Steady Magazine Scans, ShabuShabu + more

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?

I was going to do a beauty related post today but i have been getting home so late and the lighting in this place is just so bad that i cant get any decent pics. So i bring you some magazine scans instead [i do apologise for the slight yellow tinge due to the bad lighting in the house]
Steady Magazine issue 7 , 2010
Comes with a Samantha Thavasa STNY passport holder

The passport holder is really well made for a free gift!

STEADY has some collaborations with STNY , there are two pouches with the same print as the free gift.

But the collection i am most excited about is the Hello Kitty X Samantha Thavasa X Liberty Print collaboration
Yup 3 collabs in one! The bags are printed with a gorgeous liberty print that is also printed with Hello Kitty!!!! These are extremely limited so if u intend to get one, i suggest u get it soon! [Those outside of Japan, there is a store in NYC!]

Of cos , i like just the LIBERTY X Samantha Thavasa collaboration too! Really like these wallets!

The magazine also had some beauty related posts. As this magazine’s target market are OLs [office ladies], the makeup shown is far more office appropriate.

I like how the eyes are enhanced. They definetely look brighter and more alert.

Though its done with falsies, it still looks quite natural.

There’s a small food section too featuring low-cal obentos perfect for the OL!

Sadly i dont eat anything like these ladies..i tend to pig out too much [which explains my size XD]
Went ShabuShabu recently XD

We ordered the course are the appetizers

And here’s the main course…yummmm

And this was served after the shabushabu..kinda like a closing dish.
Dessert was i didnt get a pic.

The course meal runs about 3500yen per person [USD$35 approx per person] though there are cheaper [and more expensive] courses of course. The restaurant website is found here
いちにいさん :

I also cooked Hayashi curry + omu rice recently for dinner…

Ok enough about about something random and sparkly?
Natachan [which is kinda like orange cordial haha] was giving away these Miffy charms with each bottle….
King Miffy?

Here it is unwrapped
I like the crown.

Here’s the other one i got

Its so cute and sparkly!!!

And here’s me being an idiot. Oh yes..behold my amazing eyebags. I told you its been hella busy for me since i got back here XD
Thought i should mention..i was doing this in Mcdonald’s and i think loadsa people were probably thinking i was crazy. As a matter of fact..i saw this school boy try to take my pic till i made a face at him..or maybe he took a pic of that anyway. I was being extra nuts and I have a whole bunch of crazy pics of me posing with weirdo things. Will post more in the next post hahahahha. The husband was quite embarrassed by me XD HAHAHA i am so shameless.

Ok until next time!
Hope you are all doing well
XOXO yumeko

p.s Japan is playing in the World Cup Round of 16 on Tuesday! Obviously i am supporting them!! GANBETTE NIPPON! I dont think they are going to win the world cup [though the heart thinks otherwise..who cares what the brain thinks] but i am so proud of them already!!

p.p.s Funny ad i keep seeing on TV lately when i watch the FIFA world cup
Nissen Cup Noodle Ad

Listen carefully as the song changes halfway into japanese XD
“Hara Hettai” means “I’m hungry” in Japanese
I dont know who the parody part is sung by but its really well done!

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45 Responses to Steady Magazine Scans, ShabuShabu + more

  1. JU says:

    LOVING the pics! haha, the king miffy is so awesome!! don’t worry about the eye bags, they will go away once you get settled down! i’ve been also watching the world cup, but that’s only cause it is on while i get ready for work. =D

  2. GRAW! Your food photos are making me HUNGRY. <3333

  3. Mandy says:

    Why don’t magazines in the US come with awesome free gifts like in asia? >__<

    The food looks delicious!

    Hmm I think I might try that eye look if I start to use eye makeup 😛

  4. evie says:

    argh! the captcha code remove all what i type!ggrr had to rmb what i commented

    ooh is that kitagawa keiko on the cover!? she is one of my fav japanese actress!! ^^
    love reading those magazines(albeit the translated version hehe) argh these japanese mag loves to give out freebies making me want to buy them even though i do not know how to read japanese!

    yummy food! luckily now is lunchtime or else i have to keep thinking abt these delicious food and making me super hungry~
    the miffy charms are so cutee!! love sparkily things *_*
    haha i love the picture! XD
    yeah i sometimes do hyper things in public making my friends think that i’m mad haha~~

  5. Locke says:

    haha~ lol @ the school boy XD bet he really took a pic of you! yeah, post more pics 🙂 i love mag scans, thanks for sharing! those food looks delicious, and king mify is so cute 🙂

  6. Lora T says:

    Uwahh! I think Miffy is so cute! I wonder if I can find those at the Japanese grocery stores here… 🙂

    Your “funny pose” is cute! haha

  7. Babybubblz says:

    King Miffy is so cute! The kids at McDees wish that had such cute accessories! haha

  8. Diane says:

    ooh the omu rice looks yummy 🙂 is it easy to make? and the crystal miffy is too cute!

