The Friday Random Post

Here is the 3rd instalment of the Friday Random post! This has become my FAVOURITE type of post to write hhahaha its a lot easier to take about a whole bunch of little things than to expect me to write a long post about just one topic. My mind wanders too much XD

1.K-On promotion over at LAWSON Convenience Store
K-on is manga/anime in Japan. Its extremely popular but I dont read it/watch it. Just never got round i suppose. But my best friend likes it quite a lot and tells me its very funny.
So when Lawson started this promotion the bestie asked me go get him some stuff…

Yakisoba Bun
i remember i had a friend in Singapore [Hi Miss J!] who saw Yakisoba in another anime and asked me if they truly existed in Japan. I told her they did and attempted to bring her one when i visited her in Singapore XD
So FYI, yes yakisoba bun really does exist in Japan, And yes it is really yakisoba [stir fried soba noodles] inside a bread bun. Its sold widely in high schools [hence why its always in high school animes i think?] Convenience stores also sell them.

Strawberry Jam Toast
Actually there are a lot more special items for sale but the lawson i visited was sold out of most things. As a matter of fact, the bestie said he went to three lawsons and they were sold out too.
You can see Lawson’s webpage on this campaign here

2. New finds in the bookstore
Freezing Recipes Mook
There is such a huge influx of mooks lately and its nice to see its not limited to just fashion and makeup related mooks.
Freezing food is such a great idea if you have a big freezer. Its helpful in saving both time and money.
I own several cookbooks on freezing so i skipped on this mook but if you are starting out, this book shows many good principles.

Comes with two tupperware containers
Now I’m thinking of buying it for my sister XD
For those of you also interested in buying a copy , here are some details
Publisher: 宝島社
ISBN-10: 4796678182
ISBN-13: 978-4796678186
Release Date: 2010/11/6

Laduree Sucre Cookbook
Oh yes its from THE Laduree. The afamed Macaron Store from Paris. I visited the store when i was in Paris last year and macarons there taste 10times better than even the Laduree Store here in Tokyo Japan [in Ginza]
Book Details
Publisher: 世界文化社
ISBN-10: 4418100040
ISBN-13: 978-4418100040
Release Date: 2010/10/16
If you buy this book, could you make and mail me some macarons? XD *looks at Miss brvbrd*

3. My latest obsession
i am truly addicted to this soymilk. i dont know why but it tastes REALLY good. Husband doesnt agree with me though. Actually neither do the besties. So perhaps its up to the individual. XD

4. Moomin Stand
Moomin Stand is a new bubble tea store that opened up in Kichijoji less than 2 weeks ago! The cups/straw designs are that of Moomin characters of course! The queue is EXTREMELY long so be prepared to queue.
Details for those who wish to visit
東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町1-11-5 コピス吉祥寺A館1F [About 2min walk from Kichijoji Station]

5. Revlon Eyeshadow Quads
I spotted these in a magazine a while ago [think i posted a pic on the blog too] and thought they looked a lot like lunasol quads. Finally got a chance to swatch them. Quality seems really good but the price is quite high for what they are so i didnt get them XD
Retails at 1785yen [About USD$20] Each

6. A lot of icecream XD
Last but not least..i will leave you with a pic of the ice cream parfait i noticed a store offering lately
Look carefully at the size of it compared to the other parfait samples next to it. Yeah..its HUGE!
Its 2200yen [about USD$25] but i guess it would feel a lot of people!??!
My brother in law is an icecream fanatic [Hi O-san!] and my sister and him are visiting me next week. Thinking of taking him here hahahaha
Would you eat it?
If you wish to go, the address is 墨田区江東橋4-27-14, 東京楽天地ビル2F

Thanks everyone for their fantastic emails of concern! really appreciate it!~ Still replying to them all.
Like i said, my sister and brother in law are visiting me next week so i’m going to be busy tidying the house etc so emails might take a really long time to reply as i am also going on a roadtrip soon]
FYI for those who asked, i am still a little varies from day to day. Not so good today but it doesnt matter cos its FRIDAY! TGIF!
Have an awesome weekend
XOXO Yumeko

p.s Dear all, i am not going on my roadtrip till NEXT weekend not this one XD but thank u for the wellwishes XD

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39 Responses to The Friday Random Post

  1. Justine says:

    Yakisoba in a bun sounds interesting… it’s kind of funny, last night at work we were talking about grilled mac-n-cheese sandwiches (Mac and cheese in a grilled sandwich) … they both sound good! Clearly I like carb overload. LOL.

