Rice Cooker Recipe! Mochi & Cheese Bread Rolls

I think its time for a new rice cooker recipe!

For those of you new to my blog, i am a firm believer that nothing in the kitchen should be one purpose only. And the rice cooker is one of them! Why should i use it for just cooking rice? [Btw i really like rice so a rice cooker is indispensable in my kitchen XD] In Japan , cooking with your rice cooker isnt a new thing. There are hundreds of books in the bookstores here all about it. So i guess i am not really doing anything fancy or new but hey it might be new to some of you and i always aim to share my little bit of Japan with you ^^

Ok back to the recipe! Today we are baking BREAD in the rice cooker!
Mochi and Cheese Bread Rolls
Now this might sound strange at first but trust me, its tastes REALLY good!

Mochi and Cheese Bread Roll


150g HotCake Mix
60ml Milk
15g melted butter or margarine [unsalted if possible]
35g of cheese [i used cheddar]
40g of mochi
salt to taste

1. Cut the mochi and cheese into 1cm cube pieces.

2. Mix hot cake mix with salt. And then mix with melted butter till its kinda paste like

3. Add milk slowly, mixing it through till its like a wet dough [see pic below]
4. Fold in the diced mochi and cheese.

5. Line your rice cooker pot with 4 aluminium cups. in my case, i used silicon cups and spoon mixture evenly into the cups
6. Press the start on your rice cooker [as if u are cooking rice]

7. Once the rice cooker rings [as if ur rice is cooked], your bread should be done!
Overall Verdict:
You NEED to try this recipe. Its only 6 ingredients and you probably have them in your pantry to start with. I would say the bread is savoury but with a sweet tinge. Kinda like cornbread! I keep telling myself to try this with jam and cream as it has the texture of the perfect scone. But i keep eating them right away once i pull it out of the rice cooker XD The gooey mochi and melty cheese…can we say YUM!??!? TRY IT!!

– if the bread isnt completely cooked when your rice cooker rings. You can either restart your rice cooker [ie press cook again] or just put it in your microwave. 1 – 2 mins should do the trick.

– to check if its cooked, just stick a skewer or toothpick in it and if it comes out clean, its done ^^ [unless its stuck on the cheese or mochi haha]

– for those who cant find hot cake mix in their supermarket, i assume its the same as pancake mix [ingredients seem abt the same] I looked online and it seems several places throughout the world sell Morinaga Hot Cake Mix so if you think you prefer to use the japanese hot cake mix, you can try buying it online. I used a generic brand of hot cake mix from 7-11

I cant take credit for this recipe as i got it from a recipe book i bought recently

This has become my absolute fave go-to book for baking bread in the rice cooker.
Every recipe in this book uses hot cake mix XD

Here’s the ISBN code if you are interested in trying this book out
I’m going to try a few of the other recipes in this book. If anyone is interested, will try to post them too ^^

Happy cooking!
XOXO Yumeko

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79 Responses to Rice Cooker Recipe! Mochi & Cheese Bread Rolls

  1. sooji says:

    omgah this looks divine. i love mochis. me and dk had a convo today about how i should go ahead and buy mochi in bulk but then again he is afraid that’s all i eat for my meals. hahahahahaha <3 i'm SO going to try this out! xD btw do i cook it in the gaba rice setting or just plain rice?

    (omg am i first?)

  2. Celeste says:

    Ah, how cool is that ! Tho my rice cooker is as basic as they come – wonder if I can still make bread in that.

  3. Justine says:

    THIS LOOKS SO GOOD. Do you think I could use fresh mozzarella? I have lots in my fridge. I Just need to buy the mochi…

    If you are going to try sweet scones you should add a bit of vanilla!! Makes pancakes taste SO yummy – with everything!

    The swirly bread on the cover looks pretty – you should try that next, I am curious. 😀

  4. Julie says:

    Ah, I remember the first time I heard about cooking bread in a rice cooker was the anime Yakitate!! Japan. That was a few years ago but I still haven’t tried it. Hotcakes are the same as pancakes so should work the same. Was the mix you used buttermilk? That would make a taste difference but should also cook the same. Your bread looks very tasty.

    Good luck in making osechi! It looks like it would take a lot of time and so many ingredients! Will you be making it just for your husband and you or also your family?

