New drugstores finds! First one for 2013!

Over the new year I had a whole week off so I was out shopping a lot XD
Took a bunch of pics of my latest drugstore finds!
(Don’t worry I didn’t post any repeats from the pics I posted on my Instagram!)

1. ZA Amino Refreshing Mineral Gel
Promises to be an all in one skincare step!

2. KISS NY Valentine Collection
Kiss NY has put out their valentine’s day limited edition items (fast!)

Caramel Chocolate Lip Chocolate Essence

Strawberry Chocolate Lip Chocolate Essence

Coordinating Eye Shadow palettes

3. Smooth Erase Mat Keep
Smooth Erase MAT Keep promises to cover pores and improve texture as well as keeping a matte complexion.
They launched a “happy pair set” Buy the full sized pressed powder to get a deluxe sample size of the bbcream!
Mat Keep BB Pressed Powder + Mat Keep Bbcream

4.Panna Pompa Body Cream Mist
Cute bottle? Check.
No additives? Check.
Comes in two formulas: No fragrance or blood orange scent. Check.
Body Cream Mist?! Check.
Definitely on my to buy list!

5. Naive X Disney Collaboration
Naive body wash has collaborated with Disney to produce some seriously cute packaged items!
Comes in three (sorry pink one was sold out) limited edition bottled and limited edition scents!!! Not sure how they will be priced overseas but here in Japan they cost more than the normal non LE bottles. XD
Also comes in refill packs if u don’t care about the bottle and just want the LE scents.

Semi related
Have any of you tried this or something similar?
Its an Eye makeup removal cleansing puff
It promises to remove eye makeup [and lip makeup too] gently without rubbing.
Maybe it’s been out a long time and I am the last one to know XD

I have been in Taipei for the last few days and I am having a great time!
It’s been two years since my last visit here so it’s really been fun catching up with food and shopping here!
Will be here to mid week!
I have been posting pics to Instagram daily so if u are curious abt what I have been up to, add me! My username is yumeko55

Till the next post! Take care!

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18 Responses to New drugstores finds! First one for 2013!

  1. That Panna Pompa Body Cream Mist sounds very interesting. I wonder what a cream mist is ?!

  2. Natsumi says:

    I miss Japanese/Asian products, it’s never the same browsing through Australian drugstores – sigh!

    Hope you continue to have an amazing time in Taipei!
    Miss talking to you, catch up soon?

  3. ani says:

    body cream mist?!? it officially exists! i’ve been trying to unsuccessfully make my own (where i empty a bottle of body lotion and add water to a spray bottle lol). i always thought spraying lotion would be so much easier than having to rub it all over my body (i’m very lazy XD). i’ve got to find me some of that!

  4. Tessa says:

    Phwoar, body cream mist sounds very very useful!

    Have a great time in Taiwan!

  5. Iris says:

    Kiss seem to release a chocolate-themed lip product each spring without fail. It’s cute but I wish they would do something different for once! Love this type of drugstore photo posts – hope you can do more of them!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yes! its always lipbalms isnt it? i think its either in a pot or a tube or both XD
      wish they released more stuff. other than just vday items!

      yes i will try to do more such posts :D!!

  6. Veng says:

    Love reading japanese drug store post! everything is so cute
    the body cream mist sounds interesting! hope you do a review on it

    have an awesome time in taiwan!

  7. Etherealprey says:

    omg I saw the ZA stuff when I was in thailand and debated about buying it not! lolz. Omg you have to take me to the drugstore so I can buy lots of stuff when I get to Japan!!!!

  8. Eve says:

    Body Cream Mist?!? That is perfect for lazy me. I tend to buy body creams but get a bit lazy at applying sometimes.

  9. Sam says:

    Like the look of the Za one – wonder if it really does do everything?

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