MAC Too Fabulous, Taipei Haul + Liberty Mook

I keep forgetting to write about these…but a while back i actually got two items from the MAC Too Fabulous collection. Thanks to Miss GK for helping me get them!
Mineralize Blush Duo in Rhapsody in Two and Two Virtues

Two Virtues
Frosty pink and purple
I looove this..cos everyone knows i like purple blushes…just the right amount of color
The payoff isnt very great so if u are after a vivid color..this isnt for you

Rhapsody in Two
Frosty light pale pink mixed with pale peach
I like this too! somedays in summer my cheeks are too colored and i find the frosty color tones it down and adds more color to it without overloading on color. [does that make sense?!]

From left: Rhapsody in Two, Two Virtues
Any questions? Fill free to ask
Update: used it in my fotd at the end of the post!!

So everyone keeps asking me what i bought in Taipei
I’ll be really honest with you guys..not very much XD! Not by my standards anyway heehee

Stocked up on Oriks Vit C bbcream
This is definetely my fave bbcream. It does wonders for my skin. Not so good on the oil control but it treats scars and evens out skintones very well.

Also picked up some wash off masks from Oriks
Never tried these so i hope they are good!

Heehee in my last entry i spoke of my file obsession and quite a few of you are the same!!
I got this folder from Cold Stone

Was a gift for spending over $XXX [forgot how much!]

I also bought several folders from..i have no idea what the name of the stationary store is [behind Taipei main station]

Scrapbooking stickers [i dont scrapbook] some of these are for Asiyakei who does scrapbook

Weird ballpoint pens as omiyage/gifts for friends

Loooove the Shin Ramyum one..i am so keeping it
The dangling fork appeals to me too

Heehee its a ramen eraser inside!

Random beer pens as gifts for the boys

I also picked up the LIBERTY Mook!
I was going to wait till i get back to Tokyo to purchase it but was afraid it might be sold out there

Price wasΒ NT529 [About USD$16.40] Β or 1500yen, which isnt too bad since the RRP in Japan is 1380yen.

I loooove these floral prints from Liberty

The amazing color combinations

Came with the most adorable bag too!


And it even has patterns for sewing

The pattern above is for this apron below which i am SOOO making

Speaking of sewing..the husband bought some geeky books from recently so i piggybacked onto his order [READ: shamelessly made him pay for my books and shipping] and got some sewing books
These have been on my wishlist for quite a while so its good to finally get them!! will review if anyone is interested.

Since we are on the topic of books and what not, Fashion and Beauty [Hong Kong magazine] is giving away a Paul and Joe mirror with every issue this month.
The mirror is HUGE! Such a bargain cos the magazine only costs $15hkd [about USD$2]

Last on this uber odd and random this new hat i bought!
Yah it actually fits my HUGE head. i have problems buying hats outside of japan XD
I bought this hat in Sogo in TST.

How it looks like on me….
Ok so my head still looks huge hahaha i wore it out today and got some really odd looks from people.
But i am odd anyway..oh wait..u knew that already..

The week is almost over. Time really flies doesnt it?
I hope everyone is doing well
XOXO Yumeko

p.s it came to my notice yesterday..thanks to Miss S and Miss L for notifying me, that my contact form stopped working for a few days. i have fixed the stupid plugin since and should be working now. Feel free to keep sending me emails [READ: i am sad and would like to read emails not related to work] ^^
If its a short email, i usually reply right away [READ: iphone addict]. So if i dont reply..maybe i didnt get your email, please resend ^^ Plugin is a bit kooky at times.

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51 Responses to MAC Too Fabulous, Taipei Haul + Liberty Mook

  1. Justine says:

    I haven’t tried any of the MAC Mineralize blushes or MSFs – I am thinking of picking up Stereo Rose when it gets repromoted because there is SOOO much hype around it, so I’m hoping I’m not allergic to them AND that it’s not a glitter bomb, since I’m into just a teeny bit of shimmer on my cheeks (makes it easier to pick a blush at random and wear it to work)! There is a dark purple MUFE HD blush but it is SO pigmented I looked like a giant bruise when I tried it!! Will need to revisit, haha.

