Rock & Republic Blush + Cooking with the microwave

Is the title to this post messed up or what?
Hahaha it will all make sense in the end and if it doesnt..just contribute it to the fact i have a short attention span.

Recently Rock & Republic blushes have been the talk of the beauty blogger town and thanks to Miss May I was very lucky to come into the posession of 2 Rock & Republic blushes!

Isnt the packaging just LOVE?

They are quite chunky and heavy but i just love how they look!

What Miss May got me…
From left: IMMORAL , KINKY

The colors are soo perfectly me….
From left: IMMORAL , KINKY
This season i foresee myself wearing a lot of rosy shades so did u know!?

Swatches for those interested
From left: IMMORAL , KINKY
These are very pigmented so use it with a light hand!
Thank you so much Miss May for letting me try this out!

Now i havent done a cooking post in ages and i was chatting with Miss May, Miss YummieBitez on twitter and i told them how i had tried a microwave recipe yesterday and how it worked perfectly. Now we are all busy busy ladies so i think a recipe like this is good to have on hand so i had to share it!!!

Its been crazy hot in Japan and i havent really felt like cooking so when i came across this microwave recipe..i decided to give it a go!
Doesnt it look good? You wont believe how easy this is!!

Here is the recipe!
Serves 2 to 4 people..depending on portion.

– 150g minced meat
– Harusame はるさめ Vermicelli [Made from mung beans] 70g
– 1/2 sliced onion
– green onion
– mushrooms [whatever type you find should work i think..even dried mushrooms]
– chopped chilli [optional] <– i left it out by mistake.

– 1 cup of water
– 2 tablespoons of soysauce
– 1 tablespoon of sugar
– 1 teaspoon sesame oil

Step 1: Assemble the ingredients in a microwave safe dish. Put the minced meat at the bottom in a thin layer so you can be sure it is cooked. Put the harusame over it and the vegetables on top.

Step 2: Pour the sauce evenly over it.
Step 3: Cover the dish with cling wrap making a small tent like opening [for steam to vent]

Step 4: Microwave it at 600w for 8mins.
Step 5: Some of the harusame might not be cooked through so mix everything and the residue heat will cook it through ^^

That’s it! If you have prepped the vegetables on the weekend [like i did..u can see my vegetables/mushroom were all frozen] will take you a mere 3mins to assemble and the microwave does the rest.

Now before you think i am a cooking genius..sadly i am not…
i cant take credit for this recipe..i snagged it from a magazine XD
See i told you i have a filing obsession XD i actually file all the tearouts from my magazines before i recycle them. I have so many files its kinda scary hahahaha

Overall verdict:
My husband LOVED it and polished off the entire plate. There are virtually no dishes to wash and it took no time at all. This recipe is a KEEPER! i am definetely trying variations of this dish! I hope you guys try it too! Any questions? Any requests? Just ask! And if u are on twitter and you made it..tweet me a pic PLEASE! [will add it to this post]

Last but not least..[this post is a mess anyway XD] want to show you guys my new electric mosquito repellent XD

Isnt he cuteeeee?
Not sure if he’s working well enough cos i got bitten on my foot but unsure if i got bitten at home or when i am out…XD
Edit: a lot of people asked how this electric repellent is supposed to work…well they come with these refillable disks that u insert and when u switch it on, the electric heating elements heats it up and gives off this smell tat is supposed to repel mosquitos. once the disk is burnt out..u buy the refills ^^

I might do one more blog post this week [i am on a roll XD?]
Till then
XOXO Yumeko

p.s let me know what you think of this cooking post! the cooking part is easy since i like easy recipes..its the photo taking and typing out/ translating the recipe that i am sorta lazy at hahaha but if u guys like it, i will do more! let me know what you are interested in ^^

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63 Responses to Rock & Republic Blush + Cooking with the microwave

  1. Justine says:

    I like the recipes!! Do you think it will work with rice vermicelli? I have everything except for the mung-bean type, LOL. Might go to T&T to pick up some – will let you know how it turns out – I should have time this week to try!

    The R&R blushes look lovely – I’m still in a cream blush phase, but if they show up on sample sale again I’ll definitely pick up one to try out! IMMORAL reminds me of that really bright orange NARS blush whose name escapes me right now XD;

    The mosquito repeller is cute!! How is it supposed to work?

