Halloween 2012 Roundup : Disney Themed, Bakeware, Packages , Food + Giveaway Winner

Halloween 2012 Roundup!
I know it was a while ago but it took me forever to get the pics together, so ENJOY! 😀
Clockwise from top left: Halloween Candles GWP for buying Halloween Themed Krispy Kreme Box in Japan, LE pumpkin SWEETS pie, The Natural Confectionery Co Cauldron’s Mix Candy, Hello Kitty Mints tin [From Singapore]

7-11 sold a gorgeous Disney X Halloween orange jelly+glass cup set

And since we on the topic of Disney, Yamazaki [bakery] teamed up with Disney and produced a ton of LE halloween snacks

I purchased the pumpkin pie! it was YUMYUMYUM!

For Halloween Dinner, i cooked the cutest pasta that Ms Pinkfishpie sent me.
Thanks Jian!!

And baked some halloween muffins for work

The tray above came from Macnunu along with a bunch of other goodies as below
Thanks Christine!!

Though i received these after Halloween, Ms ShinyPrettyThings helped me buy a whole bunch of halloween items from Joann’s [she handed them to me when she came to Tokyo for a holiday]
The pumpkin coaster and makeup is a gift from her!!!! THANK YOU, D!

Last but not least, you are here to read about the halloween candy giveaway!
The Winner is
Koreen, please contact me with your address here
Thank you~

Have a great weekend!!
XOXO Yumeko

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14 Responses to Halloween 2012 Roundup : Disney Themed, Bakeware, Packages , Food + Giveaway Winner

  1. kimby says:

    third picture from the bottom what is aromat?
    it is nice how japan has so many special LE items, even for food! i bet it really convinces customers to buy since they wont get the chance to another time. im such a sucker for LE things especially plushies.

  2. Tessa says:

    Woohoo awesome food pics~~

    The Krispy Kreme candles look quite convincingly like donuts actually.. Were the sour pumpkin candies good? I somehow can’t imagine pumpkin and sour going well together >.<

    • Bittenbefore says:

      they are just sour candies shaped like a pumpkin or bat
      not actually pumpkinflavored or bat flavored for tat matter heehee

  3. Jian says:

    HEEHEEHEE so much fun halloween stuff! Yayyyyy!

  4. Kat says:

    So many cute Halloween things! It’s interesting to me since Japan doesn’t really do Halloween and yet there are so many cute Halloween-themed goodies!

  5. Magic Chic says:

    Oh wow that’s the coolest pasta I’ve ever seen! It looks dangerous to eat yet very fun to dig in!

  6. Sam says:

    Love the pumpkin coasters!

  7. JU says:

    that pumpkin pastry looks so good! pumpkin anything is always delicious!

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