Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Review + Conbini Finds + Blondy Mook!

Oh its Monday again!
How is everyone going? How was your weekend?
I spent most of my weekend rearranging the furniture in my house and also furniture shopping
Japanese people like to change their furniture or things [like cutlery, plates etc] with the change of season and we are no exception. ^^

Thankfully today’s post isnt about furniture..instead I wanted to share my fave new nail polish with you guys!
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail polish
Price:i cant remember the ridiculous price i paid. lets just say Sally Hansen costs several times more outside of USA/Canada.

The color i bought – 04 petal pusher
True to its name..this nail polish dries really quickly!
Which is nice when the color is a light one..such as this
It took me less than 15mins to put on 3 coats!! If you can find this for a good price, i highly reccomend it ^^

I also picked up a Sally Hansen Complete Care during my last trip to Singapore
The price tag is still on the bottom so it seems i paid almost SGD$25.00 for this.
That’s about USD$17 i think.

My really crappy NOTD
Note to self: do not do dishes/move furniture around the house prior to taking NOTD pics. XD

The top coat is this gorgeous Glossy Gel top coat from ParaDo!
I know the crappy photo doesnt show it but this gives a gorgeous shiny top coat as if you had gel nails done! It forms a thick layer of gel top coat and you dont need to use UV light to set it. As a matter of fact, it dries really quickly too!
FYI, ParaDo is sold exclusively in most 7-11 convenience stores [conbinis] in Japan.

Speaking of convenience stores. [conbinis]..regular readers will know i tend to buy a lot of junk from them. its not my fault..there are around 4 different conbinis on my way home XD

Lawson [conbini] is having a sweets promotion of sorts. Buy two types of specially marked candy snacks [there’s a whole bunch to choose from] and get a free Yebypawka[Cheburashka]Β folder! There are 5 folder designs to choose from.
FYI, Yebypawka[Cheburashka]Β is a classic Russian children’s Cartoon that is rather popular in Japan for its cute designs.

Many conbinis also have certain events called “fairs” whereby you can buy a lottery ticket to win an instant price. I’m pretty sure you always win something XD Each ticket is 500yen [usd$6]

Lawson is having the Gloomy Bear Sweets&Messy Party fair for the 10th Anniversary of Gloomy Bear.
These prizes are made exclusively for this fair and wont be sold in any stores.

I ended up with the smallest prize [see i told u, u always win something]
But its what i really wanted XD [i didnt want a huge gloomy bear..i wanted one this size to hang off my phone or bag]

Not conbini related but in celebration of Gloomy Bear’s 10th year anniversary and Capybara’s 5th year anniversary. Namjatown in ikebukurou was having a sweets fair for them [hence the toys made above for lawson..sweets fair.get it?]
The fair ended last week.

I dont join these lotteries often. Mostly because the fair doesnt last very long and by the time i go, its probably over XD However a while back [a month ago?] .i did buy a lottery ticket for the Doremon Fair. This is what i won
Its quite bulky for a keychain or phone strap XD But it makes a lovely display in my kitchen with its colors.

I go to the conbini a lot lately cos i have been going there to pay my utilities bills XD This is because i didnt move long ago and the direct debit hasnt been set up yet. This is mildly dangerous cos i end up buying other junk whilst there XD

I finally picked up the Blondy Mook
The flower print got to me XD

I really like the bow it comes with…

The inside of the tote has a handy pocket which i like!

At the moment i am hanging the hair tie on the looks good there and is handy if i need to tie my hair up ^^

And lastly..since we are talking about hair accessories..i changed my twitter display pic recently and many asked what the thing in my hair was. Its this giant red flower XD
As you can see from its condition..its kinda old now XD But it remains one of my faves! Its quite big! The flower part is bigger than the palm of my hand XD

And those of you not following me on i am with it…

For those wondering..i didnt fly on the weekend XD I know i said last week i was supposed to go Singapore for a week but as is unpredictable and i didnt end up going. I should probably end up going there end of this month..start of next. ^^

Hope everyone has a great week ahead!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s my twitter seems to be acting up cos i lost a lot of follower’s requests recently. ie i get the alert email but when i go to twitter i dont see any requests. So if you sent one, please send it again..and erm let me know you sent it XD Thanks!!

