SWEET magazine October issue

Happy Wednesday from Tokyo! The week is halfway done!
Cannot wait for it to be over XD

Last weekend i picked up the latest issue of SWEET magazine! I dont read SWEET often as i feel a lot of things featured in it are a bit too young for me but i had to get this issue anyway
WHY? Well
1-i really like Ayumi Hamasaki [cover girl] and love reading about her
2-there’s a photospread of Anna Tsuychia <– i like her a lot too
3-it comes with a CHER Shore eco bag. <– i have a new found obsession with CHER eco bags
4-i was looking for a magazine to read at the beach and this was the thickest mag i found HAHAHA

Ok first of all, the ECO bag
Its HUGE!! I had brought a different bag on my beach trip but in the end i dumped everything including my hat into this bag XD Its made of strong canvas material too. I love the colors of course

FYI Cher Shore is a like a subbrand of Cher and makes mostly beach style clothing..think of surf brands like Quiksilver/Mambo/Billabong etc.

Ok i know i said i thought a lot of the stuff in SWEET magazine is usually too young for me but i still found a whole bunch of things to oogle over XD

First of all..these gorgeous umbrellas!
I have a HUGE softspot for transparent umbrellas.
They are produced by http://my-fashion.jp/index.html but i cant find it on the site despite this ad saying stores will carry them from September 13th onwards.
Will keep looking.

Seriously lusting after this collaboration bag between rich and PORTER
I might have to go to the store for a look at them. They do look very pretty to me esp the red one [Retailing for 18900yen , about USD$200]

And regular readers will know i have a soft spot for Gucci Earrings [i wouldnt say i collect them but i have quite a few pairs] and they have a new design out
Its the different insignias of Gucci label over the years..love it!

Ok i am not really lusting over these but i know a lot of you like Sanrio so here’s the My Melody collab with HBG [HamburgerGirl]
The pouch is retailing for 6195yen [USD$70+] and the wallet for 11340yen [USD$120+]

And not really something you can buy but there is a Paul and Joe Sister print fair at the moment and from 17th September to 26th September, if you spend above 24150yen [approx USD$270], you can get a pair of chopsticks in a paul and joe sister printed bag [whilst stocks last]

In mooks news..Jill Stuart is having another mook soon [out on 17th Sepember]
It comes with the pouch featured [makeup not included] and is retailing at 1365yen [approx USD$15+]

Mary Quant has joined the mook wagon [seriously there are so many lately! there’s even a harrods one]
Comes with a tote and keychain. i might be buying this just for the keychain [i have an old mary quant bag]

Not a mook but a magazine..22nd september..Spring magazine comes with a JILL by Jill Stuart bag + SWATi keychain.
Ok is that enough magazine talk XD?

UPDATE: Lots of people asked where they can buy these magazines outside of Japan. Try amazon.co.jp! They ship internationally! HTH!

Let’s talk food then XD The limited edition kitkat for halloween is out!
its Caramel pudding flavoured! will be giving some of this away in my next giveaway so look out for it!

Fujiya has a new cookie out
It has NAMA [raw] Choco in it..i am guessing white chocolate [yay!] cos i dont eat normal chocolate.

Yes its true..i dont eat normal chocolate. i find the aftertaste a bit strange. But i suppose regular readers know this cos i mentioned it a few times. This is why i like all the limited edition flavours when something normally chocolate is made into a different flavour..for example….Kinoko no yama
Kinoko no yama is normally chocolate but for a limited time they are making it strawberry instead.
YEAY for me <3

My first time eating Kinoko no yama, thanks to this LE flavour
Now if only they make a different flavour of Takenoko no Sato [the bamboo shoot shaped ones]

Should i talk about makeup soon? I picked up some last season stuff from Parado during a clearance at 7-11
Will do a review in the next post!

I have forgotten about the giveaway but i found out my contact form isnt working properly anymore and i had to remove it. So i thought it would be hard for the winner to contact me. Gimmie some time to fix it before i announce the winner.

In the meantime, if u need to contact me, leave a comment on the CONTACT ME page ^^
Or look me up on twitter!

Till then
XOXO Yumeko

p.s 2NE1 has a new album out and i love the 3 title songs
One of them is

Clap your Hands by 2NE1
I love the makeup on EVERY girl esp DARA at the start. Need to figure out how its done ASAP.

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48 Responses to SWEET magazine October issue

  1. Lora says:

    The I <3 Moroko Bar umbrella is super cute!

