Random Cosme, Dolly Wink Lashes + Japanese phones…

Happy Wednesday!! The days are just flying by this week!
How has everyone been? I’m trying to readjust to being back in Japan.

i havent got any proper blog entries for you guys today so please enjoy some random photos i took in the drugstore XD
Nude plump lip laquer by Rimmel
Are these sold in UK [where Rimmel is from] or USA? i am trying to figure out if they are overpriced here.
They retails about 1260yen [USD$13 approx] here
There is a lip concealer too in the corner of the pic which i am thinking of trying and that retails at around 945yen [USD$9.50approx]

Everyone seems to be making bbcream lately
Integrate has a mineral powder and a mineral bb cream
Might try these someday!

Since all my stuff are still in transit..i am using this as an excuse to buy things XD

I was chatting with Miss RougeDeluxe about Dolly Wink lately. I have tried their afamed lashes a while ago and sadly wasnt impressed. I felt for the price, the quality wasnt quite worth it. <– i might as well buy Shu Uemura or MAC? FYI DollyWink lashes are 1200yen + tax in Japan. About USD$12 + tax. However i remember they had really interesting styles which i wasnt as adventurous to try back then.

Anyway decided to check them out again..consider it a revisit?

Style #1
Miss Iris tells me this is the most popular? [or did i remember wrongly] Its a very cute dolly look.

Style #02
This appears to be the most popular at the store i was actually at as this was the last pair.
Its an interesting mix like custom lashes some girls here make and wear.

Style #4
These are the ones i have at home. They are very comfy since they are half lashes. But as they are longer than most half lashes..one needs to wear quite a lot of mascara so it doesnt look weird. But they are perfect for layering [thats what i use them for]

Style #6
Under eye lashes. I actually bought these! Cant wait to try them out!

Style #5
I vaguely wanted these but they are too similar to the pairs i own from other brands XD

What about you? What style are you eyeing?
Or is there a style you think i should try? What do you reccomend?

Oh and some of you eagle eyed readers will remember that i was supposed to tell you what was in my Samantha Thavasa paper bag but i havent gotten round to taking photos XD Its been madness around here i tell you!

But for all you Samantha Thavasa fans..check out the STNY mobile made by NEC! [Being sold at Docomo, a japanese phone network company]
The phone is all glittery XD

Collaboration phones are fairly common here..check out the Seventeen phones! Seventeen is a teen magazine which has been around for AGES. I think i used to read it when i was 14. Let me assure you, that was a long long time ago.

Or how about KATE SPADE? This is actually this season’s release!

Cant forget the Disney mobile offered by Softbank [another japanese phone network company]

Lookit some funky things you can do on some of these phones![This is a new phone from Docomo]

We have some other phones which are available overseas of cos..like the BBM~ [which is outta stock haha]

Not sure if this is available overseas..its just for Docomo i think..

Looks like an iphone but so much bigger. Though…lookit..its paper thin!

Speaking of iphones..check out these cute Hello Kitty iphone covers.
Now i bet some of you are asking..hang on a tick..doesnt Yumeko own an iphone 3Gs already? Why is she looking at phones?

Why yes..yes i do own an iphone 3Gs which i bought in Hong Kong when i moved there.
However in Japan, the network companies wont sell me a sim card for usage with the phone [No DATA plan..which makes my dear phone quite the crippled phone]
Hence i am now shopping for a new phone XD!!!
Yes i know iphone 4 is out in Japan..tomorrow? But since i didnt preorder..i doubt i would be able to get one. But lets see how i go! Wish me luck!

And as a side note, i am seriously sad for my current iphone3Gs cos its only 4 months old!! T-T I hate upgrading my geekytoys when they are still working. I am not one of those who need the latest things in geekytoys XD

Ok i babbled on long enough now..sorry for the geeky phone talk. But at least there were some cosme pics XD
Hope you are all doing well
XOXO yumeko

p.s does anyone know where to buy EYE MARY circle lenses?

