More Popteen X Cando Pink Jem Eyelashes + Random Daiso 100yen store haul

Many of you asked to see my Taiwan haul but i havent taken photos of everything so in the meantime please enjoy my weird 100yen store haul XD

Remember those Popteen X Cando Pink Jem Eyelashes?
I found a few more in stock [omg they sell out quick]
Two of them are in a style i did not previously purchase.



My collection

You can see more pictures here [i have updated this master post too]

Side note: many of you contacted me to help you buy these after my original posts. I dont really do cp and these are kinda hard to find since many styles are always sold out. I did pick up a few extras but i dont have enough to go around XD So to be fair i’ll list them in a blog sale when i get the time.

And i dropped into Daiso for a shop XD

Since we are on the topic of fake lashes, many of you have mentioned to me that you find it difficult to apply. I tend to think its got a lot to do with the brand/type of lashes you are using. Or maybe cos i have been wearing them for many years hence practice makes perfect? I dont really have any problems and generally use my fingers to do it but i know some of you use tweezers as well. I chanced upon this in the store and many have said this really helps so i’ve picked this up in the name of research XD
Will report back in a separate blog post.

Found this cute containers for ShoeTwinMay and Bonita
The packaging indicates you can keep fake lashes and other small goods in them.

New year new hobby?
Its not the first time i have attempted to take up eraser carving but i am honestly no good at it.
Also Yumeko + Sharp Tools = Accident waiting to happen
But for Christmas, the husband bought me some proper eraser carving tools [apparently my 100yen penknife wasnt good enough] and i have to admit it does seem easier XD So rather than waste expensive carving erasers that retail at 500yen or so, picked up a bunch of these at Daiso for 105yen each.
Btw are you are curious how these perform compared to the more expensive counterparts…?
Miss Kim has promised to do a comparison post
So Miss Kim, if you are reading this, i am waiting!!! XD

And my favourite buy of them all
Yes containers!
I am an organization freak XD And these look IDENTICAL to the ones i own from MUJI
Except i paid a heckload more for the MUJI ones.
Now i can purchase the cheap containers AND they wont look out of place with the ones i have
They even stack together [i’m telling you, they are identical in size , shape and uh..color? XD]

And before i go, thought i share this too!
Posted this on my instagram [username: yumeko55] and i dont normally crosspost but i thought i would post a sneak peek at the Sephora 12hr jumbo eyeliners i will review next week!

HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND and i’ll talk to you next week
XOXO Yumeko

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17 Responses to More Popteen X Cando Pink Jem Eyelashes + Random Daiso 100yen store haul

  1. wynray says:

    Cool! I have those eraser stamps from daiso too. I don’t carve stamps seriously, but i have tried both the ones for carving and this one from daiso, and I prefer this one. The blue and white layers makes it easier to tell the carved area, but its a little soft and you can carve more area than expected.

    For me, at least. I’m not too experienced. Show us what you do!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      oohhhhh thanks for sharing that! i’ll have to try them
      my carvings have been terrible.too embarrased to share haha

  2. Pru says:

    I was reading your post and saw the pic of the containers! I have lots of them from MUJI too and was so surprised (and felt cheated) that you could find them from Daiso as well! *heads out to Daiso to check out those containers* lol XD

    • Bittenbefore says:

      ERMAGERD!i was the same toooooo
      i was in daiso and was like WTF these look like the expensive ones i bought in muji! quick go diaso and buy some so u even out the cost XD

  3. Veng says:

    I love eraser stamps!! My friend and I obsesses with them,we carve anything out of it. I didnt know daiso have eraser stamps, we just use hard eraser to carve it out. so going to check out my local daiso
    easiest tools are x-acto knife
    can’t wait to see your final product. 🙂

  4. Anna says:

    Every country need a Daiso, how adorable are these super affordable lashes?

  5. nais says:

    hihi yumeko!
    so cool i bought the exact hello kitty container at daiso yest but in pink!
    gonna put my earrings n a ring in there so they won’t get lost in my bag

  6. Tessa says:

    Those are some really cute lashes!

    This is rather off-tangent but have you tried the D.U.P eyelash glue ‘rubber’ version? I find it very weak compared to the regular version, was wondering if I just got a bad tube…

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i have never tried the rubber version
      i hear its easier to remove, maybe tats why its weaker?

  7. Kim says:

    working on it! meanwhile, show some of your carvings!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      they arent good enough to be shown hahahaah i am doing a book course. ie following the tutorials in it

  8. Sam says:

    Eraser carving! So cool! (Although, like you I do not mix well with sharp things – actually I can trip/cut myself on very blunt things too!) I want though!

  9. Kendall says:

    Hi Pretty Girl! Xoxo

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