    Mmm the Fujiwa cookie looks delicious<3

    Yes, more cosmetic posts please! 🙂 Is that Parado tube lip gloss?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i will try my best to do more cosmetic posts..been a bit busy to do swatches lately XD
      yes that is parado lip gloss ^^

  2. miRa says:

    such a beautiful colored cher beach bag!
    and the paul and joe make up pouch looks cute! XD
    thanks for sharing the info from the mag!! <3

    hope i can find the caramel pudding kitkat here! hehe


  3. Sefie says:

    Man, I wish I’d bought more magazines when I was in Japan for all the freebies! Is it normal for so many to come out like that? We’re lucky to get like, a mascara or lip gloss or something, and not all magazines have them every month 🙁

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think as the change of season gets closer [for example summer/autumn like now] more freebies come out.

  4. plue says:

    oh my! i seriously like the collaboration bag between rich and porter! it looks so pretty! and kit kat! yums!

    hm, i still thinking if i wanna go get the JS mook or not when it comes out, blardy sure it’ll be heavily marked up at my place here 🙁

  5. Calia Yang says:

    I LOVE 2NE1 too! their songs are pretty catchy in this album! definitely love their songs!

    the cher shore eco bag is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ hehehhe snacks look yummo too!!!! It’s nice to learn something new about you. ^_^ Loved our choco convo on twitter. heheheh *hugs*
    TFS some parts of the magazine! ^_^ JS FTW!!!

  6. Ly says:

    Omg I haven’t looked in a Japanese magazine before

  7. Ly says:

    >.> My comment got messed up but ah Sweet magazine looks amazing so far! But lol I feel like living Japan would make me go broke so easily just by looking in a magazine like Sweet XD

  8. Nic says:

    I would definitely buy that mag for the freebie…lol….and I didn’t get the chance to have the jill stuart mook last yr…so I’m looking forward to this one…i hope I could find it here….

  9. kuri says:

    The jill stuart and mary quant mooks look nice!
    I can always use another tote 😛
    I find Sweet too young too but I end up buying it if the 付録 is nice.

  10. Natsumi says:

    Oh my gosh! Strawberry kinoko no yama!!! What!!! I’ve only ever had the chocolate ones!

    And looks like you had a lot to lust over from that magazine, hehe, well worth it. The bag is super cute! I wish magazines in Australia had amazing additions but they’re dull as ever really :/


    • Bittenbefore says:

      the strawberry ones are limited edition and just came out…last week? not sure how long they will last , going to have to stock up haha

      yes the magazine was a good read..esp the ayumi article

  11. *Kat* says:

    I love the magazines that come with the bags. I hope that I can get both of them. Thanks for posting about them.


  12. Georgina says:

    i like kawaii brollies too! i hope you find the one you fancy. 🙂

    the parado eyeshadows look really cute! i’ll be waiting for your review. even though i dont have access to it. LOL

    haha i didnt know you dont eat milk chocolate, i love kinoko’s they’re like Yanyan for lazy people hahaha 😛

  13. aichaku says:

    i find sweet too young for me too (definitely much too young for me, not you!! 😀 ) but i <3 the things they feature. maybe i'm just a sweet young girl at heart (buahahaha)… << shameless..

  14. Yasumi says:

    PARADO! PARADO!! *dances around with pom-poms*

    Cant wait for your reviews

  15. Tracy says:

    Rich X Porter looks so tempting! The red is absolutely pretty!
    The Cher eco bag is much bigger than I expected, can put lots of stuff in there.
    And that caramel pudding kitkat is love!

  16. im trying to stop myself from buying magazines just because of the 付録! so decided to give CHER tote, a missed (although, im a CHER fan) (^^;;;)

    i see that kitkat…is already preparing for Halloween!!!! and i love love love!!! the chocolate version for kinoko no yama!!!!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      XD there’s a lot to read in this issue though so i think its worthwhile in the end
      anyway i really needed something to read at the beach hahahaha

  17. Sandy says:

    Rich xPorter bags look so gorgeous!
    I don’t think SWEET is available here in HK. =(

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i am pretty sure it is actually! have u looked in the Page One bookstore in HabourCity TST?
      Else try the stores in MongKok [Sino Centre] which sell a lot of japanese magazines.
      i am sure i have seen it there before.
      Good luck!! ^^

  18. kelsey says:

    Thanks for the review of the Sweet mag, I was debating if I should buy it or not. I love those eco bags~~~~and the Sweet one looks so cute. I was thinking—Sweet OR the Anecan (can’t remember if it was Anecan or not) with the Marc Jacobs pouches…I’ll get the Sweet one!

    I love the stuff they have in there, but like you, I’m a bit older so I should be looking in MORE or something lol!