    The files and stickers are SO CUTE and summery! I love pop-up stickers. And the omiyage! I used to collect the embellished HK pencils/pens but I love your ramen pencil and the little eraser inside! I would never use the erase, just so I could preserve the noodle pattern, haha.

    I love the mirror, as you know! I can’t believe how big it is o_O

    I LOVE THE HAT. I need to find one!!
    Glad you found the Liberty mook! The bag is cute and that apron looks ADORABLE. If it went all the way around it’d be a cute skirt too (I like ruffles).

  2. Jian says:

    Hi Yumeko! The blushes are *so* pretty! -)

    The ramen pencils!!!!!! And a ramen eraser. Truly amazing!!! I’ve never seen any as cool as that =)

    The apron is really cute! I wish I could sew T___T Maybe I should start trying? It’s difficult I think when you don’t really have anyone for guidance (or maybe I am just making excuses…)

    The hat looks great on you! Why would you be getting strange looks? It’s not because it looks strange, it’s because they are obviously checking you out!!! Chinese people are like that, really. Yesterday my friends and I went (on a very rare trip to McDonalds), and my friends whispered “That Chinese lady on the next table was glaring at you the whole time. Do you know her?” Of course the answer was no. They just really like giving death glares and strange looks. So completely ignore any weird looks you get!!! =D

  3. Yasumi says:

    That BB cream is a God send!! I love mine – thanks to you I got to try it otherwise i would still be plodding around the net looking for it.

    You and Liberty – I hope we get to go again soon. When I get better as sewing, I am defo investing in some fabric to make a dress or add accents to stuff. AMAZING QUALITY!

    I love the boater hat – it is soooooo pretty!

  4. Bunny says:

    Purple blush?
    Never tried before…. Looks very tempting but you mentioned that if I’m after vivid its not for me….
    I love vivid…
    But i think i still wanna try… πŸ˜›

  5. Diane says:

    Omggg i lovee the cute pens that you bought!!! Haha! i actually love to eat the ramen, so i’d have totally picked up the pen!!!

  6. Vicky says:

    The blushers are so pretty, I have a few purple blushers but are a little afraid to use them XD
    The pens are soo cute. I missed HK like crazy, will have to find time to go back next year and haul like crazy πŸ˜€ I want that mirror! ^^
    I love Japanese mooks, I’ve recently received Cher’s 15th anniversary box (late, but glad it’s still available on yesasia, although it cost a bomb! ¬¬ hehe)
    The hat is really pretty, it suits you πŸ™‚

    I didn’t reply in your previous post, but I want to wish you the best for your move back to Japan and whatever plans you have in the future. I love your blog and your handmade items (i can’t wait to receive my make-up pouch ^^) I hope you make more πŸ˜€

  7. annie says:

    LOL the pens are so cute~
    It says Pu ramyun instead of shin ramyun, Dongshim instead of Nongshim and Jabagetti instead of Japagetti haha
    aww the hat looks cute from what i can see of the photo!

  8. Rena says:

    OMG! I’m in love with all the cute ramen pens that you bought for your friends! I love collecting pens! *I wish I was one of your friends!
    The stationery sets are adorable too!

    <33 Rena

  9. nlngstar says:

    yume-chan… bring me to that stationary store… haha. just wanna get cute things from there…

    fabrics…. summer <3

    p.s: what lenses u are wearing in the pic? it looks nice and your EOTD is lovely πŸ™‚

  10. Rainbow says:

    Hi Yumeko,

    HK does not carry Oriks BB cream? I was hoping to buy it when I visit there.

  11. Chung says:

    Please review those sewing books! Always interested in stuff related to sewing ^o^
    The P&J mirror is sooo cute! Absolute loves it. The summery feel goes well with your new hat (which is super cute btw!).

