Review: Orbis Cleansing Gel

Do you use cleansing oils?
I used to but i really dislike the feeling of oil on my face.
If you are the same, i’ll like to share a new type of cleansing product with you!
The Cleansing GEL!
Orbis Cleansing Gel

*i tried cleansing water [like the one mandom makes] and i think its great too but i am too lazy to use cotton wool AND i dont find that it removes as much as cleansing oil/gel.

Orbis is a makeup/skincare/health food brand in Japan much like DHC.
They have physical stores in Japan but most people purchase their items online.
Orbis can also be found in countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Now before we proceed, i must admit i have taken quite a long time to do this review.
I was going to finish using it before i reviewed it but its been 5 months and i still have 1/4 of the tube left XD
But 5 months worth of usage is surely enough for a review? [i hope so XD]

How to use:
Squeeze a small amount of gel onto your face, massage over face.
Leave on face for a minute or so
Massage in circular motions to remove makeup
Rinse off

– not oily [i hate the feeling of the cleansing oil on my face]
– does not drip like cleansing water or oil
– removes makeup better than wipes [pore deep]
– after use, leaves your face soft and smooth
– no need for cotton wool, just use your hand
– can be used in the shower/bath
– removes waterproof mascara with ease [i tried Heroine Make mascara] and does not sting your eyes

– expensive-ish, 1400yen [USD$16~] a tube though it lasts quite a while
– can be hard to buy

Overall Thoughts
I love this product! The texture is really nice. Its like having a layer of water on your skin and not gooey or gross at all. Best part, since it doesnt drip, i leave it on my face for a bit whilst i remove my earrings etc before i shower. I dont even bother to rinse it off at the sink and just wash it off in the shower.Even though i use facial wash after washing it off, i can feel a definete difference it makes to my skin. It leaves my skin super soft and supple after use! Even in the dry winter!
I used it during a trip to Singapore and it was awesome too. Removing my makeup when i get back to the hotel with a nice cooling layer of gel on my face was a daily highlight in the humid island. Its almost like a mini mask session. I see this product being useful all year round.
* for those who cant buy this product easily, i *might* be placing an order for a new tube in the new future. Should u wish to join in, leave interest in the comments. Else try ebay! there are many sellers that carry this!

In other news, I’m still coughing slightly but doing HEAPS better so thank you for the well wishes!
I’ve started watching a Taiwanese drama last week whilst i was sick at home.
Actually i watched one episode when i was on holiday in Taiwan the week before but couldnt make any sense of it so when i came back to Japan, i googled it and started watching it XD

The show title is KO One Season 2. [maybe it would help if i watched Season 1 but i have been assured it doesnt matter hahahha]

Ok i admit, this show isnt any golden globe winner and actually its rather silly [who cares!] but there are some serious AWWW moments.
Its like reading shoujo manga hahahah *turning my head to mush*

have a nice week!
XOXO Yumeko

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34 Responses to Review: Orbis Cleansing Gel

  1. Leslie says:

    This gel sounds so awesome (would definitely be interested if you were to do a group order or something!) Hope you make a 100% recovery!

  2. JU says:

    it sounds so interesting. I will definitely try to see if they have it in Korea when i go.

  3. Tessa says:

    Thanks for the review!!

    Wanna ask something gross though — does the transparent gel ‘pick up’ the gunk by turning beige?

    Probably just placebo effect but I feel a cleansing product works best when I can ‘see’ the cleansing in action.

    Anyway, hope your cough heals soon!

  4. Moni says:

    Oh that is great news, I’ve been wondering about several gel cleansers.
    I also greatly dislike the oil on my face and I hate using tons of cotton pads XD

    Been looking for a good alternative that also removes waterproof mascara well.
    Will definitely look into this gel stuff! Thanks a lot!

  5. Eve says:

    That sounds really good!! A awesome alternative since I can’t use cleansing oils or creams because it makes me way too oily.

  6. Ria says:

    Sounds interesting! Do they use oil in the gel? Is there any chance you could post an ingredient list, or know where I could find an English version?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      oh there is definitely no oil in this! thats why there is the words “oil cut’ printed on the tube 😀
      many items from orbis are oil free.

      i cant post an ingredient list as i cant find it on the website
      however they state there is no oil, no colors and no fragrance added
      hope this helps in someway.

  7. ali says:

    I’ll definitely be interested if you do an order! I’ve been using biore cleansing oil & though it works really well to remove my mac liquid liner, it REALLY stings my eyes & drips everywhere 🙁

  8. Sam says:

    This definitely sounds interesting! I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for this when I go to Hong Kong and Taiwan this summer 🙂 I’ve been using the Origins cleansing oil but I find it to be messy, not travel friendly, and leaves my skin feeling a bit tight afterwards. Question though: in Japan (or HK/TW if you know), is Orbis usually sold at an independent store or is it available at drugstores and the like? Thanks for introducing such a nice cleanser 🙂

  9. lovetranscends says:

    sounds like an awesome cleansing gel 😀 get well soon Yumeko! (:

  10. kiki says:

    “it doesn’t drip” you have hooked and reeled me in! time to google for that product! definitely on my try list now!

  11. micchan says:

    Thanks for the review, I’ll definitely be trying this out! 😀 I’m so excited to be able to try all these skin care/cosme in Japan ^^

    I hope you continue getting better, don’t forget to rest when you’re tired (ie don’t over work yourself :p )
    Karada wo odaijini~

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thank u
      i got a lot better but had to work overnight on the weekend so now i got worse hahahahaah

  12. Coffeecube says:

    Hi! I’m a relatively new reader of yours, but I’ve read most of your older entries too. I really like how you blog; reading your reviews, recipes, etc. always makes me happy~

    (Sorry, I meant to leave you comments earlier but it always slipped my mind ^^;)

    P.S. I watch KO ONE II too! It’s definitely cheesy/silly sometimes, but it’s improved a lot from the first season, haha.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      ooh new reader! welcome welcome!!
      i am glad u like my blog! and u left me a comment! *happy dance*

      hahah KO ONE 2 is definetely cheesy! i am sad the lead guy has disappeared! i want him to come back XD

      • Coffeecube says:

        ^^ Yay! I like happy dances, haha. And I’ll definitely continue reading your blog~ I’m thinking of trying some of your rice cooker recipes soon! (If I don’t get lazy, lol)

        And omg. Today’s episode of Ko One II was so. so. cheesy xDD

        • Bittenbefore says:

          yah thank you!
          OMG u are like the only person i can chat about KO One 2 to XD
          its soo cheesy and i am sooo sad the guy is still not bad

  13. Sam says:

    That looks good! I am really messy in the bathroom, so this might be good for me.

  14. ani says:

    i once got a ginormous sample of nivea cleansing gel and omg i loved it while it lasted. the texture was sooo smooth and it felt really nice, quite gentle too. i used cleansing oil first, then used this gel as a final step to remove all makeup. so anyone looking for an alternative can try that maybe but i can’t tell how they compare since i’ve never tried orbis. it might be cheaper too since nivea is more widely available? maybe?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      thanks for the tip!
      i bought one from Biore and its a lot cheaper so i’ll try it and let u know how it is too!

  15. Jen says:

    Oooo, I have tried cleansing oils but never a cleansing gel. Cleansing oils are okay in my book since they’re really good at getting off all of the makeup, but I also hate the slimy feeling afterwards. If you did a group order of this, I would definitely jump in 🙂

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