What’s this? Another blog post this week already? I know i just blogged yesterday but i am attempting to blog EVERY DAY this week as part of a bet i am having with someone else. How do you think i am going to go?XD

Originally i thought it would be a piece of cake. When i first started blogging, i used to blog twice a day, every day of the week. Yah i know, i dont know what i was thinking XD These days, if i can get 3 posts in a week..i consider it a good effort hahaha. This is a bit harder than i thought but i aint going to lose the bet XD You’ll keep reading wont you? T-T

WITH magazine Issue 11

Comes with full set of LUX haircare samples [the new lux range]

As well as a card case from Samatha Thavasa’s collaboration with Hello Kitty X Liberty UK Prints
The card case is a little filmsy but still really good quality considering its just a freebie.

Its also a little bigger than the ones sold by Samantha Thavasa
The reddish pink one is the freebie and the light pink one is the one i bought from Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice

Front comparison
Mine is from the liberty X samantha thavasa collection and i bought it a few months ago. I paid around USD$70 for it. Sorry i cannot remember the exact price.

I didnt take many pics of the magazine cos i wasnt sure if people were interested..but i took a pic of the page of the Hello Kitty X liberty print bags from Samantha Thavasa
More info found here http://www.samantha.co.jp/special/2010/with/

For those who wish to buy the magazine , here is my usual spill [ganked from my FAQ]
If there are no japanese bookstores near you. You can try
– Amazon.co.jp
Shipping is extremely fast but extremely expensive.
– YesAsia or CD Japan
Shipping is free at YesAsia for buying over a certain amount.

In other news..do you know the japanese snack CURL?
I got a free folder from 7-11 today with the CURL packaging.
CURL is…cheese curls..kinda like twisties or cheetos!

7-11 is giving away a folder for every 200yen you spend on selected products from Meiji there.
These are the two snacks i bought
I dont eat chocolate so they will be going in some love packs i am sending out this week!

There are eight file designs to choose from but i really like this on the page of the folder i got…
FYI this is FARMER KARL [Curl..get it?]
Website found here http://www.meiji.co.jp/sweets/snack/karl/

Think i rambled on long enough for today…i must remember not to ramble if i am going to blog daily XD
Till tomorrow!!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s wonders of youtube
Ads of Farmer Karl promo-ing CURL snack from 1986 to 1990

Its like a walk down memory lane.

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39 Responses to WITH X LIBERTY X HELLO KITTY X Samantha Thavasa

  1. Julie says:

    Oh are those the Adult KitKats? I heard about those, lol! I guess they are trying to market to grown-ups. I have tried the Bitter Almond ones which were pretty good.

    Liberty had a lot of items they sold through Target earlier this year but that sakura print is much prettier than what I saw in the stores here.

    Good luck with the blogging this week!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      oh yes they are the adult kitkats! i thought it was funnny cos adults also eat plenty of kit kat to start with haha i thnk they are targetting the male market
      japanese males somehow dont think its manly to eat things overly sweet [even if they like it, they claim they dont i think]

      someone helped me buy a few items from the liberty X target thankfully, i was lusting like mad hahahahah
      i got a few scarves and a bag!

  2. *Kat* says:

    Hey Yumeko! So you bet with someone huh…I think that you will win your bet.

    Thanks for posting the With magazine freebies. The Hello Kitty print on the card case is so cute!

    I’ve never seen those Mister Donut snacks before. Ooohhh KItKat! I love them.

    The Farmer Karl file folders are really cute too. Japan’s 7-11’s seem like they are really a lot of fun. Hawaii’s 7-11 doesn’t do anything like that.

    Have a wonderful evening!


    • Bittenbefore says:

      ah yes i bet with a gf of mine, if i can blog everyday, she’s going to have to stop smoking next week for one week XD
      And if i lose, i have to buy her a packet of cigarettes

      the mister donut snack is new , i think it came out recently ^^

      i love 7-11…in general convenience stores seem fun to me. maybe its only in asia..cos when i was in hk or singapore or korea or taiwan, i post pics from their 7-11 all the time too XD

  3. Iyah says:

    Omgggggg the bag again with the hello kitty print!!!! Its just too gorgeous!!! I’ve seen hk bags here but they look kiddie-ish, but these bags are gorgeous!!! I wish they’re available here!!! 🙂 I guess i have to go there and visit u and so you can help me find these so I can get them! Hahahah :)))

    Btw, I love that your blog is iPhone friendly! It has a mobile layout! So cool 😀

    • Bittenbefore says:

      aww thanks baby! yes u and ur man need to come here!!! we can go hello kitty land together!

      wow u are like the first person to notice my blog has a mobile layout heeheee

  4. Tracy says:

    You are going to win the bet!

    The supplement for WITH magazine doesn’t look too bad & you are right about it being free and hence we can’t be expecting too much from the material and stuff. The one you gotten months back is cute!

    Aduit Kitkats! And the folders given away are really useful and cute.

  5. Yasumi says:

    Cheese Karl are my favest cheesey snacks EVER IN THE UNIVERSE OF CHEESEY SNAX!!!

