Canmake Glossyholic Lip + Random photos + Ameba Pigg

i must admit i dont pay enough attention to Canmake. They are like makeup lottery..when u get something good..its a real winner but when its a dud..its really crap hahaha

Recently i tried out the Canmake Glossyholic lipgloss and i think its pretty good ^^
Price: 504yen [USD$5+?]
i dont think this is new..i am just slow in trying these things….

This is Shade 04 [strawberry cream]

The dispenser…

– all in one! very moisturising and has spf! and did i mention glossy?
– no scent. i hate overly sweet scented glosses
– hygenic dispenser
– can be worn over lipstick too

– not very pigmented but its ok if u want a clearish gloss
– not long lasting


I purchased a few more recently [some are for packages i am sending out]

Also bought this one to try
Reviews later

Overall take:
Those new to Canmake..i highly reccomend the NUDY Glow lipglosses. Those are very pigmented and comes in gorgeous nude tones but no spf hence why i am trying these canmake glossyholic lip glosses for summer ^^

Those on twitter will know..last weekend i visited this really quaint store in Nakano…
Its called モダン ひまわり [Modern Sunflower]

They sell osaka style okonomiyaki and similar items

i have always wanted to eat here..cos the smell emitting from the store is amazing but it was always so crowded [they are about 4 tables and a counter in there XD]

The set lunches on offer

Sorry about the crappy photos i took XD
You can see many famous people’s autographs on the walls!!

The chef!

The menu is all over the walls

What i had [Set B]

What the husband had [Set A]
The food was excellent!

If you wish to visit , here is the address
〒164-0001 中野区中野 5-52-15 中野ブロードウェイ2F
〒164-0001 Nakano-kju Nakano 5-52-15 Nakano Broadwalk 2F
Take the train to NAKANO JR station.

The photos of the eatery were all from my iphone so whilst i was downloading the pics from my phone thought i post some random photos from it [a lot of it was posted on my twitter..sorry if u see it twice!]

HELLO KITTY donut keychains
You cant eat these!! XD but dont they look realistic? they are the same size as a REAL donut. i really wanted one but didnt buy one. i kinda regret it now. i should go back and find it dont you think?

More of Hello Kitty….
Heated eyelash curlers!

The cutest eco bags [they have a zip on their backs and an eco bag is contained inside and u hang the teddy on your bag] Samantha Thavasa had a version a while ago..except of cos..the one from ST costs many times more XD

I took this photo cos i thought they were cute but i also wanted to ask…
Do you think they actually work?
I mean i know they cant possible replace the mop/broom but i thought might be good for the odd dustball or reaching into corners??
for those who dont know..these are slippers with erm..these things at the bottom to help clean your wood floors. XD
i think if i got them..i will probably slip and fall..and crack my head XD <– yes i am that clumsy.

Sorry about the late posting today…i was supposed to post this during lunch time today [i usually write my blog entry the night before and post it the next during lunchtime] but i was distracted by something…
Do you know Ameba Pigg?
For ages i have been trying to figure out how to play the stupid fishing game on it and thankfully today N-chan told me how to do it XD
They have a limited edition sanrio store in there so u can dress your pigg avatar in hello kitty items XD
Must get fishing hahahahha

Till next time
XOXO Yumeko

p.s if u have an ameba pigg account..let me know so we can be friends on it. maybe we can go fishin together hahahaha.

p.p.s if you guys want..i can teach you how to sign up for an ameba pigg account and how to play. lmk!

p.p.p.s i like this song

Connection by TaeYang [from Big Bang]
The song is in english so check it out!!

p.p.p.p.s there is no more..i just wanted to say thank you for reading XD!!!