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56 Responses to Random Cosme, Dolly Wink Lashes + Japanese phones…

  1. Janice says:

    Hmm…the Rimmel lippies look very interesting-especially the lip concealer. Its a little bit more expensive than here, but its not that bad. Sucks about the iphone but maybe you can sell it online so you can recoup some of the $ back. Good luck on getting the iphone 4-Im waiting on the white one 🙂

  2. Lora says:

    I love your nails in these pictures! Did you do them yourself?

    I wish I knew how to apply fake lashes but I always have a hard time with the sticky part/the glue. One day!

    Cute phonessssss~ Japanese phones are so well designed.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      u should try my HG eyelash glue. dont use the ones that come with the lashes..i think they are crap haha
      i cant remember but i did a post on my eyelash wearing tools a while back

      the nails are konad! u should try it out ^^

      • Lora says:

        Ah, I do remember that you also said that in a previous post of yours. Do you have a particular brand of false eyelashes that you favor most? I’ll check out your eyelash post after this.

        Ooh I only have a few Konad plates! They’re super fun though! Sometimes a tad difficult. I love my Hello Kitty konad plate the most. 🙂

  3. Natsumi says:

    I finally got around to googling what BB creams are (haha, yes, I’m VERY behind on what this new invention is!) and is it really worth it? I’m still discovering things like toner and cleanser! Might check it out someday…when it’s all old news and out of fashion ;P

    Phone shopping, yay. I got my iphone 3GS a while back instead of the BB Storm 2 (which is what I originally wanted) and I’m STILL getting used to it. And now I upgraded my software to 4.0 and it’s not that great thus far ): Doubt I’d even GLANCE at the iphone 4, it just looks like a rip off of HTC or something, wish Apple retained the “original” sleekness of the iphone. Oh well. Good luck in getting a new phone (:

    xoxxx N

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think bbcreams are worthwhile. they do quite well for my skin. esp since i work long hours. cos if i wear normal foundation, it becomes quite cloggy on my pores XD
      and i start to break out.

      i wish apple stayed the same sizes with phone 4 too cos now my iphone cases are useless T-T

  4. ilyana says:

    Aww I’m glad you’re safely back in Tokyo! Sorry I haven’t been commenting much, I was busy with exams! I missed reading your entries – they’re always filled with pictures of beauty products we don’t get in Australia! I love that kate spade phone!! How much are phones usually in Japan?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      u have to go on a contract so some basic phones are free with a 2 yr contract but for nicer phones..u have to pay at least 400usd upfront
      some phones u have to buy outright and still be on a 2 year contract XD

  5. Samantha says:

    You definitely have to check out the mineral line! I’m using the BB (although its not the greatest for super oily skins) it’s not bad… But I hope you’ll review the mineral pact ;P I was contemplating over that one… Oh~ and I’ve been wearing the Mentholatum Sunplay BB for awhile now, it’s so comfortable 😀 It’s just the colour that came out weird… Looks a biit ashy on me.

    Anyways, looking at the new phones… man, I just want to ditch this SH-01A T_T Old stuff..

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i am currently using hanskin mineral pact and i really like it
      u should try it out!

      my face is super oily so maybe the bb isnt for me XD

  6. Locke says:

    wow! awesome phones! i’ve been eyeing those Docomo phones for sooooo long 🙁 hope you find a good one for yourself 🙂 have a nice day~

    • Bittenbefore says:

      would u be able to use docomo phones where u are located?
      i am not sure if docomo phones are unlocked [i know very little about technology hahahaha]

  7. Oct says:

    your nails are suuuper pretty! i wish i had a 1/5 of your talent!

  8. Georgina says:

    i love your random snapshots so dont worry yumeko! 🙂 i was so curious about the dollywink lashes too, i got no. 01 when i was in hk, but havent played with it yet, i was a bit shocked at the price though. a little more and i can get shu uemura tokyo lashes! hahaha! :p i hope it goes well for me.

    nice nail art! i dont have the hands for nail art, so let me live vicariously through you. hehehe 😉

    OMG how cute are those HK iphone covers! ^_^ makes me wish i had an iphone, i dont get the latest geeky techy stuff also, i just use the mobile phone which comes free with my plan. hahaha

  9. Anastacia says:

    Yay! Another blog today where I see those amazing lashes! They are really amazing!!