    I was wondering if you have heard of Elizabeth Andoh?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i have never seen tat anime! i should check it out! yeah its really nothing new in japan to do this XD
      i have no idea if it is buttermilk or not XD i will check tonight when i get home!!

      i will probably make it for just me and my husband. i leave the pro osechi to my grandma [ie for the family] hahahah i am not good enough i think.

      i heard of her book and her cooking classes but i dont know much abt her. i think its admirable of her to share these traditional things/food i hold so dear to the english speaking public ^^

      • Julie says:

        I think you might like Yakitate, it’s all about baking breads and more. The manga is pretty popular too.

        I was just wondering if Andoh-san was popular in Japan. It’s funny because when I came back from Japan I really wanted to learn more about Japanese cooking and meal preparation and that’s when I got her Washoku book. I learned so much from it that I hope some time to take one of her classes. It’s opened the door for me as to other types such as Kansha. I have other Japanese cookbooks but I like the way Andoh-san explains why things are done and how.

        I’m looking forward to seeing your osechi! They have them here too but they are really expensive. You are artistic so I’m sure yours will look and taste really good!

        • Bittenbefore says:

          i dont think she is. cos i dont know anyone that knows that XD as a matter of fact, i had to look it up cos another girl asked me if her washoku book is good. i havent seen her actual book so i have no clue. i think we tend to think of Harumi-san when it comes to english cookbooks as she even had a cooking show partly in english on NHK here. but i think harumi-san is more suitable for us japanese as a lot of stuff Andoh-san teaches might be closer to basic our mum or home economics class would have taught us at school.

        • Julie says:

          I have one of Harumi-san’s book and I like it but it doesn’t explain as much. Andoh-san’s I like because it also has basics but then goes on to more complicated dishes. She covers a lot. It’s great because one can get the basics or if they have that can make more challenging food.

          I can understand why Harumi-san is popular in Japan, from what I’ve seen she is a bit like Martha Stewart for cooking there. She seems very personable and her recipes are good. More for Japanese home cooks who want to add variety.

          I think it has to do with who they see as their audience.

          I’m hoping to get back into cooking more since it’s getting cooler here and with that start posting more dishes on my other blog. Seeing your yummy cooking here helps!

  5. sarah says:

    DUDE i loooooooove hottokeki~ hahahaa <3 best kind of breakfast ever. and now to make it into a cheesy gooey bread?! MUST TRY.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      do it! i wanna see ur results! maybe u can shape them nicely like the book instead of dumping it in the silicon cups like me XD!

  6. Rui says:

    Oh, what genius! I must try it soon! I wonder if I can find mochi in my country though (not sure if the Japanese supermarkets will have them u_u;;). It looks like it doesn’t taste as great without the mochi!

  7. kurainanimo says:

    Thank you for sharing yet another awesome recipe!

    Its amazing how your blog isn’t just a haven for make up but for food as well.

    By the way, do you think one could simply stir some paprika/parsley into the mixture to get a more savoury taste to it?

    Hmm…how about swapping the cheese with baking chocolate cubes 😀 Or using both cheese and chocolate cubes 😀

  8. d.Miranda says:

    i must try this..i luv cheese and mochi what a perfect combination! now i just need to go and see if Mitsuwa market would have the hotcake mix and the mochi so i can try this recipe. also, did you put the whole package of hotcake mix? and how much milk did you put..or should i just eye ball it? thanks for this recipe 🙂

    • Bittenbefore says:

      XD i think u missed the ingredients part of this post. its 150g hotcake mix and 60ml milk. hope this helps!

      • d.Miranda says:

        ahh…i’m sorry! yes i did missed it…lol i jumped on the step too quickly on how to make it. i see it now thank you!

  9. Georgina says:

    i will try this! i need to thank you for sharing wonderful stuff with us yumeko dear! keep them coming! 😀

  10. Lulu says:

    this is so cool and sounds so yummy! i should get myself that awesome looking book you showed us :p

  11. Kae says:

    That looks so good! I need to try this, thanks for sharing the recipe (^-^) Hmm i wonder if you can put the mixture in the cooker without the cups, just make 1 big bread?

