Review: Toe Cushions – Pointy Toed High Heeled Shoe Relief

Disclaimer: This could be my weirdest review yet XD

Today i’m going to be talking about toe cushions.
Weird? Yeah it probably is but when i posted a picture of them a while back on instagram, many of you asked me about them. I realised they were not as common as i thought so here i am with a review! Ok i admit its not really a review..think of it more like “here is some weird junk you may or may not need in your life”

So what the heck is a toe cushion?
If you wear high heeled shoes [in particular the pointy toe kind] have you noticed your feet sliding forwards and your toes end up all cramped and in extreme pain due to the narrowness of the shoe?
You could wear rounded toe shoes or flats but if you wanna keep wearing the pointy toe kind yet be able to walk in your later years.
You need toe cushions.

Insert these foamy babies in the front of your shoe and they cushion your feet from sliding forwards!
I know..isnt it such a simple concept? Why didnt i think of that? I could be making millions [or hundreds at least XD]
Side note: I do know there some weird silicon pads you can buy that promise to do that too but they dont do it for me. And if i wear stockings, forget it, my feet definitely slide forwards XD

Oh and if you have oddly fitting shoes, these help too!

Here are the toe cushions i have tried.
1.Columbus – My Fit Toe Cushion [AKA the pro version]
I like the fact these are machine washable. The terry cloth texture is very comfortable but a magnet for dirt. I dislike the fact it comes in this weird shade but thats just me XD
They retail for around 650yen [USD$8~]

2.Slimity – Toe Cushion [AKA the 100yen version]
These are a heap cheaper and the shape is not as well fitting as the ones from Columbus but i find these work better as they arent as soft as the ones from Columbus. If you are wearing anything higher than 2 inches, i advise you try these instead. I also like the fact they come in black!

For those who dont live in Japan or cant find it in their local 100yen stores, here is an alternative i found online [google is your friend]
Pump Pouches by Profoot
[image ganked from their website]
See their website for more details or to buy* :
*i am not affliated to this site in anyway nor have i tried this product, i am merely sharing what i found online.

OR better yet..why not just buy a big chunk of dense foam and cut it to shape. I havent tried this method but its worth a try!
If you try that, let me know how you go?

Take good care of your feet and toes! We cant grow replacements XD
XOXO Yumeko

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12 Responses to Review: Toe Cushions – Pointy Toed High Heeled Shoe Relief

  1. Jen says:

    Omg, those are genius! Never bought pointy toe heels because I knew they would be killer on my toes and I hate having squished toes the most.

  2. PinguMinou says:

    Thank you for your blog, I have been following for it for the past few months. I love your posts and photos on travel around Japan and in Asia.

    Could you tell me what kind of camera and lens(es) you use for your travel photographs? I am very impressed with your photos.

    Thanks again!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      the photos on this blog are taken with either 1. my iphone 4 or 2. Canon S95
      its a point and shoot so no other lenses ^^

  3. Tessa says:

    Ok i admit its not really a review..think of it more like “here is some weird junk you may or may not need in your life”

    ^^ Love your candid honesty here.

    I’ve never worn pointy heels before!

  4. tia says:

    Thank you Yumeko for sharing about this! All points noted.

  5. Eve says:

    That was the one reason I stopped wearing pointed toe shoes, my feet would always slide. The savior is here, though the idea seems so simple but never occurred. lol

  6. Sam says:

    Reading this post made me wear my pointy toes the next day, and they’re not cut out for lots of walking (morning tea, lunch, shopping and commuting)! I think they would be very useful 🙂

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