Review: Tescom Nail TL120 Phio Beaute

I havent worn nail polish in a really long time..hence the lack of NOTD pics. Thats because i started getting all these ridges in my nails. No idea why [any clues how to stop it?]
I know i know i can just buff it out but i am LAZYYYYY…..

Thankfully my birthday this year, the husband bought me a stackload of pink beauty related appliances! I reviewed the heated eyelash curler [EyeCrie from Hitachi] a while back and i showed you guys a pic of the hair dryer as well [which i will review since so many asked] but here’s another one!
NAIL TL120 Phio Beaute made by Tescom

Yup an electric nail buffer XD How lazy can i be? hahahaha
Runs on 2 AAA batteries.
Has two settings of LOW and HIGH

Comes with 3 different attachments and a polishing cloth
There’s a small carry pouch i forgot to take pics of

What the attachments do [ganked screenshot from tescom website]
What i think
For those of you with ridged nails like me, this is a must-buy. It smoothed out my nails almost immediately. There are two settings, low and high. I would say its ok to use HIGH for buffing your nails but dont use it on HIGH for filing your nails. If you like to keep your nails nice and filed [square or round] this makes short work of it! The attachment for getting rid of dry cuticle is really good too. I was a bit afraid to use it at first but its very gentle and did a really good job. Overall..i am really happy with it!!

Find out more at the Tescom website

Oh and i suppose i should post a NOTD then???

Nail polishes used

Sorry for this really short post but this week is totally kicking my a**! So much so i have been a bit MIA online lately.
ONE MORE DAY to go though before i get my time off!
Hope you are all doing really good
XOXO Yumeko

p.s It would seem Japan post office passed a temporary law lately that all packages sent from Japan to USA must be under 1 pound [430+grams] This is only for parcels sent via air or ems. I dont think sea mail packages are affected [but uh i dont mail anything via seamail??] For those of you who buy from big japanese stores like Cdjapan or amazon japan need not worry, they have said that this law doesnt affect those with coporate accounts. Its kinda sucky for me cos i had a bunch of christmas gifts to send out and due to the busy schedule lately i havent been able to and now with this new law,i cant cos they all weigh too much T-T So now i have to repack everything into split packages [omg] Hope they lift this ban soon!!
Here’s the announcement from Japan Post!

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35 Responses to Review: Tescom Nail TL120 Phio Beaute

  1. Yasumi says:

    Seeeeeeeeeeee this?! This is the type of thing that I can injure myself with. I tend to do my nails while watching telly and so buffing with this electrical device would land me with stumps rather than fingers 🙁

    Love your nails!

  2. Yasumi says:

    woooooooooooooo!!! I was 1st!!!

    *dances around your blog wiggling bum*

  3. Celeste says:

    Ooh, this looks interesting. I’m usually really lazy to buff my nails or file them down. Cut and forget! Coz I find it too troublesome. But if I had an electric one, I think I’d be more hardworking with it XD

  4. Jennifer H says:

    pretty NOTD!! i’ve got ridges forming on nails too (horizontal ones instead of vertical ones), i’d also like to know what causes them and how to stop them 😀

  5. Kurainanimo says:

    Your nails look so lovely!

    Thank you for introducing me to Parado!!!!!!

  6. miRa says:

    cute nails! 😀
    i miss painting my nails alot!! :(( but too busy right now and i’m giving them some break time after repeatedly painting them for monthsss! they turn kinda yellowish T_T *yucks* hope my nails will be alright soon!! 🙁
    i almost bought a nail tool like yours from panasonic.. but yours definitely looks muccchh better and convincing! LOL.

  7. Tammy says:

    I love your NOTD! The pink and black look great together 🙂

    I find that lack of vitamins make my nails quite ridgey…maybe something missing out of your diet? Hope that helps!

  8. *Kat* says:

    Very cute NOTD! It is a very nice gift from your hubby. It reminds me of what they use in the nail salon when I used to get my nails done. I have ridges too, started getting it a few years back. I think that it happens as we age. T_T

  9. Justine says:

    I Love all of your pink beauty tool reviews *_* You know which one I’m waiting for next, haha. Happy to see a NOTD from you – the pink gradient and the ribbon are SO sweet. I love them!