  12. Silkybow says:

    wow it seems so cool… I want to try it some day ^^;;

  13. Yasumi says:

    Sounds delicious. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHEESE!! That is definatley one thing I shall miss sorely when we move to Japan.

    YOur talents are endless!!

  14. jiejie says:

    Hi Yumeko! This looks absolutely delish! I never thought of using the rice cooker for anything else but to cook rice, a staple for every meal. I wonder where I can get those mochi… gotta look again when I go to asian market.

    Btw, there is this Japanese pudding I wanted to try out. It looks like leche flan but not as sweet. I was wondering if you can share your recipe for it, that is if you have one?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i think u can skip the mochi and add mozzerella instead! the texture is close!
      hmm i think i know which pudding u are talking abt. l had a recipe for it ages ago but it used a lot of eggs so i stopped using it
      let me see if i can find it for u!!! XOXO

      • jiejie says:

        It will be great if you can find it. You make cooking look easy, and I’m all for your “kitchen” motto.

        Thanks in advance!

  15. Mariko says:

    I keep telling myself I’m gonna try your recipes out but I have yet to do so. My friend bought a rice cooker in HK and took it back here in the UK so we can try it out 😀

    • Mariko says:

      Damn I just realised all this time you haven’t been able to see my tweet replies, oh well!

      • Bittenbefore says:

        i am so sorry! wat is ur username? i will add u back! sorry sometimes i am a bit slow cos i use twitter mostly on my iphone

      • Bittenbefore says:

        ah ur username is kikume right? i sent a request ur way!

        • Mariko says:

          Yeah, thanks for the add. I’m looking at your twitpics atm and am really hungry…is there an alternative to using hotcake powder? Could you just use flour?

  16. ali says:

    i’m DEFINITELY gonna try this! don’t know where i’m gonna get mochi from, but when i do i’ll put the mochi in. for now. cheese bread rolls! puahaha! thanks for the quick cooking class! ^^

  17. Calia Yang says:

    I just got a new rice cooker!!! I have got to give this a try!!

  18. mira says:

    cool!! love rice-cooker recipe! hehe 😀
    have never seen those mochi before :p will try to go isetan and see if i can get some!
    thanks for sharinggg!! :))))))

  19. Rachelle says:

    That looks AMAZING!!!! I never thought of adding mochi but that is an awesome idea…it’s like creating an artificial gooey texture which would complement the cheese so much! I would like to say you’re an amazing baker…but since it looks so simple…looks like anyone could do it…………..JUST KIDDING XD you’re an amazing baker.

    And I just read that someone commented about Yakitate in the comments. That’s a really fun anime and makes you soooo hungry!

  20. Chyakura says:

    Woooow that looks super easy to make. Not sure about a cheese/mochi bread but since its so easy to make I really wanna try it! Those the receipe make a batch of 4/ea? Is there any dessert recipes for the rice cooker? Anyway I love your rice cooker recipes blog post. =D

  21. Ai says:

    Hi Yumeko! This looks really yummy♥ I’ve tried a banana cake recipe on Cookpad using a rice cooker and it didn’t turn out too good so I haven’t used my rice cooker after that for anything other than cooking rice. But this looks pretty good… maybe I should try cooking again 😀

    Love your blog♥ I just started following you!!


  22. saltvinegar says:

    omg this helps loads cos believe it or not the only cooking tool i have in my kitchen is a rice cooker..

  23. Dina (XYYan) says:

    Thank you so much for the recipe! I’m so going to try this if I can find the hot cake mix. It looks so effortless to make!

  24. Jennifer H says:

    love the rice-cooker-recipes series you wrote!! lol i told my mom about it and she’s very interested in trying to use the ricecooker at home now….!

