Rosette Cleansing Paste

I’ve been looking for a good facewash lately!
My HG is the one from SKII but its kinda pricey since i like to use a lot of it with my new Clarisonic Mia so i thought i’d look for a drugstore alternative XD

Saw this ad in the store….
@cosme is the largest japanese beauty review website so whenever something is ranked 1st in their category on the site, the manufacturers are bound to advertise it XD

It would seem this particular facewash line won the number 1 and number 2 spot in the Facewash FOAM category for a few months. Definetely worth a try yes?

Rosette Cleansing Paste – Sea Mud Version

Rosette Cleansing Paste – White Clay Lift version
Btw the english words on the packaging say “Rosette Cleansing Paste” so that’s what i am calling it but actually the japanese words say “Rosette Facewash PASTA” I checked the website and its to emulate the idea of “kneading flour with water to form a paste” <– the flour here being the sea mud powder or white clay powder.

I was leaning towards the “white clay lift” version..maybe cos its pink hahha but i ended up buying the “Sea mineral mud” version which was ranked number 1.

It claims to remove dead skin cells and clear dirt from one’s pores.
-No fragance added, No color added, No mineral oil
-i like the packaging
-price..i think its reasonable
-foams up really well
-really cleans out your pores

-i dont think i can use this daily as its quite stripping.

How the facewash looks like:
Overall verdict:
I think its a good buy for its price and what it does. However i dont suggest using it daily unless you get really clogged pores daily. Perhaps use on its on is ok daily but when i use it with the Clarisonic Mia, its a bit much i think.


XOXO Yumeko

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35 Responses to Rosette Cleansing Paste

  1. sheila says:

    I recently just got a clarisonic mia too! I’m using it with the cleansers they included and I’n neh about it so I’m also looking for a nice foaming cleansee to use with it. Thanks for your review =)

    I got mine last friday and charged it overnight, and I use it 1-2 times a day and I still have battery in it. I heard one charge is supposed to last you a week, but I dunno.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      maybe i am using it too much…i’ll have to figure it out else just keep charging it i gues
      hope i didnt get a dud hahah

  2. ~Lisa says:

    Great review! The packaging of this is realy cute!! I would buy the White Clay Lift version too just cause the pink color is so pretty!!

    Keep us updated and let us know when you find your perfect foaming face wash! I’m looking for one too! I remember trying one from Charmzone. It’s called the Gingko Foam Cleansing Cream and seems to work really well for me but I can’t find it that easily. It makes my skin feel so clean (like squeaky clean) but it’s not drying or tight at all!!!

  3. Julie H. says:

    I wonder how the white clay powder is? I use Anna Sui oil cleanser because I have to watch drying things. It doesn’t foam though.

    In totally unrelated news, I found Bold Party Chex Mix next door at 7-11 =)

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i dont know if this stuff removes makeup well cos i use makeup remover prior to washing my face in the shower to be honest.
      woooo yay chex mix! i am so addicted!

  4. Kurainanimo says:

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Just curious, have you tried using Innisfree’s apple foam cleanser with the Clarisonic?


  5. Kathy says:

    I have tried soooooo many japanese cleansing foam. I would rec you to try Lunasol, it’s the best !! ^_^

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i have tried lunasol’s facial foam but it doesnt really do anything for me so i stopped using it
      glad it working for u though!

      p.s actually none of their skincare works for me, i tried using them all but i didnt really see enough difference. not sure what i am doing wrong

  6. sooji says:

    are you looking for a foaming cleanser? for whenever i use my clarisonic i tend to use mild if not non-soap formulations. right now i’m using cetaphil with it after i remove my makeup with cleansing oil/mandom but i’ve also heard many people use the philosophy purity (is that the face wash?) with it. prior to cetaphil i used kiehls acai berry cleanser 🙂

    the charge thing is fairly weird though yume, how frequently are you using it ? granted i don’t use it as frequently now, i feel like when i used to cleanse my face w/ it once a day the charge would last me about a week and a half. i’m honestly not sure how the mia’s battery life might differ though 😛 sorry i wasn’t much help! haha

    hope you have a good time with your family! 🙂

  7. Justine says:

    I totally would have bought the pink one… except I tend to stay awake from clay masks/washes because my skin is SO dry lately. That being said I still WANT to try the pink one – maybe they’d be better just a couple of times a week? Since the Clarisonic is quite exfoliating on its own.