  6. Farmer Karl is choooo kawaiiii….. LOL!

  7. kuri says:

    good luck with the bet! You’re doing well so far.

    I’m still using the card case from last year, but this one looks nice. maybe it’s time for a change, haha.

  8. Jian says:

    Don’t worry I will always keep reading! Even though I don’t always get a chance to comment! It’s a real nuisance not having any proper Internet except iPhone!

    I love the print bags! And the free cardholder does look nice! I often say this, but I honestly do wish that we had better magazine gifts! Mags are getting more and more expensive too! I know they’re not cheap anyway in japan, but the mags in the uk have gone up steeply!!! Vogue is almost £5 or something!!!!!

    Keep up the good work with the bet!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yes i remember mags in uk being more expensive but oh i love some of the stuff u guys get
      which is CRAZY exp here hahahah

  9. annie says:

    OMG I LOVEEE CURL!!!!! I made my host mum send me more when I came back to Australia LOL

  10. Calia Yang says:

    Even if you just post once a month or once a year – i’ll still follow you and still read your blog posts!!!

    Those bags are so cute!! very nice!! me likey!!

  11. Tam says:

    wow, I was pretty surprised when I saw you in my bloglovin list!
    this so feels like 18 months ago hehe!
    I hope you win the bet ;D

  12. jac says:

    Yes! I want to view the magazine and your daily blog post! 🙂 I love your blog!!

  13. nana says:

    I’m so wanted to try the mister donuts!! Speaking of donuts, have you try using the Hello Kitty Donut-making baker?

    And GANBATTE on your bet!!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      no sadly i havent found a chance to try the donut maker yet!
      i shall try to do it this week so it can be a post heehee thanks sweetie!

  14. rene says:

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting! I haven’t been reading anybody’s blog actually! I just couldn’t find time. ZZZ.
    Anyway, I’m positive you’ll win the bet!

    I’m so in need or a card holder. Hehe. I might go get. I like With.

    Also, I’m having my FIRST GIVEAWAY soon! Do check it out! X)

  15. Cynthia says:

    LOL! that’s so awesome that you can get those folders. we have to pay like $3 for a folder and $4 for one that opens up … expensiiiive.

    i like the card holder that you bought than the freebie. the print i much nicer.

  16. Krib says:

    I did keep reading :p and we do have “curls” here but they’re called “curly” !

  17. CinnaBunnie says:

    awwe you always post about the cutest things ^^

  18. Georgina says:

    ooh i hope you win! i’ll read your ramblings everyday babe! lol 😉

    aw, that liberty x hk print is super kawaii! its like where’s waldo, but hello kitty version hahaha 😛

    i love cheese curls! we have a filipino version of that, the curls are smaller, targeting the kids market hehe… the adult kitkat packaging looks cool and edgy, lol on men not wanting to admit they like sweet stuff! seriously, whats there to lose?! :))

  19. Ada says:

    farmer curl is so adorable! i wish our food was packaged nicely, too! your kitkats look so much better, too. haha.
    the liberty x hk print is cute as well :]

  20. Justine says:

    I’m baack. For two days, anyway 😉

    I love the ST x HK x LL print on the card case, but it’s almost TOO busy – I’m not sure where to look! I prefer the ‘plain’ LoL prints, I think. It looks like a nice magazine freebie though! Are you thinking about any of the purses? The pink bag in the top right corner looks nice (though that HK doll is HUGE).

    I love cheese curl chips! The Filipino version is Cheese Curlz but the advertising definitely isn’t as cute. Did you end up picking some up? I went on a spree of Japanese kit-kats the other day… next time that’s what I’ll beg for (instead of makeup – yeah right??)

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the week!~

  21. gianger says:

    YUMEEE!!!! everytime i read your blog it is the bestttttttt food/cute/goooodies porn ever! i seriously jizz my pants! 😀 i love it! andi love you!

  22. Connie says:

    MISTER DONUT… *drools*

    I like you blogging every day! Reading yours makes me want to start up again, but then I start wondering who’d actually read it, you know? xD

  23. Sam says:

    My goodness, so easy to spend 200 yen on Meiji… the mini strawberry pack is $5-6 AU here! I love Meiji, the best chocolate- and it seems that Japan has the best magazine gifts too!
    I look forward to your posts, doesn’t matter how often you blog, I always learn something!

  24. sarah says:

    omg those cheese curls are so good! and i love jpnese illustrations, they’re always so cheesy and happy (ha ha, pun intended)

  25. Caroline says:

    I always love Japanese women’s magazines so much….each page is packed to the brim with fashion eyecandy, as well as makeup & hair tips! I lovee itt! and I also get to drool over the exclusive products that are only found in Japan and sneak peek of early releases from Louis Vuitton because the ladies over there love their LV stuff!! 😉

    ahhh…Farmer Karl is tooo cute!! haha the commercials were all so funny!! I’m curious…do all the different assortment of bags in the commercial denote a different flavor of the curl snack? >:D

    ♥ caroline

  26. saltvinegar says:

    Any chance you can help by telling me what the samples contain? Cos i just bought the mag and have no idea which is shampoo, or conditioner or serum.. Thanks!

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