Taiwan: Random Makeup / Drugstore finds in Taipei

A lot of you have been asking me to blog about my taiwan trip but i havent had time to finish my Hokkaido Blog entries yet XD Once i do, will get onto this!

However I know most of you are interested in just the shopping aspect so i’m going to quickly post the pics of the makeup and beauty items i spotted.
Note: Most of these items probably arent new releases, They are just new to me as i have never seen them XD

A new brand [new to me] i spotted in Taiwan was BeBe Poshe

The brand appears to be endorsed [owned? created? i have no idea] by 4 female celebrities. [no idea who they are, sorry!]
Edit: according to Miss E who left a comment, they might be 4 socialites not singers/actresses etc

Their Valentine Day LE offering
Website: http://www.bebeposhe.com/

Another new brand i spotted was 1028 Visual Therapy

It is created by a well known makeup artist in Taiwan.

The packaging is insanely cute. Check out the pirate themed mascara! [i wish the bottle was as pretty as the box XD]

Their brownie eye palette
I loved the colors so i swatched this but I thought it should have been slightly better for its price point [499TWD which is about USD$17]
Website: http://pchome.fashionguide.com.tw/fgbeauty/brand/1028.htm

LEGERE has really expanded their collection!

More masks from My Beauty Diary

FACE Q masks featuring a cute mascot [i think the mascot belongs to 7-11 in Taiwan?]

Hello Kitty packaged Rose scented Spa/Bath Goodies set

Comes in a lovely box [huge so i didnt buy it]

That’s it XD i know its not much but i hope it somewhat interesting!
Have you tried any of these brands? I’d love to hear!

Have a great week ahead
XOXO Yumeko

Running my first instagram contest!
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The separators are removable too so you can also use it to store your eyelash glue or earrings etc.

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20 Responses to Taiwan: Random Makeup / Drugstore finds in Taipei

  1. Sam says:

    Haven’t tried any of these but I like the look of BeBe Poshe.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i bought one eyeliner from them, will report back!
      been told sasa.com stocks 1082 but not sure abt bebeposh

  2. Erin says:

    I’ve just come back from Taiwan myself (last night), but I went to eat instead of shop. If I remember correctly, Bebe Poshe is created by 4 Taiwan socialites, so they are endorsed by these socialites, instead of actresses/singers.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      ooh hope u had a good trip! it was my first taiwan trip in 2 years!

      and i updated the post abt bebeposh!! thanks!!!

      i hope things are well for u in hk! hope i see u again someday

      • @adesabrina says:

        yup, it’s created by 4 taiwanese socialites. singapore stocks this line too and there was a big campaign on the 4 socialites some time ago.

  3. ermahgerd im so behind on leaving judgy comments. i solleeeee!
    wahhh pirate packaging! pirate nunu will ermahgerd for sure bwahahha

    • Bittenbefore says:

      its ok, ur judgy comments on insta makes up for it hahahaha
      the mascara was so ugly else i’d have gotten for pirate nunu

  4. Tessa says:

    Thanks for showing these pics! Still looking forward to your Hokkaido posts and more from Taiwan too!

    USD17 for a drugstore neutral palette? O.O

    • Bittenbefore says:

      the price point seems a little high for a drugstore palette huh?
      the packaging wasnt particularly high end either [for example coffret d’or is drugstore in jp but the packaging and quality is fantastic so i would willingly pay the amount for it]

  5. micchan says:

    I love seeing your travelling photos; get to see other products from other countries 🙂

    I have tried the masks from My Beauty Diary – unfortunately, I don’t use masks often so I cannot comment on how they compare with others. My friends have stated that they like to use the mask before going on a night out, that way when you put on your make up (for the night), your skin is nicely hydrated and the make up application is a lot nicer 🙂 It’s a great way to refresh your face ^^

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i been using the masks from them for quite a few years now [uh 4 or 5? ] but i dont use them religiously hahahaha

  6. ohh I miss Taiwan drugstore shopping, everything is packaged so cute! I’ve never heard of that new make up brand before!

  7. Coffeecube says:

    I keep meaning to try Bebe Poshe every time I’m in Taiwan but I always forget. I get distracted by other brands, haha.

    Oh and I don’t know if you’ve been there, but one of the creators of Bebe Poshe is also the co-founder of the Breeze Center (微風廣場)~ I love that place! So much food and shopping xD

    • Bittenbefore says:

      where are u normally located? i hear u can buy it on sasa.com but i havent looked it up myself
      omg breeze center is awesome! very smart lady

      • Coffeecube says:

        I’m in the US, but I go to Taiwan every year or so~

        Ohh really? Thanks for letting me know! I never thought to look up this brand online.

        (And yes! Feel free to talk to me about KO One! xD)

      • Coffeecube says:

        ;_; For some reason, I can’t reply to your last reply (there’s no reply button) so I’ll reply here.

        Yes! It was so sad with the door-keeper scene :C But it’s still weird, haha. I’m currently watching today’s episode~

        • Bittenbefore says:

          the comments can only nest 4 layers deep XD
          oh that was a sad scene!
          i am a bit confused about the twin brother [i am assuming his story was in season 1 XD]

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