were open 24 hrs here 🙁 There isn’t much all for ones in Canada I suppose – but it’d be nice to have at least one!

    I also adore stationary/files/binders. I bought a lot while we were in Japan and if I’d had more space in my luggage in Vancouver I would have picked up even more at Daiso! I like being able to organize all my papers, and I love the solid coloured, see-through styles (they are not popular here, sadly).

    I find supermarkets interesting, and my favourite time to browse them is when they’re empty (middle of the night or close to closing, haha). Did you pick up more Oriks?

    I think you should get the pouch – more useful? Multipurpose, anyway.

  3. Anastacia says:

    I always love your supermarket pics with a beauty stuff!

  4. Alida says:

    Ah! I always go to Eslite when I go to Taiwan! The cafe’s hot chocolate is pretty good too! Where’s this 24hr supermarket lol..wish HK had one like it too!!

    Your lil secret is cute..first time I’ve heard someone say they’re obsessed with plastic files, and not the nail files! hahaha

  5. rachel says:

    yumeko, you are too cute and funny. filing obsession! hahaha can i hire you to come organize my stuff for me? i am absolutely horrible at filing. any tips? oh and i also love that book store in taiwan!!! it seems to be that they have a bigger selection than the ones in hk (eng books anyway). AH, and did you get my tweet about how jay was in taiwan? he visited the night market! 😛

    anyways, i’m now back in the U.S. sad that we never got to meet up in HK but i’m sure it’ll happen sometime…you are such an avid traveler. 😛 do send me an email if you’re ever in the country!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yes i havent actually met anyone in hk from blogger since i moved. can you believe it? gah my schedule never meets up with everyone sadly T-T
      BUT! i do hope to make it out to US soon. Where in US are you?

      • rachel says:

        NYC! 🙂

        • Bittenbefore says:

          tats right! duh u told me and i forgot! sorry!

          YESSSSS NYC works perfectly for me. wink wink. will let u know when i am there <3 will bring u some goodies incase u miss asia!

  6. May says:

    love you random post<3 what a big no no to drink coffee at 2am:( i had an iced coffee at 6pm before and it kept me up the whole night. i've learned my lesson. It's really cool to have 24 hour supermarket and bookstore. the empty aisles reminded me of super walmart. i like to shop at late night since, it's less crowed. weee! i'm excited to look at the oriks display too haha i have an obsession with filing, especially with the transparent pocket files lol

    tough call! i think the card case is more unique and the pouch is more useful.

  7. Hannah says:

    wow, i really want to go inside that store! it’s like drugstore makeup aisle heaven!! ( :

  8. Locke says:

    Hi there~ LOL at “craploads of shampoos and bodywash”,yeah! will take forever to use ’em haha~ the facewash on that section is HUUUUUGE! yeah, craploads of stuffs! love your term^_^ that’s overwhelming, if i was there, can’t choose what to get =)awesome night trip! never knew a 24 hours supermarket..if there’s even only one 24/7 market here, would spent the entire day and night there LOL.ooh,the cafe looks cozy^_^ wow, you love files? that’s interesting =) looks like you had a fun time! thanks for sharing those pics.Love it! xoxo

  9. Georgina says:

    hahaha i dont blame you for being picky, its going to YOUR tummy, you have to like it to eat it right? hehehe.

    those colored folder files will make filing much more fun! 🙂

    go for the card holder! its much cuter imho. 😀

    i cannot wait for you taiwan haul!

  10. Georgina says:

    *your taiwan haul. ooops! 😛

  11. Catherine says:

    Awwww how fun!!! I’m like that with coffee too, especially late at night!

    & lol you’re so cute! I would love to file everything neatly away (I really need to) but it’s SO HARD to find cute file folders in the US!!!

  12. wuzzyangel says:

    Someone is missing from this vid right? I thought they had 6 members? Hrm… but I loved Kame in YNSH!!! & Nobuta. That Nakamura guy annoys me for some reason. When I was watching “Rescue” I all but fast fwd through his parts! LOL!

    Pls tell me that $150 is not USD. *faints* But even your coffee and scones look good to me! And look at all the product!! *squeals* I’d be in there for hours! LOL! See I’m still upset that US mags don’t give great freebies like the Asian ones! 🙁

    Oh THANK YOU FOR MY MAG!!! Hehee…. SS501, A.N.JELL, F.T. Island, AND Lee JunKi?! Dayum!! LOVE YOU!!!!

  13. sarah says:

    i loveeeee filing too! hahahaa. neatness and organization, LOVE.