  19. mikki says:

    There are so many cute things inside this mag! The off-white rich x PORTER bag looks just gorgeous ♥
    The Cher bag that came with it is also super lovely, it definitely looks like it’s perfect for the beach.
    &the sweets look so delicious, especially the cookies ♥

  20. wuzzyangel says:

    See JP has all the good stuff!!! Fashion, accessories, and SNACKS!! LOL! You know that’s what I focus on! LOL! Mmm… KitKat!! And the Milky Cookie looks good too!! Ohhh Strawberry Kinoko!! I love the reg choco ones. Brings back memories of kiddie days!!

    Ahh the inner fangirl is soo happy! NEWS released their new album!! Been listening to it online. LOVE IT!! haha!! Wish I was in JP so I could go to the concerts!! Oh & I finally download FT Islands new album.. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    My inner fangirl is suffering becuz of work! LOL! I’m soo behind on all the gossip/news! LOL!!

  21. Nikki says:

    That’s a super pretty Gucci Necklace, I have thing for jewelries 🙂
    Love all the stuffs you posted so girly and prety! 🙂

  22. Babybubblz says:

    Such awesome goodies with magazines! I have a thing for umbrella with polka dots!

  23. fufu says:

    I love the Jill Stuart pouch too bad they don’t sell it in US >o<

    • Bittenbefore says:

      amazon.co.jp and several other stores like fujisan will be carrying it and they ship internationally
      also in US…the kinokuniya stores will stock them as well
      Hope this helps!!

  24. Diane says:

    Omg the fooooood and the magazine goodies!!! The kitkat and the white chocolate cookie look yummy!! And the chershore bag looks so cute! Is cher a popular brand in Japan?

  25. Dina (XYYan) says:

    I can’t wait for the Jill Stuart mook, the little purse is just too cute to pass 😀
    *drool* OMG, the caramel pudding kit kat looks too yummy!!!!

  26. Dolce Bunny says:

    OMG!! all those Okashi….. you made me hungry…. @_@

  27. Krib says:

    I like 2NE1 too, I look forward to each of their releases :p

  28. CinnaBunnie says:

    love HMG and melody collab! i love sanrio stuff lol and the kitkats and food looks wonderful! if only i live in japan >.< i need to go there someday 🙂

  29. Sam says:

    UWAAAAAA the cher eco bag looks sooooooo cute and big!!! It really catches your eye and it’s even cuter than the regular print!!! waaaaaah I wish I could get one too T_T. I’ve never paid attention to Gucci earring before but the snapshot you have is really cute! Pretty diff and I’d love to get my hands on them too XDDD

  30. Caroline says:

    Hello Yumeko!! ^_^

    I lovee Japanese magaziness!! Each page is just filled to the brim with makeup, fashion, and hair photo feast for the eyes (and lusting mind)!! lol hehe I take FOREVER (literally, DAYS) to finish one magazine…and that’s with me not knowing how to read any Japanese!! Can you imagine how long i would take if i COULD read? i don’t even want to know…probably weeks! lol

    I love how you always share stuff from the magazines that interest you! 🙂 I’m curious though…what is a mook? It’d be awesome if you could explain! 🙂 hehe I’m a bit of a noob. I looked it up on wikipedia, and it says “a Japanese publication that is in the format of a magazine but published as a book”…this is my expression after reading that o___O I don’t get it! *sigh* hehe

    Ahh you are soooo lucky!! Japanese snacks are the best & since you live there, you always get to try the LE things! hehe yay for trying the kinoko no yama for the first time! I love the original choco ones and can’t wait to try the strawberry ones if they ever come out over here! 🙂 those milk cookies look so yummy!! they kind of remind me of snickerdoodles (sorta) because they’re white 🙂

    ♥ caroline

  31. Mariko says:

    Hey, I just added you on Twitter. Am @Kikume. ^_^

  32. Jiawen says:

    I like the things you picked from the magazine pages haha.
    Transparent umbrellas are cute. It’s nice to see the raindrops speckled on it XD.

  33. Oct says:

    hello Yumeko! hope you’re well.

    i have a huge soft spot for CHER eco bags too. i have three so far. am thinking about the CHER SHORE one now that i’ve seen it in your blog post. =)

    i have a blue polka dota transparent umbrella and love it!

  34. sarah says:

    I LOVE TRANSPARENT UMBRELLAS! i bought one for 100yen in a store randomly.. absolutely love it. of course it broke though 🙁 maybe i should’ve gotten a better quality one, haha. i loved seeing the rain drops, it was absolutely perfect for the monsoon that hit a week after.. hahaha. of course it doesn’t rain much here but i’d still like to get another one. i wonder if i can find one here… *ponders*

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