Sapporo : Shiroi Koibito Park [White Lovers Park]

Last month, the husband and i took a roadtrip around Sapporo.
Whilst there, we dropped into the Shiroi Koibito Park.
For those unaware, Shiroi Koibito is a sandwich type biscuit with a piece of white chocolate in the middle, produced and sold [mostly] exclusively in Hokkaido by the company Ishiya.
it is the #1 souvenir [omiyage] people buy from Hokkaido.
Many [not just japanese people but tourists too] regard it as one of the best biscuits Japan makes.
There are actually tons of “fakes” around Japan, like Osaka no koibito [osaka lovers] etc type of lovers biscuits.
Do not be mistaken. This is the original.

FYI Personally i like a different biscuit/cookie from Hokkaido more but that is a post for another day XD

We were there around the Christmas season so the place was very festively decorated.

Ishiya [brand] also sponsors the local football team.
Their stadium/training grounds is right next to the park.
We dropped into the restaurant for lunch. [it has a killer view of the stadium which was covered with a heckload of snow at that time]

What the husband had [oven baked hamburger steak on rice]

What i had
Soup curry! Its a delicacy of Hokkaido so when in town, remember to try!

Milk is amazing in Hokkaido so i ordered a class of hot milk as i was FREEZING but my curry came with a glass of cold milk. [ i didnt realise this XD]
So i ended up with two cups of milk XD [hot and cold] hahahahaha good thing i like milk!

Then i went for the factory tour!! [admission rates apply]

I didnt really get this tour,it was kinda confusing and there were heaps of stairs/corridors.

A fountain near the start of the tour.

You dont get to go in the factory but u do get to see them from windows in the ceilings.

I felt like a spy or fly on the ceiling XD I assume the staff here must be used to it.

There is a store on the first floor that sells shiroi koibito soft serve ice cream. [must try, not found anywhere else]

But we dropped into the cafe on the top floor, it has a magnificent view!

The number one seller in the cafe is the white chocolate drink

The husband had the cheesecake

I had the white chocolate eclair

I dont eat chocolate but i eat white chocolate. i guess its the cocoa i dislike?

The white chocolate drink is super thick. If you lift the spoon out, it makes a chocolately coating almost immediately.

if you get a window seat like we did, you can watch the clock tower “show” which happens every hour. Animatronic characters come dancing out of the clock tower.

Do not forget to visit the gift store and bring some shiroi koibito home!
There are many exclusives sold here as well!

I bought heaps of boxes of biscuits for friends and family..and myself XD [if you live in Japan, you can get them to ship it your address too! or feel free to send me a present XD just joking] but i also picked up a cute souvenir for myself
A phone strap thingy! isnt it cute! it was kinda expensive and i was waffling over whether to buy it for the longest time. Finally the husband told me if i didnt buy it i will regret it forever XD [so dramatic!] I was still wishy washy about it so he bought it in the end. XD Thanks babes!

Here’s how it compares to the full size metal tin [LE packaging!]
Yes the mini tin opens and shuts toooooo!

A must visit when in Sapporo!

XOXO Yumeko

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21 Responses to Sapporo : Shiroi Koibito Park [White Lovers Park]

  1. Miruku says:

    I did the tour 2 years ago during Yuki Matsuri and….hmmm. I don’t know. The tour/factory wasn’t very interesting but we had fun all the same. I think we were expecting something like Willy Wonka! Did you see all the antique china? They were so beautiful, definitely my favourite part. I’m going to Yuki Matsuri again this year so maaaaaybe I’ll make another visit. The cookies are so delicious!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yup like i said in the blog post, i didnt really get the tour hahahaha i’d gladly skip it next time i go hahahahaha
      i liked the outside and all the more. its a very beautiful building.

      p.s yes saw the china and the weird gramaphone display. didnt really get that hahaha

  2. fukutoshin says:

    Oh the phone strap is definitely too cute! And yes you will regret it later if you did not get it XD

    Thanks for the write up, I figure it will look great in summer with all kinds of colorful flowers 🙂

    Will the butter raisin cookie be the other cookie you like coz its mine!

  3. Christine says:

    Yum!!! I love Shiroi Koibito cookies! If I ever go to Japan, this is a definite must-see place for me. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Karen says:

    When I bought back these biscuits from Japan the other time, and tried some, I didn’t think they were anything special. They were nice but best biscuits?! LOL.

    I love the handphone strap! So cute!

    How did the eclair taste though?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i dont think so either lol

      honeslty..after that drink. i cant remember how the eclair tasted. sooo full
      i am sure it was good

  5. @adeabrina says:

    i prefer the other famous biscuit Marusei Buttersand way way more than Shiroi Koibito XD

  6. Kim says:

    that’s so cool! totally want to go one day!

  7. Nunu says:

    Bwahahah Midgey gonna judgy you for buying more dangly crap xD
    The box is so pretty for cookies! No bite mark photo?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      hahaha i was totally thinking that when i was thinking abt buying it hahahahaha
      haha i dont do bite mark photos ok. tats soooo dumpy hahahah

  8. Leslie says:

    So cute! All the food looks amazing too. I’ve only had Shiroi Koibito as a souvernir gift, so I hope I can go one day too!

  9. Laura says:

    Haha! Mine says “if you don’t buy it you will regret it forever” too! Then I will totally cave in and get it straight away! It’s that kind of push that we need!

  10. Eve says:

    I’m a fan of white chocolate myself, tho I can’t say I enjoy milk at all.

    I love your travel posts and all the food photos!

  11. kit says:

    Oh, this brings back memories. The tour wasn’t anything to write home about but still fun to see the workers in action and to see the collections. I actually didn’t buy any of the souvenirs here and just picked some up at the airport as it was easier.

  12. Sam says:

    That looks fun! I don’t like white chocolate (I must be a cocoa fan lol) but the factory building looks so cute!

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