  9. Dina (XYYan) says:

    Thanks for the mag scans! I love the bag print too, so pretty 🙂
    LOL, can’t wait to see more of your pics 😀

  10. Iris says:

    Dang, more Liberty x Samantha Thavasa stuff?! I probably should not investigate it further or I’ll be sucked into the madness again. The Miffy charms are so cute!

  11. Oct says:

    the shabu shabu looks super yummy!

    ha! you’re just as silly & goofy as i would be. =)

  12. Eleana says:

    Thanks for sharing the mag scans! Too bad the magazines in the US don’t include cute gifts :[
    Do you remember the name and address of the store in NYC where the magazines are sold? Thanks!

  13. Justine says:

    You are SO CUTE.

    All those collabs are gorgeous! I think I love the Liberty x Samantha Thavasa long wallet the best… the ruffles and bows are cute! Shame it is both out of my budget AND unavailable in Canada XD; Are you planning on picking anything up?

    It’s amazing how different one can look even with simple, natural, OL makeup! I think I look much more awake with my ‘work’ look even though it doesn’t include a lippie and the colours are very subdued. Still afraid of falsies though. Haha >_>;

    You should send me the recipe for the curry + omurice 🙂 The only time I had omurice was in Narita on the way home and I haven’t found a recipe that looks good… I prefer gravy over ketchup (I hate ketchup :P)

  14. Evie says:

    omg I love that song!

  15. Nikki says:

    with that passport holder as a free gift? I’ll purchase the magazine in a heart beat 😀

  16. miRa says:

    ahhahah. love your pic at macdonald’s ! so cute!! ^^ love the miffy too!!

    Go Japan!!! the only Asia team left in world cup!! i really hope they can make it!! 😀

  17. Kitty says:

    Awwww japanese magazines get awesome gifts with them!! Lucky!! And those Hello Kitty colab collections are so cute!!

    All that food looks so yummy! I am hungry for Japanese food now!!

    And cute Mffy charms, me wanty!! Your eye bags arn’t as bad as my dark circles haha!!

    England went out boo hoo T_T I’ma support Japan now!! And that pot noodle advert was funny!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i watched the england match!! they should have gotten the 2nd goal so i feel very sorry for the team!
      everyone in england must be so upset!

  18. Silkybow says:

    The food looooooooks delicious!
    I would love to have some right now…

  19. Yasumi says:

    COME ON JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    England played crap and deserved to be knocked out….its all about Japan and Ghana for me now!!

  20. Jian says:

    Awww, well, the sparkling miffies are rather bling so it’s not ridiculous to pretend they’re earrings! =D

    I’m sure that kid wanted to take pics of you because he thought you were a star or something =P Or maybe his mum reads your blog and he recognised you?!

    We went to McDonalds too yesterday. I had a McChicken sandwich, and I swear they’ve got a hell of a lot nastier than what I remember from a few years ago! The chicken was quite cardboard-y, and the breadcrumb coating was very lacking. I prefer Burger King!

    Thanks for the mag scans! The OL makeup is very kind of practical and pretty! =) Although I don’t even have time to do basic makeup in the mornings these days T_______T I should really get up earlier!

    The food looks delicious usual! My mum was telling me about all the delicious Japanese food she had in Jeju island. I was drooling.!!!

  21. Magda says:

    My weekend was…. WORK T=T only on saturday, but we came back around 11pm and I went out with friends right away and was out till 3am! xD So sunday was very sleepy for me…. xD

    I loooove those cute sparkling Miffies! <33

    I am on asa-banana diet and have a kinf OL work, but I don't make such cute bento! xDD Those OL have a lot of time or are masters of obento D:

    • Bittenbefore says:

      oh i am sorry to hear about that much work! are u going to have any time off for working that much?
      wow asa banana diet! i dont think i could do it. i am too greedy

      its not hard to make an obento even one as pretty as tat. i would say it takes about 10mins if u have done all the neccesary work on the weekend or when u are free. ^^

  22. Sam says:

    Go Japan! (seeing Australia is so bad at soccer)
    It’s awful having no time to take photos isn’t it- there’s hardly any day here at the moment (well not for me before and after work) and all my photos having been having weird coloured tinges.
    I love the look of the obentos!