  12. Sheila says:

    I bought the same blush in Two Virtues, I guess we are alike in some ways… =D

    And that hat looks really good on your, those ppl giving you weird looks are just jealous that you have a new hat and they dont XD

  13. Frmheadtotoe says:

    Ahhhhhh, so cute!!! And I love that P&J mirror too. Very lucky! ^.^

  14. ka says:

    cute stuff you have there…
    the two mac blushes look very nice… hope to get my hand on them soon=)
    The bbcream… does it come in different tones or only a few like other bbcream?

  15. shopaholic_jo says:

    i have the exact mac mineralized blushes! πŸ™‚

  16. hello hello princess …
    This section is precious … and send you an invitation to twitter and facebook …

  17. Miruku says:

    Everything is lovely! Especially your photo! I understand that you don’t want to show your face, but you look pretty <3 Those dress making books look so dificult, I wish I had your talent!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      aww u are too kind my dear!!! <3
      i learnt sewin from books so i definetely think u can do it too ^^

  18. Mandie says:

    Hi I’m a new reader. ^-^

    Those beer pens are fantastic. I don’t even like beer but I would totally use those, haha.

  19. Lulu says:

    omg I totally adore that Shin Ramyum pen! w/ the ramen inside too, how adorable! hehehe. I always get a kick out of things like these :p

    Oriks sounds like a great BB cream to try out! and yay for the two beautiful blushes from MAC.

  20. Nic says:

    OMG….I want the shin ramyun pen…….and those beer pens are pretty cool too….

    I wish I could still get the liberty mook…..I’m so loving florals….

  21. mira says:

    weee! pretty files!! πŸ˜€ .<

  22. mira says:

    :((( my msg got cut off!!
    repost repost!! :p
    “weee! pretty files!! and those ballpoints is so CUTE!! even the bf agree! :p
    and love love love your gorgeous eotd!! wish i could have such a skill too… πŸ™ ”


  23. Lemon Sorbet says:

    These lovely sewing books your hubby got you from look really appealing. Review them pleaseeeee when you have time – I will be very interested dear Yumeko!
    You look so beautiful in your gorgeous boater hat. I love your amazing eyes, your hair, your scrunchie and your pretty top. You look scrumptiously yummy in this photo!!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i will do a review just for u dear! once i get some time to read/work on them
      most of them are about drafting or adjusting our own patterns so i am definetely keen

      i am glad u like the boater hat on me! thank u so much, u are too kind!

  24. JU says:

    haha…the pens are so cute!! the peach pink blush also looks good. I’ve been in love with my bobbi brown rose shimmer brick so I shouldn’t buy anything new until i use that one all up.

  25. mayaari says:

    the little ramen erasers are so cute! i share your love of files/office supplies – my mom always laughed when i’d go overseas and come home with tons of notebooks and folders from the philippines πŸ™‚ i see where your apron project came from – hope it turns out well!

  26. evie says:

    ahh i love the files so cute!! yeah i bought alot of those Lshape files too due to their cute prints but usually they canno hold my thick notes=.= but just looking at them makes me happy! haha.shall take a pic of my collection next time^^ oriks bb cream!i’m hoping that those tw mag will give out freebies of the bb cream again so that i can stock them in spore! the mirror is huge!! super worth the money!

    the Rhapsody in Two colour is fab! hehe love buying all types of cute stickers esp the furry ones!
    ooh would love to have a review on those sewing books!TKS!!

    oh ryc: yeah i think a long time ago lush is in spore but they shut down cos i think in the past there are not so much hype about it..yup! i stash all of them in the fridge but always forgot to take them out before going to the bathroom=.=”

  27. miru says:

    The pens, folders and stickers look so cute! : D
    Actually everything is really cool. :’ D

    The hat looks really good on you. :3

  28. Catherine says:

    Oooh, pretty blushes! Love your Taiwan haul too – the stationery is soooo cute! I don’t scrapbook either but I often buy cute stickers just to have them LOL… and now I’m super interested in the Oriks BB cream! I don’t hear a lot about that brand anywhere else, I think.