  14. haerunni says:

    omg i love supermarkets when i go abroad too!!!
    haha its so fun roaming around seeing all the “local” stuff 😀
    i can see yuko? from aini yukimasu 🙂

    supermarkets arent 24rs in sydney.. i think the latest they open is till midnight, thats in the residential aras anyway.. maybe the city ones open till later! although i went to coles last night and htere was hardly any shoppers.. only staff packing shelves LOL

  15. IVY says:

    nice blog!

  16. Yinnie says:

    LOL, you and your kooky obsessions <3
    Books are amazing, don't know how i meet so many people that don't read…
    Looks like you had a great time in taiwan.

  17. Yasumi says:

    Lets drink coffee and walk through the aisles dancing my dear? Let’s tell each other stories and wonder about the world! Let’s make mischief and stuff our faces. Then let’s wake up late and do it all again.

  18. Krib says:

    bookstores opened at night ?? That’s really cool ! Stores close at 7pm here in France 🙁

  19. Linda says:

    lol to drinking coffee in the early morning and not being able to sleep later. That happened to me before. Not sure what I was thinking either bc I’m not a coffee drinker. hahaha

  20. miRa says:

    i love file too!! 😀 yeahh. most of them are kinda boring!
    so i paste cute stickers on top! XD
    hmm. i’ll vote for pouch! :p
    coz ur mtr card case (the biscuit one!) is wayyy cuter than this! 😀

    • Bittenbefore says:

      wow u remember the mtr card i have! it wont fit this card case cos that card i have is a mini one [about half of the normal sized one]
      but i was thinking of getting it to hold my hk id card XD

  21. Karrie says:

    I like to file things too.
    I use those books for recipes.
    It works perfectly and the plastic protects the papers from food splatter.

  22. Miruku says:

    You make want to go to Taiwan! The Paul and Joe pouch is lovely, such a nice pattern. I really enjoy supermarkerts oin other countries too, so many new sweets!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      how are supermarkets in ireland [i assume thats where u are from since u are irish]
      i never been there!!!

  23. Dina (XYYan) says:

    I’ve been to the bookstore too, it’s really great there 😀

  24. Jian says:

    Aww poor you about the coffee! I’m glad I’m not so affected by coffee. I drink copious amounts of tea, mostly assam everyday so I think my caffeine tolerance isn’t too bad. I can’t even wake up until I’ve had my morning cup of tea with a splash of milk.

    I love wandering supermarkets too, although in Shanghai Carrefour is CRAZY. It’s too busy!!! The checkout queue is almost 30-45 minutes long!!! T________T

    I don’t blame you for not eating the scones. I wouldn’t be all too impressed if I was given cream out of a can.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      ooooh carrefour in shanghai must be HUGEEEEE!
      isnt there walmart there too! i wonder if its like the one in usa!!

      • Jian says:

        The carrefours are huuuge! They are at least two storeys high!!

        I haven’t seen/been to walmart actually! I wonder if they sell Sonia Kashuk for Walmart makeup brushes. I think that would be a worthy trip across Shanghai if they sold them!!

        I have seen Tesco though. But it’s crap inside compared to Carrefour!

        • Bittenbefore says:

          but isnt sonia kashuk sold in target not walmart?
          or am i wrong..i havent been to walmart in such a long time!

  25. Olive says:

    Your just like me with coffee! I can’t even drink coke after 5pm or else I’ll be up all night haha…

  26. aw man I drink wayy more coffee than I should. I love bookstores in Taiwan, they usually have the best stationary sections I can just spend hours in. My favorite place to go in Taiwan is 7/11 lol it’s so different from the 7/11’s here! And they have yummy inexpensive food. And lots of DHC!

  27. fuz says:

    Ahh too fun!

  28. evie says:

    haha i love stationary shops!! i collect like tons of pretty notebooks and files too!even though i might not need them now..but wad if you need it and you cannot find the one that you saw buy nvr buy! haha…hoarder mentality 24 hours supermarkets and stores!! you can throw me into the supermarket and i can wander around for hours looking for anything haha esp at night!no one to bother you..oriks!i will probably grab them! haha..thanks for introducing them!the bb cream is one of the few i always grab!i dun drink coffee but i love the aroma but dislike the taste haha..

  29. Lemon Sorbet says:

    Lovely photos – makes one want to visit Taipei. I love browsing book shops and wish there were book shops open at night time where I live.
    Card case and pouch from Elle both look appealing. I often buy a magazine simply because there’s some tempting pouch or bag on offer. Hope you will make some sewing items soon. I am a fan!

  30. mars says:

    I’m obsessed with files too so i can understand how you feel when you passed that aisle full of binders and files. hehe

  31. OMG, I love the card case and pouch featuring the new Paul and Joe summer print, don’t know if I still can find it or not.

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