Magazine: happieNUTS 01 2013 issue X EMODA + DECOLOG 01 2013 issue X MURUA

Happy Friday!! TGIF!
I’m really behind on blog posts lol but here are some magazines i bought recently!
happieNUTS 01 2013 issue X EMODA + DECOLOG 01 2013 issue X MURUA

happieNUTS 01 2013 issue

“European feel” Makeup

Cosmetic Ranking for 2012!!

Ranking [translated by me, do not repost/copy]

Counter brand Cosmetics Cheap Cosmetics
1. MAC Lipstick 1. Canmake Colorful Nails
2. YSL Radiant Touch 2. Cezanne Face Control Color
3. MAC Pro Set Powder 3. The Daiso Lipgloss

Rankings [translated by me, please do not repost]

nuts recommended cosmetics
[found in the nuts model makeup pouches!]
Bare makeup essentials MAC best sellers
1. Love Liner Liquid Liner 1. Love Liner Liquid Liner 1. MAC LightFull** SPF25 Foundation
2. Integrate Eyebrow & Nose Powder 2. Elegance Curl Lash Fixer 2. MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow
3. DollyWink 01 Brown [eyeshadow] 3. NARS Eyeshadow Duo 3070* 3. MAC Lipstick

*In Japan, NARS is sold with code numbers not names. NARS 3070 corresponds to NARS Cordura in other countries.
**MAC Lightfull is only sold in ASIA [as far as i know] Has anyone tried? Its 70USD in Japan. I am wondering where it is where u are? [yes MAC like other US brands are extremely expensive in Japan]

Face shading tutorials

Nude Color Vs Black color combos.


The present this month came with a leather pouch from EMODA.
Its quite small. About the size of a smartphone.

Next up, DECOLOG 01 2013 issue
The lovely Miss Koda Kumi is on the cover.

Its not a magazine i tend to buy,i only picked this up as i needed something to read whilst i was on the plane to Sapporo. XD
It has a lot of snapshots of fashion [street fashion] so i didnt bother to take any photos for the blog >_<

It comes with a MURUA bag and mirror

Here they are

Here is the pic in the magazine on these items

If you bought this issue in certain bookstores [i bought mine in Shinseido] , you get an extra gift

You get a tote bag as below [About A5 size]

And a sampler pack of DECOLOG false eyelashes
3 different types to try! 😀

Have a super weekend!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s I am doing a mini blog sale,if you can, do check it out! [click on pic]

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4 Responses to Magazine: happieNUTS 01 2013 issue X EMODA + DECOLOG 01 2013 issue X MURUA

  1. Beauty Box says:

    I like cosme rankings…! Wow daiso’s lip gloss is ranked number 3…

  2. Monica says:

    Hi Yumeko-san, I will be going to Narita & Tokyo Japan this coming January and stay till early April. Can you please advise me what type of winter wears do I need to get? For example, trenchcoat type? Then do I need to get gloves and knit cap? Thanks for answering the qns and sorry for asking you so many qns – your sincere reader frm Singapore

    PS. This is my first time going to Japan and also to a 4 seasons country. =)

    • Bittenbefore says:

      Hi Monica
      everyone reacts to cold differently so i really cant tell you what you will need
      However i can tell you that it will be an average of 3 to 5 degrees [its colder in january than december and February is coldest in japan]
      personally i dont think a trenchcoat is enough
      its about 7 to 10 degrees here now and i think everyone is already wearing puffy coats or wool coats and wearing scarves, gloves and beanies.
      hope this helps!

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