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46 Responses to Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Review + Conbini Finds + Blondy Mook!

  1. miemiemie says:

    you always have awesome stuff to post about! i saw a sally hansen counter at my department store but haven’t checked out the prices. haha $17 for a bottle. woah. but it would have to agree, its always best to get it in the states. i regret on not buying more back then. my parents have been pushing me to go back even for a bit, but i want to earn money while i’m still here. so yes. haha

    wish i could go visit japan though. i want to see all the cuteness and neat stuff you’ve got!!!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yes its definetely cheaper in the states!
      oh yes if u can earn money whilst u can..then u should! heehee more to spend on things!

  2. Justine says:

    I have bought so many nail polishes recently because of you, but it’s okay because they are cheap (and they really do dry super-fast) – right now my toes are a light purple (the one I tweeted to you) πŸ˜€

    The top coat looks so cool! Except I never paint my nails and gel toe nails just seems bizarre. I do want to see what it looks like on you though πŸ˜€ Can you see a definite difference?

    Your lottery prizes are cute! I love the mini gloomy bear best – awesome that you got the exact prize you wanted! I never win anything I like enough to keep…. so it all gets donated.

    The blondy bag is cute <3 I love the bow!

    The hair accessory is GORGEOUS though I had no idea the flower was that big. I wish I could pull something like that off!

  3. ~Lisa says:

    Ooh, I must try out that Insta-Dry nail polish!
    And I have that 4-in-1 polish too! But you got it a bit overpriced. It only retails for $12-13CAN in Canada.
    After using the polish for a while, it got really thick and just torture to apply.

    That gel top coat looks interesting! Too bad it’s Japan exclusive. I love the look of gel nails but I never do them because I’m afraid it will damage my real nails.

    You have so many fun stuff going on in Japan!! Lots of cute stuff too! XD

  4. Hika says:

    XD I love conbinis~! When I was in Japan I would always stop by on the way home – instant shopping fix coz there will always be something to buy + fixes for midnight cravings~

    love your flower accessory too~ always wanted to buy something like that but realistically there wouldnt be anywhere I could wear it too ;_;

  5. Miya says:

    I miss Japanese conbinis! I’m super excited to move back (hopefully) next summer! I’ll be sending a twitter follow request, hope that’s okay! -Miya

  6. Nikki says:

    so many cute stuffs! even the hair piece! You have gorgeous eyes Yumeko!

  7. Georgina says:

    petal pusher looks like a good “go-to” color, its very subtle but still feminine and pretty. πŸ™‚

    gosh, the hair tie with the big bow is so cute! i will def. buy it for sure (if i ever see it in person) hahaha πŸ˜›

  8. I really like your new twitter pic, it’s cute! I like the glittery coat you put on top of your nails xD those desserts look very yummy and cute

  9. miRa says:

    the parado gel polish looks so interesting!! xD
    have to get my sis’ colleague to get for me when they visit japan!! >.<
    hope it will be soon!! haha. oh btw, how much does it cost? Thanksss in advance!! ^^

    the flower hair accessories looks so pretty on you!! :))

  10. annie says:

    the monbranc okashi looks so yummy!! gosh I want that more than anything else!!
    Can you believe its impossible to find a patisserie that sells monbranc in Sydney? :'(

    I just ordered some nail polishes from the states through transdesign, it works out so much cheaper!! OPI is like $20 here!! πŸ™

    • Bittenbefore says:

      not doesnt seem to be sold in many countries outside of japan
      even in paris..they are not common XD!!

  11. Lora says:

    Those anniversary sweets are adorable! So is the Blondy hairtie & your huge flower! haha

  12. *Kat* says:

    This was again another very interesting post. Coincidently, I actually painted my nails tonight so it’s ironic that I come online and now see a post about nail polish. Gosh, I haven’t used Sally Hansen nail polishes in years. The ParaDo Glossy Gel looks so interesting. I’ll have to remember that it is something that I’m going to want to try. The anniversary sweets are so cute too. It actually kind of reminds me of this accessory shop that I went into last night. The shop is called QPot and everything is designed by a Japanese designer. It was quite interesting and there were really cute things in there. It was a bit too expensive for me though.