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49 Responses to Canmake Glossyholic Lip + Random photos + Ameba Pigg

  1. Nikki says:

    you know how to mix wonderful stuffs in ONE post! IMagine, wonderful looking gloss, FOOD! Then cute stuffs !!!! 🙂 I’m sure you are one great conversationalist! 🙂

  2. Justine says:

    I am sure Kelsie and I walked by that while we were in Nakano… but it was pretty late so I think it was closed. Your lunches look delicious! I miss the food in Japan – I don’t think we had a single bad meal! Haha will definitely put this on a ‘must-try’ list – I’m sure we’ll end up back in Nakano someday (if only to catch up on buying Johnny’s stuff. Haha ><;;)

    The HK donut keychains are SO cute. And whoa, as big as a regular donut?? I would hang it on my work purse 🙂

    THe heated eyelash curlers are cute!I recently bought one from Sephora to try but those look nicer… will look on Ebay for them. Were they expensive?

    The eco-bag teddy bears are adorable! I love eco bags. I probably have more than enough but I keep buying them XD;

    Your little avatar is adorable <3 I saw some on a KT blog that were Kame and Junno styled, dancing to Junno's solo WIND. They were very cute! I want to play – if it's easy XDDD;

    • Bittenbefore says:

      that store shuts from 3pm to 5pm i think so u might have missed them and they open around 11 i think.
      i want the keychain too but its so big i dont know what to do with it. will hunt for urs too!!
      dont get the curlers!! the reason i didnt buy them for ppl i know who love hello kitty eg u and because i read reviews they were really crappy! and since its for close to ur eyes..better not risk it dear!!
      i am still getting u a pink eco bag! i am hunting heehee
      yes get ameba pigg..then we can go fishing or something together. we can drink virtual tea hahahaha i’ll do a tut for u guys next week.

      • Justine says:

        Also I meant to comment on the slippers: we bought a pair for my mom, and they aren’t too slippery but I can’t say they work super well – I mean it’s not like you make sure to cover your ENTIRE floor in them to clean it, and to also apply enough pressure to pick up dirt? But they are very warm and comfy. Hers are just lime green though – they’re not cute!

  3. jean says:

    actually, my mom has slippers like that at her house. she wears them all the time to make sure that the floors are always clean – hahaha! i don’t know if the ones you saw are made of the same material (it seems like they are), but they aren’t very slippery (it’s about as slippery as walking around with socks on). they work okay. it doesn’t do the job of a proper mopping or wiping down, but it helps with dust and things.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      walking around with socks on seems very slippery to me XD i dont even dare to do tat hahaha
      i dont think they will replace the mop etc either but i thought it would be good to pick up some random dust ball hahahah

  4. May says:

    I didn’t find out about Canmake Glossyholic lipgloss until recently *i’m slow*. I like it how it has no scent:) Oo please do let me know how you like the Pop’n Jelly gloss. I’m curious if it’s as good as the nudy glow line. Both set A and set B look so yummy *drooling* The HK donut keychains look so real and so cute! Wahah so many cute HK stuff:) Indeed, they are the cutest eco bags ever! so adorable! Ameba Pigg account sounds fun. I want to go fishing with Yume and shop at the limited sanrio store teehee Omg i like that son too 🙂

  5. kuri says:

    your posts are so cute! Was the okonomiyaki place good?

    It’s too bad the Nudy glosses don’t have spf. I want all-in-one glosses, so trying to limit my new lip purchases to pigmented things that have spf 😀

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i thought it was good ^^ but i am no okonomiyaki expert XD [i am a tokyo girl through and through]
      i tend to throw out my lipglosses after 3 to 6 months use so i figure these were good for its price hee

  6. Karrie says:

    We have slippers like that in the US.
    But they are not cute and more of a novelty item.
    But doing something is better than doing nothing.

