Popteen X Cando PINK JEM Fake Eyelashes + MUFE Tres Vichy Lashes EOTD

Recently [December 2012], popular japanese teen magazine Popteen has collaborated with 100yen store Cando to produce a series of fake eyelashes and related merchandise!
The resulting brand name is Pink Jem. They are targeted at readers of Popteen [10 to 19 years old]

As with all items from Cando, each of them cost 105yen [tax included]
They have proven to be crazy popular. Check out the display at the store below!
A lot of of items were sold out!

Here’s my haul!

Updated: 25/1/13 my collection now


The safest one of the lot. Very basic shape. Nothing special but it always works XD

Corner lashes. Loving these on their own or enhancing other lashes i have. Will purchase backups!

Another boring and fairly common style. But it always works XD


Lower lashes. They look like they are made up of 3 different lash types so will try them out.

Works very well and looks natural! will repurchase!


Double Eyelid Tape – short
I havent quite mastered the technique of wearing eyelid tape/eyelid glue whatever etc
I have double eyelids naturally but i keep seeing tutorials in magazines about wearing the tape to even out your doubleeyelids or to enhance them. [i have one big eye, one small eye XD] If a high school student can use these, surely i cant be that bad? Will report back XD

Popteen website:http://galspop.jp/
To buy outside of japan, please check blog sale page!

So what do you think? Did you like any of the lashes above?
Also, did you have a good Christmas? Any good boxing day buys?
I hope you did!
XOXO Yumeko

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7 Responses to Popteen X Cando PINK JEM Fake Eyelashes + MUFE Tres Vichy Lashes EOTD

  1. @adesabrina says:

    i thought your hair was that color XD

    • Bittenbefore says:

      its the color in my userpic XD i have posted plenty of other pics of my hair prior and its all that color XD

  2. Gitte says:

    looks good and 105 yen is freakly cheap.
    u know where you can buy them in internet? Because I’m from Germany and want them.. ;(

  3. Wow the MUFE Tres Vichy Lashes is just too cute.

  4. ermahgerdddd why u so lucky to get these in japan????? seriously not fair wtf bwahahaha

    ok btwn this post and our whatsapp convo im so motivated to use lashes more often now. or at least for tmrw. will see how long i can keep it up ^o^

  5. Sam says:

    I think those look fun. I don’t wear fake eyelashes (good genes for once) but I wouldn’t mind trying something for super bling worthy eyelashes!

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