  10. evie says:

    huhhh they are so strict about the sim card ah…is there any stores that will close one eye?..woah 4 mths?abit of a waste..you can try selling it online! XD i love the japanese phone designs esp their personalising programs!! too bad its super expensive in spore…

    dolly wink! heard it sold out pretty fast in spore..didn’t go get any as i did not pass buy orchard during the period it came..hope it will be sold in most drugstores in spore soon~ did you buy their eyeliners too?..its pretty popular oso..

    i love your nails! i have not been konad esp when i keep using the computer and typing makes my nails chip =.= must find a good top coat but i keep telling myself to do it, just that i’m lazy haha!

  11. Justine says:

    As I told you before, I would much rather have a Japanese cell phone than my iPhone (they come in PINK) esp as they seem to do all the same functions. You should just get an iPad to Whatsapp with everyone, haha 🙂 I am so jealous of Japanese cell phones… esp as they have hooks for the straps!

    I’m using the Dollywink liquid liner now (you know I have no interest in falsies) and it’s OK but I think I still like K-palette better… and I’m pretty sure it’s still cheaper. If they come out with pretty LE packaging for the K-Palette I’m definitely going to stock up this time! The packaging is the only reason I’d buy Dollywink… the pink and black w/ bows is really cute!

    I don’t know if they even sell those Rimmel glosses here (I have never seen them) but I will keep an eye out when I’m in the US! Wouldn’t be surprised if they were an Asia-exclusive though…

  12. Cynthia says:

    Hi Yumeko,

    Rimmel is from the UK, Kate Moss is the spoke person for the brand. Never used their stuff though because when I was living in New Zealand, they have Rimmel but the packaging is too simple for me, so I never brought anything. Would much prefer other local or australian brands versus just another brand from UK (which probably paid Kate Moss a lot of money, lol). but when I am over in the UK in a few months, I would check their counter out nonetheless.

    The whole phone situation sucks!!! Hope you would find a phone you like and get a cheap phone plan sorted out. (the iphone 4g, hahahaha, no, why not just get a random phone and get the ipad, lol)

    Random thing, have you tried Revlon’s lipsheen gloss? They just came out in HK and I brought the number 5 called pink pink and it’s the most gorgeous sheer pink gloss.

    Hope you are settling down well.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      Hi Cynthia
      wow thank you for letting me know!! ^^ i seem to recall kate moss being the model but now i am not sure if she still is but sounds like she still is
      here the lipglosses are endorsed by ayumi hamasaki and i really like her

      yes the phone thing is driving me nuts haha i hate being disconnected
      i do want the ipad! just cos i travel a lot but its also out of stock here hahahahahah

      i havent tried gloss from revlon..like ever! i will have to check it out ^^

      • Cynthia says:

        When you get the ipad matching your iphone, then you would have the mac family going on in your handbag, haha. The ipad is great though, so thin and light, I was skeptical of it (it being so huge and stuff) until I saw my friend’s baby and I almost stole it off him. I think it’s not a surprise that it’s out of stock in tokyo of all places, you guys are just fashionable. :0)

        I only check Revlon counters out when I am bored because it’s in every watsons and mannings. Their packaging are not appealing so I only ever buy their nail polishes but this gloss is really pretty, caught me by surprise.

  13. nope have not seen the Rimmel lip things in the US, at least not yet. mmm I’m not a big fan of Integrate just going off their eyeshadows, haven’t tried anything else from that line. Asian phones are seriously the cutest phones ever, I’m considering buying my next phone in Taiwan when I go this summer

  14. Nikki says:

    hahahah Love your geeky phone talk! I really enjoy reading this! I am into techie stuffs and I want a new phone too!!!!

  15. wuzzyangel says:

    Never seen Rimmel like that down here!

    I swear everytime I watch Asian dramas, I DROOL over the cell phones! You guys can do soo much with yours! Like vid call, scanlife, etc. I get so jelly! And you’re phones are “cute” too!

    Well good luck with the iPhone, hopefully you can get a new one soon. Sucks that they don’t support your SIM now. 🙁

    Yeah.. my newest obsessions… Narimiya Hiroki and Miura Haruma(wish he wasn’t 20!) LOL! I’ve watched Nari in other things before, and started Haruma cuz of Samurai High, but then I watched Bloody Monday… let’s just say I finished both seasons in a week!! LOVED IT!!!