  2. Angie says:

    The R&R blushes look great! You have the 2 colours I’ve always wanted hehe : ) Go bold baby or go home is what I always say.

  3. May says:

    hi babes! r&r blush is love! glad you love the shades:) in additional to the pressed powder, i have 2 more blush for you:) the packaging is perfect to toss it inside the purse. wahahah thanks for sharing the recipe! with us. i am excited to try it soon. it will save me tons of time after work. indeed very simple & easy dish, i will twitpic you after i make it:) please do let me know if you have any more similar microwave recipes heehee:) your electric mosquito repellen is so cute. i hope it works well and helps you prevent from the mosquito. thanks again babe<333

  4. I love the R&R packaging, Kinky is my favorite color! hehe I like your cooking posts, I remember when you were experimenting w/ the rice cooker, that was super impressive. p.s. how exactly does that electric repeller thing work? It sounds awesome!

  5. *Kat* says:

    I love your cooking posts! A lot of what you post is so simple and quick–my kind of cooking. Your dish looks absolutely delicious!

    I was going to order a R & R blush a few months back and didn’t. Now I’m regretting it but I already have too many blushes.

    Your mosquito repellant is so cute!


  6. Angie says:

    Yes! More cooking posts! I am a lazy microwave cooker myself haha

  7. elle says:

    Oooh I am definitely trying this recipe out! I hate doing dishes. Hehe.

    Thanks Yumeko πŸ˜€

  8. Connie says:

    I’m going to try that recipe tomorrow! I wonder if it would work with shirataki noodles? Will report on my results! xD

    • Bittenbefore says:

      ooh yes please let me know! i cant figure out if i should use fresh shirataki noodles or dried ones
      so if whatever u use works..imma gonna use tat too!
      this method might make a fab korean japchae dont u think?

  9. Mishi says:

    the blushes look so pretty!!! i love the pink color especially ^_^

  10. sarah says:

    MORE EASY RECIPES!!! i sooo want to try this out xD

  11. Catherine says:

    Dude, that recipe is a keeper for sure! I can’t wait to try it out!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    & I LOVE the mosquito repellant thingy – it’s soooo cute LOL!! πŸ˜€

  12. rene says:

    I love your food post! I am definitely trying them out this weekend or next, when I’m over at the bf’s place. But I am worried that the vermicelli might not be cooked through so easily.

    More recipe posts please! =))

  13. mimi says:

    i wanted the rock and republic blushes…but seeing this post makes me NEED IT!!!!!!! they’re sooo beautiful!!!!

  14. zuuchini says:

    the recipe looks really simple!! I’mma try it πŸ˜€ thanks

  15. mars says:

    Hehe. I like the names of the blushes. XD

    My sister just returned from Tokyo and told me how hot it is over there. Just hearing about it makes me shudder. Not that Indonesia is any cooler..just that I rarely go outdoors here so I can’t really say much of what the weather is like except there are lots of mosquitoes here too!!!!! I must remember to buy a repellant today.

  16. Dina (XYYan) says:

    The blushes are very pigmented! May is really sweet to get you these πŸ™‚
    I love cooking post, and the microwave recipe does look easy to do and yummy, thanks for sharing!
    The mosquito repellent is super cute! I’ve never seen anything like that and I really need one in my room~

  17. Georgina says:

    that has got to be the CUTEST mosquito repellant i’ve ever seen! πŸ™‚ i really have to try cooking through my microwave, you make it sound so easy! the only things ive cooked from the microwave are corn and sweet potatoes LOL

    the R&R blushers look so cool, and they’re super pigmented! its very nice of your friend to give you a couple to try. πŸ™‚

  18. Lily says:

    Cooking posts are good! : D I can’t really cook though, haha.

    The mosquito repellent is so cute. <3

  19. Tracy says:

    I’m gonna trip the recipe! You make it looks & sound so easy.. hopefully not too difficult for me though
    And the blushers from R&R looks so good!

  20. Lulu says:

    yay may is the sweetest πŸ™‚ the two shades she picked out for you are perfect!

    thanks for sharing your microwave cooking recipe, looks so yum and so quick and easy!

