DIY : Make a multi pocket pouch with storage bags!

If you travel a fair bit, you’ll probably have the same problem as me.
You end up with currency and store cards from all over the place. And there is not quite enough cash to change at the bank either.
Also you probably want to keep some since you might be going back again.

So how does one store them?
Here’s how i store mine! In a custom made multi-pocket pouch.
Wanna make your own?
Its a super easy diy project.

First up, you will need storage bags.
I love these bags. There i said it. And i only like the ones with a slider. Is that strange? [so sad that they cost more]
In an effort to make my bags more useful [ie use it more than once], i decided to use them in my latest diy project!

Since i was using them in a DIY project, i thought i would splash out and use the slightly cuter looking bags
I bought these from Daiso in case you wish to know.

Step 1. Gather the number of bags you need. I opted to use 10 since thats all i had left in this box of 16 bags.

Step 2. Grab a place mat roughly 2.5times the length of each bag.

Step 3 [optional]. If you cannot find a place mat, make your own like me. You can add pockets too! [Also optional]

Step 4. Layer the bags. Five on each side overlaying in the middle. However do not stack them on top of each other where the zip sliders are else you’ll end up with a super bulky pouch.

Step 5. Use whatever machine stitch you have to secure the bags to the middle of your placemat. I used 3 zigzag stitches.

Step 6. Add velcro to the sides of the placemat. Use stick on velcro if you are lazy [like me]

Step 7. Cover the zigzag stitches with some ribbon. Sew down. Alternatively use fabric tape [once again, if you are lazy like me XD]

You are done! Now you have your very own multi pocket pouch!! 😀 And its waterproof too [well the bags are. But if you used a plastic placemat, it would be waterproof…just saying XD]
You can use this for TONS of other things.
Emergency first aid kit? Travel kit? Survivor Kit? Travelling with Children Kit? Snack Kit? Makeup kit? Airplane Travel Kit? Toiletries?
Not only that, you could change up the sizes of the ziplock bags used so you can have a different sized pouch 😀

Hope you give this project a try!
Let me know how you go ok?

Disclaimer: whilst i would like to claim i came up with this awesome idea myself, i cannot XD I first spotted the usage of ziplock bags in a craft in this post here on the official Ziploc bag website.

XOXO Yumeko

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  1. @adesabrina says:

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    • Bittenbefore says:

      thanks for all the info!! i think my main issues turns out to be limitations of the apps so there is nothing i can do abt it hahahaha

  2. Lulu says:

    that is such a neat idea! you are so organized yumeko 🙂 yay welcome back to instagram, I just jumped on the band wagon a few weeks ago, been addicted to it haha!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      instagram confuses me but twitpic is totally unreliable hahaha so i have to get learning
      i am very bad at social media. facebook confuses me too hahaha

  3. Moni says:

    That is a very nifty Idea! I just recently got some sturdy ziplock bags from Kinokuniya and put each currency in it’s own bag. But on the other hand mine are still separate so if I get more “currently leftover” this will multiply.
    I was actually wondering if I should get a box or something for a while now, so this post is come in hand.
    Maybe I do need to own a Sewing Machine again after all XD

    Also I spot some swiss francs haha

    • Bittenbefore says:

      depending on what you use, if u use a plastic place, u can just staple them down i think. no sewing required heeheeee

      hahah i havent been to switzerland in a long time though. so i dont know why i keep hanging onto it XD

  4. Pru says:

    Thank you so much for this post – really! I travel a lot and each time to different countries so I have lots of currencies like you, too. Before, I would just use a ziplock bag for each currency and then store them… but I usually forget where I store them and end up with a few bags per currency (I hope you know what I mean!) This is going to be my project this weekend before I head off to Canada next month!

    Anyway, did you make more than one pouch? If so, it would be really helpful to see the other sizes you made or even just a picture showing all ten pockets (I’m poor at arts and crafts so imagining how it all lays out is a bit difficult for me lol) ><*

    Have a good day and thanks for the neat idea! ^^

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i only made one pouch but i am going to try to make more when i find time XD
      i did this one last night hahaha

      i’ll try to post a pic if i get the chance to take it! its kinda hard cos by the time i get home, the lighting is so bad haha]
      will try my best 😀

  5. Enon_enen says:

    Hey!! It looks pretty!!
    Well, for Instagram, it’s more like a photo post with pretty filters…
    for me al least… twitter is more like a place for me to rants…
    so i usually tag my instagrams posts to twitter for pretty photos…
    Love the pretty filters of instagram… hope you will get used to it soon 🙂

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yes i am not certain what it does and like u see in my post, i have tons of questions hahaha
      will try to adapt and not give up again

  6. Jian says:

    WOW!!!! Yume you are soooooooo creative. I have never seen zip bags with a plastic zippy thingy except those vacuum bags for storing clothes and duvets etc. xD But this is so cool!

    I’m glad you’ve unlocked comments as now I can see that the first person has already explained instagram! Now I dont need to….heehee!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      really?! i was pretty sure ziplock was sold in uk too or maybe they are not and i mixed it up XD
      u should check costco! they sell them in bulk!

  7. Kathy says:

    Love this! My aunty actually used potholders to make smaller sized ones but I like the way you used a placemat. I also never thought about using the slider zip packages as I prefer the regular ziploc closures. However, for this project, I think that using sliders are way better. I also don’t know if there are freezer bags with slider closures in Daiso, but I definitely prefer the freezer bags as they are thicker, which thus makes it stronger.

    I’m going to be traveling in October so I will have to go and find a placemat that I like to try out your DIY project.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Regarding Instagram–I have to admit that the one thing that I don’t like about Instagram is that when you view a picture, you can’t zoom in on it. Drives me crazy that I can’t do that.

    • Kathy says:

      Just took another look at your pictures and saw that there are freezer bags.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      let me know if u dont find the freezer bags! i’ll send some ur way
      but i know ziplock definetely makes them
      i buy them from costco from time to time [they are slider closures too!]

  8. origmiliving says:

    What a cute idea – so creative!

  9. Nikki says:

    *sigh* if only I have talent for arts and crafts..or shall I say, if only I’m not too lazy! I love your DIY projects!!!

  10. Tiara Wy says:

    People who can calm their mind and garner the patience to do craftwork, especially in this age of convenience and speed, are endearing (^_^)/

  11. Kim says:

    totally need to do this project! to daiso! XD

  12. You are so efficient.. *A* I love this idea (even if it isn’t your ‘own’ it has a Yumeko feel about it :D)

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