Review: Canmake Point Curler

I have a love hate relationship with Canmake.
They have some really good items and some real duds XD
I rarely talk about the duds because i cant be bothered taking photos and writing about something that doesnt work.
That said, today’s kind of a dud so you’ll notice the old tablecloth in the pictures [i have since changed it to a brown polka dot fabric] as i wasnt sure i was going to blog it but here it is anyway XD
Canmake Point Curler
RRP: 580yen [USD$8~]

What it promises to do [ganked from their website]
“Perfectly curls those hard-to-curl lashes at the inner and outer edges of your upper lids, as well as your lower lashes, just the way you want! A partial curler that achieves pinpoint curls without tangling your lashes.”

How it looks like out of the packet
Note the packaging is resealable so you can use it to store your curler if you wish. It comes with one spare rubber replacement.

The curler itself

The “business end”

How to use

– compact
– can double as an aid [tweezers] to apply fake eyelashes
– curls/reaches the hard to reach corner lashes or lower lashes
– good with curling corner falsies or certain droopy parts of falsies [droopy makes it look extra fake..i feel]

– will NEVER replace a proper eyelash curler, so do you really want to carry something extra?
-does not curl as much as crimp your lashes

Overall Thoughts:
Originally i picked this up as the “point curler” i had from KAI is kinda hard to use. Imagine a normal crimper style eyelash curler but half the width. So when i spotted this in the store, i thought ok, i’ll give this a go. A little known [or maybe its known XD] secret about me, i dont actually wear mascara daily hahahah I wear falsies daily though. I find wearing falsies a lot quicker than putting mascara on. So i use a point curler to make sure the falsies dont droop [since no mascara lifting eyelashes to support them] and i use it to crimp eyelashes that are too droopy and separated from the falsies [another reason why some people have extra fake looking falsies cos they apply it too far from the lash line] So in that sense, yes it works. It works heaps better than the KAI point curler i have and far easier too. But it still doesnt curl as well as i would like. And like i mentioned previously, it doubles as falsies wearing aid XD I dont use any tweezers etc to wear falsies but i always use tweezers to remove them from the packet. [so u dont damage them] and it makes putting the glue on a breeze!
Bottom line: if you are weird like me and need something for the same reasons , buy it XD

FYI This product is made in Taiwan not Japan. [i believe their makeup is made in Japan but not their accessories….but dont quote me on this]

Its one more week to Christmas!
Are you all done with your christmas shopping?
If you are not, i have an idea for handmade gifts coming up in my next post! [yes another DIY tutorial XD]
Till then
XOXO Yumeko

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8 Responses to Review: Canmake Point Curler

  1. Nikki says:

    Thanks for the review, I would probably purchase this just because it looks so unique, but true, nothing beats a regular lash curler 🙂

  2. Evonne says:

    !!! I need this!!! Actually tried another eyelash holder and it was zzzz meh. Ended up using tweezers but i was so afraid I’ll poke my own eye hahaha.

  3. tiara wy says:

    I find this scary …

  4. JU says:

    it’s quite a interesting curler but knowing me, i probably will injure myself with this. XD happy holidays dear!

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