Sapporo : Doraemon WakuWaku Sky Park

A while ago, i went to Sapporo and whilst at the New Chitose airport, i had to visit the Doraemon attraction! [apparently world’s first airport attraction featuring Doraemon according to their website]
Doraemon is a popular japanese manga/anime character and is dearly loved by many people.

There is a Doremon themed cafe!

They served really cute Taiyaki [omggg]

Here is a peek at the menu [when i went, i had already eaten at the ramen stadium at the airport Xd more on the next post]

The entrance of the cafe has the famous propeller helmet that Doremon has. [its spins too]

And the gift store is a must visit!

Loads of Hokkaido exclusives

More hokkaido exclusives

Some adorably cute items

i particularly like the “anywhere door” [a famous gadget from Doremon]
Its a case for carrying paper masks.

Car accessories

A tissue box cover

Super cute iphone case [is it obvious my fave gadget is the “anywhere door”?]

Doremon in a santa outfit heehee

There is also an “adventure” area which you can visit [not free, you will have to buy tickets] but it seems to be targeted at much younger children so i gave that a skip.
Official Website:

Have a lovely day!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s its my husband’s birthday today [12:13:12]! so to my dearest. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! XOXO
Isnt the cake cute? Its a 3 flavor icecream cake from Baskin And Robbins. [u can see a pic of the whole cake on my instagram: yumeko55]


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6 Responses to Sapporo : Doraemon WakuWaku Sky Park

  1. Magic Chic says:

    I love the door too! I’d really wish to go to Japan now by walking through the door! haha btw I can’t stand Giant’s karaoke session…Malaysian loves Doraemon as much as Japanese does but too bad we don’t have much to proof like this awesome Doraemon themed place.

  2. Nunu says:

    What?! what?! Omg how did I miss this??!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE DORAEMON!!!!!! I want his fourth dimension pocket xD
    Cried so much reading the finale.
    Obligatory you are so lucky you live in Japan, all your cute stuff makes my life suck.

  3. Sam says:

    So cute! And love that cake 🙂

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