  7. ladys0ul says:

    The food looks amazing.. you’re making me hungry 🙁 But yeah you should’ve definitely grabbed the HK donut keychains, they’re cute.. even though it’s quite big, it’s still cute! (lol) watch you go back & next thing you know they’re gone! (happens to me ALL the time!) But yeah, I don’t think those slippers would work very well. Maybe after the first few times, but after awhile wouldn’t they just get super dirty/slippery? Looks dangerous (especially since you said you were clumsy) I wouldn’t risk it hun, don’t want you to injure yourself!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      oh no..hope its not too late to eat where u are!! [where are u? XD]

      yes it happens to me a lot..things disappearing after i go back for them..ah then i say its not meant to be hahahahah
      the slippers are machine washable but istill think they look dangerous too hahaha

      • ladys0ul says:

        I’m in Canada so when I commented it was pretty late I just got off work then so I was really hungry after seeing your pictures (lol)

  8. Georgina says:

    “i will probably slip and fall..and crack my head XD” you made me laugh at that one! but i sure hope that doesn’t happen yumeko love! 🙂

    i almost bought all the shades of canmake glossyholic online a few weeks back, but when i saw swatches of it and how it was so sheer, i changed my mind. i agree, the nudy glows are the “it” lip products of canmake 🙂

    wow im so hungry just looking at your food pics! i love little restaurants which smell great! 🙂

    thanks for sharing pics of those cute stuff! i seldom go out so i dont even know whats available in markets here. 😐

    • Bittenbefore says:

      why dont u go out often dear? busy at home??

      have u tried the new melty lipsticks from canmake? i think they are also the “it” lip products of canmake. i should do a review soon.
      you probably werent reading my blog then..but abt a year ago..i did almost crack my head with a bottle of peanut butter XD

  9. erin says:

    those slippers are hilarious! but then again, walking around+ getting to clean your floor is an economical, time-saving, and healthy option

  10. *Kat* says:

    Thanks for posting about the Canmake lipglosses. I’ve been really lucky with Canmake recently. I love the cheek powder, and my HG concealer is the Cover and Stretch Concealer UV, which I just posted about today. The one product that I’m super excited about and will be posting about in a day or so is the Gokubuto mascara.

    Your meals look so delicious! I love okonomiyaki. The pricing looks quite reasonable too.

    Your posts are always so varied and interesing. Thank you!


    • Bittenbefore says:

      i havent actually tried their cheek powder or concealer..but then i have major circles and lines so i probably need something more hardcore hahah XD

  11. Ooo I wanna try those Canmake lip glosses you mentioned. Thanks for writing these reviews – always helps that you write in English so I can understand. 😉 I try to read Japanese fashion mags but they are still quite challenging for me….

  12. gianger says:

    listens to connection on yume’s page and bobs head and shakes shoulder* ahahahhaha i love this!!!! such a cuteeeee song!!!!! and your pictures are on cute overloaddddd mahjahhhh!!! esp all the HK and the keychains!!! squeals* i want to visit you one dayyyyy and you have to promise to take me everywhereeeee there is HK!!! lol the food looks so good and so do those canmake makeups 🙂 keep up the blogging, babe! i love your blog just as much as i love you!!! have a wonderful rest of the week and safe trip to SG!!!

  13. miRa says:

    omgee!! those food pics are making me drooling!! xD
    looks so yummy! i like noodle, rice and soup ALOT!!
    those noodle really tempt me BIG time!! hahaha

    those slippers mops are so CUTE!! haha. i think it’ll be good for my stay at the dorm! :X
    so lazy to clean it when i’m busy with study! LOL

  14. mimi says:

    hello dear! i’m so jealous you live in japan! they make the cutest stuff ever!!!!1

    Go back and get the hello kitty donut! it’s soooo cuttee:)

  15. Lora says:

    Hi Yumeko!

    Haha The Ameba Pigg site is so cute!!!! I wish my Japanese was better so I could play.

    The canmake gloss is cute but too bad it’s not very pigmented. I purchased a Shu Uemura gloss once that was very red in the tube but came out clear also. :/

    The HK donut keychains are so cute! haha I would definitely go back and get one if I were you.

  16. Dina (XYYan) says:

    I’m intrigued to try the glossyholic, i love the fact that it has spf in it 🙂
    The food looks so yummy! Both the set A and B :D.
    OMG, the eco bags are too cute, I so get them if I saw any!

  17. evie says:

    the chocolate donut looks kawaii!! ooh can you please teach me how to use/play ameba pigg!!?? XD
    i think the slippers are more for display haha..maybe you can buy those “mop gloves” which i think can do better haha..ahh the food looks yummy!!