    The ramen pen is just priceless! LOL! πŸ˜€

    Cute hat! πŸ˜€

  29. wuzzyangel says:

    You + the hat = CUTENESS!! Love it! You and Yasumi are boater hat twins now! LOL!

    Dang that is a vibrant blush! Such striking colors!

    LOL Nice folder, pen omiyage haul! Haha cute! It’s ramen!

  30. omg first off SHINCUP RAMEN PENCIL AAAAH MUST GET MYSELF ONE. My eyes got really wide when I saw that lol. I will have to check out Oriks when I go this summer, btw you look super super cute with that hat! Wish I could pull off hats, I usually end up looking slightly kooky

  31. VanityMakeup says:

    The hat is uber cute and I love your hair colour! (:

  32. Anastacia says:

    Aweeeeee! those Mac stuff looks beautiful!~

  33. rene says:

    awww! u look so cute! pity i cant really see how the blush look on you in the FOTD. I so wanted to get Rhapsody in Two when it was launched, bu I just didn’t make it on time. So now i can only stare into the images posted by other bloggers who owns it. HAHAHA.

    I wish i knew how to sew! i would sew my own clothes. wahahah!

  34. Tammy says:

    I LOVE this hat!! OMG…you look so pretty in it!! Everyone has been wearing hats lately..I need to find one that suits me..

  35. Diane says:

    OoO Love the blushes, so pretty, I didn’t get any blushes from that collection. Now I’m jealous =)

    I told you on twitter, but I wanted to say it again- I love your hat! You look cute in it!

  36. Tiff says:

    Okok, gotta return the favour and actually do some commenting! It’s bad because I love comments but at the same time i’m so lazy… it’s karma lol. But I LOVE THAT SHIN RAMEN PEN. OH my God sometimes with Taiwan and their stupid political issues i’m so ashamed of my home country, but then they make awesome pens like that and all is right in the world :).

    And hooray for moving back to Japan in June! I have to say I went to Hong Kong a while ago and didn’t really like it… just didn’t feel that the shopping is as awesome as Japan. But on the other hand is probably better to live in Hong Kong in that case otherwise you’d get so poor :).

    • Bittenbefore says:

      XD thank u for commenting! i love hearing what people have to say ^^ i wish u would comment more just cos it would be interesting to get to know each other
      i loooooove shin ramen!!

      yes it would be good to move home! i am looking forward to it just to be close to friends and family

  37. sarah says:

    such a cute hat!! i love that mook, looks so pretty πŸ˜€
    shin ramen pen?! i wanntttt! hahaha axDD

  38. molΓ© says:

    hahaha those ramyun pencils are sooo funny and cute. perfect as little gifts!
    arrrgghh i’d SO love to try the oriks bb cream! but i cant find it anywhere online ._. guess i’ll have to wait until my next trip to taiwan, which is going to be in.. uh.. 30 years maybe? lol
    anyways, you look gorgeous in the last picture with the hat. dont understand why anyone would give you a weird look.. i’m sure your head really isnt THAT huge XDD

  39. Linda says:

    The hat looks really cute on you! That apron looks sooo cute! You should show us whenever you make it. =]

  40. Sofie says:

    Dammit, I love everything you got xD And the hat is so cute on you! (and if you make that apron POST PICS)
    Also daaamnnn that’s alot of oriks stuff! Reviews on the masks please xD

  41. PurtyPeas says:

    i’m so tempted to dye my hair to a similar shade like yours– is that an at home dye?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      sorry to let you know but i actually got it done at the salon. i am too clumsy to dye my hair myself and since its long, i would need 2 -3 boxes so it ends up being abt the same as going to a salon really XD its known as an ashy strawberry brown if it helps!

  42. abby says:

    I think i’ve seen jae joong!~
    anyway.. the hat is really cute! you have a lot of pretty stuff!

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