  21. Fast recipes are the best. More please and rice cooker ones too! Love the rosy pink shade of the Rock & Republic blusher.

  22. gianger says:

    yume!!!!! i loveeeeee those blushers!!! i have kinky, but want immoral, may has such great taste! don’t you just adore them?! and her!! ahaha and that microwavable noodles looks delicious! i am so going to copy u!!!! thanks for the recipe and p.s. i will be sending out ur love pack next week πŸ˜€ <3333

  23. c says:

    i love your cooking posts. please continue!

  24. sizbelle says:

    yumeko gal!

    you just make cooking sounds like a breeze. i’m tempted to stir up this dish during the wknd!

    awww that mozzie repellent is too cute.. we need these here as weather is so hot n humid (perfect for mozzie to move around)

  25. Calia Yang says:

    never thought of cooking things in the microwave…lol i always just re-heat or defrost things with my microwave. I’ll have to give this a go!

    such cuteness!!!

  26. Chyakura says:

    I like the recipe! seem really easy though i dunno about cooking raw meat via microwave…I would be worried if it cooked all the way. I really enjoy all your quick recipes vis rice cooker or microwave. You should do it more oftem =D

    • Bittenbefore says:

      u have to spread it at the bottom as a thin layer. mine was definetely all cooked if not a little overcooked XD

  27. Dolce Bunny says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!! I want one of those blushes! I’ve seen a couple of people blogging about it and it seems o good!!
    And omg, thank you for sharing the recipe! I soo wanna try that!

    and kawaii katori kuro buta πŸ˜€

  28. I love the 2 RR blushes you got, so pretty!!! I wonder what it’ll look like on skin :)… Thanks for sharing that microwave dish!! this is fantastic and easy I’ll have to try that one day it looked so delicious!! πŸ™‚ Also love your MOzzie Repellent, it’s so cute!!!! thanks for popping by my blog again πŸ™‚ hope to see you often.

  29. evie says:

    the food looks great!! too bd i do not have a mircowave =(…yes yes yes would love to have more post like these XD
    the mosquito repellent is sooo cute!!

  30. Janora says:

    That blush is gorgeous, especially the orange color!

    I love your cooking posts, I actually try your recipes even though I am too shy to send you photos, haha. Do you have anymore rice cooker recipes? I read that Roger Ebert (famous film critic in US) is publishing a book in late September that is all rice cooker recipes!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      Aww why so shy? i would love to see! yes i actually have like a whole file of rice cooker recipes. i should try more of them and post results.

      wowowoow i had to wiki roger ebert but that is cool! i heard wolfgang puck the famous chef also has rice cooker recipes!

  31. Karrie says:

    I really liked the cooking post and would be happy if you did more!

  32. Michelle says:

    Yumeko, LOVE your cooking posts (and all your posts on anything!) so please keep them coming!

  33. ~Lisa says:

    I love your cooking posts! It’s definitely helpful to the idiots at the kitchen people AKA me….lol

    And your mosquito repellent is too cute =D

  34. KC says:

    Hi Yumeko, the dish looks so yummy! You did a great job. I love all your post, beauty or not… plus what you eat is what makes you beautiful. Keep the post coming! =)
    And the insect repellent is so cute!

  35. Vicky says:

    The R&R blushers looks amazing! I love the packaging, I’ve seen loads of post on it, wished i could get my hands on them πŸ™
    Yummy food!! πŸ˜€ I should start saving recipes, I need to learn and cook! xD Yes! more recipes please πŸ˜€
    And cute insect repellent! xxx

  36. lovekitzy says:

    so sweet~ i love the microwave recipe!! thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ it looks so tastyy!

  37. Ada says:

    I loved the cooking part! If you find any more recipes that you think I could make in a dorm, I’d love to see those! I totally want to try this one though ^^

    ps. I have Kinky too! I love it :] And I ordered it with Lust, which I thought I’d like better….I was so wrong!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      does ur dorm have a microwave? or rice cooker? or toaster oven? i dont know what dorms have these days [its been a long time since i stayed in one]
      i will try to post such recipes soon <3

  38. tomomi says:

    i love your posts of all kinds! as random as it gets. that’s what makes it interesting. keep posting!

    i especially love your food/cooking recipe posts. i did try your nama caramel receipe but it didn’t turn out that well for me…
    your travel posts are the best…i think…
    but post whatever you want. it’s great! thanks for posting!