    I use the pink L’Oreal Go360 wash right now – I don’t think it actually foams up a lot but it cleans my face really well and doesn’t leave it tight after! I know our skin types are different though (hate the patchy dryness of mine >___>). . Wish I could make more suggestions! You know I never change my routine. Sheila might be better – I know she’s trying out different face washes with her Mia!

    I would call the service # on your Clarisonic if you think you’re having charging issues.. just say you got it as a gift!

  8. Jennifer H says:

    thanks for the review on the facewash! LOL at the “PASTA” XDDD it’d take a bit of time for this cleanser to land in CitySuper’s I guess 😛 Do let us know how the Shiseido Perfect Whip works ^_^

    happy thanksgiving!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      actually i think i seen this in hong kong! i think its citysuper in habourcity? that beauty section outside tat sells canmake!

  9. ooh looks like a nice wash, but since I have oily/combo skin, I probably wouldn’t use this daily either. My HG face wash…actually it’s a face soap, is DHC’s Olive Oil soap.. They sell it at 7 in Taiwan, not sure if it’s the same in Japan? It’s very inexpensive though, and I think it helps keep the oil levels down, but definitely doesn’t strip my skin either.

    • saltvinegar says:

      really? you don’t use the cleansing oil beforehand? Cos i used both the dhc cleansing oil, soap and then toner and it totally broke me out.i’m thinking whether i should use the soap again

    • Bittenbefore says:

      dont think i can use the face soap with the clarisonic though…XD

  10. Karrie says:

    I have the Mia also. It says that one charge lasts about 20 mins.
    So if you use it twice a day, two minutes each time, then you will need to charge it about every 5 days.
    I just use mine at night for two minutes, so I charge it about every 10 days.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thank YOU!! i didnt read it carefully so thank you so much for letting me know
      no wonder i am charging it so often, i was worried for a bit there. thank you thank you

  11. xuan-er says:

    i got mine last week and I charged it for 24 hours before using it.
    I have been using it for a week once a day and it still has battery….

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i use it twice a day and i was told each charge only has 20mins worth of use so i guess with 2 mins per would only last me one week. sounds abt right then?

  12. reene says:

    lol I see it.. PASUTA XD. I’m putting this on my list of cleansers to try! I’ve been using Laniege’s Multi Cleanser, which I do like but I’m always on the lookout for something better. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i tried the laniege one but it didnt work well enough for me and since its hard to buy in japan, i gave up on it XD

  13. joyce says:

    Why don’t you try Hada Labo Cleanser ? I think its quite popular in Japan . 🙂

  14. Yasumi says:

    Gosh this stuff looks and sounds a little harsh for me but I bet it is brilliant in the summer? Can’t help you with the Clarisonic bizznizz love…you know me I am STILL umming and ahhhhing about it!

  15. l'Imperatrice says:

    Hi ^^
    It’s been a while since I started following you but I never had the time to post a comment so…
    I wanted to say Hi and also that I absolutely love your blog ^ ^…thank you for your hard work!がんばってくださいね〜 \(^ ^)/

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thank you for reading! u are very kind!!!! and thank you for leavin a comment too! hope u get the chance to post a comment again and tell me more abt u
      where are u from?

  16. Sam says:

    Love that it’s called pasta 🙂 I like Estee Lauder SplashAway, but it’s still a bit expensive.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yes that would be really expensive here..foreign brands tend to be very expensive in japan sadly

  17. Mariko says:

    For drugstore brands, try Neutrogena face washes. You’ll need to look out for their “deep clean” or “visibly clean” lines I think. They’re amazing if you have problematic skin. (I forgot what skin you have, but iirc, they are good for keeping oily faces in check too.)

  18. anne says:

    wow I want that one -my name is Rosette- that’s why I want to buy (amazed with the name)

  19. Tam says:

    when it comes to japanese face washes, I really really like the naive green tea one, it even removed waterproof eyeliner without drying out or irritating my sensitive combination skin

  20. swirlfurlcurl says:

    ooh what about those hello kitty ones in the corner of the picture? they look sooooooo cute! ^ ^

  21. Have you ever tried the “original” ones? The ones in the pots? I remember trying them when I was in high school. They were kind of hard to get out of the pots, so I’m so happy that they are now in squeeze tubes.

  22. Sofie says:

    Can’t sit still can you? XD When is your next trip? If you aren’t already on one! Haha -hugs- Miss talking to you! <3
    And thanks for the review! I think I need to look for stronger stuff thought.. My problematic skin is driving me crazy nowadays!

  23. gingerSnap says:

    It looks good. But I cannot find it here in my place. I really like Japanese cosmetics.

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