Heroine Make Mascara Remover Review

Its Monday again! How is everyone???
Hope your weekend went smoothly!

I dont think i have ever done a makeup remover review..have i? anyway here’s my first one!
Heroine Make Mascara Remover by KissMe
Price: 840yen [about USD$8.50] <– Price in Japan

This seemed to be quick and easy alternative to removing hard to remove mascara esp at the roots so i thought i give it a try….
Apply suitable amount from the root of eyelashes. Wait for 2-3 minutes. Use a piece of cotton wool to remove the liquid.

The comb design makes it very easy to “coat” all the lashes!
– Doesnt sting the eyes
– Removed most of my hard to remove mascaras like Majolica Majorca and Maybelline Cat Eyes waterproof mascara. <– even using lancome bifacil..this is sometimes hard to remove
– Good size/packaging for travelling. Rather than carrying a bottle of eye makeup remover.
– Cheaper than lancome bifacil which is my HG. Using this makes me use less of the lancome remover.

– i wouldnt say this is a one step mascara remover. I would still use other cleansing oils or other products after this. You gotta remove the rest of your makeup anyway

Overall views:
I would buy this again! Why? I think it works as well as bifacil and if in a pinch eg travelling..this is so much easy to carry around. Though ok i admit, i still carry lancome bifacil as i use to remove my copious amounts of eyeliner usage hahahaha

In other news, i recieved the most wonderful package from the gorgeous Spankedelic. I had been craving some Smucker’s Magic Shell recently and sadly they dont sell anything but chocolate outside of USA. Since i dont eat chocolate, i was lamenting my lack of magic shell action on twitter. Thankfully Miss Spankedelic got me some and sent it out to me despite her busy schedule! [She has amazing news/things going on at the moment]

Yah i was just expecting to get a bottle of Caramel Magic Shell but she totally hooked me up!!
I have not even heard of these flavours!!! I am loving the cupcake flavor and even the Reese flavor isnt bad. Its extremely strong peanut butter taste totally drowns out the chocolate taste thankfully!!

Thank you so much Miss Spankedelic! Once i am back in Tokyo, i am so sending u a package of love~!

Speaking of package of love, lookit what i got from Miss Asiyakei!
Mascots from the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

She sent me a whole bunch of other stuff too in our neverending swap [This is why i dont do swaps anymore. i got too many love packages to send out in return for the love i get XD!!] I’ll review and post pics of everything else later!!

Been doing some shopping lately..getting ready to go back home so i gotta bring some gifts back!
Uber blingy ribbon bag charms in gold and silver

Cute coin case with attached eco bag inside from SASA

Not a gift for anyone but rather for myself….decorative fake lashes
I got a few parties and things planned for when i get back to Tokyo so i thought these would be a great addition to my outfits <3 Think i might try to hunt down more. At around USD$4 a pop..these are way cheaper than Shu Uemura and i wont feel as bad if i do end up losing them at the party XD

Got a pair of lower lashes too
These are my fave style to wear

I have no idea when i bought these XD

And two really cute charms..ok i didnt buy these..i found these amongst my stuff. So i dont know when/where i bought them hahahaha

The reason why i had all those weird pics above..is probably cos i got a new camera recently and wanted to try it out XD [taking photos of random stuff..as if i aint random enough]
Actually i didnt buy this. I was kinda obsessing over it but wasnt sure if this is the camera for me. And i was being stingy i guess hahahah cos i thought for the price, i could get better cameras. But the husband got it for me in the end hahahahah It has two lcd screens. One in the front and one behind. So u can take that perfect self photo XD

My little camera case…
Will show you guys more once i work out how to use the camera a little better XD

I have a super full schedule this week but i am all pumped to get through it!
My ne-san/sister is visiting me this weekend so i cant wait to see her! We do some serious damage when we shop together hahahahaha <3 Till then, hope everyone is well XOXO Yumeko p.s i am loving this song off Super Junior's latest album
Boom Boom by Super Junior

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32 Responses to Heroine Make Mascara Remover Review

  1. annie says:

    omg no one has commented before me!! LOL
    the amgic shell? looks yum!! never heard/seen it before~

  2. Anastacia says:

    More cute stuff!
    That mascara remover sounds really inetersting!