  16. Dina (XYYan) says:

    Those dolly wink lashes are so pretty~

  17. Erika says:

    i’ve always wanted to try dollywink lashes too!
    but they are extremely limited in singapore (only avail for a week) and the price is really too much for me T_T
    (they retail for SGD24.90 for 2 pairs ufuufuu…)
    if you decided to try it out do make a review post after that please!! ^__^;;
    oooh i love STNY and the phones looks absolutely gorgeous!!
    i am dying to own a japanese phone but as usual my country doesn’t stock them.. ToT
    good luck with your phone-hunting!! xD

  18. Olive says:

    Omg is that a Kate Spade phone?? I WANT it lol…
    Japan has the cutest phones and those little charm things that everyone has is so adorable!

  19. Dolce Bunny says:

    OMG! I miss japan sooo much! Looking at all this product makes me wonder why did I leave that country!
    I saw a glance at your nails… they are so pretty!

  20. Kitty says:

    Your nails look so pretty, mine are just plain red at the moment xD

    And I haven’t found the Rimmel lipgloss on any UK drugstore websites or even the Rimmel website, so I don’t think it is over here! It might just be for you lucky ladies in Japan!!

    I don’t really understand what bbcream is and why everyone loves it >_<

    And those lashes are so pretty!!

    I need a new phone too, even though my current one works, its thousand of years old!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      plain colors are the hardest to do sometimes i think. esp red. i cant have red nails..i look odd with them.

      really? i would have thought UK would have it..maybe its new or something..totally strage right?
      i like bbcream cos i dont break out from it! i work long hours and wearin normal foundation for long hours make me break out hahahaha

  21. Yasumi says:

    All the best luck in getting your new phone!

    I want some lashes – that is defo on my list!

  22. kickangel says:

    So what was the Samantha Thavasa item that you bought? It wasn’t the phone was it? *confused*

    What are you going to do with the iPhone that you bought in Hong Kong? Is there no way to unlock it or whatever (you can unlock Japanese and Korean phones to use in other coutries but I’m not sure if it works vice versa.)

    I adore Japanese phones. I love clamshell phones which American and European don’t really have now since everyone is into slide and touch phones now (I have no idea what the proper terms are for those but you get what I mean.) And Docomo’s designs are always so sleek and cute. (oxymoron, I know xD)

    • Bittenbefore says:

      no it wasnt the phone haha i didnt show it yet
      i will show it soon though

      my phone from hong kong is unlocked hahaha
      but phone companies in japan wont sell u a sim card for an unlocked phone ie if u didnt get a phone from them.

  23. ? Cookiie says:

    Eep! iPhone 4 is out tomorrow there? I’m on pre-order myself in Holland, but it’s not going to be released til July. 🙁 I hope you can get it, it’s a lovely thing. xD ♥

    • Bittenbefore says:

      since i didnt preorder..nor go queue overnight right now
      i doubt i would be able to get it T-T
      seriously..at this point..i just want a phone hahahaha

  24. Cynthia says:

    I love Japanese phones … but they cost so much just to get one imported here, it’s at least $300 or more on ebay! And a lot of the functions apparently don’t work so it’s like blahhh. 🙁

    I wish the BB Cream love would come to the US too! You can only find that stuff in import stores for suuuuch an expensive price. T–T

  25. rachel says:


    hope your move back to toyko is going well!! i don’t know how you do it…moving is such a hassle. i just found the apt that i will be living in (at least for the next year :P) so dealing with all the furniture and the packing right now…of course, i am procrastinating by reading blogs instead! haha

    good luck with your move–though im sure you are an EXPERT by now.

    i’m glad you get to be home again surrounded by friends and family 🙂

  26. sooji says:

    oh this entry i feel is dedicated to what is dear to my heart yumeko <3 hahaha i love lashes and electronics!!!! those phones are SUPERSUPER cute!! i specially love the disney one!!! do let us know which one you end up getting!!! btw your nails are also supercute… why must you be so cute yumeko xD sometimes God is really unfair.. hahaha