    I’ll be sending you a twitter request right after this.


  13. Lemon Sorbet says:

    I love your bag, hair piece and your amazing eyes!!

  14. Yasumi says:

    Loverly hair fing!!

    I would love to show you my hair fings…if ever you come to London again, you must come and have tea at mine! Yup you are prob the ONLY bloggin buddy that I would have in our home….*squishes*


  15. Silkybow says:

    oooh everything is so nice!
    I use to love gloomy bears a lot ^^
    The nail polish colours are very pretty too.

  16. Dolce Bunny says:

    OMG! I’ve heard about something like Parado but i didn’t know it was out already! I’ve been waiting for that and soooo jealous you got it!! Does it dry fast? πŸ˜€

  17. Dina (XYYan) says:

    The Sally Hansen nail polish looks good, too bad the price is too jacked up except in USA/Canada…
    I’ve never seen Yebypawka before but it’s really cute! πŸ˜€
    Love your eyes πŸ™‚

  18. Thanks for sharing about the instant dry nail polish it is so convenient… I always hate waiting for my NPs to dry πŸ™‚ I love the cute sweets you have shown there… too cute.

  19. *Kat* says:

    Sorry, I forgot to tell you that my Twitter request will be under galpalhi. Thanks!

  20. Samantha says:

    Sally Hansen nail polishes are around 6-7 CAD here! Might as well buy OPIs or CG online~
    Love your eye make~ What lenses are you wearing?

  21. sarah says:

    love that hair piece πŸ˜€ quite pretty. and that gel top coat sounds quite interesting πŸ˜€ yasumi also posted something similar recently, right? :3 *has a bad memory…*

  22. I buy lots of “junk” from the conbini on the way home from work too – lol! I recently got InRed mag for the Marc Jacobs purses. Too kawaii…. couldn’t resist.

    Btw: put a request in for your Twitter acc. I’m @beautyboxonline.


  23. Nana says:

    The gel coat sounds really nice! I really enjoy gel-looking nails but can never get them because they’re expensive and a pain to take off. ;(

    Yebypawka? That’s written in Russian, and it says Cheburashka, lmao

  24. Tammy says:

    Woman!! Don’t pay that much for that!! Just email me & I will happily send you whatever you’re looking for here in the US. <3

    • Bittenbefore says:

      Thanks Tammy!! its ok! i need to finish the bottle of treatment anyway but thanks for thinking of me! might have to take u up on ur offer one day!

  25. Connie says:

    Girl! Let me get you the Sally Hansen crap, it’s always on sale somewhere here!

  26. ladys0ul says:

    So jealous! You always find such cute little tidbits to buy & share w/ us. I wished they sold those kind of things here πŸ™

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think u guys have cute and great things too! u just need to look heehee everyone has their unique fun things!

  27. Angel Cosmos says:

    I love nail polish too but am not too fond of Sally Hansen. I find it loses its colour/shine after 3 days and the brush makes my nails streaky. Have you tried OPI or China Glaze? I am in love with China Glaze – For Audrey (the Tiffany colour) because it’s so pretty! ^_^ I’m a big fan of nail polish. hee hee

  28. ThedaBara says:

    Hello again Yumeko
    I swear, I am not stalking you ^^; I just noticed that I can follow you on Twitter and I wanted to thank you for adding me to your followers(can’t edit comments) oh, and OMG Gloomy Bear ice-cream??? that is ten shades of cute and awesome!

  29. wuzzyangel says:

    Love your new hair piece! You always pull that stuff off soo well! Why can’t we have cute stuff like that Gloomy Bear down here! LOL!

    Your nails are always on point to! πŸ™‚

  30. Kaiami says:

    I’m envious! I really want the 10th anniversary Gloomy Bear items.

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