    OMGGGG! Those false lashes looks gorgeous!!

  3. May says:

    the mascara remover sounds amazing. gotta gibe it a
    yay for love packages:) the magic shell looks yummy.
    love you bow bad charms especially the silver one:)
    let me know how you like the camera. i have only use canon cameras.

  4. Looks compact — great tip. I’m always looking for travel-friendly products that are good.

  5. miru says:

    Magic shell looks tasty. : )
    The coin bag is really cute!
    The camera looks cool… Two screens. o_O

  6. namienamie says:

    wow~ that mascara remover sounds handy. I *always* buy waterproof mascara, but some of them are so hard to get off! Even with an eye makeup remover, I always have some mascara left on my lashes (especially when I use my Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara…it’s a great mascara, but so hard to remove!) I’m worried that if this keeps up, I’ll end up damaging my lashes 🙁

    I think I’ll pick this up. Maybe combined with my typical eye makeup remover, I’ll be able to get all my mascara off ~~

    Love all your pics of “random” stuff~~ It’s all v. cute! <3 <3

  7. molé says:

    it’s so funny that you dont eat chocolate XD i’m slightly allergic to it but i still eat it cause it’s just that good.
    the makeup remover looks really interesting! such a good idea to make it look like mascara.. they should make more makeup removers in that size, not only for eye makeup but for the entire face. i only have a huge bottle which is really bad to carry around..
    love the SJ song 😀 bonamana still hasnt grown on me and i didnt bother checking out the rest of the album but this one is awesome lol

  8. Justine says:

    The mascara remover looks interesting – I wear loads of eye makeup as you know so I don’t think it would remove any steps for me!

    It has sadly not been warm enough for ice cream here but I think I am going to try to find the Heath magic shell for when I am in the mood for sundaes – glad the Reese’s one isn’t too chocolate-y for you (though you know I love chocolate, haha).

    YAY for Quatchi and Muk Muk. I think they are the cutest <3. I like the never-ending exchange of love packages. Am already 'collecting' for the next one 😉

    The lashes look cute! I am afraid of falsies, as you know, but I'd be more willing to try them if the cost was lower (they are pretty $$ here for decent looking ones)

    Can't wait to see how FOTD pictures work with your new camera! Let me know if it is easier (right now I am looking at a RICOH to replace my current camera, but that Samsung one isn't too expensive so I might get both).

  9. evie says:

    ooh a mascara that removes mascara sound interesting haha but i’m lazy and would alway use those that removes everything at one go hehe..biore cleansing oil are cheap and good! hehe removes Majorlica majorca ones too..a bonus for me..
    the 2 bag charms are so cute!!and the pouch from sasa!! i love pouches!my bag is always fill with them to fill my junk hehe..
    super sweet of your hubby!XDhearts your camera case!

  10. Dina (XYYan) says:

    Thanks for the review! The mascara remover sounds really great :). Wow, new camera! I always want one like that 😀

  11. sarah says:

    OOOO those blingy ribbons are so cute 😀

    i like your reviews~ usually on items i don’t find elsewhere (:

  12. Silkybow says:

    wow so great!
    I love the camera, tell us how it is after you take a few shtos with it ^^

  13. Angie says:

    I’m not much for blings, but those ribbon charms really caught my eye! Pretty~ <3

    Haha I remember the commercial for that camera! The gorilla cracked me up! :)) Also, I can TOTALLY see you're really enjoying your new camera. XD Samsung really knows how to have fun with their products, don't they? I got myself a Samsung phone a couple days ago and I super love using it too!

  14. Locke says:

    Hi! wow, i love those blingy ribbons and fakes lashes! ooh, love your cam too 🙂

  15. Yasumi says:

    You are the lash queen. I have started making my Tokyo shopping list and these are on there as is the K palette liners more Yumeko enabling goin’ on here.

    I love the purple lashes – just saw your Twitpic and they look stunning on you. You have beautiful eyes.