  27. annie says:

    hi yumeko!
    finally finished exams YAY! jap phones are so cute! the paka paka ones are still popular!!!
    but now they have touch paka paka phones??

    i like your random photos!! makes me feel like im back in japan 🙂
    i really like style 1 of the dollywinks! waiting for it to come back in stock at sasa 😀

  28. Eve says:

    welcome back to TOkyo. I’m sure you miss it a lot 🙂 hope you had a good time living in Hong Kong (minus the air pollution)
    wanna ask about the data plan. So if you already own an iphone you cant just get a monthly subscription plan with unlimited internet? or even a bit of internet i.e. 2GB? that is really rubbish.
    There’s a big chance I’m moving to Japan next year, and I’ll be totally useless without my iphone arghhh….. if you can enlighten me on this subject it’ll be great

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yup u cant get any data or even a normal sim card. phone companies here are unable to issue u a sim card without a phone as they need to register each card with a japanese phone serial code number. so unless u already own a japnese phone OR buy one from them and use the sim card in ur phone [which means u wont get data unless u buy an iphone but then why would u end up with 2 iphones esp when the one in japan is locked and u cant resell it that way.]

      sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

  29. hana says:

    Woahhh, i live in the U.S. and the rimmel lip products thats sold in drug stores are only like. 5-7$ o_o

  30. rachel says:

    by the way, i picked up the new iphone 4 today!! it is really nice! 🙂 i was able to preorder it…but there was a HUGE line outside Apple.

    what new phone did you end up getting?

  31. anne says:

    oooh I love this blog… I really want to have a Japanese cellphone (I do have that BB the white one)… and now I’m thinking to buy a false eyelashes…

  32. Eka says:

    I love how Japan has the most girl-y phones in the world. Thank you for sharing Yumeko! Please share more girly techie stuff from Japan if possible. 🙂

  33. elle says:

    Ooo Dollywink! 🙂 I saw a bunch when I was in southern Cali but I didn’t buy them because Daiso lashes are just so much cheaper. I hate ruining falsies so I’d hate ruining expensive falsies even more.. hehe. I think the #1 set is pretty cute though. Maybe if I find a good deal on Ebay somewhere I will buy them.

    I’m excited to see you modeling the under eye lashes in #6! 😀 I’m always so curious about those.

    Thank you for the great photos Yumeko! 😀 <3 <3

  34. Jian says:

    Hii Yumeko~~ ! I read your post earlier this week but was on my iPhone so I couldn’t comment properly!

    I checked and I don’t think we have that Rimmel lipgloss line here! So I guess it’ can’t really be overpriced in that sense? It does seem quite dear though… Especially for Rimmel! That said, I hardly touch the stuff so I wouldn’t know what the normal price is anyway. Maybe around £5.49-£5.99? Not sure!

    And have you found your perfect phone yet? It seems lucky that you didn’t preorder the iPhone 4G. Apparently theres problems with it in terms of its reception! If you hold it upright the reception goes down gradually! Thats a problem that’s been reported over here on the news at least!!!

    Japanese phones are so gorgeous and hi-tech! But it really is a shame that you can’t use your iPhone which wasn’t even old anyway ><

  35. ehlee says:

    i love japanese phones… we just have boring ones like BBM here hahahaha. i’m actually going to get the white one!! how’s the dolly wink lower lashes working for you??? i dont want to fork out $12 for dolly wink 🙁

  36. cushycottage says:

    japan has the cutest phone ever. all kinds of fashion and style. i have an iphone 3gs too. i need to spice it up a little with new skin cover 😉 wonder if i can use japan phones in us.

  37. Angie says:

    😮 Chooo kawaii! I am always wanting to try Dollywink. Style #4 and #6 would go great together for that sleepy kawaii look and I want to try bottom lashes!

  38. Nat says:

    Ohh la la. Japan has the coolest latest gadgets! I wish over here had better phones. They’re all so bland and boring.

  39. Violet says:

    I love the first two pairs of Dolly Wink lashes but they are so over priced here in Aus, like the cheapest I’ve seen them is AU$48 per pack which is just ridiculous so I’ve always avoided them. Yay for new geek toys though, I have an iPhone3g so I’m going to upgrade to the 4g hopefully when it comes out here 😀

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