  25. Sheila says:

    Wow. I don’t think the rice cookers sold here can be used for any other purpose… I may have to import one from JP after I move out =P

    It looks delish, definitely making me hungry right now. Thank you for sharing!! <3

  26. Adrienne says:

    I got to try this! Now I know that the rice cooker serves more purpose than just cooking rice LOL. Thanks for sharing!! <3

  27. Jian says:


    I am totally inspired!!! Mochi and cheese! What a combo. I love both, so it must be tasty! ^^ Although I don’t have hotcake mix either..I wonder if I can substitute anything… T____T I’m sure someone else has asked this question so I’m going to read through all of your comments now…

  28. Krib says:

    Everytime I red one of your blog posts, I want to go to Japan, and spend a few years there :p

  29. CinnaBunnie says:

    wow! it looks really good ^^ is hotcake the same thing as pancake? lol
    mmmm. thanks for the recipe 🙂 i love cheese haha

  30. Lemon Sorbet says:

    Love your cake!! Just looking at your yummy cakes has made me wanting to make one as well, so I made a simple sponge cake in a TeddyBear mould in the oven. Will experiment with cheese ones next time.

  31. ThedaBara says:

    Yay! another recipe courtesy of Yumeko that I get to try out, thank you!!!
    {yes, I know you’re not taking the credit for it, but you took the time to explain/translate/make it easy on us!}

  32. mayaari says:

    cheesy mochi bread? yes please! lol i’m going to have to find some mochi this weekend and hopefully try it out….that bread looks so yummy!

  33. *Kat* says:

    Thank you for posting this! This sounds so easy to do. Honestly, all I’ve ever done in my rice cooker is cook rice. I’ll need to try your rice cooker recipes one of these days.


  34. Jiawen says:

    I love these microwave recipes you share with us ^^! thank youuu!! It’s nice and convenient on the days where you don’t want to bring out so many things to prepare dinner :D.

  35. abby says:

    hey hun it feels like i haven’t been here in forever! oh gosh what you do with your rice cooker is awesome! i definitely want to try this recipe out it looks super delicious and simple 🙂

  36. your rice cooker posts are my FAVORITE! these look so delicious as a light snack, I definitely want to try it myself so I can eat them nice and warm. Mailed out your letter today, let me know when you get it 🙂

  37. Sarah says:

    looks yummy 🙂 now i’m hungry and its like 11pm here lol
    I use my rice cooker to steam veggies, I’ll have to try to make bread now 🙂

  38. Catherine says:

    OMG that’s sooooo cool!!! I totally want to try that ASAP! Sadly I don’t have those ingredients in my pantry already, but I’m totally going to JapanTown this weekend anyway so I can prob pick up the mochi hehehe. Thanks for the recipe Yume! It looks delicious! 😀 😀 😀

  39. Edez says:

    wow! this is a great idea! imma try this at home. what is mochi btw? thanks 🙂

  40. Sofie says:

    You are slowly becoming the rice cooker queen! <3 Haha I really wanna try some mochi now.. It always looked so delicious!

  41. Sabby says:

    It looks just too delicious and when I will go back to Kobe at the weekend for visiting my boyfriend I will try it, too. Well, I already knew that you can make bread, cakes, pudding and so on by using your rice cooker, but actually I never had the heart to try it myself. But this will be changing now – Thank you for your inspiration! (:

  42. Hika says:

    I’d love to try this too, except I dont have mochi T_T , I dont think its easy to buy in Australia..

  43. May says:

    thanks for the recipe babe! i am so going to make it! need to go get the indigents asap:)

  44. Karrie says:

    I need to try this.
    I have never used my rice cooker for things other than rice or mixed rice dishes.
    Please post more rice cooker recipes.
    I think these post are great.
    I don’t have any of these ingredients right now, but will let you know when I try this out.

  45. JC says:

    Hi, juz decided to drop in and say I’m new but I’m enjoying your blog already. It has the kind of randomness I admire but can’t reproduce on my own blog >_< Thank u for introducing the recipe, I love quirky cooking experiments and I am running down to Kinokuniya to get a copy of the recipe book.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      Hi JC, thank you for visiting and reading my blog ^^ i do hope u check out this book, it has become one of my favourites! XOXO

  46. Mai says:

    This looks really yummy! Thank you for posting the recipe and sharing the book :D! I’ll definitely have to try this since it looks so good. I wonder if they have an English translation of the book, probably not though ):

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i dont know if there is an english version of this book in particular but i know there are english recipe books for rice cookers in usa
      apparently wolfgang puck did one as well ^^!

  47. doerayme says:

    Hi! Does this recipe only make four rolls? If I wanted to make more at once can I put it in the oven? If I could what settings should I put it on? Thanks!

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