  16. ♥ Milk says:

    The mascara remover sounds interesting. I’d like to try it as well. I’ll add it to my to-buy list when I order from sasa again. 😛

  17. Lora says:

    ;__; That coin purse & eco bag from sasa is so cute!! I love how your posts are always filled with so many goodies!

  18. nlngstar says:

    excited for the camera… cool
    cool mascara remover….

  19. Miruku says:

    So many pretty things! I have seen that mascara remover in shops but I didn’t know what it was! This is why I love your blog, so educational!

  20. Jenn says:

    the mascara remover looks interesting. I always think my make up remover doesn’t get it all off all the time.

    Love the purple lashes!

    Hee hee I was talking to a co worker about that camera, is it super easy now to do self-portraits?

  21. Rozylipop says:

    cupcake magic shell!?!?!?!?!? wtf i want it too!! I can only get chocolate and caramel here…

    Oh and that super junior song is amazing… you always make me discover new awesome songs… love!!! <3

  22. wuzzyangel says:

    A mascara style mascara remover… lol!!

    Whoo lookit all that goodies from Trinh!! And you’ll have more coming your way soon too! 😉 hehe…. Yes the cupcake and Reese’s is sooo good too! Even Heath, but I’m a toffe choco lover! LOL!

    Glad to see the new cam is working good for you! The hubby is too sweet! And I soo see you rockin those smexy purple lashes!

    Haha YES!! I love BOOM BOOM more then Bonamana. It’s got more plays on my iTouch then Bonamana right now!

  23. ahhaha it’s SuJu! Sorry Sorry is a source of neverending amusement for me, especially the dance. I love all your bow themed goods, and omg wow I have never heard of magic shell but that sounds so awesome. I want to try the cupcake and caramel flavors so badly mmmm. The lower lashes look quite natural, I am intrigued! Lancome Bi-Facil is my HG as well, or it was until I found Lumene Waterproof eye/lip makeup remover which I swear is the same formula without the rose scent. It’s 6 bucks so…I switched. lol oh and I love DHC deep cleansing oil. Removes everything, it’s amazing but kind of a pain to use because I have to wash my entire face when I use that. That Kiss Me remover is a cool idea though, and sounds travel friendly which makes me happy 🙂

  24. *~kAy~* says:

    Wow! I didn’t even know they had that many flavors! 😛 Awesome stuff! 🙂

    You bought such cute stuff! <3 love the blingy bows especially! 🙂

  25. Catherine says:

    Awwwww, what sweet packages! 😀

  26. Mika chan says:

    Wow this review is right on time! I was just looking at this today. I didn’t get it because it didn’t seem like it would matter since I use NARS Milk Cleanser for my whole face. Maybe I’ll try it…..

  27. mayaari says:

    oooh new camera! spanky really hooked you up with all the magic shell toppings 🙂 that mascara remover looks like it would be handy to take along while traveling, but yeah…i’d still have to bring some cleansing oil (or at least makeup remover wipes) to get the rest of my makeup off 🙂

  28. becs says:

    yey! we have the same camera 🙂 aww how I wish they sell Heroine Make Mascara remover here in the philippines 🙁

  29. S. says:

    What a cute blog. 🙂

  30. Winnie says:

    Ooooh I love your blog too, I a bit of a sucker for all things Japanese and I love the look of the make up remover. When I go to Japan (one day) I will be sure to buy lots of cute make up, the packaging is so lovely!

    Also, I’ve never seen the bottles of topping in the UK, but Reeses flavour sounds delicious! Big fan of Eyelure Toyko lashes, they are so cheap and definitely agree that they are a great alternative for Shu Uemura.

  31. mira says:

    so many cute stuffs!! 😀
    show some pics of the smucker’s! I’ve never tried those before! hehe.
    the cupcake makes me imagine some pretty foodie! :p
    gotta check the mascara remover up! i hate removing mascara from the roots! >.<
    your hubbie is so sweet!! have fun taking your self-shot now! :)))
    and enjoy ur shopping with your ne-san! ^^


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