    The mook with the two tupperware containers seems like a good deal! Maybe that’s because tupperware is kind of expensive here (or at least it seems like it, when I flip through their catalogue). What does the Laduree one come with? There are a lot of bakeries in Calgary which make macarons now, some better than others! My favourite flavour is salted caramel 😀

    Was that the soy drink you posted about buying a case of a while ago? I can’t remember what was special about it XD;

    OMG parfaits. We never really got to go ;o; Dessert cafes are also on my ‘when I am in Japan again’ list.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yes tupperware is expensive here too but i think they are giving the boring cheaper types. but still a good deal. i should buy it
      the laduree one isnt a mook..just an actual cookbook. comes with just the box XD

  2. Sheila says:

    i love your random posts too! please continue to share your life with us humble followers <3

    Also you have just confirmed that Japanese convenience stores are the best things in the world. I want yakisoba in a bun~~ *slobbers*

  3. Natsumi says:

    Hahaha yum, that’s a jug of ice cream! I don’t quite like what seems to be at the bottom though, I think that’s what killed my desire for a sundae that huge! Now I want ice cream ]:

    And bubbletea.
    And yakisoba.


  4. chun says:

    woah that parfait is way too huge >_< I guess for people to share (if they don't care about saliva cooties) is okay? ^^; mmmm I want a parfait (regular size) nao 😛

  5. Brvbrd says:

    10 times better? omo! I thought the Ginza Laduree’s macarons were the best I ever had. a trip to paris is in order!

  6. Kurainanimo says:

    Thank you for yet another awesome blog post! I love all your posts but the random ones are my favourite 🙂

    Does the yakisoba bun taste good? It sure looks like an innovative way to use up leftover yakisoba though 😛

    • Kurainanimo says:

      Oh – forgot to add:

      Do take care and get fully recovered soon!

      Here’s wishing you the best of health and an awesome road trip with your Aneki!

  7. Adrienne says:

    Ohh bubble tea! I bet it tastes great in Japan!

    Have a great Friday, Yumeko!!

  8. *Kat* says:

    I wondered if yakisoba bun actually existed too.

    I haven’t been brave enough to actually try soy milk. The one that we had at one time had a funky smell. Since then, more brands and flavors have come out.

    I read about the Revlon quads somewhere before too–maybe it was your previous post? I’ve been checking the stores here but it hasn’t come out so perhaps it’s an Asia only release. I would definitely want to try it out if I do find it in my local store.

    Get lots of rest this weekend so that your body can continue to heal. Hoping that you are back to normal and healthy when your road trip comes up.

  9. Celeste says:

    I want I want I want the laduree books! Been thinking about picking them up ever since Kim pointed them out to me *_*

  10. tsuki says:

    Wow, $20 USD for a Revlon eyeshadow quad? I like their lipsticks a lot, but the eyeshadows they sell in the US must be lower quality because they’re usually $6-$7! Maybe Revlon is trying to become a higher-end brand in Asia.

  11. Ai says:

    I was checking out those Revlon palettes too, I didn’t realize the price tho… After reading your post, maybe I should save up and buy the Bobbi Brown or MAC palette instead 😛

    Btw, that jam toast pan looks yummyyyyy♥


  12. annie says:

    Hi Yumeko! I tried one of those parfaits at the Alcatraz Restaurant in Shibuya! It kinda sucked for me cos there was sooo much whipped cream in it!! I thought it was all ice-cream but it was mostly whipped cream so that was a bit of a surprise!
    Those Revlon quads do look like lunasol!! I can’t wait to try my first lunasol when i get it off my sister next month!!

  13. Jennifer H says:

    your post made me want to fly to Japan instantly!! awww i love moomin too 😀

    is Revlon going up-market in Japan XD?