  23. Vicky says:

    :O the LIBERTYxSamantha ThavasaxHello Kitty collab looks amazing! I wish I could get my hands of them!
    The Miffy charms are sooo cute! Asia always gets the amazing stuff unlike here in the UK…
    Food looks delicious as always 😀
    Go Japan! ^^ xx

    • Bittenbefore says:

      ah u dont need to! UK has the BEST liberty things already..heck u have the liberty hALL!!! omg i love tat place!! <3

  24. Dolce Bunny says:


  25. erin says:

    cute pic! I think you’ve lost some weight (based on your pic)?

  26. ali says:

    that is a pretty wicked commercial. it sounded like english to gibberish to japanese to me lol pretty cool~
    & i LOVE the liberty x samantha thavasa long wallet! the prints + the cute little bow! hmmm… do you know if those are extremely limited as well? 😡

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yes u have to really listen carefully for the switch in languages XD i was listening to it and sicne the song is so famous u dont think abt it and suddenly i was like wait wat…hara hettai!? XD

      the liberty collab collection is limited so sadly i think a lot are actually sold out already.
      this is the 2nd collab collection, the first collab collection from a few months back is mostly sold out so i expect this one to be sold out in a month or so.

  27. kickangel says:

    The parody looks damn real! O.O

    The passport case is love but Jap mags are overpriced here. I’ll just get my sis to pick up a copy when she transits in Narita. I know she’ll be flying off soon but I don’t know when so I’ll just pray the mag will still be there when she does. D: And I absolutely adore the bow details on the wallet!

    I’ll be rooting for Japan too! My S Korea team lost T_T and I didn’t even get to see Ahn Jung Hwan throughout the whole season because I was watching the first game on SBS and it was buffering to no end. Sigh. I hope Japan makes it through! 😀

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yess i do hope japan makes it through! i was hoping S korea makes it as well!
      it would be nice to have more countries from asia in it !

  28. nlngstar says:

    oh, yume chan…. I would want those sparkly dangling earings. haha xD
    the bento scans is really nice!
    I feel extremely lethargic with my work!

  29. elle says:

    Yay! great post!!

    I really like the Before and After eye pics from the mag.. one day I’ll be able to use partial-strip falsies. Still haven’t gotten that down yet.

    And Hayashi omurice!?! OMGGGG I love both recipes separately but together it would be AH-mazinggg. You’re making me hungry. Hehe.

    Thanks for the wonderful pics Yumeko! 😀 <3 Elle

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think partial strip is a lot easier than full length ones. what do u think ?? ^^
      yess u need to have a hayashi omurice..they taste so goood together

      how are u lately? been trying to catch up on your blog, hope u are well !

  30. Sayuri says:

    I liked the Samantha wallet! and the CM video is very very funny~~~ I enjoyed it so much haha

  31. Lemon Sorbet says:

    Wow! Those shabushabu makes my mouth water. I am feeling so hungry. I am going to get some ingredients and have a go at cooking this yummy dish.
    Thank for showing pics of bento boxes – they look wonderful!
    You look so pretty in the photo dear Yumeko!

  32. Betsy says:

    The Miffy charms are cute! Your photo at McDs was funny. It’s important to have fun too!

    Steady looks like an interesting magazine.

    Good luck with the phone search.

    Japan played valiantly! Bummer they didn’t make it to the final 8. The US didn’t either, but I didn’t exactly expect them to…

  33. miaoee says:

    i want the STNY passport holder!! but ive got too many from all the freebies japanese magazines give out.

    and no, i dont think your eyebags are that serious! it’ll get better w time, when you have more rest (: take care, Yumeko!!

  34. Krib says:

    It’s funny because nobody would notice it if you would do that kind of funny pics in France :p We’re all crazy x) I hope Japan will do fantastic in the world cup ! I like how they play, like a real team, not like selfish players who are concerned with their own fame only!

  35. May says:

    I’m a sucker to the free gifts in the magazine haha I will go check out this magazine next time. I like it how they have wearable makeup for OLs:) Omgosh, the X Hello Kitty Samantha Thavasa X Liberty Print collaboration is so cute and pretty. Too bad is not widely available in the U.S and I don’t live in NY. The low-cal obentos is so small, i would still be hungry afterward lol Whee all the food porn photos are making me hungry right now heehee The miffy charms are so cute and love your last photo<3 LOL on the school boy.

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