  18. Tracy says:

    I’m putting the store under to visit for my next trip!
    You really should go back & the get the Hello Kitty Donut keychain, it is really cute & yummy looking.

  19. Stephanie says:

    i love those mop slippers! genious! that’d be quite useful for me as i hate bending over to scrub my wood floor.

  20. Rae says:

    That lippy is a really pretty shade! Ah I thought the HK donouts were real at first glance =P they would be amazing!! I love all the things you found, those floor cleaner slippers look handy but I would totally break my neck aswell! =P

  21. Ji says:

    The food pictures are just mouth-watering! I’m craving authentic Japanese food!;__;
    I’m really curious about the lipgloss review…I’m always on a hunt for pretty glosses!;)

  22. sarah says:

    yummmm food 😀 yah the glosses (i tried it awhile ago but forgot to get back to you T^T) are very glossy, kind of sticky — but not much and not very pigmented.. but i love the fact that there’s spf 😀

  23. ? Cookiie says:

    OMG the eco bags are soo cute! ♥ They should be for sale worldwide, it would at least help a LOT for wasting less disposable plastic bags.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i see more and more places selling these so i think they are probably for sale worldwide..just dont know where to find them
      only thing..i find them too expensive for eco bags [about 40usd?]

  24. blovetbeauty says:

    i so want to try those cute slip ons that can apparently clean the floor! well even if it doesnt work, it still keeps the toes warm:)

  25. kit-kat says:

    That Canmake gloss looks so cute! I have no idea where to look for it in America though. =C

    • Bittenbefore says:

      there are many stores online that sell japanese cosmetics to i am sure u can find it easily ^^ good luck!!

  26. JU says:

    omg yumeko! those eco bags are so cute!!! i wonder how big they open up to….haha loving your posts! as you know i am in Daejeon, Korea for a year so if you travel here let me know!

  27. Nicole says:

    Yumeko! I haven’t commented in a while due to my overly busy sched, and it’s also been a while since I’ve looked at your entries. I really like the Hello Kitty donut keychains! And the Canmake glosses look good *___* I bought like, half of the shades available of the NUDY Glow series after you blogged about them awhile back, and they really are pigmented! My favorite nude glosses of all time <33

    Anyway, I see you're doing great there in Japan! The food looks good too =P~ Just wondering, do you know how to cook okonomiyaki? It looks somewhat complicated to do, but I want to try cooking it. I followed your lasagna rice cooker recipe awhile back and liked it to bits :3

    Much love to you, Yumeko!

    Nicole 🙂

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i never tried cooking okonomiyaki at home sadly..usually i go to the store and cook it there
      what would u need to know? the ingredients or the method?? ^^ lmk!

  28. ~Lisa says:

    Aww…I wish I can try out Canmake!!! It sounds really good!!

    And yummy food!!! For a second, I really thought those HK donuts were real!!

    TAEYANG!! ♥

  29. roxy says:

    ooh. i’ve never tried canmake glosses before and these look amazing.

    the hello kitty donuts are adorable!


  30. Jenn says:

    yum, your lunch looks delish!

    Bummer, i was hoping the glossyholic would be a tad more pigmented.

    Love the connection song too =)

  31. The glosses look very shiny and pretty 🙂 TaeYang is amazing! Have you heard Look Only At Me? That’s my favorite song by him. p.s. I actually made that foil eye mask! picture’s on my blog

  32. Tiff says:

    Darn, should’ve picked up one of those Canmake glosses… I love squeezy tube, not very sweet, clear-ish glosses! I don’t know, when I was there I thought the tube looked a bit pigmented lol.

  33. Lulu says:

    omgg hello kitty eyelash curler!!! your food looks delicious, and i’m hungry! hmmm hahaha.

  34. Hika says:

    I bought my mum one of those mop slippers before.. she says they work if you intend to scrub the floors but not if your just going to shuffle around .. also they got so dirty she just ended up chucking them out anyway..

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