  39. Tiff says:

    Ahahaha I found it amusing when you said the blushes were perfectly you, and then it followed up with the names ‘immoral’ and ‘kinky’! Yumeko, I did not know that about you :P.

    And thank you for that recipe! I did not know you can cook vermicelli in the microwave, i’m going to try it with all my other sauces too!

  40. sooji says:

    i have been so MIA- and i just went through your last 6 or so posts!! hahaha i’m so happy to see that you’re doing well yumeko! <3

    oh i've been seeing those R&R blushes more frequently lately and they look TO DIE FOR! gah.. i wish i had picked some up for myself when they were on sale, but booo boo πŸ™

    on a different note, i just gotta mention that i absolutely LOVE the fact that you get to travel so much yumeko! i know some people might think of traveling as a bothering, but i think it's so important for people to travel and see how different the world is from what we think it is at times… <3 not to mention, i live vicariously through your travels πŸ™‚ haha

    also, the idea of cat cafes seem SOOOOOOOOSOOOOOOOOOO neat!!! _<

    ps. i love your creative recipes yumeko!!!! you make cooking seem so easy and fun! xD

  41. miRa says:

    thank you for sharing the recipe! seems like so easy to make!! hehe :p

    the packaging of the R&R blushes look so cool!!! xD

  42. Anastacia says:

    Such bright blush shades! Can’t wait to see how it looks on face

  43. jeri says:

    Love your mosquito repellant and your style of cooking
    I am going to try to make that for dinner tonight
    Wish me luck!

  44. Lemon Sorbet says:

    I love this recipe, will definitely try it out tomorrow evening as I have got a guest coming over for dinner. Thank you so much for posting it dear Yumeko.

  45. abby says:

    im so jealous i def. gotta get my hands on some r&r products!! i’ve been seeing them everywhere i think i’m the only one who doesn’t quite have yet. as far as the recipe that looks absolutely delicious, super yum!! i definitely want to try this out!!

  46. mayaari says:

    ok, that recipe looks crazy easy to make – I’m going to look for those noodles & stuff the next time I go to the asian market! it looks delicious πŸ™‚

    and woohoo R&R blushes! immoral and kinky definitely look like perfect shades for you πŸ™‚

  47. HO HO~ u shd see my collection of recipes for baking…hahaha! i think i have 3 files for that! XDDDD
    would β™₯ that u post more cooking post!
    especially, recipes from japanese magazines! hahaha!
    i have been a craze buying japanese recipe books recently~~~
    like, “すてきγͺε₯₯さん”という雑θͺŒο½žο½žο½žβ™ͺ

  48. ThedaBara says:

    Thank you so much for that recipe! It’s been insanely hot as well in California, and the hubs and I have been avoiding cooking at all costs. Hahaha, I do the same with any recipe, or make-up tutorial that I come across. I rip the page then put it in one of my filing folders(which I always purchase at the Daiso near my home)

    Have a good weekend Miss Yumeko~

  49. Jian says:

    Hello Yumeko! Forgive me, I am behind in reading!!!

    The vermicelli looks delicious! And the recipe looks simple..thanks for sharing it!!! I feel so lazy these days and don’t want to cook either. It’s my turn today, so I have decided I’m going to feed my housemates chorizo pasta xD

    And I love the fact that you file everything so nicely! I wish I were so organised. T____T

    The mosquito repellent is adorable!! I’m glad I’m back in the Uk since I’m away from the blood suckers, but here I keep finding huge housespiders. There’s loads of them!!!!

    • Jian says:

      Oops, I forgot to comment on the blushes too! The colours are really gorgeous! I heard lots of raves about them before too!

  50. Nat says:

    Loved the recipe! I must try it out myself one time!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  51. Sofie says:

    The packaging is pure sexy… Sadly I don’t use blush that much… But the packaging… Oh my!….

    Also your food is pure porn… I am sitting hungry here! I should have learned by now I shouldn’t read your blog while hungry!

  52. Mona says:

    OMG i’m so trying that dish out! It doesn’t even look microwaved! and your recipe filer is awesome. I keep all the magazines -_____-;;

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