  14. Hika says:

    looking forward to random fridays =3 isn’t randomness awesome?

    hehe jug parfaits ! Ive always wanted to try one but too scared I’d drown in it soooooo BIG!

    I didn’t see very many bubble tea places in Japan, is it popular or just moomins?

    have an awesome week ~!!

  15. Diyana says:

    This is probably my first time seeing bubble tea in Japan! Is it popular in Japan as compared to Taiwan and Singapore?

  16. Love Jade says:

    Your blog is just awesome, I like the Random Friday posts!!!

  17. Mei says:

    !!! La Duree!! I want that book. But the recipes are probably crazily difficult. =(

  18. Lora says:

    That soymilk bottle looks pretty! Haha. Is it made of glass?

    Ooooh I’m going to have to take a look at that macaron book! I just started making macarons recently and find them to be very time consuming but oh so delicious~

    Ah, the Moomin straw is adorable!

    Hope all is well Yumeko 🙂

  19. Connie says:

    Clearly we have awesome taste, because I am obsessed with soymilk too.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better ♥

  20. sarah says:

    WOW that is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge parfait… don’t even know if you could still call that a parfait xD

    the yakisoba bun sounds amazing :3 makes me want to eat..something.. as usual T^T

  21. mmm yakisoba bun sounds very yummy. is it salty? when I was little, I used to eat these…I don’t know what to call them in english. In Chinese, they’re 饅頭, I don’t know if it’s written the same in Kanji? Steamed bread, I guess. Anyways, they were lightly fried on the outside, and the bread inside was cut into noodle shapes that I would peel apart, and they had this lightly sweet taste…wow I’m making myself hungry now. ehem. You’re right, those do look like lunasol quads! I wish Revlon came out with stuff like that in the US.

  22. Edez says:

    I like the ice cream!!!

  23. stellarvixen says:

    i just got back from PARIS~ and laduree’s macaron is a MUST NOT MISSED! indeed Jem la Parie~!
    the laduree cafe is soo ppweetty also!!!

    eek OMG bad move of revlon to imitate lunasol quad presentation boo!!! boo!! and for that big price tag also

  24. mira says:

    really LOVING your friday random post!! hehe 😀

  25. kuri says:

    I love soy milk! I’ll go try it soon.

    Moomin! I have to try that shop! Thanks for posting the address. I’ll wait till the crowds die down >_< I hate waiting in line.

    Your random posts are fun to read.

  26. joyce says:

    i spotted the Moomin Stand on sun afternoon and oddly enough there was no queue! i didnt buy to try though cos they were quite expensive at 380yen each (whereas i can get cheaper in s`pore) and i`d just eaten a huge lunch at steak satou

    bte the loft in the area had the capybara lottery thing, and i managed to win 2 hand towels, would have preferred the keychain strap but thanks for featuring it on your blog so that when i saw the stand i knew what it meant!

  27. Karrie says:

    The japanese revlon quads look so much more high end than the US ones.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thats probably why they cost so much more i guess
      but its hard for me to spend so much on revlon haha

  28. Lilly says:

    Not sure if you’re going to see this but reading this post makes me want to go back to Japan so badly! The parfait looks so delicious it might just be worth the 2200 yen >.<. Hope you're feeling better. I look forward to reading your posts when I find some down time, they seem to cheer me up so get better soon.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i did see this XOXO hope u get to come back to visit japan soon again!! XOXO!!!

      and thank you for reading my blog!!!!

  29. May says:

    Yay for another random post! 🙂 Yakisoba in a bun sounds good heheh.
    Hmm Freezing Recipes Mook sounds interesting. I should check that out at the Japanese bookstore next time. It makes out life so much more easier.

  30. d.Miranda says:

    i have eaten yakisoba before, but i never heard of yakisoba bun..this is actually the first time i heard of it…mmhh it looks delicious doh!! that ice cream photo just made my mouth watered lol…it look sooo good and cute!! haha

  31. ♥SB♥ says:

    cute laptop♥…can you please tell me the name/model of it

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