    The Japan post news sucks! Did they have a specific reason for why they changed the limit?? And I can’t imagine that seamail is very quick… my uncle is a captain for a big Norweigan shipping company and I think it takes 2+ weeks for them to cross Japan–Vancouver. Yikes! Hope re-packing is not too awful. It reminds me that I need to get my bum to the P.O. for sure!!

    Have a lovely rest-of-week!

  10. Macnunu says:

    Like Yasumi, I can’t be trusted with this kind of device, surely it’ll end up like a blood bath xD
    I’ll just have to keep buffing manually, how much injury can I do with a piece of sponge? wait don’t answer…
    Yay to a NOTD!! I MISS THESE!
    n I have no idea wot causes those ridges, perhaps something about your diet changed?

  11. Totchii says:

    I think I’ve said it before, but you’re husband seems so nice! It’s cute he gets you pink – beauty related appliances x3. I love your NOTD and that nail buffer sounds amazingly convenient!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      haha to be honest, i thnk he got desperate and just bought random things from the electronic store [his fave place to be XD]

  12. Kylie says:

    what a silly law!
    love the nails, very cute ^^

  13. ~Lisa says:

    Sounds great! I’ve always had ridges on my nail =( I used to use buffers but I realized that after a while, they don’t work as well…Maybe because they wore off =/ I don’t know.

    But this sounds like a NEED for me xD And it’s in a pretty pink packaging too ^^

  14. Nikki says:

    I like this! I bought an electronic “Buffer” way back from Watson’s in China and it doesn’t do much!!!

    Great day!

  15. montree says:

    you have such gorgeous nails! mine are always chipping and peeling (just top layer) 🙁 :(.

  16. Angelique says:

    oohh pretty nail buffer! I don’t think that I’d be able to use that since my nails are already naturally thin =T. I’d be scared to buff my nails away! LOL

    Love your nails! Soooo cute! <3

  17. Sabrina says:

    which electric store did he get it from? im going to japan next week, i wanna get it! 😀

  18. kickangel says:

    I have a similar product but from Talika. The buffer is not that big; rather, it’s something like the metal tip that comes with your product, but it is not metal. I’ve used it only a couple of times but the vibration annoyed me cos my hand felt funny after I use it (like numb or something). Lol. The NOTD is so pretty~ I wish I had the patience to do my nails. I’m so lazy to even paint one coat of nail polish. -.-V

  19. sarah says:

    ooooo! if only it wasn’t pnk.. but for what it does.. i still want to try it, hahaha. i need to find one~ :X

    sucks about imposing fines.. and a weight restriction! i wonder why 😐

  20. Cynthia says:

    i saw the restriction … they’re so worried about bombs since new places have started sending them.

    i want one like that!! i’ve started getting ridges in my nails lately. they say its due to nutrition. 🙁

  21. Catherine says:

    So cute!! I love your manicure! And dude… even though I have a pretty nice crystal file, I am so tempted to get an electric one now LOL! I’m so lazy about filing my nails ’cause it takes so long I’ve started just letting them grow out and then clipping again, which is terrible since both really propagate the splitting layers. T_T;

    Sorry to hear this week has been tough for you but YAY FOR WEEKEND! Hope you’re resting up and enjoying yourself hon! ♥

    • Catherine says:

      Also, WTH!! re: the new weight restrictions, that’s CRAZY!!! Does that mean my packages going to Japan have to be under 1lb too??? I’m kinda confused… either way it really sucks! T_T;

  22. omg I love your manicure! Especially the little bow designs xD haha my nails have very deep ridges too, but I think I’ll just get a ridge-filling basecoat for that. I’m too lazy to file my nails, I always just clip them and let them grow. aww I hope your weekend lets your rest and recover!

  23. *~kAy~* says:

    that looks like a pretty neat gadget! <

  24. d.Miranda says:

    wow…that gadget is very VERY handy!! btw i love your nails..its sooo kawaii!!! ^^

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